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Stels Household-1 YA, 1 Cat-For Spork
« on: May 25, 2012, 07:23:05 AM »
Hope you like these two Spork!
Household Name: Stels
Amount of Sims: 2
Lillie and her cat Brunette seem like a girl and her cat looking her a nice place to live but they have their own stories to tell. Lillie was once a criminal and Brunette leaves the neighbours without their precious turtles, rats and hedgehogs. What could go wrong?
*If you download any sim alone, it won’t have skills or a career.

Sim Name: Lillie Stels
Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Computer Whiz, Natural Cook, Cat Person, Artistic
Lifetime Wish: Become a Celebrated 5 Star Chef
Favourites: Electronica, Lilac, Pancakes
EP and SP: Late Night, Pets
Skills: Level 7 Cooking, Level 2 Painting and Level 2 Mixology
Career: Ingredient Taster (Culinary Level 4)
Lillie was always a sweet, kind, good girl. She had a job as a cook and was on the way to become a famous one until she found out about a group (of criminals) saving cats from death. She joined them and when they were found out was sent to jail. She lost her great job and now must reach the place in her job she once had and even higher.

Pet Name: Brunette Stels
Age: Adult
Traits: Hunter, Playful, Genius, Destructive
Skills: Level 5 Hunting
Lillie thinks Brunette sleeps on the couch when she goes out but for some reason, fish and other animals are always in front of the TV when she gets home. Weird.
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