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Building Contest 4: A Rundown Starter Home
« on: October 07, 2011, 05:20:20 AM »
76 Gunther Goth Hwy

Price Furnished: $18,389
Price Unfurnished: $16,023
Lot Size: 20x20
Description: This charming log cabin by the lake is perfect for a young couple first starting out. A quiet retreat, just minutes from Twinbrook city centre and great potential for development. The property is on rain-water tank water so you don't have to polute your body with the harsh chemicals in town water. To welcome you to your new home we have furnished it with some new furniture to give it a more homely and welcoming feel, complementing the open plan living area.

Content: Base game, WA, Ambitions, Late Night. I think that's all that's in it - but I do have all eps, plus HELS and TLS.

View from the street



Kitchen, Dining and Living

If you download, please note that the old car, fence, 'grass' and the 'water tank' are decorations on the terrain outside the lot. Location is everything though, right?!

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Re: Building Contest 4: A Rundown Starter Home
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