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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Koffi, Koffi, Everywhere (6-18)
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Great Update, I finally caught up!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Getting Older
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Firstly, I'd like to share this link.  It's a family tree for the Dynasty!  I'll update it whenever I remember to, and it's linked in the first post as well so no one has to go hunting for it if they're curious.


Vente:  Ugh...

What's up?
Vente:  I'm old is what's up.  And I thought turning Adult was bad.
Oh, I think the grey makes you look distinguished.
...uh... I think it looks good on you?
Vente:  *grumblemutter*

Mocha and Snuggles had their birthday!

Mocha:  I'm now a Natural Cook and Snuggles has a Green Thumb!
How she can be a Snob with a Green Thumb, I'll never know.
Snuggles:  It means I'll have the best plants this town has ever seen!  *sniff*

So... feel any better now that we have you in some nice, comfy clothes?
Vente:  I guess.
Marta:  It helps that I told him he's still as handsome as ever!
Vente:  *blush*
Yeah, they keep rolling wishes to have babies together, it's... not going to happen.
Vente:  Why not?
Have you even seen the house you live in?  Not to mention your daughters have brought their dolls to life.
Vente:  Oh yeah...
Sure sign of getting old.
Vente:  Shut up.

Mocha:  Hi Kurtis...
Kurtis:  Well hi there, Mocha...
Mocha:  What's that on your face?
Kurtis:  What?

Mocha:  Me?
Mocha:  Shut up.
Kurtis:  Who?
Mocha:  Oh... no one.  So I like your face.  And your house.  Want to be my boyfriend, go to prom with me, and someday get married so you can father my babies?
Kurtis:  Uhhh.... sure!
Mocha:  Whoo!  *kisses*

Hey Molly, are you stalling?
Molly:  Maybe...
Oh come on, what's to be scared of?
Molly:  I don't know...  Fine, I'll do it!

Molly:  *speechless*
Lima:  Uh... h-hi... *shuffles*
Molly:  Best.  Idea.  Ever!

Molly:  Yeah, I think I can get used to this.
Lima:  *giggles*

Okay, I know what you want to do, but dear lord boy, you need to bulk up a little first.  You're like a toothpick.
Ricky:  I'm not that bad!  Am I...?
Vente:  Er... I'm not answering that, but there's your mother's workout equipment.
Ricky:  Jerks.

Ricky:  I.  Hate.  You.  All.
Whatever gets you through this!

Ricky:  H-hi....
Snuggles:  Umm... hi?  *back away*
Ricky:  Er... Ithinkyou'rereallyprettyandwillyougotopromwithme?
Snuggles:  *blinks*
Ricky:  *cough*  You're pretty, I love you, go to prom with me?  I had my cake this morning so we could go together, if you want...
Snuggles:  Well I thought you'd never ask... *kisses*
Ricky:  *melts*

Well at least all three of them are getting married when they're old enough, have to be happy about that, right?
Marta:  Grandbabies??
Slow down!  Not yet dear, when they're older.
Marta:  Good, almost gave me a heart attack.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Two Weddings and a Lurking Grim (6-20)
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So Molly, whatcha been up to?
Molly:  *muffled answer*
...withdrawn, you two have fun!
Lima:  *thumbs up*

So I see the future astronaut is done sucking the face off of her girlfriend.
Molly:  Astro...?  Oh!  Right, astronaut, yeah, that's definitely what I want to be.
I sense deception.
Molly:  It's broken, go away.

Snuggles and Mocha have grown up to be lovely young ladies!

Snuggles immediately got a job in the Science center, and Mocha got a job at the Bistro.
Mocha:  At least I have a head-start on getting my hair up!  No one wants hair in their food.
Good call.
Snuggles:  *sniffs*  At least I can broaden my horizon...
You do know if you're good enough, you'll be a mad scientist, right?
Snuggles:  Oh...  And the hair!

Leave you two alone for a minute...
Molly & Lima:  *waves away*
Cause I'm sure this makes your parents feel good about you all sharing a room still.
Vente:  ...hadn't thought about that.  THANK YOU, now I have something else to worry about.
Go paint something!

I see someone else got a little older.
Ricky:  Shh, I'm a mime!
You're a dork.
Ricky:  Nuh uh!
You just got blown away by nonexistant wind.  I believe that classifies you as a dork.
Ricky:  ...shut up.

Ricky:  The woman made me feel bad about myself, so do you want to marry me and make it better?
Snuggles:  That rock is HUGE!  I mean, of course I'll marry you!  I love you and whatnot!
Ricky:  I'll take it!  *kisses*

Why aren't you in your suit?
Ricky & Snuggles:  Go away.
I'm outnumbered here.  But congratulations you two, now you can move out!
Snuggles:  Hmph, not yet.  We have plans before we move out on our own.
Oh do tell...

Hey old man, whatcha up to?
Vente:  Painting.  Trying to run away from Grim.  Getting over the fact that my son married a former imaginary friend.  Trying to come to terms with my youngest daughter making out with her own former imaginary friend every moment they get.  You know, the usual.
Well... at least you're still around to see it all, can you imagine what it would have been like if your mom had died early and missed out?
Vente:  *sigh*  I miss her.
I know you do, but at least you'll be with her soon enough.

Uhhh... when did I say you could get a dog?
Snuggles:  I felt bad for the poor boy, so I adopted him!
Err... he's a stray?
Snuggles:  Was.  Was a stray.  And his name is Coal.  Vente's agreed to adopt a girl for him. Puppies!
Soooo can't wait to kick you guys out if you're going to do this.

So Coal... I take it you approve of Mimi?
Coal:  *wags tail*
I'll take that as a yes!

Well hello there, punk.
Molly:  Punk yourself, gotta run!
Army base?
Molly:  ...or something.

You know, you're the first person I've seen this hairstyle on who actually suits it.  I think you're lovely, dear.
Lima:  *blushes*  I just hope Molly says the same thing when she get home from the Warehouse...
Lima:  Whoops, look at the time!
Molly:  I'm home, time for bed!
So which is it?  Thief or Emperor?
Molly:  No idea what you're taking about.
Uh huh, which is it?
Molly:  *glares*
*glares back*
Molly:  *deflates a little*  Thief...
Well, at least I know now.  Get some sleep and then you can do what you want tomorrow.

Molly:  Lima, love of my life, will you marry me?
Lima:  *squealfaint*
I think that's a yes!
Molly:  I sure hope so!  *kisses Lima*

Lima:  Ohoh, can I show off my dress?
Of course you can, honey.

Lima:  They keep saying brown isn't traditional, but I don't care, I love it!
And you look absolutely beautiful, dear.  Now, go get married.

So heartwarming, a thief and a woman who wants a huge family.  Wait, now I understand why you're a Kleptomaniac, Molly!
Vente:  Hush, woman!  I can't hear!
Yet another sign of aging.  Seriously man, you're almost 100 you know.
Vente:  Shhhh... if you don't say it, Grim can't find me!
Ah paranoia, how I never miss you.

Congratulations, ladies!  What do you want to do now?
Molly:  Hang on, gotta make a call.

Over the phone:  Oh, you'd like to adopt?  We'll be there right away!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Puppies (6-22)
« Reply #28 on: June 22, 2012, 11:41:52 PM »

Alanna:  Hi Mom!
Lima:  Hi baby!  *hugs*
Alanna:  My name's Alanna.
Lima:  I'm Lima, but you can call me Mom.  And that's Molly, you can call her Mom too.
Alanna:  Oooh... cool!  I love you, Mommies!  Are we going to live here?
Molly:  We just got a new house, actually, for the three of us to live in.  You ready?
Alanna & Lima:  Yep!
Goodbye you three!  I wish I could have gotten to know you a little better, Alanna.
Alanna:  Who was that?
Molly:  I'll... explain later.

Looks like Molly and Lima aren't the only two with kids in mind.
Ricky & Snuggles:  Goway.
*waits awhile*
*waits some more*
...okay, are you done yet?  Gonna move now?
Ricky:  Yup, come on dear, we're getting our own house!
Snuggles:  Goody!

The dogs too?  Good lord, there won't be any room left in the house!

Mocha:  You haven't paid much attention to me lately.
I know dear, it's just because there were so many of you in the house, but we'll be better now.
Mocha:  Good, can we show it now?
Of course.

Mocha:  Kurtis, will you marry me?
Kurtis:  *squeals like a little girl*
Mocha:  I hope that's a yes!
I think it is!

Congratulations, honey!  Now get to work, you still have a lot to do before you two can get married!
Mocha:  I'm on it!

Awww... Coal and Mimi had puppies!  Say hello to Patches and Sprinkle!  Both girls, and both cuties.  By the way, there's a lot of dog pictures coming up.

Mocha had an opportunity to go to France and learn a recipe for work, so off she went!
Mocha:  I'm only letting you do this because you didn't take ANY pictures of me in Egypt.
Well... I didn't want the game to die.
Mocha:  *sniffs*  I bought all the local fruit I could too, Mom took over Snuggles' garden.
Congratulations on the level 2 Visa, at least!

Awww, more puppies!  Meet Chip and Slash, both boys this time!

And just some puppy cuteness.  Everyone, say it with me, "Awwwww....."

Mocha wants to take one of the dogs with her when she moves, but neither of us can decide.  She's been spending a lot of time with Sprinkle, but I keep leaning toward Patches.

Sprinkle's even been sleeping on Mocha's bed at night ever since she grew up.  I may be outnumbered.

Puppy play time!

Okay, back to our program.

Good job, Marta, you're an astronaut!
Marta:  I'm just that awesome.
Yes, yes you are.
Mocha:  Hey!

Ah yes, adulthood.  At least you didn't have a midlife crisis like your mom!
Mocha:  Hooray!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Puppies (6-22)
« Reply #29 on: June 23, 2012, 10:37:36 AM »
This is kinda amusing, like the 'leave me alone's and I thought it was hilarious when Venta said if the grim doesn't hear it then he doesn't know it.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Worst Birthday Ever (6-23)
« Reply #30 on: June 23, 2012, 08:07:17 PM »
The beginning of the end is now.  Or more like, the worst birthday ever.

I'm so sorry Coal, I wish you could have been with us longer.
Coal:  *whines*
I'm just glad we could make you comfortable, and I'm glad you had plenty of time with your puppies.

Alright old man, go do something else for a minute.
Vente:  Woman!

Vente, no!
Vente:  Well... it kind of has to happen.  I have to end up like Mom so Mocha can finally get married and move, right?
But... that doesn't mean I want it to happen.
Vente:  Yes you did and you know it.
Well... hush.
Vente:  So nice.

Vente:  Don't worry, I'll see you soon.
Goodbye old man, it was fun while it lasted, and you lasted for quite a long time.  You made it to 111!
Vente:  I love you too.

It took us awhile to find his tombstone.  Guess where it ended up?

Right in front of his easel.
Mocha:  Dad would have enjoyed it.
I know, and I won't move it.
Marta:  Good, cause I'd move it back.

I'm sorry Mimi, this has been the worst birthday ever.  First your mate dies, then the man who adopted you dies.  And you're more grey.
Mimi:  *whines*
I know, honey, the worst birthday ever, but you'll be able to live the rest of your life in comfort, I promise.

Marta:  I finally found a use for that ghost potion Vente made.
Oh yeah?

Marta:  Yeah, now go away.

Ah, I see...

Someone wanted another baby, I take it?
Marta:  You know the two of us did, we just... took a little detour, it seems.
Well I'm happy for you.  What do you think, Mocha?
Mocha:  I'm going to have a baby brother!
Are you sure?
Mocha:  Definitely a brother.

Mocha:  Ohmygodohmygodohmygod you're having a baby!
Marta:  You think?  Just... go over there, you're really not helping.  And take the dogs with you!

Awwww... nooboo...  Boy or girl?
Marta:  We had a boy, and his name is Brian.
Mocha:  Baby brother!  Squeeee!
Haha, you were right all along.  Congratulations!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Worst Birthday Ever (6-23)
« Reply #31 on: June 23, 2012, 09:10:16 PM »
Aww, a ghost baby! Poor doggie's birthday was so bad!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Generation 2 Comes to a Close (6-23)
« Reply #32 on: June 23, 2012, 10:19:45 PM »
Hehe, yup, that's what I was hoping for!

Mocha loves her baby brother, don't you?

Mocha:  Nooboo!  Who's a cute little nooboo?  You are, you are!
Ugh, diabetes...
Mocha:  *kissy noises*

She loves him and dotes on him so much, she even took him to his cake, and not their mother.

So... you know your brother's kinda scary, right?
Mocha:  Only when you look in the mirror!  He's adorable when you look at him out of the mirror.  Well, no, he's always adorable.
Marta:  *laughs*  I'll have plenty of time to spend with my son, I really don't have any problems letting Mocha play with him so much.  She'll move out soon, anyway.
Mocha:  And she's letting me teach him everything!

Mocha:  With plenty of cuddle time in between, as well.

Mocha:  But... it's coming to an end now.
Ooh, does that mean...?
Mocha:  Yep, I got my final promotion!

That's the look of a very satisfied woman.
Mocha:  Final promotion and my lifetime wish fulfilled.  Ahh... love this feeling.  Just a few more things to do and I can die happy.
Let's get it done, then!

But first, get this out of the way.

Mocha:  Me with part of my painting collection.  All done by Dad, of course, and all but one of them are over 6000 simoleons!
Mocha:  And I'm going to leave the house without much money, it's all going to Mom and Brian.
Good for you!  That's what your Dad did too, leave money to your Grandfather and Patterns.
Mocha:  It's a nice tradition to keep.
Yes, yes it is.

So you called Kurtis over, right?
Mocha:  Yes.
No party?
Mocha:  Ugh, work made it impossible and we both wanted to be married the night of my last promotion.
Well, as long as you two are happy with this.
Mocha:  I believe we are.  Can I show off my dress now?
Of course you can.

You look beautiful, honey.
Mocha:  *blush*  Thank you.
I'm sure Kurtis will love it.  *hears doorbell*
Mocha:  *nervous*  I hope so!

Congratulations, Mocha and Kurtis Koffi!
Kurtis:  So you're going to be in my head too now, huh?
Yup, exciting, isn't it?
Kurtis:  Oh, so much.
Mocha:  *kisses him*  So where are we living?
Kurtis:  Oh just wait and see!

325 Oak Grove Road.  Sadly, I don't have a picture of the outside, but it's a big house with a huge backyard, perfect for a garden.  I guess having Marta keep Snuggles' garden going wasn't such a bad idea after all, was it?
Mocha:  What?
I just have a feeling.  By the way Kurtis, your dad's a vampire.  Know what that means?
Kurtis:  I can finally kick out my kleptomaniac parents and their dumb cat?
Kurtis:  Whoo!
Barry and Gwen Fulton moved out that night with their cat.  You might wonder why their last name is Fulton, and Kurtis' last name was Vandyke before he got married.  Barry and Gwen were only engaged when they moved to town.  Kurtis' brother, Johnpaul, has the last name Fulton, while their sister, Cherie, shares Kurtis' last name of Vandyke.  So now we have the Koffi's, a Fulton, and a Vandyke in the house.  Oh, and Patches moved in too.
Mocha:  Stop summarizing and go away, we have work to do!
Kurtis:  I like the sound of that...

Mocha:  I thought you might...
Wait, did I hear chimes?


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Generation 2 Comes to a Close (6-23)
« Reply #33 on: June 24, 2012, 12:18:27 PM »
Congrats on moving Mocha out! ;D

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Almost Triplets (6-25)
« Reply #34 on: June 25, 2012, 11:03:16 AM »
Just in case anyone's wondering which house they're in, I finally got a picture.

Now, we have a new cast of characters to introduce.

Johnpaul Fulton, the middle brother, who was also in Mocha's mind for who to marry.  He wants to be a Master Mixologist, so I guess I know what the next heir's property will be!

Cherie Vandyke, the evil, mean-spirited little sister.  Her wish is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, and at the moment is tethered to the chemistry station.

And, last but not least, Mocha's husband, Kurtis Vandyke, the oldest of the siblings.  He's an artistic virtuoso and he started off with One Sim Band, but that got changed to Master of the Arts.

Mocha:  Are we done?
Yup, go ahead.

Mocha:  Nooboos!
Congratulations!  What are you hoping for?
Mocha:  Oh I don't care, as long as the little one's healthy.
Kurtis:  I want a girl.  If you cared to ask.
Well, that's the beauty of being with you for a long, long time.  We get to chat it up later.
Kurtis:  Great...  I'ma go paint.

Cherie:  Awww... nooboo!  I can steal candy, finally!
Oh no you don't!  You're staying by this table until you can find that potion for your brother.
Cherie:  Well, obviously that hasn't been true so far, I mean, I'm pregnant.
Yeah, I know, but I also told you to.
Cherie:  Whatever.

You'll be interested to know her boyfriend is Benjamen Koffi, the son of Elizabeth and Miraj.  Elizabeth is one of Vente's sisters, one of the triplets.  Sadly, all of that generation is now dead, Liz was the last one to die.  Gobias finally died as well, I'd given him a couple of Young Again Potions so he could see his grandkids.  She and Benjamen got together without any help from me, and Johnpaul was actually dating Liz until she died.  Strange how Story Progression works, right?

Unfortunately, I always overlook adding one important thing whenever I have my sims move.

Can anyone guess what it was?
Kurtis:  Just be happy he didn't freak the girls into labor.  Ugh, could you imagine?
At least you'd be away from the hormones.
Kurtis:  Huh, this is true.  Hey you two, have babies!
Kurtis:  Hey it worked!
Don't kid yourself.

Awww... hey there, little girl!  What are you naming her?
Mocha:  I can't break tradition, can I?  Her name is Java.
What a pretty little nooboo!
Mocha:  And Kurtis is naming her twin.
Wait, twins?  At least you're not having triplets.

So Kurtis, what's her name?
Kurtis:  Megan.  I've always liked that name.
Well hello to you too, cutie!  Congratulations you two, they're beautiful!
Mocha & Kurtis:  *beams*

John:  Ohmygoyohmygodohmygod.  My baby sister is having a baby!

Silly boy, go back to bed!
John:  *whines*
Cherie:  Go to bed!
John:  Fine, no more support for you!
Cherie:  Well, you're kind of worthless as it is.

Awwww, baby boy!  What's his name?
Cherie:  Benny.  After his dad.
Well, good for you!
Cherie:  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to sleep.
So kind.

All born on the same night.  Almost triplets.  Almost.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Almost Triplets (6-25)
« Reply #35 on: June 25, 2012, 04:56:44 PM »
Ohhh, so that's what almost triplets means!, they are double cousins right? That's pretty close!
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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Almost Triplets (6-25)
« Reply #36 on: June 25, 2012, 05:28:33 PM »
Yep!  It's a little confusing when you look at the family tree, but it's all good.  I like how story progression does things sometimes, though I wish there were more kids born into townie families.  Oh well.

So the Fulton/Vandyke household all has that greenish-brown hair color.  I promised myself I wouldn't change any hair color they're born with... but I dunno, I might end up changing things.  It's hard to look at sometimes.  Have enough for another couple of updates, and I'll do it once I stop being lazy.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Attack of the Toddlers (6-25)
« Reply #37 on: June 26, 2012, 12:18:07 AM »
Mocha dotes on the three babies in the household.

Mocha:  I like to help, and Cherie has a job she needs to advance in.
Plus she really doesn't want to take care of the kid.  And I still have her chained to the chemistry table.
Mocha:  Well, that too.
Cherie:  Die slowly...

Kurtis:  Urgh...
Ha!  You're old.
Kurtis:  And you're a jerk.  Hey Cherie, get it yet?
Cherie:  You'd know if I did, now go away before I throw some of these chemicals on you.
I have a feeling you'll do it anyway.  Don't worry Kurtis, we'll get you younger again sooner or later.
Kurtis:  Hmph.

Mocha:  Awww... nooboo!
Kurtis:  *snickers*  Don't tell me you didn't hear the chimes?
Mocha:  I wanted another child before I couldn't have any more.  Is there something wrong with that?
Of course not dear, as long as you're happy!
John:  What about my happiness?
Let's see.  You've maxed Mixology and we're too poor to buy a bar yet.  Hmmm... looks like your happiness is on hold there, buddy.
John:  Jerk.
Hey, I'm trying!
John:  Uh huh.
Go away...

Soon enough, the almost triplets became toddlers.  And oh my god, the cuteness.

Little Java, our generation 3 heir, with blue eyes.

Java's twin, Megan, who somehow has purple eyes.  As far as I know, they're not on the family tree at all!

And Cherie's little boy, Benny, with super bright blue eyes.  Oh my god, cutest toddler I've ever seen.  *pinches his cheeks*
Benny:  *squeaks and rolls away*
You're so cute!  Yes, his favorite color is spice brown.  A lot of people don't seem to like it, but I think it works wonderfully on him.  *hugsquishnuzzle*  Urgh, not fair.

So Mocha, you're still taking care of all of them, aren't you?
Mocha:  Yep.
And you're very pregnant.
Mocha:  Yep!
I'd say you have my sympathy, but you wanted to do this on your own, didn't you?
Mocha:  Yep!

At least you're helping Cherie out with Benny.
Mocha:  I have a lot of time on my hands, of course I'm going to take care of the kids!

Mocha:  *yells*
Er... want to go to the hospital this time?
Mocha:  No!  The only reason my grandma Jamie went to the hospital to have her kids was because she was a doctor.  The rest of us are just fine
Okay hormones, just take it easy, don't want to stress out the...

Mocha:  NOOBOO!
Kurtis:  Another girl!  Yay!
I love how you're the one who's wanted all the girls.
Mocha:  Oh I'm not complaining.
I'd like to point out I haven't done anything to determine gender except for the triplets in gen 1.  This has been all them.
Kurtis:  I'm just awesome.
...go paint or something.  Anyway, what's her name?
Mocha:  Kurtis named her Catherine.  Isn't she pretty?
Of course she is, she's your daughter!

Mocha:  Hi Benny-boo.  You're okay with being an only child, aren't you?  You have your cousins to play with, after all!
Benny:  *giggles and snuggles*
Mocha:  You're too cute, kiddo.  Auntie loves you!
I'm seriously too attached to this kid.  Even though he's Evil like his mother.

Mocha:  See?  This is why I wanted another child so quickly after the twins.
Well you're still lovely, dear.  And you got your lifetime wish before you even moved!
Mocha:  You're kind of a vulture, aren't you?  You're just hoping my grave will be like Dad's.
I won't lie and tell you that's not it at all, because that's part of it.  But I also love seeing you all happy, I really do.

Happy birthday, Princess!
Cat:  *gurgles and eyes the faucets*
Yes honey, they're turned off, I promise...

Mocha:  I'm so proud of you, honey.
Cat:  Are you sure they're off?  I swear I hear running water.  Lemme just take a break and go crawl over there to see.... *babbles*

Oh the deja vu.  Just... stop trying to stick the blocks up your noses, okay cuties?
Java:  No promises.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - The Boring Years (6-26)
« Reply #38 on: June 27, 2012, 12:26:12 AM »
Even with Generations, the Child stage is still the most boring for me.  Took awhile for me to push through, so this might be a quick update because of boredom.


Well I haven't seen this since he was born.
Cherie:  It's his birthday, figured I'd be nice.
Now that's a first.
Cherie:  Shut up.  Let's get all this over with.
For once, couldn't agree with you more.

First is child-Java, in her lovely green look.

Next is her twin, Megan, with red as always.

And finally, Benny, in spice brown.  He's still adorable isn't he?  *pinches cheeks*
Benny:  Woman, get away from me!
I'm bigger than you, deal with it.
Benny:  Moooooom!  Can we move?
Cherie:  I wish.

John:  You're a jerk, you forgot about me.
That I did, but here you are!
John:  I'm old.
Yes, yes you are.  At least your wish of being a Master Mixologist is fulfilled!
John:  At least you're nice about that.  Finally bought Eugi's, and renamed it Koffi's.
Surprised you didn't name it Fulton's.
John:  Eh, I was nice.

You three have fun together before Benny's shipped off to school.
Benny:  Wait, what?
Sorry kiddo, don't have the patience, even though you're adorable.
Benny:  At least it gets me away from you for awhile.
Yup, that's right.
Megan:  What about me?
Well... that's the problem.  You were enrolled in a boarding school, but they never showed up...
Megan:  So... that means...
No one can take you out of boarding school, and the one here won't take you because of it...
Megan:  So... I don't have to go to school?
Megan:  Whoo!  No homework!
Java:  Ugh, why can't I get shipped off?
You need to get onto the honor roll.
Java:  Lame.

Well... like I said, the Child stage is the worst for me, so... not many pictures.  And now, another child!

I see you've been online recently...
Cat:  What makes you say that?
I see those gloves.
Cat:  Just because I have to live here doesn't mean I have to touch all the dirt.
You're... an inventor.
Cat:  My point still stands.
Whatever works, dear!

Those are the faces of three very satisfied people.
Kurtis:  I just joined the ranks, finally finished up with the guitar.
Congratulations!  And you'll be happy to know at least one of your daughters is following in your footsteps.
Kurtis:  HAHA!  Megan takes after me!
Just... not that way, I hope.
Kurtis:  Hey!
Go do something useful.
Kurtis:  Make me!
Kurtis:  Oh yeah...
So smart.  Congratulations Cherie, you've cornered the market in this family.
Cherie:  Haha, I'm smart and you're not!
Kurtis:  Oh go steal something!
As much as I enjoy this lively banter... I think this is it for now.
Kurtis:  Nono, we'll be good!
Cherie:  We promise!
Mocha:  Don't believe them.
I know.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - The Boring Years (6-26)
« Reply #39 on: June 27, 2012, 03:48:15 AM »
Just a quick thing I figured I'd add.

Gobias is dead, but he now has 7 great-grandchildren.

Java, Megan, and Catherine, daughters of Mocha and Kurtis.

Glenn and Bill, twin sons of Snuggles and Ricky.

Alanna, adopted daughter of Molly and Lima.

Benny, son of Cherie Vandyke and Benjamen Koffi.

He's done a very good job starting off his DecaDynasty, don't you think?  If you count his dead father, Gaylord Koffi, this is the 5th generation of Koffi's in Sunset Valley.  I'm proud of him, and I definitely miss him.


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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - The Boring Years (6-26)
« Reply #40 on: June 27, 2012, 07:27:00 AM »
Because of this story I see Gobias with different eyes. I always thought he was kind of pathetic, but not anymore! ;)

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Boarding School and Prom (6-28)
« Reply #41 on: June 28, 2012, 02:41:50 PM »
I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him, I'm glad to see we're changing a few minds!


A string of birthdays started up, meaning, the almost-triplets became teenagers.  I pulled Benny out of his boarding school just so I could see how he looks as a teen.  I'm impressed.  But!  First off was Java, our heir.

What are you wishing for?
Java:  Peace on Earth?
Benny & Cherie:  Ha!  You said it out loud, it doesn't have to happen!
Java:  Crap.

Wow.  Your grandma Claire has some impressive genetics.  Wish Jamie and Gobias had lasted longer though...  I think you look a little American Indian-ish.
Java:  I take that as a complement.
I know.

Next was her twin, Megan.

What about you?
Megan:  I wish I could go to school.
Yeah... sorry, that won't happen either.  Whatever glitch this is isn't stopping.
Megan:  *sigh*  Whatever.

You clean up pretty nice though.
Megan:  Why thank you.  Oh!  Now I can learn guitar!
Kurtis:  Here honey, you can have mine.
Megan:  Thanks Dad!

Last was Benny.

And you?
Benny:  To get away from you for the rest of my life.
Ha!  You didn't learn.
Benny:  *mutters*

*whistles*  Why couldn't you have been my heir?  The Koffi/Jolina genes are still strong in you at least.
Benny:  I know I look good!
Too bad you're going back to boarding school.
Benny:  At least my wish will be granted a little bit.

I recognize this garden.
Java:  Mom told me I could come pick through Grandma's garden to supplement my own.
Very good.  At least no one takes offense to it.  Have you met your Uncle Brian yet?
Java:  I've seen him around town.  I like him, you can see through him!

Nice garden you're starting up there.  And you've already gotten to level 5 of your Gardening career!
Java:  Too bad it's slow going now.
We'll get you there.  And if you don't, then we'll do some ghost-busting.
Java:  Sweet.

Well hi there Marta.
Marta:  You use my garden, I use your trampoline.
*grins*  Fair enough.
Marta:  *sticks out tongue*

True to the title, Java goes to prom.  She has a nice earthy look to her, don't you think?

Where are you off to, Megan?
Megan:  Prom.
Megan:  No idea, don't question it.
Alright then!

Java came back from prom with a romantic interest, this is him.  Unfortunately he aged up to young adult the next day.  He's also not very compatible, trait wise, but she doesn't have very many options.  Another boy she met is insane but hates the outdoors.  Might go with him, but he clashes with her Loves the Outdoors and Eco-Friendly traits.  At least they both have nice houses, we'll just see who she goes for when she ages up again.

And finally, Cherie looks happy!
Cherie:  I feel better than ever, finally finished with athletic.
Congratulations, your lifetime wish is finished!
Cherie:  I guess I should say thank you...
You're welcome.

I should also add Benny went back to Dribbledine Sports Academy, and Cat has been sent to the School of Peace and Love.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Boarding School and Prom (6-28)
« Reply #42 on: June 29, 2012, 08:41:34 PM »
Things aren't going very well for Java right now.  She's only had 2 opportunities pop up, and that was in high school.  The family needs 2 NPC friends, Java needs 8 black ops, and to max a career.  Gardening was going to be it, but she's only at level 7, and it's really hard for me to get anywhere with it.  Just not finding any money tree seeds like I was hoping, I've never had much luck with them.  Does anyone have any hints as to where they spawn more frequently?

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Heartbreak (6-30)
« Reply #43 on: June 30, 2012, 03:34:52 PM »

Hey now John, what are you doing?!
John:  Well, I had a good life.  At least you helped.
Yeah but...
John:  Oh shut up, it's not like we won't see each other again.
*sigh*  I guess you're right.  Thank you John.

John gave us a headstone worthy of a move, but I'd like to try for a large.  Poor John wasn't used as much as he should have been.
Mocha:  Poor John.  I'm even older than he is, but he went first.
But you have to remember, your dad lived to be 111.  You're probably following in his footsteps.
Mocha:  Hmm, good point.

It must be so hard living with your Family-Oriented sister-in-law.
Cherie:  *cackles*  Not really.  At least I get this cool glow, even if it means the dogs bark at me all the time.
Dogs?  Oh yeah!  Patches finally got enough LTH points to get a clone voucher.  Never found a good mate for her.

Meet her puppy, Splotch!

Mocha:  Well, I didn't beat Dad's time.
Mocha:  Hey, it's okay, you were kind of waiting for this to happen anyway.
I know, but it doesn't mean I'm happy about it.  The family just got over John's death too...
Mocha:  *snort*  So compassionate.
I know, right?

Mocha:  Besides, I think you should take your time and console Cherie.
Oh yeah, she's so broken up about it...  You two never got along.
Mocha:  No, but she's still family.
Cherie:  *cackles*

Mocha gave us a large headstone, and was put by the garden, right next to John.

Hey John.  I see you haven't gotten over your Mixologist obsession.
John:  Hey, at least it's something I'm good at!
This is true.  For a Couch-Potato Slob, it's a miracle.
John:  Hey!

And what do you think you're doing?
Mocha:  Reading.  And making Cherie hate her life.
You're a wonderful person.
Mocha:  I know right?

We've had birthdays!

Java's kept her outdoorsy, American Indianish look.
Java:  I need a new job.
*sigh*  I know.  We'll do something real quick and see if it helps.

Megan:  Any idea why I can't get a job?
No clue, but at least you can have a profession if you want one?
Megan:  Ugh.

And guess who finally came home!
Benny:  Well hello there...
Uh huh, you can't really flirt with an all-knowing being.
Benny:  I can try!
He wants to follow his mother and take over the family business.  Say hello to the future Emperor of Evil.
Benny:  *flexes*

Rounding off our birthdays is Cherie getting old!
Cherie:  I hate you.
Oh I know.  At least you got to retire.
Cherie:  Not like I wanted to.
I know, but I don't want you dying off-lot.
Cherie:  I really hate you.

Java:  This is your big plan?  Sending me to China for 3 days?
Well... you get new seeds to plant, and you might be able to get a promotion with everything you've harvested.
Java:  Doubt it, but we'll see.
*flies home*
Java:  Yeah, it didn't work.
To the Business career!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Someone Gets Married (7-3)
« Reply #44 on: July 03, 2012, 10:25:17 PM »

Well look who came home.
Cat:  Why thank you.  At least I didn't glitch like Megan.
You're welcome?  You clean up really nicely.
Cat:  Thank you again.  Can I get a job now?
Go for it, be a singer, dear.
Cat:  *runs off*

As Cat entertains the masses, let's play a game.  It's called "Name the Relative".
Cat:  Shush.
*whispers*  The red-head is their cousin Glenn, and the brunette is Bill.  They're the twins of Ricky and Snuggles.  If you remember, Ricky is Mocha's younger brother and Snuggles is Mocha's imaginary friend.  The woman with the grey hair is Marta.  Congrats on finally becoming an Elder!
Marta:  SHUTUP!

Kurtis is an Adult now.
Kurtis:  I want new hair, a new house, new clothes, a tattoo, a remodel, a....
Oh go to sleep.  We'll get a few things done.  He wanted to remodel the house, so they have a new living room now.

More modern, right?

WOAH.  Just, woah.  What are you doing there, stud?
Benny:  None of your business.
I think it is if you're rolling wishes to marry her...
Benny:  She's... the maid.
You want to marry the maid.
Benny:  Yep!

Well, at least you're happy!
Benny:  Yep, now go away.
Hang on, gotta make your new woman pretty.
Jana:  What?  I'm not pretty enough already?
No offense dear, but... you're wearing a fur coat.  As everyday wear.  And it's not even red.
Jana:  Oh I'll get something red?  Let's do it!  Oh, by the way, I want to be in Forensics.
I think we can handle that.

Is that better?
Jana:  Much.
Benny:  Oh Jana....
Jana:  Is this going to lead to kids?  I don't like kids.
Benny:  *evil cackle*
Jana:  What have I gotten myself into?
Welcome to the family.

Benny:  Mwaha.  The plan has begun...

Splotch, who is Patches' clone, has grown to Adult.  Happy to see the floppy ears!  I was hoping Patches would have those when she was born, but oh well.  Splotch also has a pink foreleg.  I think it's pink.  But she's cool, I'm surprised they weren't more alike.

Jana:  Nooboo!
Jana:  Wait.  Nooboo?
There we go.
Benny:  Uh... time for work...

Jana:  Awww... nooboo...
Here we go again.
Jana:  Wait.  Nooboo!  Get her away from me!
Oh Cherie... time to take your granddaughter away from your daughter-in-law.
Cherie:  *cackles*
Benny:  Her name is Tracey, by the way.
Hiya Tracey!

Jana:  Another nooboo?
You didn't have twins, what's up?
Jana:  You ignored us for too long, that's what's up.
Touche.  So Benny talked you into it again, huh?
Jana:  He's sneaky.
We'll go with that.  Naming this one yourself?
Jana:  Talia.
Cutie, what a good name!

During all this time, Java's been trying to hunt down opportunities, but has only found 2, and keeps climbing the corporate ladder.  She's almost to the top!

And now Tracey's growing up!
Tracey:  *cackles*
She's a cutie, huh?

Tracey:  *cackles*  Now I'll be able to chase you, Mommy.  You shall rue the day you taught me how to function!
Oh lord, I think Evil runs in the family.
Benny:  *sniffles*  I'm so proud.
Cherie:  *sniffles*  So am I son, so am I.

You won't be able to out-run the kids anymore now.
Jana:  Ugh, wrinkles.  UGH, arthritis!
The evil ones:  *cackles in unison*

Speaking of Evil, it's kept going.

Talia, you are too cute for words.  I think you get it from your daddy.
Jana:  HEY!
I'm glad to see you got blue eyes.  They're so bright!
Talia:  *giggles*

I love the girls so much, I've saved them both to my bin.  And Benny.  Too bad they're not the heirs.
Java:  HEY!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - A Whirlwind of Activity (7-4)
« Reply #45 on: July 05, 2012, 01:08:10 AM »

Grim came for Patches, finally.
Java:  *cries*  My puppy!
Splotch:  *whines*
You'll be okay girls, I promise.  It'll be awhile, but it's true.

Cherie's had to pick up Talia's training.  Jana won't do it anymore.
Talia:  *cackles*  Oh this shall be fun...

Hey you, and... you in the hat.  What's going on?
Kurtis:  I wanted a clone.
Kurtis:  Why not?
....oooookay...  So what are you naming him?
Kurtis:  Kory.
Kory:  I can hear you, you know...
Very sorry, just... a little surprised.
Kory:  Can we go home now?
Kurtis:  Yep.

Whoo!  Chairman of the Board!
Java:  I'm awesome.
Yup, just need about six more opportunities.  What's up with that?
Java:  *shrugs*  They just aren't calling me for anything, it's weird.
Very.  At the very least, the Omni plant ones should have rolled by now.
Java:  The what plant?
You'll find out soon enough.

Cherie:  This is when I usually cackle at people...
I could do it for you?
Cherie:  Charming.
I thought so.  At least there are people mourning for you!
Cherie:  Shocking.

On the plus side, Tracey's a child now.
Tracey:  *delightful cackle*
Should I be worried?
Tracey:  Yes.

Go play with your mother.
Tracey:  *snickers*  It's fun to mess with her.
Jana:  Ugh... I love you, but at the same time...
Tracey:  What Mother?  Do you want me to leave?
Jana:  *grumbles*

Also, Kurtis is old.
Kurtis:  I hate you.

And Talia is a child.
Talia:  *evil smirk*
At least it runs in the family.  Three generations of it.  But they're stunning kids, don't you think?  The Koffi/Alvi line did pretty well.

In Java-related news...

This is Marques Chase.  Java tried proposing to a man she'd been seeing, but...
Java:  He laughed in my face.  So here I am.  And he actually loves me back!
Good for you, honey!

Wish I could see his face though.
Java:  I'll give him a makeover.
I think you're robbing the cradle.
Java:  What?

Well, I'm pretty sure he just got out of high school.
Java:  And... your point?
*snorts*  That's my girl.

As you can see, I've had to pack a lot of things into this.  The dynasty almost ended with Java!

Kory has become a teenager, and is quite handsome.
Kory:  And I'm a professional painter!
And you got to level 6 almost immediately.
Kory:  Ah... the smell of perfection.
Yeah... you keep saying creepy things like that.

The girls love playing chess together.  It's fun to watch, both being Evil and Genius'.  They're plotting something, I can see it...
Girls:  Shove off!

Luckily, or maybe not, due to the mood swings, Tracey becomes a teenager.

WAIT.WAIT.  What is this??
Kory:  Us being happy?
Yeah but... you're her... father's uncle's clone...
Tracey:  So?
I... think my brain just exploded a little.  But I will admit, you make a cute couple.  Have fun at prom.

Java finally got her last opportunity, which was the very last of her moving requirements.  So, the obligatory picture of her with her colleciton.

Java:  Not like I really found any of it.
It still counts.  7 Supernovium and 3 Plutonium, totalling $59,914, which puts the Dynasty's collection total at $126,724.  Completely respectable amount, wouldn't you say?

Java:  Can I show them?
Of course you can.

Java:  I thought I should keep my style going.
I approve of it, most definitely.  Let's just get Marques over here, what do you say?
Java:  Agreed!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Java Gets Married (7-6)
« Reply #46 on: July 06, 2012, 09:22:21 PM »

Well you seem nervous.
Java:  We shouldn't have scheduled it so late.
It's for 2 in the afternoon...
Java:  Exactly.
Well slow down, that's your second bottle and it's not even noon yet.

Java & Marques:  *kissy faces*
Get a room.
Java:  Give us a minute.
Congratulations you two!
Marques:  So... I have to listen to you too now, huh?
Yup, you're so lucky!
Marques:  Yeah, that's the word for it.  I guess.

The Chase household lives in the old Bunch house.  I like the Chase's better though.  Sadly, Marques' mother, Shawna, is a vampire.  So, since I'm not one to split up couples (at least right now), Shawna and Kirby left to find a new house.  This leaves Java and Marques Koffi, and Marques' younger brothers, Feisal and Reinaldo Chase.

Java:  Oh Marques... we have something we need to do...
Marques:  Oh I like the sound of that.
Java:  I was sure you would!
Ahem, I'll just... leave you two alone.
Marques:  Good.

After all the fun and games, there were makeovers to be had.

Marques Koffi, Java's husband, has Swimming in Cash as his lifetime wish.
Marques:  I love money.
I'm sure you do.  But you're getting a job.
Marques:  Meh.
You're going to be a cook.
Marques:  Oh, yay!
Being a Natural Cook helps.

Feisal Chase, the middle brother, wants to be a Professional Author.
Feisal:  You did it wrong, they were here for a couple of days before I graduated.
I know, but I want to lump you all together.
Feisal:  Is that a fat joke?
...go start writing.

Reinaldo Chase, the youngest of the brothers, wants to be a One Sim Band.  I'm going to try it with him, unlike Kurtis, who's wish I ended up changing.
Reinaldo:  I'm just better.
We'll go with that.
Reinaldo:  HEY!
You're just younger, deal with it.
Reinaldo:  *fumes*

Java:  Marq!  Did you poison me?
Marques:  I couldn't have, they were your ingredients!  Unless you're growing bad food...
Java:  Hmph, I never!

Java:  NOOBOO!
I know right?  I was afraid you weren't going to make it.
Java:  *glows*  Nooboo...

I'd like to pause for just a moment and show you something.  Reinaldo was playing guitar in the park...
Reinaldo:  It's what I wanted to learn first!
Which is why you learned it first!  Shush and let me talk.

Talia's a teenager now!  That's her in front, and Tracey's in the back.  I hope Tracey and Kory end up having a kid or two together, townies really aren't having babies all that often anymore, it's sad.

Java:  UGH!

Hey, don't look at me, you're the one who didn't want to go to the hospital.
Java:  This is YOUR fault!
...I believe you needed Marques for this to happen, go yell at him.
Java:  He's hiding.
Good man.

Java:  Awww... I even wanted a little girl!
Congratulations honey, what's her name?
Java:  Latte.  Ooh... what's that?
Uhhh.... hang on *buy mode*

Java:  *gasp*  Marq wanted a little boy!
Good for you!  How's it feel to have twins?
Java:  Like I just lost about 75 pounds.
So what's his name?
Marques:  Ethan.  Found it carved into a wall and I like it.
I approve.

So please welcome heir 4 of the Koffi dynasty, Latte, and her brother, Ethan!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Java Gets Married (7-6)
« Reply #47 on: July 07, 2012, 12:49:40 PM »
I love how all the heirs are named after coffee of some sort. It took me until Java to figure it out though! ;D
And welcome Latte and Ethan!

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Java Gets Married (7-6)
« Reply #48 on: July 07, 2012, 01:35:29 PM »
I just finished reading all of this and I love it. Welcome Latte and Ethan!  :D
If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0.

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Re: A Dynasty of Koffi - Stage 4 Toddlers (7-7)
« Reply #49 on: July 07, 2012, 10:16:38 PM »
Yay!  I love comments!  *hugs*  Good to see you picked up on it.  *laughs*  Not like I know much about coffee, so if anyone has any name suggestions, feel free to let me know!  Very happy to see people are enjoying this family, I love playing them, so it's great to see people wanting more.


While the rest of the household does important things, Reinaldo goes to school, does his homework (only because I make him), and then runs to the backyard to play with his new toys.

Reinaldo:  SQUEEE!  They're all white, too!
You're such a girl.
Reinaldo:  Shut up, go away, go bug someone else, let me drool in peace.

Java:  Awww... nooboo!
Well, you both wanted another kid, so I figured why not?
Java:  How nice of you...
No need to be sarcastic.  Now hurry up, it's the twins' birthday.

Awww... hi there, cutie!  I was hoping you'd have your daddy's hair, but that's okay.  How'd you get green eyes?
Latte:  *gurgles happily*

Awww... hi Ethan!  Wait, how'd you get brown eyes?
Ethan:  *chews on hand*
Alright then, continue!

Marques:  Doesn't that mean...?
Yep, toddler montage!

Marques:  Ugh... I'm not even the Family-Oriented one.
Correct, that would be your wife and your youngest brother.
Marques:  Reinaldo's Family-Oriented?
Yep, weird, right?
Marques:  Very.

Java:  UGH!
At least Marques is here for you to yell at.
Java:  Yeah but he's busy with the twins.
Hmm, true.  I could get one of his brothers to do it?
Java:  Eh, too late!

Java:  Awww... another little girl!
Congratulations, Java!
Marques:  What about me?
Push a baby out of you and ask me that again.
Marques:  Er...
Java:  ANYWAY!  He wanted to name her Darlene, but I said no.
Good girl.  What's her name?
Java:  Linette.
Unusual.  I like it!