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Building Contest 2012:9 Minimalist Modern, Chez Modern
« on: May 13, 2012, 05:27:49 AM »
Chez Modern

Welcome to this fusion of Asian influences, natural materials, bold colours, experimental building techniques and restraint. (I'll admit the restraint was the hardest part.)
Chez Modern was build for the urban eco-friendly sims out there who are looking for a statement piece to promote their life philosophy.

Lot type: Residential 1 bedroom, 1,5 bathroom
Lot size: 20*15

Price unfurnished: 32,096
Price furnished: 42,770

EPs: Ambitions, World Adventures, Generations and Pets

Store content:
Haronems lamp (free)
Bookshelf (reward)

Placement: Anywhere but would look wonderful at the beach or in a more urban landscape.

Front view
The outside colour theme is pale crème and dark wood, the entire lot is fenced with decorative bamboo to give a more organic and warm feel since there is so much sand and rocks in the garden. On the right side of the house a path leads to the backyard and there is a garbage station hidden in the row of plum trees. 

Back view
The spacious deck overlooks a zen inspired garden. A half wall gives additional privacy.

Ground floor overview
Kitchen to the left and living room and guest bath to the right.

Kitchen with view over garden
The kitchen is decorated with dark wood, grey marble, stainless steel appliances and bold turquoise.

Living room
The living room has a dining area and additional seating where guests can relax after dinner. The bold spotted wallpaper was added as a focal point and uses colours found throughout the house.

Now - pool windows!
Here you see down the stairs to the basement, note the windows letting in light. That is because small pools with reflective walls and floors have been place just outside the basement walls. This gives the basement an illusion of actually being ground floor level - but with greater privacy since neighbour sims cant peek through the windows!

Here you see the windows from the outside. A warning: sims can and will jump into the larger 2 tile pools. Since there are no ladders drownings may occur.

Basement over view
Bedroom with en suit to the left, study to the right.

With a warm coral and pale yellow you don't fell like you're sitting in the basement when working on those skill points.

Bedroom and en suit
Furnished in jade green with dark wood the bedroom is a modern interpretation of outdoor living. The bathroom sports a full bath.