Author Topic: Building contest 2012 May Long - Kyoto Gardens  (Read 2574 times)

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Building contest 2012 May Long - Kyoto Gardens
« on: May 24, 2012, 10:38:03 AM »
Kyoto Gardens
By Decima

Lot size: 40x40
Price furnished: 64, 972
Suggested placement: end lot on Pinochle Point, SV
Content Used: WA, AMB, GEN, PETS, Perhaps some from OL & TL

Welcome to Kyoto Gardens! Want a little bit of the Far East on your own doorstep? Then look no further. Kyoto Gardens has something for everyone.

There's a playground for the youngsters, a cave with entertainment for Teens and Outdoor Haters, a bandstand for musically minded sims to perform and elder sims to relax. A waterfall leads under a beautiful arched bridge into a well stocked fishing pond. Hungry? There are outside seating areas with a BBQ near the playground for the parents, as well as Cafe Sushi located in the pagoda with bars and toilets. If you've come by bike there are bike stands next to the pet kennel. Brought a date with you? Take them to the flower archway bench and watch the sun go down together. If it's all a bit much for you, then try having a sit down in the zen garden, with raked sand and the soothing sounds of a waterfall amongst minimalistic planting.

A magical day out awaits sims from all over Sunset Valley.


Bridge and bandstand

Pagoda & entrance to zen garden

Cafe Sushi

Entrance to cave & waterfall


Seating area


Bandstand, entrance & pet kennel

Overview, including the zen garden which I didn't include further up.