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The Pharoah Dynasty - COMPLETE!
« on: April 18, 2012, 05:00:00 PM »
This is my third serious attempt at the Immortals challenge, but my first time writing it.  My last two files glitched hardcore, so hopefully 3rd time's the charm!  Any and all comments, hints, and tips are appreciated, we'll see how it goes!


The Immortals
1. Menes Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - Culinary Librarian
Career - Culinary
Supermax Skill - Cooking
Building/Property - Diner/Willow Creek
3 LTR - Legendary Host, Haggler, Bookshop Bargainer
6 Best Friends - Ruby Pharoah, Chen Hong, Tanisha Montalvo, Yvette Grisby, Odin Crosby, Shayna Dodson
6 Black Ops - Fresh Fish, Tough Negotiating, On-the-Clock Dinner Date, A Plumber and Fisherman, Learn a Recipe, Excellent Produce (or...whatever it's called)
Portraits - Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Natural Cook, Charismatic, Angler, Green Thumb, Bookworm

2. Tut Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - Swimming in Cash
Career - Painter
Supermax Skill - Painting
Building/Property - Bookstore/Riverview Hatchery
3 LTR - Extra Creative, Artisan Crafter, No Bills Ever
6 Best Friends - Menes Pharoah, Elena Montalvo, Shari Pharoah, Jess Potter, Jonas McManus, Brandt Sterling
6 Black Ops - Best Food in Town, Save the Herding, Broadway Cameo, Business Model, An Old Ruse, Fresco Fest
Portraits - Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Artistic, Friendly, Savvy Sculpter, Excitable, Photographer's Eye

3. Hatshepsut Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - Physical Perfection
Career - Professional Sports
Supermax Skill - Athletic
Building/Property - Grocery Store/Cemetary
3 LTR - Food Replicator, Body Sculptor, ExtraordinAIRe-Inator
6 Best Friends - Tut Pharoah, Bobo Pharoah, Dwight Cowart, Timothy Grantham, Jameel Shaffer, Wade Grantham
6 Black Ops - Jog Everywhere, Celebrity Body, At the Health Seminar, Agent Training, Bounce the Crowd, The Right Way to Riot
Portraits - Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Athletic, Disciplined, Brave, Daredevil, Lucky

4. Ramses Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - Monster Maker
Career - Inventing
Supermax Skill - Handiness
Building/Property - Performance Park/Flying V's Coffeehouse
3 LTR - Effecient Inventor, Suave Seller, Fireproof Homestead
6 Best Friends - Hatshepsut Pharoah, Christen Pharoah, Stacey Pharoah, Bree Pharoah, Danita Pharoah, Corinna House
6 Black Ops - When Dreams Come True, Scrap for Toys?, Master Invention, Hygienation Hijinks, A Task About Time, Bring Back the Jams
Portraits - Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Eccentric, Insane, Lucky, Handy, Born Salesman

5. Ahkenaten Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - Chess Legend
Career - Medical
Supermax Skill - Logic
Building/Property - Little Corsican Bistro/River Front Swim Club
3 LTR - Teleportation Pad, Moodlet Manager, Fast Metabolism
6 Best Friends - Jessa Pharoah, Ramses Pharoah, Tori Pharoah, Feisal Pharoah, Kara Gulley, Shante Spain
6 Black Ops - It Takes Heart, Hospital Mystery, You Don't Really Need It, Fixing the Celestial Slump, Riddle Away, Brain Trust
Portraits - Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Genius, Hates the Outdoors, Friendly, Bookworm, Workaholic

6. Seti Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - CEO of a Mega-Corporation
Career - Business
Supermax Skill - Nectarology
Building/Property - Outstanding Citizen Warehouse/Landgraab Sell 'n Swap
3 LTR - Dusty Old Lamp, Professional Slacker, Map to the Stars
6 Best Friends - Ahkenaten Pharoah, Loretta Pharoah, Daniel Morgan, Catherine Aguilera, Jessie Knowles, Tanesha Pryor
6 Black Ops - Hospital Delivery, Oh and Bring Gifts, Better Photographs!, Spaaaah Marathon, Political Influence, Rhythm Robot
Portraits - Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Loves the Outdoors, Friendly, Perfectionist, Vegetarian, Rebellious

7. Cleopatra Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - Super Popular
Career - Politics
Supermax Skill - Charisma
Building/Property - Sunflower Spa/Wright Reading Room
3 LTR - Observant, Never Dull, Attractive
6 Best Friends - Seti Pharoah, Chet Summers, Zebulon Hardin, Trever Brinson, Tamra Bell, Keon Moreland
6 Black Ops - The Honor Roll, Scavenger Hunt: Butterfly Bonanza, Amateur Olympics, Better Mixology, Mixing and Clubbin', Drink Promotion
Portraits - Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Friendly, Brave, Party Animal, Charismatic, Social Butterfly

8. Ptolemy Pharoah - IMMORTAL
LTW - Professional Author
Career - Writing
Supermax Skill - Writing
Building/Property - Riverview Gym/Riverview Spa
3 LTR - Acclaimed Author, Complimentary Entertainment, Fertility Treatment
6 Best Friends - Cleopatra Pharoah, Spring Spiotto, Irma Grace, Miriam Meehan, Jana Braden, Jaron Spiotto
6 Black Ops - Pile of Permission Slips, Work/School Learning Project, The Boiler Room, The Gossip Column, Correcting Past Mistakes, Make-a-Dream
Portraits - Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Traits - Loner, Good, Bookworm, Great Kisser, Vegetarian

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2012, 05:04:46 PM »
I look forward to seeing how this works out for you! I love the name of it! However...I love themey Dynasties.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2012, 08:18:46 PM »
Yay, thanks!

Pictures will come shortly, I promise.  Soon as I stop being lazy.


1.  Menes - Running From the Past

My name is Menes Pharoah, though I'm not sure why.  The people at the science facility have strange ways of operating, and I'm sure I wouldn't care about it all if they tried to explain themselves.  Parents?  I don't remember any parents, I don't think I have any, to be quite honest.  To be honest... I think I'm a clone.  It would explain a lot, like these flashbacks I keep having.  Flashbacks of families long gone, a little girl named Nefer and a beautiful, loving woman named Jamie.  I could do without these dreams, and the fact that there's a woman named Jamie living in the Valley only makes things worse.

All I know is I grew up in the science facility, being trained for a single purpose.  I'm supposed to become immortal.  Well.  I am immortal, for a time.  If seven more generations follow suit, then I can finally die, and death, to me, would be a sweet release.  Would I be dooming the others in my family if I begin this?  I'm not sure I would care, I don't know any of them, and so far, none of them know me.  I wouldn't necessarily have to tell them about my plan, would I?  I wish I could have a normal life, but I know that's impossible.

I grew to hate the Valley, seeing the woman, Jamie, around town only made things worse, and when the scientists started suggesting I meet her and try to talk to her about these dreams I keep having, I couldn't do it.  Something told me it was wrong, and if I'd failed this before, if she even knew about it, I couldn't put her through it again.  I couldn't put myself through it again.  So, I did the only thing a young man could do.  I ran away.

There were a few places I could run to, but, ultimately, there was only one start.  It seemed several people were trying to lay low in this town, and I suppose I should follow suit.  And so, without any further questioning, I ran for Riverview.  It's a beautiful place to fish and garden, and the lot I managed to buy with my meager savings is huge, big enough to house the means to my end.  I don't have enough to build myself even a cottage yet, but the time will come when I can, hopefully it will be soon.

As soon as I looked all my land over, I headed into town and began a job at the local Bistro.  I love cooking, and the fact that I love to garden, and can cook with my produce, makes me even happier.  The fish I can catch out of the twin rivers can also be put toward my culinary skills, so who wouldn't be happy in this little town?  Hopefully I can keep mainly to myself, and hopefully no one will find out what my plans are.  I don't want to be sinister, but it's simply best they don't know.

As soon as I'd joined a job that would get me at least a little money, I went to the library in order to work on my skills.

First I read a cookbook, though I only needed a refresher course on it all, and then moved to a book about charisma.  While I read, many people began to pile into the building, so I decided to test my new-found skill.  I talked with a few people (I feel bad about not remembering their names, but the less I involve myself, the less it will hurt), until my eyes caught sight of a beautiful redhead by the name of Ruby.

We talked and talked and hit it off immediately, and if I wanted to eventually die, I knew I would have to find a wife.

Something about this woman intrigued me, and I couldn't stop thinking about her, even when I went to the local fire station to sleep, seeing as how I didn't have a bed.  The next day I went back to the library to read up on gardening, see where I might be able to buy a few seeds so I could start on my garden at home.  Fate has a sense of humor, I suppose, for Ruby was there once again.  We talked again for hours, until we both had to go to work.  Once again, I couldn't stop thinking about her, even when sleeping at the fire station yet again.

I wish I didn't have to do it, I wish I could just live out my life as a hermit, but if I want these dreams to stop, if I want to see the end, and possibly the people in the families I had before, I would need to open myself to the pain once again.  I decided I wanted to marry this woman, this Ruby.


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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2012, 11:11:45 AM »
Great start and very good writing! Looking forward to the pictures. :)

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2012, 08:52:56 AM »
Looking forward to the next update!  :)

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: April 21, 2012, 09:22:57 PM »
Glad people are reading!  Finally got some pictures up, as you can see.  If you want to see anything specific, let me know!


2.  Menes - New Beginnings

I couldn't believe what I was about to do.  It was important for my end, but could I put someone else through it?  I would have to.  So I called Ruby over for a chat.

We talked for awhile, she really wasn't expecting anything much.  She had a big family, and she'd often said she wanted to get out of it somehow. It came up again, and as she looked out over the land I'd bought, she seemed to have a bit of a wistful glint in her eyes.  There were dreams there, there were a lot of things there, and while it hurt me to think of it, maybe I could help her.  It would hurt me in the end, but that... that didn't matter quite as much, did it?

So that was it, I proposed.

She was thrilled, as though she'd waited for this moment in the short time we'd known each other.  I was thrilled, for marrying her made it so my end was even nearer.  It wasn't the most important thing at this point, but it was a close second.

A little while later, after Ruby had calmed down, we decided to have a private wedding right then and there.  No time like the present, right?

Ruby didn't bring much money into our new family, but it was enough to make a two-room house.  Just one room for our bed and kitchen, and the other for a bathroom.  She agreed to sell her inexpensive car and guitar in order to buy us a few bits of furniture and an easel.  Ruby will be doing a lot of painting until... well... we have someone else who can.  When she's not painting, she'll be sculpting.

I was well on my way to the end, it was a long way off, but everything had to start somewhere.

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The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: April 21, 2012, 09:35:20 PM »
Very nice, fanofaband! A nice story to look forward to :)

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: April 22, 2012, 12:48:49 AM »
My second generation is Teen and my first is Elder in-game, so I really need to pick up.  I'm... really bad at remembering to take pictures, so I apologize if I forget something.  Sad thing is, I'm pretty sure I'm already going to fail this dynasty, mer.  We'll see how it goes.


3.  Menes - The Second Generation

Ruby spent most of her days painting now, so she could start to paint portraits of everyone.

I spent my days fishing in the nearby river to try and add a little money to our meager funds.  Luckily it was easy enough to catch the ones in the river, sooner or later I would have to go to one of the ponds or the hatchery to get something bigger.

Not too much time had passed, and we were finally able to add another room to our tiny house, giving us a separate bedroom from the kitchen and living room.  Whenever the next generation was going to be born, we would have to find a way to add another room on, but at least that would be further away, at least I hoped so.

I was incredibly wrong.

3.1.  Ruby - Little Secrets

Menes had suprised me with his proposal!  I was so happy I had found someone I could grow old with in the future.  For the longest time I'd had dreams of running around town, breaking hearts for as long as I possibly could.  Menes had effectively stopped that as soon as I had laid eyes on him.  Now I just hoped we could make enough money to have a decent living.  My husband confided in me that he wanted to buy a few buildings or properties, to earn income, which made sense to me.

Something was missing though.  Between painting and sculpting, our little house seemed just... too big for us.  I wanted a baby, but I wasn't too sure what Menes would say.  I wasn't sure how he would take the news when I found out, but luckily, he was thrilled.  There was an odd look in his eyes, but wouldn't any expecting father be the same?

My belly kept getting bigger and bigger, and before we knew it, we rushed to the hospital, finally returning home with a wonderful baby boy.  Menes had simply smiled when I asked him what we should name our little boy, and he'd replied he wanted me to name him.  It had taken me awhile to find a suitable name for him, but it finally arrived.

Welcome to the world, Tut Pharoah!

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #8 on: April 23, 2012, 12:27:25 AM »
I was hoping I wouldn't have to double post, but I'm much further along in my game than I am writing this.  My third generation just turned into a Toddler, so... yeah.


4.  Menes - Getting Older

Not long after Tut was born, both Ruby and I grew older on the same day.  It was kind of nice to share a birthday with my wife, but it was a bit bittersweet.

Ruby still paints and sculpts, and I've slowly been getting promotion after promotion.  In between working and caring for a newborn, I somehow managed to get a little gardening and fishing in, as well as cooking my wife and I's favorite dishes.

It didn't seem like it had been all that long before Tut grew up to a toddler.  We haven't been a real party family, so we had a quiet night with just the three of us.  Ruby got him out of his crib and held him for a bit before finally admitting he was growing older.

Tut takes after his mother, definitely.  He has the same face shape (already!), the same red hair and the same eyes as Ruby.  I was a little concerned when I discovered his favorite color, but I suppose I can get used to him wearing pink all the time.  Ruby and I both took turns teaching him a few skills before he would become a child.

We both took plenty of time playing with him while he was still little, and Ruby took particular interest in reading him a few books about painting.  He's already taken a liking to it, so we figured we would encourage him.

One day, while Tut was playing with his little bear, we noticed it was finally his birthday!  Poor boy, we'd been so caught up in playing, we had forgotten.  But he aged up in front of his new easel, which was probably a hint that he wanted more to do with it.

We also managed to add another room, finally, so Tut could have his own bedroom.

[author's note:  I'm horrible and didn't take very many Child pictures of Tut.  But he's a cutie, I like him better as Teen/Adult though.]


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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #9 on: April 23, 2012, 06:07:10 AM »
Congrats with all the birthdays! Nothing wrong with a boy wearing pink. ;)

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: April 23, 2012, 07:55:23 PM »
5.  Menes - The First Teenager?

Somehow I managed to get my last promotion at work.  I still garden and cook everyone's favorite foods.  Mine and Ruby's are easy enough, Autumn Salad and Pancakes, respectively.  Tut's was a little more difficult, as it's Shwarma and I can't find the recipe anywhere.  Since we still don't have enough money to travel [read-gen 2 isn't old enough], I decided to sit in front of the tv for several days until I learned it.  Finally!  Now Tut's as happy as he can be now there's a constant supply of his favorite meal in the brand new fridge the Bistro gave me with my last promotion.

Tut painted all the time whenever he wasn't at school or working on homework.  Time flew by, and before we knew it, Tut was growing up in front of his art easel.  Again.

Immediately he ran to the mirror and closet to fix his hair and clothes.  I... I'm worried about him...

He's a good looking guy though, have to give him that much.  Looks a lot like his mother, and I'll be happy to have a reminder of her for the following years to come.  I think.

Ruby instantly painted his new portrait, she's been working on her ice sculpting as well.  Hopefully she will become proficient enough they don't melt soon.  Once that happens, she can begin sculpting statues for us.

A few nights later, we got a nasty suprise visit.  A burglar tried to rob us!  Luckily we'd bought a burglar alarm a few days before, so it went off in time for the police to come and catch her, but still, it was a scare.

Tut kept painting and doing his homework, and he joined the after school Art Club and did rather well!  He brought home a few pieces and instantly sold them to earn a promotion.  Didn't I mention it?  Once he became a teenager he became a self-made Painter.  He's doing really well, most of his pieces are selling for around $1,000 right now.

Soon enough, prom came.

Tut was named Prom King, even though he got into a few fights.  He got a couple of pictures and a crown he put on his new wall shelf.

Time's running out though.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it through all of this.  Tut hasn't even met a girl he likes yet, which is important.  What am I to do?

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #11 on: April 24, 2012, 12:05:32 AM »
[I'm bored, bear with me, aha]


6.  Menes - Two Girls?

I've read back through all this and noticed I'm not as focused on my own death as I was in the beginning.  Is it because I've realized my family's happiness is more important?  Or is it because both Ruby and I became Elders on the same day?  That's right, we both become Elders.  Ruby was in the process of sculpting.

She wasn't too thrilled with the way she looked, so she insisted I get a few pictures after her home-made makeover.

Then it was my turn. I get Ruby's idea.  Not living the rest of my life with grey hair.

Tut made fun of me for awhile after I dragged out my old clothes and bought some hair dye.  Probably serves me right for being worried about him.  Though grey is still better than pink.

Speaking of (and because I'd been so worried about it earlier), Tut's been talking to a girl... [author's note - forget her name, I really need to start taking better notes].  He invited her over and she ended up spending the night.  They sat outside for a long time just watching the stars...

And then shared their first kiss...

Maybe I shouldn't have been spying on them.

Time was really flying by.  Tut had been on the honor roll for some time and had earned several more promotions in his job.  Then, yet again, he aged up while he painted.

And... yet again another makeover.  The boy still loves his pink.

[another note - I really like it, actually, I think it goes great with his hair and eye color]

A couple days earlier Tut had gotten an award from his art club, and now we were headed for his graduation.

He was chosen as Class Valedictorian and Most Likely to be Mediocre.  They have no idea what he's in for, do they?

He was so excited he tried to call up the girl he was interested in.  Only to find out she was still a teenager.  Our family didn't have much time [read - I'm too impatient], so he looked up another old classmate.

She came right over and they chatted for awhile.

Before I even knew what was happening (neither did Ruby, even though she was standing right there!), Tut dropped on one knee and proposed to her, before even introducing her to us!

To her credit, she accepted rather readily.  Reminds me of when I proposed to Ruby...

They decided to get married right then and there.  Ruby was still engrossed in her sculpting.

It's Tut's story now.  I'm almost finished with what I need to do, but now it's his turn to speak.  I just hope he doesn't hate me for what all of us have to do...

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #12 on: April 25, 2012, 05:29:52 PM »
I kinda wish more people would read this, it's nice to know when they do.  Oh well!


7.  Tut - Another Generation

My dad is a complete idiot.  Of course he knew I'd read this when the time came!  There's a lot more I wish I could say, but Dad told me 'no profanity'. fun.  Immortality?  Dad can't die?  This, I don't believe, it's just a matter of time.  But... I suppose I'll try for it, for his sake.  But I feel bad now that I've married Shari.  I've doomed her to death while I live on forever.  If I'd known that, I would have hermited myself away for the rest of my life.  That's the point though, I suppose...

Well, where do I start?  Dad left off with me proposing to Shari, even though I hadn't introduced her to my parents yet.  Who cares though?  I love that woman.  Sure, I'd hung around Elena [Montalvo] for awhile, but there wasn't too much there after awhile.  I was older than her too, and it was just creepy.  Shari and I graduation on the same day, and after I proposed, she readily accepted and moved right in.  You know, the more I think about it, the more I think she used to deliver our paper when I was younger...

As soon as she moved in, I let her get all new clothes, and comfy ones at that, since she likes hanging around the house a lot.

Isn't she the most beautiful woman you've ever seen?  She's a bit of a writer, so she was thrilled when she found out I'd discovered it and bought her a laptop to use.

Dad decided to take a trip to China for a few days now that I was out of school.  He picked up a few recipes, a few seeds, fished for awhile, and tried to get his Visa up enough to buy a vacation home.  Didn't work, and he came back a few days later.

Shari and I had been a little busy as well.  We were just married, of course, and, well, as all married couples do...

Of course, we didn't really expect much, but, yet again, surprise!

I kept painting and sculpting as much as I could, I was almost to the top of my painting career, and Shari wrote as much as she could while she was pregnant.  Soon enough our lifetime wishes were completed!  We had enough money in the bank to make me feel secure in the future, and Shari was making well over $5,000 a week with her royalties.  Life was good, wasn't it?

Much sooner than we expected, Shari went into labor while she was writing.

And soon gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she named Hatshepsut.

We decided to expand the house a little that night so we'd be more comfortable.  Everyone was exhausted, but we managed to get it done.


I'm not much of a builder in this game, but the way everything's turning out (updated pictures will come soon), I'm pretty proud.  I'm not the greatest, but I think it looks good at least.

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The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2012, 07:29:50 PM »
Fanofaband, I read it...and like...I just don't post all the time.

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Re: The Pharoah Dynasty
« Reply #14 on: April 25, 2012, 08:07:55 PM »
Thanks for letting me know!  I get a little insecure sometimes.


8.  Tut - A Birthday, a Trip, and an Immortal

Time seems to go by way too fast now.  It seems like just yesterday Hati was born, but now she's set to grow up again.  I went and picked her up, giving my baby one last cuddle before she grew up and became mobile.

Isn't she adorable?  Somehow she didn't get Mom and I's red hair, or Shari's light brown.  Nope, she got Dad's black hair, which kind of makes me laugh.  Of course it would skip a generation, but I'm happy with Mom's red hair for me, at least it'll be something to remember her by.

Dad hung around for awhile to see how Hati had grown, and then decided to take another trip to China.  He really wants to get a vacation home there.  Something about my little girl makes him think we'll be going there a lot while she grows up.  I hope he's right, I can't wait to see what it's like there.

He went tomb-raiding and managed to find Pangu's Axe!

And, of course, had a little fun with it.  Sometimes he's not the dour old man he seems to be.  Sometimes he can actually have fun.  I know right?

With only a couple days left on his vacation, he managed to get his Visa for China to level 3!  That means we can buy a home there now, but he decided to wait until we could all look them over, a little more money wouldn't hurt either.

He fished the rest of the time, and he managed to catch quite a few fish.  Dad says he caught several Deathfish while he was there, but customs wouldn't let him bring them back home.  Weird...  It's not like we don't have them here or anything.

When Dad got back, he looked a little... different.  He told me in private that he'd finally managed to become the best cook in the world, and now he was ready for his true immortality.  Until all of this ends, of course.  I watched as he whipped up a batch of Ambrosia, and then sat down with him as he ate.

It's finally begun, I guess there's no real turning back now, huh?

After all the excitement, we decided to let Hati grow her hair out and get a few new clothes.

I'll say it again, my daughter is adorable.

I let Shari keep writing and I taught her everything she needed to know.  It will take Shari longer than I to reach the end of her profession.  She was sad she wouldn't be able to teach her everything, but she's her mother, they love each other very much.

Someone sent Hati a doll.  No one knows who this 'Aunt Bernice' is, but I suspect Shari's family.  Whatever the case, Hati loves little Bobo, and plays with him all the time.

Everything was going great in our household, everyone was happy, nothing was going wrong, if something managed to break, Mom would have it fixed in a heartbeat.  Yep, everything was great, until... well... tragedy struck.