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Sierra O'Bryce Young Adult Female
« on: August 06, 2011, 12:55:44 AM »
Sim Name: Sierra O’Bryce
Traits: Over Emotional, Athletic, Virtuoso, Artistic, Loves the Outdoors
Lifetime Wish: Superstar Athlete
Favourites: Pancakes, Electronica, Lilac
EP and SP:  Late Night (Top, Shoes, Dress and Shorts), Generations (Skirt and Jeans), Town Life (Shirt, Jumper, Dress)
Swap Shop and Store Content: Fuzzy Flanell Pattern (On Everyday Top) and High Bun (Hair)

When you look at Sierra she doesn’t seem like she was the fastest and strongest girl at her school. Or that she loves painting and playing guitar. This girl has many talents and plans on using them to rise to the top of the Athletic Career. But watch out, she can rock a bikini!


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