The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion

Pack Features Summarized, and Links to Buy the DLC

See my massive Guide to Clubs in the Expansion. We also have the two new skills: Dancing and DJ. Read on to learn more about the features and additions you get when you buy Get Together, along with moodlets from Espresso machines, building natural pools, and the uses of walk-in closets.
The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack
The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack Logo

Overview of Features

The Sims 4 Get Together's released December 8, 2015, This guide highlights the major gameplay features of the Expansion and what you can expect when you purchase it. Below I've listed all the major elements, from Clubs, the new Skills, features of Windenburg, and some of the new objects you'll receive.

Club Feature in Get Together

I've written a Full Guide to Clubs, Perks, Hangouts, and Leadership. You can read a summary of Clubs below.

Clubs in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack

Clubs are the single biggest feature of this Expansion Pack, and are far better than many first imagined them to be. Like Get to Work, this is where we get the whole name for the Expansion. There are some pre-existing clubs around town, but many players will enjoy making and customizing their own. Clubs seem promising, given many of us don't have a lot of reason to get Sims outdoors and explore the various neighborhoods. Having dedicated clubs and perks for participating in them, will help immensely in alleviating this flaw in The Sims 4's base game. You can choose which of your Sims will be involved in clubs, and even try to join specific exclusive clubs. Here are the main features of clubs:

Choose entry restrictions, activities, personality traits, and other membership requirements for your club - you can then choose what type of activities the Sims will do when the club meets up. This feature sounds awesome, because it actually incorporates skills and careers from other Packs (such as Get to Work).
  • Name your Club and Choose a Symbol - You can name your Club whatever you want, and select a symbol which can appear over members' heads to show who is a member when they're nearby.
  • Choose who can join - You can select clubs' membership requirements and be very specific - for example, you may say only Teens can participate, but those teens also have to be Geniuses and Geeks. You can be as restrictive or open as you want - based on age (and select multiple age groups that qualify, like children and teens), traits, careers, and several other criteria, and you're able to select multiple choices from these categories - if this weren't the case, it'd be rather bland.
  • Skill and Career-based Clubs - Your Club may be open only to Sims who are skilled in any of the game's existing skills or Careers (most importantly, including those from other Packs) - so it'll be a great way to meet and hangout with coworkers or Sims who can benefit your own. Study clubs are possible, as Sims could, say, get together and cook.
  • Choose Activities - This is where you gain some major control over your club. The whole system might be worthless without this. You're able to select what types of activities Sims will do in your club, based on your Sim's interests, or your own gameplay goals. The list is HUGE, so just about any activity you can think of that already exists in the game can be ticked off in order to give your club just the right feel. One might even make a teen-only club that goes about causing chaos in town, sabotaging objects and laughing at the misfortune of other Sims.
  • No-No's - Don't want Sims to be mean to one other, or have some specific quirk - like telling jokes? You can make this a rule that your club members must follow. A group of silent bobs who only get together to work on rockets or a foodie club that gets together to cook out and chow down on fine foods, all of this is possible because of the clubs system incorporating most of the game's major activities.
  • Club Perks - A huge list of club perks allows you to customize your club further, and even get bonuses outside of the club. Powerful actions like Rally the Troops and Networked Club will help your day to day life.
  • Hang out! - Players are able to control when to have a club meeting and even build hangouts for their club, and on that lot it'll be members only! This aspect will give the clubs system some longevity, given you can do this for any age group. Want a group of socialites in a lounge? You got it. Want a secret hideout club for kids? It can be done! Chess clubs, astronomy clubs, all of these are possible and using existing (and new) objects, you can design your lot to be the perfect place for Sims who are in your club to enjoy or simply skill up!
Club perks in The Sims 4 Get Together
Club Perks are a huge part of The Sims 4 Get Together's club system - it will drive you to want to participate with your Sims, and those who do will get some cool benefits for being a part of their social group, such as emotional boosts and secret handshakes for club members only!

Overall the Clubs feature of Get Together seems really thought out and included most everything Sims can do in the game. It's the major selling point for this Expansion, and it's enough for me. Thankfully the Pack has some other additional features to bring extra value to the Expansion.

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Getting into a closed club in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack
If you want to get into exclusive clubs, you may need to get to know members to ask for membership. You can even ask the leader to step down and let you take over!

A New Town - Windenburg

Windenburg in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack

This new European-themed town brings some extra variety to the game, though you can use the Clubs feature anywhere you desire. Windenburg features an island, classical building architecture, and a beautiful countryside. There's a spooky yet elegant mansion with a hedge maze, natural pools, and ancient ruins to explore as well. Sims will even be able to sneak off into the bushes and Woohoo! Check the trailer below for some of the awesome features of this new world, with great places to hang out and teasers on some of the existing clubs:

Another picture of the bluffs in the town of Windenburg in The Sims 4 Get Together
Hanging out at the bluffs in Windenburg
The ancient ruins in Windenburg
Click to Enlarge. The Ancient ruins are beautiful at night. It's a great place to hang out or collect, and you can build on this lot.

New Skill: DJ Mixing

DJ Mixing in The Sims 4 Get Together
Read the guide linked above to learn all about DJ Mixing.

DJing is something a Sim can learn to do, entertaining others who take to the dance floor. Click the guide to learn more about this Skill, which will let you earn some tips when out at a nightclub - or even when hanging with your own club at a party. It is much like the other musical instrument skills in the game - you can license mixes and earn some side money when you own a DJ booth. They are portable and can even be upgraded.

New Skill: Dancing

Dancing romantically with a Sim
Click the link above to learn about Dancing. It can get frisky. You'll unlock more moves as you level up.

Dancing is a new minor skill added, but that's not to say it doesn't have features. Sims can have dance battles, show off their moves, or do group dances with the new groups feature. Add Sims to your group and head to a dancefloor to show off your moves. As you level, more dance moves and group dances will appear, and your Sim grows noticeably better at the skill.

dancing in Sims 4 Get Together
Sims in a group dance - there are 5 different types of group dance, and they're fun to watch.

Natural Pools

Natural Pools in The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack
Natural Pools can be made, it's really the water and decor that make them 'natural', but it's a nice touch and builders will love the new options!
Natural Pool at the Bluffs in Windenburg in The Sims 4
The Natural Pool at the Bluffs

While we cannot make perfectly round pools, we can make custom-shaped pools that Sims can naturally get in and out of or just do a belly flop off a rock! The natural pools are essentially new types of water and decor we can use to make them look like ponds, and the team did not disappoint. Really beautiful types of water are available and you can shape out the pool however you want, just expect edges.

Cafe Venue

Cafes in Get Together
Cafe in Windenburg

While you cannot own a cafe nor sell drinks, we do have a new type of hangout available in Get Together. It's a good place to sit with friends, meet new Sims and have a cup of cappuchino for here or to go. There's also food you can order, so it's a functional restaurant. Some players will enjoy building their own, and of course you can sell objects from this venue (cafe drink machines) along with other Expansion items if you own Get to Work.

Nightclub Venue

The main nightclub in Windenburg
Nightclubs are a great place to hang out to dance, listen to music, and party!

The perfect place to party with your club or go on a date, nightclubs feature bartenders and DJs to liven up the party. The nightclub included in Windenburg is great, but you can certainly modify it, make your own, or find new nightclubs made by other Simmers on the Gallery.

A shot inside the nightclub in The Sims 4 Get Together
A shot inside the nightclub in Windenburg

There are also themed bar nights in Get Together, based on the EPs you own. Here is a list provided by Playalot:

  • Everyday: Happy Hour - Drinks are discounted by 50% for everyone.
  • Monday: Bear's Night - Needs Outdoor Retreat. Drinks are discounted 50% for Bears Only.
  • Tuesday: Alien Night - Needs Get To Work. Drinks are discounted 25% for Aliens only.
  • Wednesday: Ghost Nights - Drinks are discounted 25% for Ghosts only.
  • Thursday: Knight Nights - Sims have to be wearing the Knight Outfit. Drinks are discounted 50% for Knights only.
  • Friday: Ladies Nights - Drinks are discounted 25% for Ladies only.
  • Saturday: Singles Nights - Drinks are discounted 25% for singles only.
  • Sunday: Guys Nights - Drinks are discounted 25% for Guys only.
  • Arcade and Espresso

    Arcade Machine in The Sims 4 Get Together
    Sims can raise their Video Gaming skill while having fun with family and friends using the arcade machine

    There are now types of coffee you can drink from the espresso machine to get moodlets. In order to use it, you require an espresso maker and grinder - so two objects that must be placed on the countertop. They are fairly fast to use and give 4h moodlets based on the drink. We know the following drinks give the following moodlets:

    • Perfect Pre-Work Shot: +1 Happy for 24 hours if you upgrade the Espresso Machine with Level 5 handiness
    • Expresso: +1 Energized for 4 hours
    • Mocha: +1 Flirty for 4 hours
    • 'Mericano: +1 Confident for 4 hours
    • Macciato: +1 Playful for 4 hours
    • Cappucino: +1 Inspired for 4 hours
    • Cafe Latte: +1 Happy for 4 hours
    • Espresso machine products can be stored in your Sim's Inventory or their refrigerator until you're ready to drink them, though you usually have to cancel the action then drag it as the Sim will start drinking it right away.

    Walk-in Closets

    A walk-in closet in The Sims 4 Get Together
    Sims can woohoo in these closets, which are meant for changing clothes. Additionally, you can plan outfits, kids can play, or Sims can cry inside them to relieve the embarrassed moodlet. There are a few varieties other than the one pictured.

    Build Mode Additions

    Get Together adds a whopping 200+ items to build with, and I know that's going to please a lot of people. There's a lot of european decor, but also things you can use to make modern-looking nightclubs. Here is but a sample of the items you can make, kind of cluttered together but you'll be able to use your imagination as far as what you can do with it!

    A laser light in Get Together
    Laser Lights can be used to make a great nightclub or party room setting. A few other pieces of decor specific to this Expansion are featured.
    Comfort Decor in Sims 4 Get Together
    walk in closet stuff
    Click to Enlarge each image. A selection of new objects introduced with Get Together

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    i understand
    i love this game because you get to talk to friends ands meet friends.
    this game is so cool i love it
    Smilethis game is good
    I am writing on behalf of my sim, Eileen Knight. She's considering starting a dancing club in her attic. Cool . The issue is her Vampire fiancé, Rupert (who has the "Eternally Welcome" power) and their adopted toddler Harriet, neither of whom are members of the group. Rupert is very likely to go insane quickly and try to prey on the club members (as he has Insatiable thirst and is a Sloppy Drinker) Scared, while the Woohoo closet in the corner would mean instant embarrassment for Harriet if she wanders in at a bad moment to ask her mother for something. Is it possible for either of them to get into the attic, either during or after a gathering? Unsure I need to know before I give the go-ahead to Eileen to get construction commence.
    Just lock the door to allow 'only club members'.

    I’m curious about something in the article. It says you can’t own a cafe, nightclub or bar but that you can make them your own. I’m guessing you use your own cash to modify an existing place to turn it into what you want? It also sounds like you can make your own place just that you don’t ”own” it?


    Yes, you can enter build mode and change the appearance of the lot but the player can not own or run these particular lot types.


    quick question- how much does the expansion pack cost?


    If you follow the links on EA's official page you can check prices for your part of the world. There are often sales on Origin too. EA GAMES. The Sims 4 Packs


    I'm definitely getting get together


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