The Sims 4: Death Guide

Preventing Death, Resurrection, and Ways Sims Can Die

The Grim Reaper in The Sims 4
The Sims 4's Grim Reaper is an Unwelcome Guest

This Guide to Death in The Sims 4 will teach you about preventing your Sims' early demise. The Sims 4 base game offers several ways to die, from the basic and preventable fires, to the (kind of) inevitable old age, and unchecked emotional extremes. We'll look at means of preventing deaths entirely, while also getting around a bad situation when the Grim Reaper is already at the home with Death Flowers. If a Sim should die, you will also find the ways you can bring them back to life here.

Causes of Death

There are 22 causes of death in The Sims 4 as of Discover University:

Preventing Death and Bringing a Ghost Back to Life

A Sim dies in The Sims 4
When this happens, you do have some options - just not always great ones!

Just a quick intro to Ghosts, read more in the Ghosts Guide. There are two ways to bring Ghosts back to life in the base game - the Book of Life from completing the bestselling author aspiration, and ambrosia from mastery of cooking and gourmet cooking. Both require you to befriend the Ghost and ask them to join your Household so that you can take control. Keep the Urn or Tombstone on your lot so that the Ghost will occasionally visit in order to do this. There are a few ways you can stop death, even if the Reaper is there to take the soul:

The Grim Reaper loves Death Flowers
Grim loves Death Flowers and will Resurrect a Dead Sim if Given One by Another Sim

Pleading with Death and Using Death Flowers
If you've got a high level in Gardening, it's easy to prevent death entirely, so long as Sims all have Death Flowers. Read the Guide to learn a bit about getting them - they take several grafts to make. When a Sim dies, you can have another Sim give the Grim Reaper a Death Flower to stop him. You have to wait on him to finish arriving in order for the options to come up. He'll always accept it, and will restore the Sim back to life.

Do not try the 'Plead' option if you have a Death flower. Sims only get to plead once per visit, and giving a Death Flower counts as Pleading. So if you have a Death Flower, just hand it over and accept the minor loss, rather than try something less likely to succeed in the normal Plead Interaction.

A Sim laughs herself to Death
Only one good Emotion (Playful) can cause Death

Now, if your Sim lacks a Death Flower, you're kind of at Grim's mercy. Sims may plead for the life of a loved one as soon as Grim is done arriving. Pick the best Sim for the job as only one Sim may plead per visit. If a Sim is either in a Confident or Flirty mood, they are the best bet. Confident Sims can demand Grim leave the Sim alive, and a Flirty Sim can Seduce him. These have a better chance than plain old Plead, but if you are stuck with this you at least have a chance. You're unable to save your game or enter build mode to get Death Flowers with the Buy Debug Cheat bb.showhiddenobjects. I include this, as you may want to prevent death but skip the Gardening. Once that Cheat is entered along with testingcheats on, you will be able to find Death Flowers by using the search box. Place them on the ground and drag to your Sims' inventories.

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Pleading for a Sim's life in The Sims 4 PC Game
Pleading for a Sim's life can actually work. Grim sometimes has a heart.

Sims who are at least level 5 in Mischief may be able to use a Voodoo Doll to 'Toy with Death' and reverse his powers. This can sometimes cause a Sim to be brought back to life rather than taken with Grim. It's probably a better shot than pleading with no Emotional booster. Queue up the Interaction multiple times so that you are more likely to succeed, while you have another Sim try to Plead for the Sim's life the normal way.

The Ways Sims Can Die

Once an Elder, don't bother trying to Level Fitness

Old Age
Sims who grow old are going to die unless you take measures to prevent this type of death. Just how long they have depends upon the game's lifespan settings. You can check their age by pressing 'Y' to view the Simology tab. When the bar is full, your Sim could die at any time. You can prevent Sims dying of old age by purchasing the Potion of Youth for 1500 Satisfaction Points. This is fairly sustainable, so long as you continually complete Aspirations and Whims. The earlier in life you take it, the more time there is to get another 1500 to prevent it again.

Preventing Death by Old Age

  • Potion of Youth - This will reset your Sim back to the beginning of Elder, Adult, or Young Adult, wherever they are in their life span.
  • Ambrosia - Ambrosia is also an option, but a pricey one given it requires Potion of Youth and does no better. I bother to list this so no one think I missed it. Ambrosia is mainly for bringing back the already dead - Ghosts.
  • Cow Plant - The Cow Plant can let your Sims enjoy a long life, without costing Satisfaction, but only if you have other Sims sacrifice themselves.

Overexertion in Old Age
Elderly Sims who Jog, Woohoo, or perform other strenuous activities like lifting weights risk death through overexertion. They will get a 4h +40 Uncomfortable Moodlet and be unable to continue the activity. The option to do those things will also disappear. There is a chance that while this Moodlet is active, the Sim could die. Have them rest, and cease those kinds of activities unless you're willing to accept the risk or have a load of Death Flowers on hand. Personally, I'd find my Sim a less tiring hobby like Painting or Fishing.

Resurrecting a Sim
A Sim is Resurrected after Pleading with the Reaper

Death by Fire
Sims can die in fires started by the Stove, Electronics, or a Rocket Ship Crash. While you cannot install them outdoors to stop a rocket ship from causing death, you can indeed put Sprinklers in your home. There is no Fireman or means of calling when there is a fire in The Sims 4 at time of writing. You must either use an Extinguisher or activate the home's Sprinkler system (under Alarms). One control panel that can protect a single-story home. If there are any fire hazards on the upper levels, use a second box to help protect the home. The sprinklers are installed so long as you have a roof.

If your Sim catches fire, just click them and choose 'Extinguish'. They can put themselves out with some nice fire extinguisher moves. You can likely have another Sim help as well. You may also run for the shower. There is a timer before the death, which is visible via a moodlet, so you DO have time to do something about it.

Death by Drowning
Continue swimming once a Sim has become exhausted, and they'll eventually die. This is normally not a problem, given Sims will get out and head toward a bed. If you're controlling them on fast forward, they can easily drown. Use pools when your Sim is in good condition and avoid this death, easily.

Death by Starvation
Sims can starve to death if the hunger need is not met, and it's entirely preventable. Simply eat. It takes a couple of days to starve a Sim, and they'll be practically non-functioning until you get them some food.

Extreme Anger can cause a Sim to Die
Extreme Emotions can cause a Sim to Die

Death by Electrocution
Sims who are working to upgrade or repair Electronics can get shocked. When they do, there is a high risk that further activity of that sort will cause their death. Simply stop until the Moodlet disappears to prevent an untimely demise.

death by cow plant
The Cow Plant can easily kill a Sim, just take the cake!

Death by Cow Plant
A first encounter with a Cow Plant, which sticks a cake out of its mouth when hungry, will not kill a Sim. It will simply drain them of their mood, allowing it to be milked to give Sims a drink that grants that Sim's mood at time of feeding. When a Cow Plant gets the poor Sim a second time while the Moodlet is still there, they'll be killed and give their life essence to the Cow Plant's owner via milking it. This acts as a Potion of Youth and reverts the Sim back to day one of the current life stage. A Cow Plant that has been recently fed will not exhibit this behavior. See Cow Plants on the Gardening Guide for more info.

Death by Sauna in The Sims 4 Spa Day
A Sim died in the sauna, which was entirely preventable.

Death by Sauna (Spa Day Only)
Spa Day added saunas to the game, which can cause Sims to get an overheated moodlet. If they continue using the sauna, they're 100% certain to die. This is easily avoidable. Unfortunately, saunas are not that great as far as what they do for Sims, so it's best to just use them sparingly and pay attention to moodlets if you do. The moodlet will start at +1 happy, then rise all the way to +3. At +3, it is very near becoming an uncomfortable moodlet and the Sim needs to leave the sauna area.

Death by Pufferfish (City Living Only)
A new food included with the City Living Expansion, Pufferfish Nigiri, can kill your Sim. Poor-quality dishes are more likey to do this. Sims can learn the pufferfish recipe along with others exclusive to City Living by eating them at a food stall in San Myshuno. Different food stalls sell different foods, and most (or all) of the recipes can be learned by eating it one time. Ensure your Sim is skillful enough to prepare this dish, or anyone who eats it will risk death. Checking the quality immediately after it's cooked could save a life. Poor quality carries a risk of 50%, and having your Sim in a bad mood when eating it will also increase the likelihood of an untimely demise. Sims who eat the pufferfish without dying will get a confident moodlet. According to the game files, aliens may be immune to this type of death!

Death by Wishing Well (Romantic Garden Only)
The Romantic Garden stuff pack includes a wishing well that sometimes gives unexpected results when used. Wishing for eternal youth at the well can sometimes cause your Sim to die and become immortal as a ghost of any random kind, still under player control. Wish granted, right?

Death by Sunlight - (Vampires Only)
The Sims 4 Vampires' titular supernaturals can die when exposed to sunlight after a time. Vampires go through a few stages before reaching this point, giving you time to get to a roofed area or inside a structure. Any place indoors can save them (such as hidden worlds). You can prevent this death type by taking vampire powers that specifically make the vampire more resistant to the sun. The final rank will make them immune to death by sunlight.

Death by Poison (Jungle Adventure Expansion)
Exploring the jungle means exposing your Sim to danger. Poison is one of those dangers. Poison darts and bites will give your Sim dazed moodlet that grows worse. After 72 hours your Sim will die if their body couldn't fight it off. You'll be notified, so don't worry. They often fight it off. Your Sim should do a lot of belching and start to be covered in green markings if things are going to get worse. See how to save your Sim in the poison guide for Jungle Adventure. For one sure fire way to beat it, look to the computer to buy an antidote. It can be done without paying any money, however if you collect some things and learn how to make your own.

Fire Flies and Lightning Bugs (Jungle Adventure)
These two nasties are found in the jungle and may randomly appear to harass your Sims. You can use fire quencher to stop Sims burning alive and lightning insulation powder to protect against shock. The best way to handle these two is to learn about Selvadoradian Culture, which teaches your Sims how to survive in the Jungle.

Extreme Heat or Cold (Seasons)
With weather in the Seasons Expansion Pack, including a temperature mechanic, extreme heat and cold can now kill your Sims. Certain conditions might make this more likely, but one thing you can do to reduce the chance is dress with clothing labeled for hot or cold weather. Wearing the opposite type of clothing will make it more likely. Another factor is the in-home thermostat. Having it set to cold when it's already cold outside will result in the Sims indoors not getting protection from the elements. This can be used for diabolical purposes.

Lightning (Seasons
Lightning strikes can of course kill Sims. You won't go outside in a heavy thunderstorm in reality, so it stands to reason you shouldn't be sending Sims outside in those conditions... It is plausible it's more likely in heavy thunder, and further possible an umbrella may increase the odds of a strike.

Scent of Death (Seasons)
We don't know much yet about this one, but Sims who specialize in one of the Seasons gardening career's two branches might be extremely deadly. It has been said there's a new type of death associated with scents that can be created.

Rabid Rodent Fever (My First Pet Stuff)
I haven't personally played with this stuff pack, so I only know of this death type's existence from others telling me. If your pet hamster hates you, you may get bitten. Should you get a disease from the bite, you'll need an antidote to live. This is likely also purchased on the computer.

Research Machine Exhaustion Discover University
If your Sim uses the contribute knowledge interaction too much on the research machine, they'll grow exhausted. Continuing to use it when your Sim's already drained could lead to their death. There isn't a way to prevent this beyond not using the machine too much.

Death by Extreme Emotions

Enragement causes Cardiac Explosion Death, so calm Sims before this happens!

Sims may die from three different Emotional extremes: Anger, Embarrassment, and being too Playful to the point of laughing themselves to death (Hysteria). For Anger and Embarrassment, you must reach +7 total from the Moodlets affecting the Sim to reach Enraged and Mortified, respectively. For Playful, a Sim must reach a total positive score of at least +15 from Playful Moodlets and Happy Moodlets. All three of these cause a chance for death, and the longer the Sim is in that Emotional state, the more likely it is to happen. If you can put a Sim to bed, you can prevent any of these, as a Sim who is Asleep only experiences the Asleep emotion. Wait until moodlets disappear and carry on!

Once a Sim is at the Enraged stage of Angry (Angry, Very Angry, Enraged), they may die of a Cardiac Explosion. You can prevent this by doing something to vent their anger. Using a Punching Bag is one option, while you may also take a Cold Shower as a more common means of alleviating it. Talk to another Sim by being Friendly may help, but more interactions with the Sim who caused the Anger are likely to exacerbate the issue. Sims may experience extreme Anger when they witness their significant other cheating, or having a prank pulled on them with a subsequent nasty conversation. Having a new enemy declared may also trigger this situation.

Preventing Emotional Death requires intervention on your part. Calm Down!

If Sims are rejected or pee themselves, they may reach this level of Embarrassment. It can and does happen. Simply wetting themselves can lead to +5, and anything else Embarrassing happening can make a Sim Mortified. Talk to another Sim and use yellow interactions to help reduce the level of Embarrassment or risk death while you wait on Moodlets to disappear. This one can be very nasty and is probably the most likely of the three here. Taking good care of your Sim can prevent it. Don't go seeking a Wedding Proposal when your Sim is already in a bad mood.

Laughing to Death in The Sims 4
Hysteria can lead to death by Laughter. Chill out using a Mirror.

Hysteria (Laughter)
Sims can die of Hysterical laughter if they reach +15 from Playful and Happy Moodlets combined. A comedy routine, combined with a high Mood are enough to reach this, although it's not common to reach this level of Playful without those two things. I would say that Comedians themselves are at highest risk, given they can go from Very Playful to Hysterics if they are in the mood for their best performances and step over the edge. The Funniest Joke in the World gives a +3, while a hilarious conversation can lead to a total of +5. Being around playful decor and having high needs at the time means this can happen in the right situation. Use a bathroom mirror to Calm Self Down in order to be safe. If you can't do that, go to sleep wherever it is possible and wait for the Moodlets to pass.

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