Author Topic: Building Contest 2012: 8 - Hunter's Lodge - Outdoor Haven  (Read 1799 times)

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Building Contest 2012: 8 - Hunter's Lodge - Outdoor Haven
« on: April 27, 2012, 05:29:08 AM »
Size: 40x40
Cost Furnished: §64,900
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 2
Expansion packs used: WA, Pets
Stuff Packs Used: HELS (for just one item: large aquarium)

To all whom it may concern: The town council hereby attaches photos of a propsed residence for retiring Llama Herder Hunter House.  Whereas Mr. House has expressed a love of fishing and desire to be close to nature; whereas Mrs. Katharine House requires a quiet place to continue her writing; whereas the couple has stated they would like to have relatives come to stay; and whereas the Town Council has only 65,000 simoleons to spare, we hereby suggest the following residence at 5 Spruce Street, Hidden Springs.

The house is situated on a large, well-stocked pond, with a spacious and sunny wraparound deck that juts out over the water, and beautiful landscaping all around the lot.  An empty shed in the back will provide a great space for a loner to get away from it all, or to set up an inventing table or scultpting station if he so desires.   There is also a small garden next to the shed, with room to expand.  The house interior has two bedrooms and two bathrooms; a feminine writing study with computer and bookshelf; a kitchen with juice bar and breakfast counter; and a living room with a fireplace, large bookshelves, a big screen TV and a chess table. 

(Technical note:  When I realized I was using almost all base game, Pets and WA stuff, I decided to try keep this to just those EPs (plus HELS for the aquarium), but you may find that the game thinks you need Ambitions.  That's just because I used a terrain paint that was from that EP before I realized it.  I thought I erased it all, but it looks like the sims3pack still thinks you need it.  It is 100% not required.)