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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #15 on: May 26, 2012, 05:37:13 AM »
They're going to be busy! Triplets and a toddler, I couldn't handle that lol. Vente is a cute kid. Good luck with all the nooboos ;)

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #16 on: May 27, 2012, 12:40:59 AM »
*shuffles*  I'm a little guilty, I really wanted triplets, it's been awhile since I've had some, but we'll see how it goes.  Jamie's lifetime wish was changed to Surrounded by Family, but Gobias still has his Jack of all Trades wish.  I'm trying to decide if I want to change his as well or save up for a Collection Helper.

And yep, I'm really glad I can move them out when they're old enough.  That's the plan, and one of the reasons I wanted triplets.  I'm hoping there will be more Koffi babies than the ones I force them to havethey have in the active house.  We'll see, I don't really even have a plan for all this.  Have a bad habit of doing that, I wing it a lot.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #17 on: June 01, 2012, 08:49:39 PM »
Sorry for the lack of updates everyone.  I've really been trying to finish up my Immortal Dynasty in between taking care of my 6 month old and my husband being pouty.  Plus I need to finish up my story with the North's.  Haha, I started this at a really bad time, but I'm definitely planning on working on it soon.  I haven't forgotten!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #18 on: June 08, 2012, 10:56:45 PM »
I'm almost through the endless cycle of nooboos!  Whoo!


Gobias: Things have been hectic around the house with a child, a toddler, and three babies...'re boring.

Gobias:  I thought you were going to be quiet?

Well, I thought you weren't going to be boring.  I'm bored, so therefore I talk.  So... yeah.

Gobias:  Fine... not like I can really do anything about it, you're the one typing it up...

That's right.

Gobias:  *glare*  The triplets grew up to toddlers, joining Danny at that age.  Four toddlers and a child running around the house, I think we need a new bathroom.

Hey, don't look at me.

So I won't ask where Liz and Jack got their brown hair from if you don't.  Izzy got Jamie's blonde hair though.

Gobias:  I think it's cute.

She's also your daughter.

Gobias:  This is true...

They shared teaching the toddlers, luckily, and amazingly enough, they've all been taught how to talk, walk, and use the potty.

Jamie:  Thank god.

So... what's your son been doing?

Jamie:  Which one?  We have three, you know.

Errr... the oldest, Vente.

Jamie:  He's been beating a girl up with pillows, but only after he got on the honor roll.

HA!  That's my heir...

Gobias:  And the toddlers have been playing with blocks.

Jack:  I wonder if I can fit this block up my nose?
Izzy:  Maybe if I stare at it long enough it'll fit...
Danny:   DOITDOIT!
Liz:  They're crazy, I want to be adopted.

Jamie?  Gobias?  Keep them away from the CrumpleSteels for awhile, would you?

Vente:  HEY!  I had a birthday, you know!

Yes yes, we were just getting to that.  Generation one's heir is finally a teenager.  And yes, that is Marta Ursine blowing the party horn.  I don't think she's too terribly good-looking, but... hey Vente likes her, so that's all that matters.

Vente:  ...wait, you took those pictures, didn't you?


Vente:  ...crap.

Danny:  HEY!  WOMAN!

...oh come on!  I'm getting to it.

Danny:  You better.

Danny's a child now.  IF you couldn't tell...

Danny:  *snickers*

Hopefully the triplets grow up soon, but it means a new room in the house...

Jamie:  Hey now, you're forgetting a few things.

I am?

Jamie:  Yeah!  I figured out how to make the age reversal potion and gave it to Gobias.
Gobias:  I look gooooood....
Jamie: ...moving on...  I bought stock in the Diner, so we're... kind of on track, right?


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - First Heir, Vente
« Reply #19 on: June 09, 2012, 09:05:46 AM »
Congrats with all the birthdays! Wow the house will get to small when the triplets grow up! Great update. :)

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Here Come the Birthdays!
« Reply #20 on: June 13, 2012, 01:31:09 AM »

Vente:  Go away.
Vente:  Hey!  Can I not have some time with my woman?
Don't let her hear you say that, I'm pretty sure she could take you.  Besides, you're only in high school.
Vente:  Well... why's that matter?  I love her!
Marta:  Er.... who are you talking to?
Vente:  Uhhhhh....
...moving on then, while you come up with a good lie...

Jamie & Gobias:  NO MORE TODDLERS!
I'm pretty sure there's a happy dance in there too.
Jamie:  When do I not have a happy dance?

That's right, the triplets are children.  Beware.

...and another teenager.
Vente:  ...crap, now I'm not the only one.
Danny:  Jealous much?
Vente:  I'll break you!
Gobias:  Boys!  No car for you!
Danny & Vente:  ...crap...

So.  Gobias.  Whatcha doin....?
Gobias:  Getting whooped by my genius son.
Danny:  *snickers*

By the way?  The triplets like growing up.

Okay kids, one after another, tell the nice people what you want to do with your life.
Vente:  Art and music, allll the way.
Danny:  Definitely a doctor like mom and dad.
Jack:  Same here, I kind of like the hospital.
Isabelle:  Astronaut!  *jumping jacks*
Elizabeth:  ...
Honey?  What's wrong?
Elizabeth:  I don't know what I want to do with my life.  Is that bad?  I mean, I love my family and I love art, but what can I really do?
Jamie:  You can do whatever you want to, honey.  You have all the time in the world to figure out what you want to do.
Elizabeth:  Thanks Mom.
Gobias:  This also means Jamie and I's wishes of being surrounded by family are fulfilled.  Maybe we should have spread the kids out a little more...
Jamie:  *grins and nudges*'s a duck.
Vente:  Well yeah.
You maxed out painting... with a duck...
Vente:  Hey, you want to be the one doing this?  Be my guest.
...whatever floats your boat, buddy.

Vente:  Besides, now I'm out of high school, I have to start hurrying up.
This is true, cause you can't marry Marta just yet, can you?
Vente:  Nope, but good news, we bought out the Diner and Stoney Falls, have it all nice and pretty too.  Oh, and Mom runs around collecting beetles.  Kiiiinda cool.
Only you, but good job!

Awwwww.... lookit the family....
Vente:  Why do we have to do this....?
Cause I said so!
Vente:  Since when can you read my mind?
Since always?  Anyway, at least you got Valedictorian and Most Likely to Save the World!  That's not bad, right?
Vente:  Every kid wants to be a superhero!

Not when it's you proposing to the love of your life!
Vente:  *grumble*  Well... at least it was my good side...
That's right.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Ending an Era
« Reply #21 on: June 14, 2012, 11:28:57 PM »
It's been busy in the Koffi household, everyone's getting older and moving out.

Jamie:  I have wrinkles...
Gobias:  You're more beautiful than the day we met, my dear.  *kiss*
...get a room.
Gobias:  Okay.  *wisks her off*

Danny:  I'll miss you, you know.
Yeah, I'll miss you too, buddy.  You've been a really good boy, between Vente and the triplets.
Danny:  At least you didn't just pass me over.

You've become a handsome young man, I'm proud of you.
Danny:  And I got a job at the hospital, just like Mom and Dad!
Danny:  And... I made a call when I got back home.

Danny:  I've always wanted a daughter!  Meet Luna!  I even gave her Cosmo, my old doll.

And then you two moved out.  I wish I could have gotten to know Luna a little better, but... he really wanted his own place.  They moved to the apartment next to the Roomies and Working Friends houses, so at least they're not too far away.

Izzy:  AND??
I'm getting there!

Izzy:  Better.
Jack:  Oh shut up, sis.  She got a job in the military, and I followed Mom, Dad, and Danny's footsteps.  Got a job at the hospital!
So proud of you two!  They both wanted to immediately move out too, and they got a house together at the end of the row.  The house with the nice artists room as the only one on the second floor, you know the one, right?

Liz:  At least I'm more patient than those two.
Yes you are!  Did you finally figure out what you want to do in life?
Liz:  I... I think I want to have a big family, like Mom and Dad did.
I bet I know who you're thinking of too.

Liz:  I bet you do.  Hello, Miraj?  Yeah... wanna come over?

I'm so happy for you, honey.
Liz:  Shush, honeymoon time!
...whatever you say!

Vente:  What about me?  I'm a poor, neglected heir over here!
And you'll probably stay that way until you get a few more opportunities, mister.  So... get started!
Vente:  *grumblemutter*  At least I'm the top painter around...

I forgot I was going to make Jack's Imaginary Friend real and have them get married, my bad.  Kinda mad at myself, but what can you do?  I'm also really mad at myself for forgetting to save all of them to my bin, especially Liz.  I really have to remember to do that.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - What is Death?
« Reply #22 on: June 16, 2012, 09:55:17 PM »

Aww, hi there, kitty!
Ghost Kitty:  Purrrrrr....
I'm sorry we weren't able to adopt you, but at least we gave you a nice home to haunt.
Ghost Kitty:  Purrrrr....
...okay, I'll let you sleep.

After they got married and found out they were pregnant, Liz and Miraj moved out.  Miraj had the LTW to adopt a unicorn, so I let him adopt a female horse before they moved as well.  They're the most active family members I've found living outside the main home.  Hi Lizzy!
Liz - Hi!  Didn't think I'd hear from you again.  Here, meet Benjamen!
Awww... hi there, little guy!

Vente:  Ugh.

Vente:  Ugh.  I have wrinkles.
Don't worry, Marta still loves you, boyo.
Vente:  Hang on a minute.'re not having a midlife crisis are you?
Vente:  Nope!

Ohh.... you made Patterns real!
Vente:  Yup, figured Dad might need some company when Mom dies.  She made him take another Young Again Potion, something about staying around for the family for awhile.
Well it's nice that you made sure he'd have company.  By the way, how are the opportunities coming along?
Vente:  Er.... hang on again.

Vente:  Well, they want me to learn Senet!
...okay then, have fun!

*3 days pass*

Ahhh, home again.  How do you feel?

Vente:  Fulfilled...
Haha, that's the look of a man who's finished up his lifetime wish.  Congratulations, Vente!
Vente:  Thanks!

Jamie:  Ummm... guys?  Something's happening.
Jamie:  Oh don't worry, he needs a headstone so he can finally marry Marta and have some kids of his own.  I'm just happy I was able to meet my grandkids so far.  I do wish I could have at least watched him get married though.

Grim, you're a jerk.
Grim:  *shrugs*
Well, I'll do what I can for you, Jamie.  Here, you can see the wedding from where your headstone's going.

Poor Jamie.
Vente:  I'll miss you, Mom...
Gobias:  I can't believe you didn't pull me from work!
I'm sorry, Gobias, I thought it best everyone have their own mourning period.  Still friends?
Gobias:  I guess....  I'm going to miss my wife though, especially after everything I had to do to get her attention.
At least you have plenty of pictures and memories.  You're strong, you'll be okay after awhile.  And at least you'll be able to see her every now and then sometimes.
Gobias:  Yeah... but it's not the same.

Vente:  I love you, Marta.
Marta:  I love you too, Vente.  We get to live together now!
Vente:  Yes we do!

Vente:  Hmmm... so this is home then?  I like it!
Marta:  It was getting lonely here after Mom died, it'll be good to have life around here again.
Just needs a little work done and... hey, what's happening??

Marta:  Oh no, my dog!
...Grim, oh how I hate you...
Vente:  *hugs his wife*  I'm sorry Marta, it'll be okay.
Marta:  *sniffle*  I know, but why now?
Vente:  We'll have enough on our hands looking after the babies, it's probably best this happens now.
Marta:  ...babies?

Marta:  Ah... babies... *snuggles*

Like your makeover?
Marta:  Of course I do, it's lime!
Haha, thought you'd like it, honey.  And I see you're giving your workout equipment a lot of attention.

Marta:  I have to get in shape if I want to be an astronaut!  Kinda funny, Vente's sister Isabelle is my boss.  Strange how that happens, huh?
Hmmm... have you told Vente yet?
Marta:  Yep, but he's been busy with that chemistry set you bought for him.  What's he trying to do, anyway?
You'll see!

Marta:  Awww.... nooboo!

Marta:  AHHHH!!  NOOBOO!!

Marta:  Awww.... nooboo!
Ahhh, hormones.  So what's her name?
Vente:  We named her Mocha!
Well hi there, Mocha.  Who's a cute little nooboo?
Mocha:  *gurgles*

Marta:  Aww, nooboo!
Vente:  Well, I did say babies, didn't I?  *hugs*
I can't wait to see what your next baby is like!  How's little Mocha doing?

Vente:  Well... I threw a birthday party and called all the family over, but no one showed up.  At least Marta and I were here for her though.
Poor baby.  Happy birthday!

Mocha:  *gurgles*
Awwww....  Hi there, blondie!
Mocha:  *giggles*

...I lost the picture I had of Vente and his beetles.  I'm going to have to go back real quick and get another one.  I promise though, I know I took it, but it must have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Found it!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Heir 2, Mocha (updated 6-16)
« Reply #23 on: June 17, 2012, 12:40:04 PM »
Whew! Had to catch up. Very nice story. I wonder why everyone always ignores Gobias. Well, he proved us wrong in this dynasty. Plenty of good moments from beginning to end. I cringed when I saw the basinette of death a.k.a. the triplets traveler. I love the shots of Liz and Miraj with the baby and walking the dog. I haven't done that yet so its fun to see. RIP Jamie and congrats Marta and Vente.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Koffi, Koffi, Everywhere (6-18)
« Reply #24 on: June 18, 2012, 03:40:19 PM »
I should really start numbering these chapters, shouldn't I?


Vente:  Who's a cute little nooboo?
Mocha:  *giggles*
I think she's saying "Me!"
Vente:  She's just too little to know it yet!

Marta:  ...some attention please?

I'm sorry Marta!
Marta:  Yeah, I've been screaming in pain down here and you pay attention to my husband and daughter.
I'll make it up to you?  What are you naming the little guy?
Marta:  Ricky.
Well hi there Ricky, welcome to the world!
Ricky:  *gurgle*

Marta:  Awww... another girl!
...wait.  You didn't have twins, has it really been that long?
Marta:  You  just don't pay attention very well, do you?  Vente and I both decided we wanted one more baby after awhile, before I focus on the military, so here she is!
Awww, so what did you name her?
Marta:  Molly.
Vente:  Why haven't I got to pick?
Marta:  You named Mocha, I get the others.
Vente:  Fine... *tickles Molly*

...Marta, what are you doing?
Marta:  WHAT??
Marta:  What?
What are you doing?
Marta:  Upgrading the toilet!
...with a hammer?
Marta:  Hey, it works!  Besides, I need to be handy if I'm going to work on spaceships.
This is true.  Just... don't break anything, okay?
Marta:  That's why I'm working on my handiness, so I can fix what breaks.
Point taken.

And what are you up to, Mocha?
Mocha:  The food in this house is horrifying.  If any of us are going to grow, then we need better food.  This is the first step.
So it begins.  What do you want to do with your life, honey?
Mocha:  Duh, I'm going to cook!
Vente:  Mocha, I have a present for you!
Mocha:  Yay!  Thank you, Daddy!
Vente:  You're very welcome.
Mocha:  Can I use it now?
Vente:  Of course.

Mocha:  Hi, Snuggles, you're real!
Snuggles:  Well of course I am, why wouldn't I be?
I think someone's a Snob.
Snuggles:  Hmph.
Mocha:  Wanna play?
Snuggles:  Sure, but for some reason whoever's up there wants me to work with that chemistry table soon.
Mocha:  Why?
Snuggles:  I dunno.

Snuggles:  CURSE YOU, WOMAN!

The three children together.  But where's your sister?
Ricky:  Being dumb and smelly.
Snuggles:  You're smelly!
Mocha:  Shut up you two, or I'll hit you.
Ricky:  I'll hit you back!
Vente:  I'll send all of you to your room!
Mocha, Ricky, Snuggles:  We love you!
By the way, Ricky, when did you grow up?
Ricky:  When you were ignoring me.


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Koffi, Koffi, Everywhere (6-18)
« Reply #25 on: June 18, 2012, 06:59:03 PM »
Great Update, I finally caught up!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Getting Older
« Reply #26 on: June 19, 2012, 08:43:32 PM »
Firstly, I'd like to share this link.  It's a family tree for the Dynasty!  I'll update it whenever I remember to, and it's linked in the first post as well so no one has to go hunting for it if they're curious.


Vente:  Ugh...

What's up?
Vente:  I'm old is what's up.  And I thought turning Adult was bad.
Oh, I think the grey makes you look distinguished.
...uh... I think it looks good on you?
Vente:  *grumblemutter*

Mocha and Snuggles had their birthday!

Mocha:  I'm now a Natural Cook and Snuggles has a Green Thumb!
How she can be a Snob with a Green Thumb, I'll never know.
Snuggles:  It means I'll have the best plants this town has ever seen!  *sniff*

So... feel any better now that we have you in some nice, comfy clothes?
Vente:  I guess.
Marta:  It helps that I told him he's still as handsome as ever!
Vente:  *blush*
Yeah, they keep rolling wishes to have babies together, it's... not going to happen.
Vente:  Why not?
Have you even seen the house you live in?  Not to mention your daughters have brought their dolls to life.
Vente:  Oh yeah...
Sure sign of getting old.
Vente:  Shut up.

Mocha:  Hi Kurtis...
Kurtis:  Well hi there, Mocha...
Mocha:  What's that on your face?
Kurtis:  What?

Mocha:  Me?
Mocha:  Shut up.
Kurtis:  Who?
Mocha:  Oh... no one.  So I like your face.  And your house.  Want to be my boyfriend, go to prom with me, and someday get married so you can father my babies?
Kurtis:  Uhhh.... sure!
Mocha:  Whoo!  *kisses*

Hey Molly, are you stalling?
Molly:  Maybe...
Oh come on, what's to be scared of?
Molly:  I don't know...  Fine, I'll do it!

Molly:  *speechless*
Lima:  Uh... h-hi... *shuffles*
Molly:  Best.  Idea.  Ever!

Molly:  Yeah, I think I can get used to this.
Lima:  *giggles*

Okay, I know what you want to do, but dear lord boy, you need to bulk up a little first.  You're like a toothpick.
Ricky:  I'm not that bad!  Am I...?
Vente:  Er... I'm not answering that, but there's your mother's workout equipment.
Ricky:  Jerks.

Ricky:  I.  Hate.  You.  All.
Whatever gets you through this!

Ricky:  H-hi....
Snuggles:  Umm... hi?  *back away*
Ricky:  Er... Ithinkyou'rereallyprettyandwillyougotopromwithme?
Snuggles:  *blinks*
Ricky:  *cough*  You're pretty, I love you, go to prom with me?  I had my cake this morning so we could go together, if you want...
Snuggles:  Well I thought you'd never ask... *kisses*
Ricky:  *melts*

Well at least all three of them are getting married when they're old enough, have to be happy about that, right?
Marta:  Grandbabies??
Slow down!  Not yet dear, when they're older.
Marta:  Good, almost gave me a heart attack.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Two Weddings and a Lurking Grim (6-20)
« Reply #27 on: June 21, 2012, 12:09:49 AM »

So Molly, whatcha been up to?
Molly:  *muffled answer*
...withdrawn, you two have fun!
Lima:  *thumbs up*

So I see the future astronaut is done sucking the face off of her girlfriend.
Molly:  Astro...?  Oh!  Right, astronaut, yeah, that's definitely what I want to be.
I sense deception.
Molly:  It's broken, go away.

Snuggles and Mocha have grown up to be lovely young ladies!

Snuggles immediately got a job in the Science center, and Mocha got a job at the Bistro.
Mocha:  At least I have a head-start on getting my hair up!  No one wants hair in their food.
Good call.
Snuggles:  *sniffs*  At least I can broaden my horizon...
You do know if you're good enough, you'll be a mad scientist, right?
Snuggles:  Oh...  And the hair!

Leave you two alone for a minute...
Molly & Lima:  *waves away*
Cause I'm sure this makes your parents feel good about you all sharing a room still.
Vente:  ...hadn't thought about that.  THANK YOU, now I have something else to worry about.
Go paint something!

I see someone else got a little older.
Ricky:  Shh, I'm a mime!
You're a dork.
Ricky:  Nuh uh!
You just got blown away by nonexistant wind.  I believe that classifies you as a dork.
Ricky:  ...shut up.

Ricky:  The woman made me feel bad about myself, so do you want to marry me and make it better?
Snuggles:  That rock is HUGE!  I mean, of course I'll marry you!  I love you and whatnot!
Ricky:  I'll take it!  *kisses*

Why aren't you in your suit?
Ricky & Snuggles:  Go away.
I'm outnumbered here.  But congratulations you two, now you can move out!
Snuggles:  Hmph, not yet.  We have plans before we move out on our own.
Oh do tell...

Hey old man, whatcha up to?
Vente:  Painting.  Trying to run away from Grim.  Getting over the fact that my son married a former imaginary friend.  Trying to come to terms with my youngest daughter making out with her own former imaginary friend every moment they get.  You know, the usual.
Well... at least you're still around to see it all, can you imagine what it would have been like if your mom had died early and missed out?
Vente:  *sigh*  I miss her.
I know you do, but at least you'll be with her soon enough.

Uhhh... when did I say you could get a dog?
Snuggles:  I felt bad for the poor boy, so I adopted him!
Err... he's a stray?
Snuggles:  Was.  Was a stray.  And his name is Coal.  Vente's agreed to adopt a girl for him. Puppies!
Soooo can't wait to kick you guys out if you're going to do this.

So Coal... I take it you approve of Mimi?
Coal:  *wags tail*
I'll take that as a yes!

Well hello there, punk.
Molly:  Punk yourself, gotta run!
Army base?
Molly:  ...or something.

You know, you're the first person I've seen this hairstyle on who actually suits it.  I think you're lovely, dear.
Lima:  *blushes*  I just hope Molly says the same thing when she get home from the Warehouse...
Lima:  Whoops, look at the time!
Molly:  I'm home, time for bed!
So which is it?  Thief or Emperor?
Molly:  No idea what you're taking about.
Uh huh, which is it?
Molly:  *glares*
*glares back*
Molly:  *deflates a little*  Thief...
Well, at least I know now.  Get some sleep and then you can do what you want tomorrow.

Molly:  Lima, love of my life, will you marry me?
Lima:  *squealfaint*
I think that's a yes!
Molly:  I sure hope so!  *kisses Lima*

Lima:  Ohoh, can I show off my dress?
Of course you can, honey.

Lima:  They keep saying brown isn't traditional, but I don't care, I love it!
And you look absolutely beautiful, dear.  Now, go get married.

So heartwarming, a thief and a woman who wants a huge family.  Wait, now I understand why you're a Kleptomaniac, Molly!
Vente:  Hush, woman!  I can't hear!
Yet another sign of aging.  Seriously man, you're almost 100 you know.
Vente:  Shhhh... if you don't say it, Grim can't find me!
Ah paranoia, how I never miss you.

Congratulations, ladies!  What do you want to do now?
Molly:  Hang on, gotta make a call.

Over the phone:  Oh, you'd like to adopt?  We'll be there right away!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Puppies (6-22)
« Reply #28 on: June 22, 2012, 11:41:52 PM »

Alanna:  Hi Mom!
Lima:  Hi baby!  *hugs*
Alanna:  My name's Alanna.
Lima:  I'm Lima, but you can call me Mom.  And that's Molly, you can call her Mom too.
Alanna:  Oooh... cool!  I love you, Mommies!  Are we going to live here?
Molly:  We just got a new house, actually, for the three of us to live in.  You ready?
Alanna & Lima:  Yep!
Goodbye you three!  I wish I could have gotten to know you a little better, Alanna.
Alanna:  Who was that?
Molly:  I'll... explain later.

Looks like Molly and Lima aren't the only two with kids in mind.
Ricky & Snuggles:  Goway.
*waits awhile*
*waits some more*
...okay, are you done yet?  Gonna move now?
Ricky:  Yup, come on dear, we're getting our own house!
Snuggles:  Goody!

The dogs too?  Good lord, there won't be any room left in the house!

Mocha:  You haven't paid much attention to me lately.
I know dear, it's just because there were so many of you in the house, but we'll be better now.
Mocha:  Good, can we show it now?
Of course.

Mocha:  Kurtis, will you marry me?
Kurtis:  *squeals like a little girl*
Mocha:  I hope that's a yes!
I think it is!

Congratulations, honey!  Now get to work, you still have a lot to do before you two can get married!
Mocha:  I'm on it!

Awww... Coal and Mimi had puppies!  Say hello to Patches and Sprinkle!  Both girls, and both cuties.  By the way, there's a lot of dog pictures coming up.

Mocha had an opportunity to go to France and learn a recipe for work, so off she went!
Mocha:  I'm only letting you do this because you didn't take ANY pictures of me in Egypt.
Well... I didn't want the game to die.
Mocha:  *sniffs*  I bought all the local fruit I could too, Mom took over Snuggles' garden.
Congratulations on the level 2 Visa, at least!

Awww, more puppies!  Meet Chip and Slash, both boys this time!

And just some puppy cuteness.  Everyone, say it with me, "Awwwww....."

Mocha wants to take one of the dogs with her when she moves, but neither of us can decide.  She's been spending a lot of time with Sprinkle, but I keep leaning toward Patches.

Sprinkle's even been sleeping on Mocha's bed at night ever since she grew up.  I may be outnumbered.

Puppy play time!

Okay, back to our program.

Good job, Marta, you're an astronaut!
Marta:  I'm just that awesome.
Yes, yes you are.
Mocha:  Hey!

Ah yes, adulthood.  At least you didn't have a midlife crisis like your mom!
Mocha:  Hooray!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Puppies (6-22)
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This is kinda amusing, like the 'leave me alone's and I thought it was hilarious when Venta said if the grim doesn't hear it then he doesn't know it.