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Renovation or Restoration for a Goth.
by ladybug53
Lot Type: Goth Manor
Lot Size : 60x60
Furnished:    232,811                                 (Unfurnished :  146,411 )                         
Contains Expansions: Showtime, World Adventure, Ambitions, Generation.
Contains StuffPacks: Master Suite, Outdoor Living.

A New Beginning.
Mortimer Goth wanted to bring the Manor up to date for his future and the following generations. In hope to impress Bella and win her hand in marriage the following work was done to the Manor.
The Manor was restored but with a more colorful palette. Mortimer and Bella’s favorite colors were used in quite a few areas throughout the house.

Main Floor:  It consists of kitchen, 3pc bath room, dining room, living room, and large foyer. The room adjacent to the kitchen has a sitting area for reading or just daydreaming and a hot tub.

Second Floor: It consists of a master bedroom, a nursery and a bedroom that would serve a child or teen, and two full bathrooms with tub and shower.

Third Floor: A loft that has a television, chess table, an exercise room and a 3pc bathroom.

Outside: There is a patio with a cooking area and an oval pool. To the side of the patio there is a children playground, a fire pit and a domino table. Flower beds were added and a few dead trees were replaced with new ones. Fountains were added to the pond.
Follow me, let’s take a tour together.

Overhead view of Ground Floor.

Overhead view of Second Floor.

Front view of House.


Dining Room.

Living Room.

Master Bedroom.

Teen or Child Bedroom.


Outside Patio.

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