Author Topic: Building Contest 2012: Long May, Out at the Park: Play Pretend Park  (Read 976 times)

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Play Pretend Park
Spring is here folks! Bring your family to Play Pretend Park and enjoy the fresh new greenery.
Lot type: Large Park
Lot size: 30x30
Price: Furnished: 63,502, Unfurnished: 47,121
EPs: Ambitions, World Adventures, Late Night, Generations, Pets
Store: Year of the Dragon wall hanging (free), Wings of Kalliop (free) and Hive of Knowledge bookshelf (achievement).
Play Pretend Park is especially geared towards families with children who want to bring everyone, including their pets, to the park for some outside and inside fun. As the name suggests there is plenty of play, and your children have a tiny village to explore where they can pretend to be the adults for a change.
Horses have to be left at the hitching post before you enter the park, but for your other four legged friends there is plenty to keep the occupied such as chewy toys, balls for dogs and even a cat jungle hidden behind the cottage to the right.
If the children get too noisy, you grownups can always head back to the rear picnic area for some relaxation in the bountiful garden. Or why not relax in in the artist’s retreat, where you can view the garden from inside.
Two staircases (located in the right most cottage and the artist’s retreat) lets you head down to the bunker where 2 cozy reading rooms, as well as, the bathrooms are located. Perfect for those of you who need to keep out of the sun or just generally prefer being indoors.