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Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
« on: June 04, 2012, 01:56:06 AM »
Chapter One: The Mistake
The name's Rex Rocker and yes, I am a girl. I am the prodigy of a famous movie producing mom and a successful rock star dad; I'm not sure why they decided to name me Rex. I've always been known as the life of the party, the bad girl, and I've never backed down from a fight. Mom and Dad took me to Sunset Valley to fulfill their dreams and I grew up there, I raised my children there, and my children raised their children there.
After graduating high school, I found a one bedroom, one bathroom house in the suburbs of the town. It wasn't much, but it’s what my budget could afford. I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and become a famous rock star after they moved to Appaloosa Plains. I bought a guitar with the money I had left over from the move and began practicing for my audition at the theater.
After hours of practice, I headed down to the theater and got the job with only a pay of $25/hour, but I knew it would be enough to at least pay my bills. I lived in the house for about a week or so, earning promotions left and right. In my free time, I would chat in front of the theater, meeting the eccentric people who socialized outside. One day, after work, I met him: Stiles McGraw. Stiles may not have been the perfect guy, but he definitely had a way with words and he turned out to be a schmooze if I ever saw one. We talked for hours at the theater that day, asking about each other's careers, our families, our high schools, anything we could think to talk about.
"You don't look like a musical person." he told me, eyeing my clothes. I wore a black vest, a blue, yellow, and green flaming skirt and matching Converse shoes. To top off the outfit, I wore white earrings and black bands, along with some aviator shades.
"Well, if you had seen my mother and father, you'd think differently. Besides, that's not what I'm known for."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, I'm not exactly looked at as a musical person in the first place. People see me and they see a drunken party girl that's out to have fun no matter what." I looked up at the stars in the sky, and slightly shook my head, "But hey, it’s not like I mind. I don't get stepped on or taken advantage of."
"I could change that right now." He moved closer to me.
"I don't want to be taken advantage of, Stiles." He laughed and took my hands.
"Not the taking advantage of you part, the drunken party girl part. I can change that right now." I knew what he meant, but I didn't want a boyfriend, not now.
"Uh no--no thanks. I just recently got settled down and finally got used to my daily routine and--" then he reached in and kissed me. I didn't even have time to react; it felt as if electricity had pulsed through my veins and paralyzed me. Before I knew it, we were making out and flirting back and forth. He drove me back home and my entire world spun around me, I didn't even have time to realize that we had made it into my bed...
Here we go again.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Two: The Regret
I woke up the next morning slightly dizzy with a terrible headache. Stiles snored next to me and I groggily tossed the sheets off of me and rubbed my eyes. What had happened last night? I thought to myself.
"Wake up!" I shook Stiles vigorously. He grunted then rolled over and opened his eyes.
"Wh-what...?" he tiredly stumbled out of the bed.
"Get up and get out!" I yelled. His eyes widened and he fumbled for his clothes and footing and scurried out the door.
I rested my forehead in the palm of my hand. This always happened at the parties before I moved out of my parent's house; waking up in the morning and not being able to remember what happened the night before. I practically crawled down the stairs to the kitchen and got myself a bowl of cereal. I felt like crying and yelling and dancing all at the same time. Why did I feel this way? Why were my moods being bipolar? I tried to shake off the bad mood I had by playing my guitar, but after I played some music, I felt like vomiting.
This went on for a couple of days. I came home from work as usual one night, and instantly, I ran to the bathroom and, well...dirtied up the toilet.
"Why is this happening?" Nothing made sense. I had a hunch though and it wasn’t necessarily a good one, so I drove to the general store and bought a pregnancy test. Worried, I rode a taxi back home, but I just stared out the window until we pulled up to my house. I didn't rush myself when I took the test. I couldn't bear to watch the result so I turned to my guitar and practiced for a few minutes. I returned to the bathroom to see the result. I covered my eyes, fearing the worst to come; I picked up the test and then carefully opened my eyes: positive. I slid down the bathroom wall to the floor as I stared at the pregnancy test.

I was going to have a baby.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Three: The Preparation
I didn't have training in raising a kid, much less a baby. I had zero experience, so I bought a couple of pregnancy books to help me prepare for the arrival of my child. Every time I said "I'm having a baby" in my head, the stranger it sounded. I didn't ever think it would happen to me, but I continued my daily routine as usual; I played my guitar, I read the pregnancy books, and got plenty of sleep, which I happened to be good at, being a heavy sleeper.
With both of my parents getting close to the end, as sad as it sounded, I wished they had more free time to come from Appaloosa Plains to visit. It didn’t matter though; I could handle this on my own. Once, I had gotten myself in quite the predicament, and ended up with three boyfriends (none of them knowing about the others). Somehow I managed to break up with all of them and none of them to this day know that they dated me simultaneously. It encouraged me to think that if I could handle my previous situations, I could handle having one baby.
Stiles didn’t come around to visit me much; I’m sure work kept him busy. I didn’t fret, mostly because I dreaded the day when I would have to break the news that his baby formed inside me. At that moment though, I knew I shouldn’t be worried about it and focused more on practicing my guitar.

Towards the end of my first trimester, my baby bump had started to bulge out. I poked at my stomach when I relaxed on my bed and read the pregnancy books. It seemed so weird that a little life form danced and twisted with the ways of meiosis without a care in its tiny world. I smiled, but then shook it away. This isn’t the time to get all lovey dovey! After all, this baby could be a little demon! I frowned at my stomach and it made me apprehensive to think about a rowdy kid screaming and hollering when he or she didn’t get what they wanted. I turned on my side and decided to call Stiles and tell him the news.
He came over as soon as his shift at work finished. I shook his hand, to let him know I wasn’t there to make out or have fun, I meant business.
“What’s up?” he smiled and my insides cringed. I knew this man wouldn’t be good father material and I would do anything to make sure he didn’t end up with this baby.
“I have some news, Stiles…” I looked at the ground and I saw him trying to look me in the eye, “I’m pregnant with your baby…” I looked at him and he seemed quite excited.
“Really? That’s great, I mean, we’ll have to move in together and get married—,” I stopped him.
“Stiles, that’s also why I invited you over…I’m not ready for a commitment, and to be totally honest…I would like it if we just stayed friends. You can visit the baby whenever you like, I won’t keep him or her away from you.” That didn’t get the reaction I expected and he yelled at me, telling me how selfish I had been to play with his emotions. He stomped off to his convertible, slammed the car door, and squealed off of my lot.
“Wow. Alright then, that could’ve gone better.” I had heard worse from better men so I didn’t take any of it to heart.
I went back inside my empty house to play music for my baby. Stiles’ reaction, for some reason, left an impression on me though. Had I been selfish to get caught up in a moment full of passion and romance? Or had he been in the wrong too for seducing me in the first place? I decided not to point fingers; I knew it to be easier to say we were both mistaken to take advantage of the heated moment and each other.

   With my second trimester ending, my stomach had bulged out like a balloon. The baby bump gone, my stomach had almost doubled in size and my back ached constantly. As the pregnancy went on, I grew closer to the infant that squirmed and kicked inside of me. I hadn’t started thinking about the names I wanted, but I knew they would be totally rad like mine, maybe that had been my inner rebel talking though.
   Stiles never called and I avoided him however I could. I did take some time, however, to buy some baby furniture. I bought a cute baby crib to match the living room, a high chair, a white teddy bear with overalls, and a potty chair. I continued saving the money that I got for my maternity leave to buy children’s books and toys. I, of course, continued to play my guitar, I started eating bread and jam, feeling that it nourished the baby more than cereal, and rested often.
   I grew confident as the days went on that I would be able to raise the child to the best of my abilities. I often rubbed my stomach, which had a smooth, comforting feeling that I wasn’t alone. I always smiled at the little foot that would sometimes swim to the surface and run across my belly. At night, I would tell the baby how much I loved him or her and go to bed.
   I had big hopes for this child and I knew they would become successful and prosperous…

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2012, 01:51:23 PM »
Really great writing you manage to make your main character come alive even without pictures,so well done for that. I hope that the baby gets a totally rad name just like his or her mum.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2012, 02:53:20 PM »
Thanks! I have most of the story written out already, so far its 10 chapters long. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I can't wait for the baby, and what you end up naming him/ her.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
« Reply #6 on: June 04, 2012, 05:04:04 PM »
Chapter Four: The Baby
I had entered one of the most stressful trimesters of my pregnancy. My back ached worse than before and my stomach had gotten huge! I had to sit down more than I wanted to, and I could no longer play my guitar because of the big pregnancy belly that practically rested in my lap. Instead, I watched my static TV and read cookbooks.
   I did find some time, though, to call mom and dad to tell them about the baby. They were so excited to be having a grandchild and they apologized for not being able to come and see me. I knew I had their support though and that encouraged me further.
   As soon as I hung up the phone from the chat with mom and dad, it happened. My cell phone rang (I didn’t go into labor, nice try though) and the voice sounded faintly familiar.
   “Hey, this is Parker. I know you haven’t heard from me in quite a while, but I thought we’d hang out and catch up, is that okay?” Parker…Parker...? I’ve heard this name somewhere... I thought to myself, and then I realized who spoke on the other line.
   “Parker, you mean Parker Langerak?” I practically shouted into the phone.
   “Yeah, this is Rex, right? Rex Rocker?”
   “This is she. How have you been?! I would love to catch up!” Parker and I had attended high school together and dated for a long time. We broke up because we couldn’t stop arguing, but we stayed best friends even after we split up.
   “I’ve been doing well. I got a job at the diner in town. How have you been holding up?” He laughed.
   “Well...” I looked down at my big pregnant belly, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”
   “So is Sunday a good day?” he asked. I didn’t know when the baby would finally come out, so I didn’t want to take the risk.
   “I’ll have to check my calendar and get back to you—you will definitely hear from me though!”
   “Alright, Rex, you have a good day and I’ll be waiting for your phone call.” Then dial tone.
   I couldn’t believe Parker had managed to contact me again, of all the people. He used to be a slob the last time I spoke to him, but very friendly. I put my phone on the kitchen table and sat down to rest. The pregnancy wore me out, so I decided to head upstairs to bed, besides, it had gotten late.

   That night, I had a strange dream where I stood on the top deck of a cruise ship and the waves kept rocking and rocking until I fell overboard into the water. I awoke sweating and I felt oddly wet. I pulled the sheets off and realized my water had broken in the middle of the night!
   “Oh no, no, no, no, I’m going into labor!” I got up and right as I put my feet on the floor, a contraction started. I groaned in agony and dialed the hospital’s phone number to tell them about the baby. I put my jacket on and waddled out the door.
   The night air nipped a bit, but being in excruciating pain, I paid no mind to it and rode in the backseat of a taxi. When I arrived at the hospital, nurses rushed to help me to the birthing room, where, after only a couple of hours, I gave birth to a baby boy.
   I looked at the pink infant who cried before me and I knew what I would name him: Ares, for the Greek god of war and strength. His voice echoed strongly and his arms flailed around.
   “So you’re the rascal that had been squirming inside me all that time…” I smiled at him and a tear rolled down my cheek. His shrill, oddly, became music to my heart. I never knew I could love someone so greatly when I had just met them, someone I had been carrying around inside of me for so long, but I had never seen.
   This became a major cornerstone of my life and so, as I looked at my baby son, I decided to give up my partying days and trade in the alcohol glass for a baby bottle.

Number of Traits Changed: 1/5
Trait Transformation:
Party Animal --> Family-Oriented

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
« Reply #7 on: June 04, 2012, 05:32:54 PM »
This is a great story! You are a excellent writer, I enjoy it very much. Can't wait for more. :)

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Five: The Motherhood
   Ares couldn’t have been a better baby. He slept most of the time and rarely cried. I never thought taking care of an infant could be so simple. With Ares’ laid-back personality, I continued my daily routine as usual, only adding in time for my son in the schedule.
   I would wake up in the morning, feed Ares, change his diaper, play with him, then make some breakfast. I would then use the bathroom and shower and practice my guitar for a few hours while Ares napped. Then I would change Ares’ diaper again, feed him, play with him and go to bed.
   After having brought Ares home for a couple of days, I remembered Parker and my promise to contact him back. I looked at Ares who napped cozily in his crib and dialed Parker’s number.
   “Hey, Parker, it’s Rex.” I nonchalantly said.
   “Hey! I was starting to worry.”
   “Yeah, you free right now to hang out?” I crossed my fingers.
   “Yeah, where do you want to meet?”
   “What about the park?” I smiled.
   “Sounds good, I’ll meet you at the park in let’s say…10 minutes?”
   “Perfect, I have so much to tell you!” I excitedly announced.
   “Alright, see you in a bit!”
   “Bye, Parker.” I hung up the phone and hopped eagerly into the shower. It had been at least 3 years since I had last seen Parker. I wondered what he looked like. After my shower, I grabbed up my cell phone and called a babysitter to watch after Ares.
   The taxi drive to the park only drained my excitement and filled me with anxiety. What if Parker had changed in a bad way? What if he didn’t like the person I had become? When I arrived at the park, I spotted him immediately near the picnic tables and grills. He looked the same as when we graduated, but taller.
   I nervously exited the taxi and bit my lower lip, just the sight of him made my stomach flutter and my heart galloped. He glanced my way and I waved shyly.
   “Hey…” I awkwardly smiled.
   “Hey, how have you been?” he hugged me and he smelled just as I remembered.
   “I’ve been doing well. I have some news to tell you though, first.” He looked at me with a familiar look that I knew only to mean he wanted to hook up. We sat down at one of the picnic tables.
“I have…” I paused.
   “You have what?” he looked confusedly at me.
   “Um…Parker, a lot of things have changed since we split up and well—,” he took my hands and interrupted me.
   “I understand, Rex.”
   “You do?”
   “Yeah, you’re married. Its fine, I just wanted to catch up. I heard you were in town and you were—are my best friend.”
   I sighed; I definitely had to tell him. If there had been anything I didn’t want him to think, it was that I had gotten hitched.
   “No…I…I have a son—a baby actually—a newborn.” I stammered a bit.
   He stared at me, dumbfounded.
   “You…you got pregnant?” he looked at the filthy picnic table.
   “Yeah, I ‘broke up’ with the baby’s father, who, by the way, didn’t even bother to come to watch me give birth to the kid.”
   “Oh!” His eyes lit back up. Maybe he thought the baby’s father still hung around? I knew Parker to not mess with a woman who already had a boyfriend or husband, or so I thought.
   “Yeah, it’s all cool though. You know me; I don’t let much get through emotionally.”
   “Yeah, that’s the Rex I remember and that’s just the thing.”
   “I can’t imagine you having a baby. You don’t party with the baby do you? Ha, now that’s some bad parenting!” he laughed at his own joke.
   “No. I don’t.” I looked him straight in the eye as serious as I could manage.
   “Oh…you turned in the old shot glass and vodka bottle, hm?”
   “My child comes first now, Parker.”
   “I understand, but I do need to tell you something as well, Rex.” He appeared almost ashamed.
   “You do?”
   “I um, I never really stopped liking you when we broke up.” He rubbed the nape of his neck, “I just, I couldn’t get you off of my mind. You were so fun to be around and you always had something funny to say to lighten the mood.”
   “I don’t…I don’t know what to say.” Never had a guy told me that he never gotten over me. They were either so eager to leave me or too desperate to keep around. When I looked up at Parker, he gently grabbed the back of my head, leaned in and kissed me.
   “I…I really don’t know what to say now.” I stared at him wide-eyed. He laughed then kissed me once more on the cheek.
   “It’s getting late, Rex. I better head back to my house. I’ll call you in the morning, though. It was nice catching up.” He grinned.
   “Yeah, I have to go pay my babysitter anyways. I’ll be waiting for your call…”

   When I got back to my house, I paid the babysitter and stumbled into the recliner. The ride back had given me a migraine and my skull felt like it had been screwed on backwards. My mind swam with thoughts and even though I knew it had been a while since Stiles and I had spoken, I couldn’t help but feel rushed. My life seemed to be passing away; I wanted to focus on caring for Ares, not a boyfriend. How could I explain this to Parker though?

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Six: The Toddler
   I never got a phone call from Parker that week. Actually, a couple of years passed before I spoke to Parker again. I saw him sometimes at the market or general store; we would wave and say hi, but we never called each other or hung out. I didn’t mind, really, I focused more on Ares who got older day after day.
I went about my daily routine as usual and practiced my guitar in my free time. Ares started outgrowing his clothes and babbled gibberish when I fed him. I never understood what he said, but I rolled with it most of the time. His birthday arrived sooner than I would have liked, but I couldn’t be anything except excited that my little boy would start to talk, walk, and use the potty on his own; mostly excited about him using the potty.
Tuesday of that week, I bought balloons and a small cake for his 1st birthday. I didn’t get to meet many people and the people from work were only my acquaintances. I figured it best to just be my son and I at his birthday (I knew his good-for-nothing father wouldn’t show up; he hadn’t visited his son once over the couple of years Ares had been born.)
That night, while I fed Ares in the recliner, I glimpsed out the window to find the mailbox flag up. Why didn’t I notice that before? I laid Ares down for his nap in his crib and went outside to check the mail. I reached in and pulled out a check and a note attached to it.

I know I haven’t been around for Ares and I’m really sorry for that. I thought about what you said and you’re right, it’s better if we just stayed friends. I really would like to see my son, but I got a promotion at work and I’m moving to Bridgeport for the job. I’m really sorry and I wish you both well, I hope someday I will be able to visit again.
                  Stiles McGraw

I could only stare at Stiles’ signature at the bottom of the letter. My mouth opened slightly in astonishment at the news that my baby wouldn’t even get to look at his father. I put the note in my pocket and then turned my attention to the check. My eyes almost popped out at the amount it had been written for: $5000!
I rubbed my eyes to make sure I hadn’t damaged my vision in some way. The check’s timing had been so coincidental because ever since Ares had been born, I kept tabs on bigger houses that were within my budget range. I picked one out with two bedrooms and a bathroom, and one that had been located closer to town. When I last looked at it, I still needed $4000 before I could buy it, but with the check Stiles sent, I would be able to afford it.

Ares’ birthday came in the morning and I blew out the single candle for him.
“Hey, hey!” I heard the front door open. I placed Ares on the floor and gave him a bottle. Parker stood in the doorway and waved at me.
“Hey.” I stood slightly shocked that he came over.
“I brought the little guy a present.” He handed a small box to me. I opened it to find a xylophone.
“Wow, thanks Parker, but how did you know Ares’ birthday was today?” I placed the present on the floor in front of Ares.
“A little bird told me…” he looked through the side of his eye.
“What little bird?” I glared at him.
“Um…well, now, don’t get mad…”
“I asked your boss and he asked one of your co-workers who knew the baby’s father, Stiles, and Stiles told me…” he flinched.
“Stiles knows about you now?!” I shouted, “Why? Just—wait, wait. When did you ask Stiles about the birthday?” something clicked in my head.
“A few days ago, actually, why?” he looked very confused. I grabbed the note out of my back pocket and let Parker read it.
“I found this in the mail yesterday,” I then flashed the check at Parker, “along with this. Seems the man is moving out of town soon and Ares won’t get to see his father. Now I know why he sent it in the first place; because you asked him when my son’s birthday was and now he thinks I’m dating you.” I crossed my arms.
“Wow, $5000 says the man won’t be coming back.” Parker smiled. I hit him on the chest.
“Nice try, but I’m using the money to buy a new house in town.” I looked back at Ares and grinned as my boy started playing with his new xylophone.
“Sorry I haven’t been around either.” Parker confessed.
“Its fine, I’ve been busy with this little guy anyways and work.” I smiled so he wouldn’t worry about my feelings being hurt. He moved a little closer to me.
“Parker, wait. Don’t get carried away. I still have a lot on my plate to think about.” He backed away.
“I’m—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”
“No, no it’s fine. I mean, I’m definitely interested in you, but I really want to buy this house first before making any other big decisions.”
“I understand, well, tell the little guy happy birthday for me. I have to head to work now.” He kissed me on the cheek then left. Now for the new house…

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Seven: The House
Ares learned how to walk and talk quicker than I anticipated; he even learned how to use the potty all in one day. When I remembered my pregnancy with Ares and how I really didn’t want him in the beginning and as I watched him, I couldn't imagine life without him. The little man became my life and my best friend.
I finally started working harder at the theater and played my guitar there too. I ended up making a few friends and I earned a couple of promotions. I always came home to Ares who sat on the floor and played his xylophone or the blocks I had bought for his birthday.
That Thursday differed from any other day, however, because on that day, I had spoken with a realtor and agreed to buy the house I wanted in town. I didn’t bother packing everything for the new house, the realtor said that it would be furnished if we bought it for the initial price of $18,000 (which I did.) I decided the only items I really wanted to bring with me were Ares’ toys and my high school diploma.
Excitement filled me when I picked little Ares up and loaded into the taxi which would take us to our new home. Each street we turned onto filled my stomach with new butterflies. When we finally pulled up to the small house, I smiled real big and turned to Ares in his car seat.
“Look Ares, that’s our new house!” I smiled at him as he sipped on his sippy cup.
“House!” he said in his baby voice and pointed.
“That’s right. Come on, you want to go inside?” he nodded adorably and I unstrapped him from his seat and picked up our few things.
The only word I could think to describe the house: perfect. When I first walked into the white house, a large living room with a loveseat couch and new TV awaited. The kitchen located near the furthest wall had a high chair to the left. On the right side of the room were two doors, one to the master bedroom and one to the nursery-kid’s room. Beside the master bedroom door, on the wall adjacent to it, another door led to the bathroom. Near the door to the nursery-kid’s room, a bookshelf sat diagonal facing the loveseat.
I put little Ares down so he could go explore his new setting. I really wanted to head to the bookstore to buy Ares his children’s books. I decided I would take him with me; after all, I needed the $75 I would probably pay the babysitter to buy the books.
“Come on Ares, let’s go to the bookstore.” He turned around from patting the couch and made grabbing motions for me to pick him up.
It took much less time to get to the bookstore since we closer to town. I wasn’t shocked to spot someone in town that day.
“Hey, there’s that beautiful person. Oh, you’re pretty too, Rex.” Parker laughed.
“What’re you doing here?”
“Oh nothing, I had to get food for the house. What’re you doing?”
“Getting books for Ares; I moved into my new house.” I smiled looking down at Ares who sucked on his thumb.
“That’s cool. You wouldn’t mind if I came over and checked the place out, would you?”
“It would be my pleasure. Let me get these books and we can catch a cab together.”

When Parker and I arrived at the house, I placed some books on the floor for Ares and showed him how to open them and turn the pages; he caught on quickly.
“Nice house, it’s much bigger than your last one.” Parker surveyed the entire living room.
“Yeah, I really like this place. I’ll give you the grand tour.” I smiled.
“That would be delightful.” He bowed. I laughed and showed him around the bigger, but still quaint abode.
“The bathroom is right through here,” I showed him opening the bathroom door slightly, “Here is the nursery room. It’s equipped with a single bed and toys, plus a crib.”
“Nice, I really like the setup.” He stated intelligently.
“And right through here we have the master bedroom; where a woman’s dream can come true.” I winked at him.
“Yeah…” he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him.
“Parker…” I said looking down at his chest.
“…nothing…” I gazed up at him.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Eight: The Dilemma
“This is probably the only time I haven’t regretted…you know…this.” I had my head on Parker’s chest and he had his hand over my back.
“Yeah, listen, I really need to head back to my place. Don’t think I used you, I’ll definitely call you.” He smiled and kissed me on the lips.
“Alright, I’ll see you later.” I rose and got dressed. I needed to check on Ares anyways. I peeped outside the door, he sat in the middle of the living room floor where he read his books. I snickered; he never failed to brighten my day. I exited the bedroom and approached Ares.
“You hungry, baby?” I kneeled down next to him. He nodded his small head, so I made him a bottle and handed it to him. Then I happily walked outside to practice my guitar.

A couple of days later, I didn’t feel so happy anymore, I felt sick. I ran to the bathroom four times in one day, not to mention the number of times I had to stop practice at work to vomit.
Oh no…I can’t be, no! I panicked as I rose from leaning over the toilet. I went to the general store after work with Ares and bought yet another pregnancy test. The taxi ride back home that time didn’t fill me with so much regret. I watched Ares who played with his feet, giggling at himself, and pointed out the window. I almost started crying.
I put Ares back on the floor when we got home so he could read his books. I headed straight to the bathroom and used the pregnancy test. I paced back and forth in the bathroom and glanced outside the door every now and then to check on Ares. Never had 5 minutes been so long in all my life.
I checked the pregnancy test and…positive. Now I carried Parker’s baby in me.
“This time I’m not waiting. I have to tell Parker.” I immediately pulled out my cell phone.
“Rex? I told you I would call you.” He sounded frustrated.
“I have to talk to you. Now.”
“Well, okay, is it an emergency?”
“This cannot wait, Parker.” I almost shouted.
“I’ll be right over.”
Parker arrived at the house a few minutes later and he appeared as if he murdered someone.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Yeah…so, why did you bring me over?”
“I’m…I’m pregnant…with your baby.” I found it harder to tell Parker about the pregnancy, than when I had announced my first pregnancy to Stiles.
“Oh crap. Rex, I don’t know how to tell you this…but…” he looked at his dark blue shoes.
“What? You can tell me anything, Parker, you know that.” He sighed.
“I have a girlfriend…”
“You…you have a what?!” my voice crescendoed, “When did this happen? Oh my—did you have a girlfriend when we slept together? Who is she?”
“A girlfriend, yesterday, no, Holly Alto.” He answered each one of my questions in sequence.
“Please…just go. I took care of Ares, I can take care of this baby too.” He frowned in the corner of his mouth, turned around slowly, and solemnly drove away.
When I went back inside, I shut the door behind me, collapsed to the floor, and wept uncontrollably. Ares wobbly walked over to me and rested his hand on my knee.
“Don’t cry mommy.” He looked up at me with his big beautiful eyes and I wiped my tears away and hugged him. I suddenly realized that the only things that should’ve truly mattered to me were Ares and the little one on the way. I kissed Ares on his cheek and told him to go play some more.
This pregnancy I could tell wasn’t going to be an easy one.

The days passed quickly and I spent my maternity leave reading the Jimmy Sprocket series with Ares. He had finished reading all of the other books I had bought for him. My little boy started doing everything by himself practically, except for getting in the crib and making his own food. He pretty much had his own daily routine. He would wake up and wait for me to get him out of his crib. I would play with him, then change his diaper and feed him. After he ate, he would use his potty and then read his books (up until he finished them all), then play with either his xylophone or block toys.
I, on the other hand, would wake up, tend to Ares, shower, eat, and practice my guitar. Sometimes however, I would take a break and play with Ares or tell him to stop putting odd objects in his mouth, like the tissue box or magazines. When my belly started to poke out, Ares began to notice.
“Mommy, you got fat.”
“I know. There’s a baby inside me.”
“You ate a baby?” he asked with a shocked face.
“No honey, you’re going to have a little brother or sister.” He would then take his small hand and place it on my tummy.
“How is it going to get out?”
I stared in awe.
“I’ll tell you when you’re older.” I brushed his hair back out of his face.
Ares shocked me every time he talked. He had such a vivid imagination and I’m sure his mind just raced away to Never-Never Land with curiosity.

After I finished my first trimester, I took Ares along to the doctor for my check-up.
“Well, your vital signs are good. Everything is in check, now, are you ready for the ultrasound?” I nodded at the doctor who held a clipboard in his hand and sat in a roller chair.
   After a few minutes of setting up, he squirted some gel on my stomach and put the vacuum-looking ultrasound equipment on my belly.
   “There they are.” Wait…what?
   “‘They’? Don’t you mean him or her, or it?” I looked at him with fright.
   “No I mean ‘they’, here’s the first little one,” he showed me a little baby with its head facing to the left, “and the second one.” He showed me a second head facing slightly to the right, “Now, I expect you to come back for another check-up in a couple of weeks. You’ve been doing great, they’re healthy babies!”
   “Yeah…thanks.” Twins, I couldn’t believe there were twins inside me. I should have seen the signs though; my stomach turned out slightly bigger than my first pregnancy.
   I held Ares’ hand and kneeled down in front of him.
   “Ares, you’re going to have two younger brothers or sisters.” I held up my hand with two fingers, “You’re going to have to be extra good for mommy, okay, and help her out. Can you be the man of the house for mommy?” he smiled with enthusiasm.
   “Good boy!” I picked him up and hugged him, and then we headed home. I knew I would have to do some changing too, no more going to bed late and waking up in the afternoon. Those days were in the past now.

Number of Traits Changed: 2/5
Trait Transformation:
Party Animal --> Family-Oriented
Heavy Sleeper --> Nurturing

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Nine: The Twins
   The final trimester of the pregnancy came rather quickly. I had been so busy teaching Ares how to play the xylophone before his birthday that I didn’t even have a moment to check the time. I bought two extra cribs, bringing my crib count up to three, I didn’t care that I had bought one too many, I figured I might have had triplets by the rate I had been going. I also bought a second potty chair and a new xylophone and block set. The twins were officially ready to come home.
   Late one night, as I played with Ares and his xylophone, water ran down my legs unexpectedly and Ares sat there in shock.
   “Mommy…” he sounded worried and I felt the pain of a contraction.
   “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be fine." I struggled,"I--I have to go to the doctor for a little while, can play with Davy.” I strained. I had Davy hired as my babysitter and Ares really enjoyed it when he came to watch him. I called a taxi and rode to the hospital, doubled over in the back seat of the car.
   I rushed inside and they wheeled me off to the delivery room, yet again. After a few hours, longer than the time it took to give birth to Ares, I held two baby boys in my arms.
   “Their names?” the nurse smiled at me.
   “The first boy, Asclepius, and the second baby I want to name Apollo.” Asclepius I knew to be the Greek god of medicine and Apollo, of course, the Greek god of poetry and music. Parker rushed in at that moment.
   “Hey! Sorry I’m late. I got caught up at work and I--” Then he saw the two boys I held in my arms and I thought he would faint.
   “Twins, you…you had twins.” His face went pale.
   “Yeah, no thanks to you, you could have at least come to the ultrasound.” I did invite him, but he refused.
   “I had no idea…I’m so sorry.” He approached me, “Can I?” he reached out his arms.
   “Of course.” I smiled as I handed Asclepius over to him.
   “This little guy was born first.”
   “What’s his name?” Parker asked still looking at Asclepius who slept in his arms.
   “Asclepius Rocker.” Parker smiled and I noticed a tear falling down his face, “And his name?” he motioned to Apollo.
   “Apollo Rocker.” Then a cell phone started to ring.
   “Oh sorry.” He handed Asclepius back to me and answered his phone. I only heard certain words of what he said over the phone.
   “No baby……….yes……..I know………no….hospital……….twins……yes… you too……bye.” He shoved his cell phone back into his pocket.
   “Sorry about that. I’ve got to go…Holly is worried about me.”
   I rolled my eyes.
   “Bye Parker.” I slept quite well that night at the hospital.

I brought my two boys home the next morning and that’s when the trouble started. Asclepius cried constantly while Apollo slept, and then Apollo cried nonstop when Asclepius slept. They weren’t in sync, so it made it harder on me to find time to just sit on the bed, much less sleep.
   Ares did as he promised and didn’t fuss, besides, his brothers’ crying made up for it. He had finally finished playing with his toys, which he mastered, and his birthday would arrive in a couple of days. After not being able to sleep with the ruckus of the twins, I decided to call Parker, with much regret.
   “Hey, Parker, it’s Rex.” I yelled over the babies’ crying.
   “Hey, it’s pretty noisy there.” He yelled so I could hear him.
   “Is it okay if I come over to talk to you for a minute?” I could tell which son screamed louder: Apollo.
   “Sure! You can come over now!”
   “Thanks!” I hung up the phone and then dialed Davy’s number. To my surprise, he agreed to take care of the twins while I went to Parker’s house.
   Parker lived just down the street, so I decided to walk. Parker met me at the door and I pulled him aside, out of view from the windows.
   “Listen, I know you have a girlfriend and everything, but I could really—” he grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth, “use…your help….okay, what was that for?!” my brain felt it had been replaced with gelatin.
   “Holly is well…not nice. No, actually, she’s evil. She pulls pranks all the time and I can’t take it anymore. I shouldn’t have left you, I shouldn’t have abandoned you, I’m so sorry!”
   “Look, I could really use your help with the twins. I need another person, if I could be on Asclepius’ sleep schedule while you’re on Apollo’s sleep schedule, this would be so much easier.”
   “But what about Holly?” he checked the windows to make sure she wasn’t spying.
   “Break up with Holly, you can move in with me.”
   “Really? You’d let me move in with you?” he grinned from ear to ear; he made me feel like a savior.
   “Well, I’m sure Holly isn’t going to like you for this, but I’ll do it. I’ll meet you back at your place in a few hours.” He shyly kissed me on the cheek and went back inside. Before I had even gotten to the sidewalk, I heard screaming inside the house. I turned to see Holly looking out the door. Oh crap. I duck and ran behind the house across the street before she could see me.
   I came home, of course, to screaming babies. I didn’t have to stress anymore because Parker would be moving in with me to help me out. Things were finally looking up for this family of four...


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I hope things will be better for her and that Holly didn't take after her mother! Great strory. :)

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Thanks everyone for reading!
I decided to go ahead and post both chapters in one to save space. Here's 10 (again) and 11.

Chapter Ten: The Change
   Parker finally got moved in completely after a couple of days, he didn’t have much stuff to bring with him, but I also started to notice Holly who creeped around the house a couple of times. I paid no attention to it, and besides, I had a good reason to break them up. These babies needed their father as much as I did and Parker turned out to be twice the help than I had expected.
   We had our own schedule, Asclepius usually slept until morning, but Apollo seemed to be much more of a night owl. Once we got situated into our new circadian rhythms, life became a little easier, and quieter. Parker would play with Apollo, feed him, and change his diaper; if Asclepius happened to wake up and needed his diaper changed or be fed, then Parker would tend to him as well. I did the same thing and soon, we found it easier to rotate too. Sometimes I would watch after Apollo who awoke in the night, that way Parker could get more sleep, and sometimes he’d watch after Asclepius so I slept sometimes in the day.
   The morning after Parker moved in, Ares’ 2nd birthday finally arrived. I couldn’t believe that my son would start school soon. Ares’ had already gotten too smart for his own good. Parker went out and bought birthday balloons and a cake for the celebration. I bought a little baker’s oven and building block table as birthday presents for my little boy.
   At night, we waited until the twins had gone to bed to celebrate Ares’ birthday. He had gotten so much taller and grown into an intelligent young man. I still had to hold him up slightly so he could reach the birthday cake, and he blew out the candles. He didn’t look like Stiles or me; he had black hair and dark eyes. Stiles had brown hair and brownish eyes, while I had blonde hair with blue highlights and blue eyes. Either way, I loved Ares for who he had grown into; I could tell he had turned out to be quite athletic and brave, even for a child. I handed him his first present, and he guessed what the large box hid inside (a little baker’s oven.)
   “Thanks Mom!” he hugged me.
   “Alright, this one is from me, champ.” Parker pushed another large box into the living room. Ares ripped apart the wrapping paper that revealed a building blocks table.
   “Wow! Thanks Parker!” He beamed up at both of us. I had already explained to Ares that Parker wasn’t his dad, he didn’t sound disappointed when I told him, but he wanted to know where his real father had gone off to; I decided to save the story for a rainy day.

   We moved the new toys into Ares’ room where he played with them most of the day. Parker and I returned to the birthday cake on the counter.
   “So listen. I’ve been thinking…” he eyed me.
   “Thinking about what?” I asked taking a bite of the cake.
   “How would you feel if we started dating?”
   I practically choked my cake.
   “Dating?” I strained as my eyes started to water.
   “Yeah...I mean, we’ve gotten caught up, and I know we haven’t been living together for a long time, but I’ve grown close to Ares.” He stared at me.
   “Well, this is true…I guess we can see how it works out.” He reached across the table and kissed me, “But one slip up and you’re out of here.”
   He laughed and we both finished our cake then went to bed.

   Ares started his first day of school in the morning, he woke up ecstatic as if it were Christmas day. I fed the twins, changed their diapers while Parker slept, and helped Ares get ready for school.
   “Now you be good, and mind your teachers. Don’t back talk, and always say ‘yes ma’am’, ‘no ma’am’, or ‘no sir’, ‘yes sir’. Okay?” I ordered as I handed him his lunch sack.
   “Yes, ma’am. I will.” He smiled.
   “Good boy. Now hurry up, there’s the school bus. I love you!” I called as he raced out the door.
   “Love you too, Mom!” he called back.
   Parker arrived from the master bedroom, rubbed his eyes and still in his pajamas.
   “Did he make it on the school bus?” he yawned.
   “Yes, I’m not worried about him. He’s so obedient.” One of the twins started crying at that moment, “Don’t worry. I’ve got it.”
   I knew the twins’ birthday would arrive soon and then they could do things, for the most part, for themselves. It would be easier to teach them the necessities of life though, with Parker.

Chapter Eleven: The Birthdays
“Alright, I’m heading out.” Parker walked up to me as I held Apollo in my arms one morning.
   “Where are you going?”
   “To get a job at City Hall; I’m tired of working at that diner. What I really want to do is hold a place in office. I heard City Hall needed a new ballot counter, so I figured it’s just the entry I need to show them I’m the one for the job.”
   “Well, okay, good luck.” I kissed him back. I played my guitar most of the day and occasionally checked on Asclepius and Apollo.
   Parker returned home after a few hours.
   “I’m home!” I saw him place the house bills on the table.
   “Hey, what took you so long?” I rocked Asclepius up and down in my arms.
   “I went to the school afterwards to sign Ares up for scouting.” He tossed his tie into the bedroom, “Oh, and I got the job!” he raised his hands in the air.
   “That’s great, hon! It’ll be nice having a little bit of extra money coming in. Oh, did you keep the balloons from Ares’ birthday? I wanted to reuse them for the twins’ birthdays. Also, sometime during this week, will you head to the market to buy a couple of birthday cakes?” I talked to him as if he were my husband.
   “Um, yeah, they’re in the supply closet. I can head to the market now and get them.” He said paying off the bills as he spoke.
   “Great! Thanks Parker!” I placed Asclepius back in his crib as Ares walked in from school, “Hey Ares! How was your first day of school, sweetie?” The twins’ cribs had been moved into his room to increase space in the living room. He handed me his backpack which I placed at the foot of his bed.
   “We’re taking a field trip tomorrow to the science facility. I need you to sign some papers.” He handed me some stapled pieces of papers, “It was fun! I love my teacher, Mom!” he grabbed some more paper out of his backpack, which I took to be his homework and we both headed into the kitchen.
   “That’s great, baby.” I kissed him on his head as he worked on his homework and I signed the permission slips so he could attend the field trip.
   We contently stayed this way in our small house for a year. Parker went to work in the mornings as Ares went to school and scouting. I stayed home and played my guitar and became a full-time mom, at least until the twins’ birthday arrived.
   There were going to be some toddlers walking and babbling in the house again. Parker had bought two birthday cakes, as promised, and I got out the party balloons. We celebrated on a Saturday, so we wouldn’t have to wait for Ares or Parker to get home from school and work.
   Asclepius went first, and then Apollo, I had to blow out the candles for both of them and we ate birthday cake. Asclepius and Apollo both had blonde hair, the only distinct difference in looks were their eyes: Asclepius had black eyes and Apollo had bluish eyes. I decided to make them wear matching clothes; Asclepius wore an orange shirt with white trim and dark orange pants with white shoes. Apollo wore the same outfit, but the shirt and pants were blue. Those were their favorite colors.
   Soon after we ate birthday cake, Parker and I sprung right into teaching them how to use the potty, how to walk, and how to talk. Asclepius seemed to learn the skills faster than his younger brother, but Apollo had an advantage elsewhere: reading the children books. Even though Asclepius stayed a book ahead, Apollo often times caught up to him and they would rotate books. I started back at work and earned a promotion after a couple of days.
   Everything had been going well. Ares made it on the honor roll and Parker earned a promotion at his new job as well. I continued my guitar skill, which I had gotten close to mastering, and I only needed one more promotion at work before I joined the rock branch of music. The twins had finished half of the children’s books and rarely cried.
   I couldn’t see how life could get any better.

   It didn’t though, and one Wednesday, while I stayed home (Wednesdays and Thursdays were the only time during the business week I had off), Parker had left the house to work, or so I thought.
   After a couple of hours I received a phone call.
   “Hello?” I placed my guitar on its stand.
   “Is this the Rocker residence?” the voice on the other line sounded harsh.
   “Yes. You’re speaking to Miss Rocker.”
   “You’re husband didn’t come into work today.” I stared as my boys read their books.
   “He’s not my husband, and what do you mean he’s not at work? He left this morning.” My face started to get hot with anger.
   “I don’t know, ma’am, but tell him if he keeps this up, then he’s fired.”
   “Oh, believe me, I will.” I slammed the phone back on the receiver. I pulled out my cell phone and called him.
   “Hello?” he laughed as if he were drunk.
   “Parker, where are you? Your boss called telling me that you aren’t at work--” then I heard giggling on the other end of the line, “Parker…?” realization hit me.
   “Babe, chill out, I’m just at a friend’s house. I’ll be home in a little bit, don’t worry.”
   Then he hung up.
   My heart had a sinking feeling. I knew exactly where he had gone to and it wasn’t a friend’s house.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Great updates. Twins! That's a bit of a shock. I can't believe Parker, he is quite rude.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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This chapter will bring everyone who reads up to date with my gameplay. Thanks again for reading everyone!

Chapter Twelve: The Tragedy
   I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to seem obsessive, but on the other hand, I wanted to confront him. I watched Asclepius and Apollo as they read their books, babbling and laughing. I decided not to go and I would just wait for him to come home.
   I straightened up the house, cleaned the dishes, made the beds, washed the toilet and shower, and scrubbed the sink. After I finished cleaning, the door opened. Ares walked in.
   “Hey Mom.” He grinned, then he looked around, “Where’s Parker?” Parker usually made it home before Ares, but Ares didn’t have scouting that day and made it home early.
   “He’s somewhere else.” I tried not to sound stern, but to no avail.
   “Is he in trouble?” Ares looked at me with concern in his eyes.
   “I don’t know yet, baby. Go eat and do your homework, I’ll figure it out.” I didn’t want my child to worry about what would happen to this no-good boyfriend.
   Ares did as I told him to and then headed to bed. Parker still hadn’t showed up. The twins started to grow restless, so I changed their diapers, fed them, then put them to bed; still no sign of Parker.
   After all kids had been tucked in to bed, and I waited for a couple more hours, Parker finally came back and I marched outside to meet him.
   “Don’t even think about taking one step into that house!” I barked.
   “Baby, calm down.” He had a guilty gleam in his eye.
   “I will NOT calm down. I know where you were, I heard her over the phone. You were at Holly’s house. Don’t lie to me either.” I glowered.
   “Look, I’ve been really stressed, I just wanted to see an old friend.”
   “No, Parker, this is what happened the last time we broke up. You don’t ever stay faithful. I can’t believe I gave you a second chance.” I threw my hands in the air with frustration.
   “Fine! You know what, I do find her attractive and I do still like her. She’s a beautiful woman and I think I may love her.” He shouted back.
   “Good. Then you can go run off together and get married because you’re definitely not coming back into my home. Go say good-bye to your sons.”
   “Wait Rex, now, you’re not going to keep me away from my sons, are you?” his face turned from mad to slightly worrisome.
   “I don’t know, Parker. Are you still going to cheat on your girlfriends? I’d say so. I don’t want that kind of influence around my boys. At least Stiles had the nerve to leave town instead of sticking around and causing chaos.” I crossed my arms and turned away from him.
   “I think it best if I just leave…”
   “Good-bye and good riddance.”
   That argument was the last time I ever saw Parker again. I walked back inside, my face fuming and my adrenaline pumped, I had to sit down to calm my blood pressure.
   “Mom…” Ares crept out of his room.
   “Yeah baby?” I turned to look at him from the couch.
   “What just happened?”
   I looked at my sweet innocent child who knew nothing of raising a family or being in a relationship. I patted the cushion of the couch.
   “Come here and sit down, Ares.” He joined me on the loveseat.
   “There are some things that you don’t know, and may never know in life. One day, when you’re older, your brain will put the pieces together for you and you’ll understand. What happened between Parker and I, well…let’s just say, he did some mean things to mommy and to you and your brothers.”
   “What kind of mean things?”
   “You understand when a man and woman get together, that they are to respect each other, and if they have kids, to care for those children unconditionally, well, Parker wasn’t holding up his end of the deal.”
   “Sooo…” Ares looked at the cushion of the couch, “He wasn’t respecting you or me or my brothers?”
   “That’s right.”
   “Will I ever see him again?”
   “I don’t know, Ares. He won’t be living here anymore though.”
   I could hear the disappointment in Ares’ voice. He had grown close to Parker and I knew he didn’t want to have another father figure leaving out of his life, but I had to do the best thing for all of us.
   “Ares, there will be people in life that will come and go, but the most important thing that you need to know is to learn from those experiences you had with that person and cherish the happy memories, and don’t dwell on the bad.” I kissed him on the forehead.
   “Mom…when will you tell me what happened to my dad?” he looked up at me.
   “Soon baby. Now head to bed, you’ve got school in the morning.”
   “Good night, Mom.”
   “Good night, Ares.”

   Morning came with promise of better days. Asclepius and Apollo had mastered their xylophone and block toys and Ares had met a new girl friend at school. The twins’ birthdays would be arriving again very soon and they would attend school with Ares. Ares also told me that he wanted to join the military after he graduated from high school. It amused me that he already had his occupation picked out, but we would have to wait and see what career he really wanted; he hadn’t even started high school after all.
   Saturday came quickly and birthdays came with it. I had bought two birthday cakes and Ares helped me set up for the family party. I lifted Asclepius out of his crib, which he had just about outgrown, as well as Apollo, and brought both of them into the kitchen. I held them up so they could blow out the candles and we celebrated as a tiny family.
   Asclepius and Apollo both kept their blonde hair; Apollo however turned about to have a little bit of pudge to him, not enough to be noticeable though. They had matching outfits, yet again, Asclepius still had orange clothes and Apollo still had blue clothes. They were handsome, smart boys; Asclepius turned into quite a bookworm and took to the bookshelf eagerly. Apollo however, seemed more artistic and musical and wanted an easel.
   As for me, I knew with these three larger stomachs to fill I knew I needed to hone my cooking skills and besides, it wasn’t like I needed to be trying to pick up more guys for a while. I wondered what the week brought with it…

Number of Traits Changed: 3/5
Trait Transformation:
Party Animal --> Family-Oriented
Heavy Sleeper --> Nurturing
Flirty --> Natural Cook

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I enjoy reading this story, i can visualize it in my head. Parker is just, ugh! just when i thought he was good, he was bad.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Thirteen: The Relaxation
   This stage in my life happened to be the most relaxing part. The boys were at school most of the time and I had plenty of time to go back to practicing my guitar more intensely. I also gained a couple of cooking skills too.
   The twins signed up for scouting later in the week, and had mastered the baking oven and building blocks table, like Ares. They came home after school every day and worked on their homework together, sometimes sitting in the floor or at the tables. I had bought Apollo an easel, as well as a chess table for Ares and Asclepius. Ares sometimes invited Bella over (his girl friend) and they would play tag for a few hours. I had to buy the kids a bunk bed to save space in their small room. Ares, however, kept his old single bed. I figured the rule would be that the oldest got the best bed, as long as money could only afford a bunk bed.
   Money--that also became something I could focus more on. I had picked out another bigger house, it still had only two bedrooms, but with a much bigger living space. With the money I began making though, I figured I could buy an even better house with discipline and saving.
   I had never felt calmer. I could relax again; I didn’t have to worry about feeding a toddler or trying to keep some guy off my back. I almost felt bored, but in a good way. I had been missing out on paradise.
   Two and a half years went by and on a Friday in the afternoon, I went to the park to play for some tips; I didn’t have anything else better to do. Some people gathered around as I played my music, which I had gotten good at, and they threw in a couple of bucks or two. A man stood listening to my music over by the fountain at the center of the park.
   “You’re good.” He grinned, “Really good, how long have you been playing?”
   I kept playing the chords of the song.
   “Uh, a few years actually, you like the music?” I smiled back.
   “Yeah, wait, do you work at the theater?”
   “Yes, I’m Rex Rocker.” I quit playing and stuck out my hand for him to shake it.
   “Oh my…you…you’re, oh, wow! I’m a huge fan of your music!” he gave me a handshake with both of his hands, shaking it violently.
   “Ha ha, don’t break off my arm. I need that to play.” I laughed.
   “Oh sorry, heh, well, wow, it was really nice getting to meet you!” he started to walk away.
   “Wait! I never got your name!” I called.
   “Christopher Steel.” He called back.

   The next few days became a bit less boring and more bearable. The boys continued their regular routine and I continued improving my cooking skill as well as mastering my guitar. As my boys worked on their schoolwork, my cell phone rang.
   “Hello?” I didn’t recognize the caller ID.
   “Hey, this is Rex’s number right?”
   “Yes? Who is this?”
   “I hope this doesn’t sound weird or anything, but it’s Christopher, from the park.”
   “Oh! Hey! No, you’re not creepy at all. It’s a little strange how you obtained my phone number, but whatever. Um, so how have you been and how did you get my phone number?” I laughed to break the tension.
   “I don’t know, I was talking to one of my friends in front of the theater and we were talking about your music. I had told them that I met you the other day, and at that moment, a guy walked up to us, interrupting our conversation to ask who we were talking about. When I told him, he told us he knew you and asked if I wanted your phone number. I didn’t turn it down…”
   “Well, I don’t blame you, but who was this man?” I hoped it wasn’t Stiles or Parker.
   “I don’t know, I didn’t recognize him, but he introduced himself as ‘Rex Rocker’s boss.’”
   “My boss isn’t a man…”
   “I don't know, but that’s just what he said.”
   “That is strange…”

   After the weird introduction over the phone, Christopher and I eventually broke away from the awkward conversation and talked and joked over the phone for hours. After the kids came home, I finally told him I had to go. I could tell he wanted to keep talking, and it made me feel sorry for having to hang up.
   However, Christopher called me almost every morning, but he wasn’t by any means an annoyance. In fact, his phone calls were comforting. I found our friendship refreshing. He never hit on me or asked me out and he became more of a vent for me. He always listened to what I had to say and contributed to my conversations or offered me a different opinion. I had finally found a good friend and I started to develop fond feelings for him. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time, since high school, at the most, but I never let my feelings get the best of me.
   We started calling each other at least three times a day and we would joke and laugh and talk about life. I never felt pressured, I never felt like I had something to prove, Christopher seemed perfect for me, for the most part.
   Ares questioned me one day after I got off the phone with Christopher.
   “Mom, who’s that man you keep calling?”
   “He’s just a friend, Ares.”
   “Do you like him?” he smirked at me.
   “I like him as a friend.”
   “Do you like like him?”
   I blushed.
   “Go do your homework, son.” I rolled my eyes as if he were my younger brother.
   He laughed and walked back into his room. Maybe I did like Christopher…


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Great updates! I wonder if the friendship wuth Chris will become someting more. Can't wait for next chapther. :)

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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There's a possibility. Haha.

Chapter Fourteen: The Boss
   When I headed to work the next day, I wondered about the new boss Chris had mentioned. I hadn’t heard any of the other musicians talking about him and my previous boss never said anything about leaving.
   I arrived at the theater and walked into my co-workers huddled around whispering.
   “Hey what’s going on?” I approached their circle.
   “Didn’t you hear?” one of them looked at me.
   “Hear about what?”
   “The new boss; Stiles McGraw moved back from Bridgeport after being fired. Now he’s the CEO of the theater.”
   “What?!” I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. My boss would be my baby’s dad now!
   That day at work, I stayed in the rehearsal room all day and when my shift ended, I snuck out the back door. That’s how it stayed for a while, I became like a clam or a teenager, never leaving the rehearsal room.   
   Besides Stiles being my new boss, I did make progress with Chris and we started having breakfast at the diner together. We would laugh and talk over a cup of coffee, sometimes staying for a slice of pie, and then I would head to work. Other days when I didn’t have to work, he would come over to the house and we would chat and watch TV together. He always left before my sons came home. I didn’t want them to get attached to someone who may or may not stay around for long.
   My feelings for Chris grew more and more affectionate. When I saw his car pull up in the driveway, my heart would race. He visited me one day and he began flirting with me.
   “You are so beautiful.” His eyes lit up.
   “Thanks…you’re pretty handsome.” My face went pink, “Chris…”
   “I…I um…I…” I looked at my shoes.
   “I like you too.” He laughed.
   “How’d you know?” I glanced at him.
   “Well, you’re blushing, that’s a big sign, and the fact that we talk every day. You can’t talk to someone every day and not develop some feelings for them.” He took my hands in his.
   “I’m so glad you understand.” I looked at the clock above the TV: 2:30PM, “Oh no! The boys will be back from school in a few minutes!”
   “We’ll continue this later.” He quickly hugged me and rushed out the door.
   The boys walked in and completed their homework. I melted into the couch; I hoped Chris would be the one. His friendly personality and need for excitement reminded me of myself, before I had my children of course.
   After the week ended, Saturday, yet again, came with a very special birthday: Ares’. He would be a teenager officially, learning to drive and attending prom. We bought birthday balloons in his favorite color (aqua) and a birthday cake. The twins and I gathered around as he blew out the candles. The older he had gotten, the more I saw Stiles in his appearance. He still had the desire to join the military and asked if he could join the sports team and shop club at school. I, of course, wouldn’t deny my child to further his education, especially if he really wanted to join the army.
   I made the decision to not send Ares off to boarding school, even though we had talked about it a couple of times. I really needed him around the house and I didn’t want to miss out on teaching him to drive or letting him go to prom. Ares also started bringing Bella Bachelor over more often. I could tell he had a crush on her, and I thought she probably liked him back. The fact that my son could find a girlfriend successfully made me sleep easier at night. I didn’t want him to go through the multiple break ups like me.
   The twins were also doing great in school, they both made it on the honor roll and Apollo started working on paintings, he turned out to be quite artistic. Asclepius played chess in his downtime; he looked like a little genius outside at the chess table.
   As for me though, Chris and I started going on dates. The diner stops we made in the morning became our rendezvous of choice. We still talked as if we were best friends, laughing at something our co-workers had done or talking about how our day went. After a couple of dates, we headed to the park once we finished eating, and talked on a bench for a while.
   “It’s almost time for me to go to work…” I sadly said. We rose from the bench.
   “I had a really nice time on the date, as usual. I have really fun talking to you.” He shyly moved a little closer to me.
   “Yeah, you’re a really good listener. I really appreciate it…” I started blushing and my hands went sweaty. I looked down and away, he grabbed my shoulder and I looked back at him and when I did, he kissed me. My whole body trembled and it felt like my stomach contained feathers. The kiss couldn’t have been more magical and romantically unexpected.
   I headed to work that day feeling high on life.

   Wednesday, when I didn’t have work, Ares came up to me as I practiced my guitar.
   “Yes, son?” I stopped playing.
   “The school dance is tonight and I was wondering if you could fix my hair…” he looked embarrassed for asking me.
   “Of course, honey, who are you going with?” I asked as we headed into the bathroom.
   “Bella Bachelor.” His face went red.
   “Do you like her?” I teased.
   “Do you like like her?” I smirked.
   “I see what you’re doing, Mom.” He snickered.
   “Well I had to pay you back.” I gelled his hair up at the front, and after he put his suit on, I straightened it out for him.
   “You look so handsome.” My little baby had become a man. A car honked outside.
   “There’s the limo and Bella, I’ll be back later, Mom! I love you!” he met Bella outside and he opened the door of the limo for her. So chivalrous I couldn’t have been more proud...

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Fifteen: The Dates
   “Mom, Mom, come look!” Apollo tugged at my sleeve.
   “Okay, okay, I’m coming.” He drug me to his easel I had set up for him in the living room where a large canvas beautifully pictured a seaside view, “Wow. That’s excellent, baby!” I hugged him.
   “Do you like it?” he jumped up and down.
   “I love it. Where’s your brother?” I looked around.
   “Outside.” Apollo continued to work on his painting.
   “Tell him to come inside. You both need to go to bed.” Apollo raced outside. I played my guitar in the living room as they got ready for bed. I wanted to stay up so I could ask Ares how prom went.
   I never attended prom at my high school. I figured I had been too busy partying or pulling childish pranks on the neighbors. It depressed me when I thought about it, but I couldn’t change something that had already passed.
   At around 11PM, Ares walked through the door, his tie undone, his jacket over his shoulder, he had even taken off his dress shoes already.
   “Wow, how was it?” I stared at him.
   “So…awesome.” His hair in a mess, he appeared as if he had just exited a roller coaster ride.
   “Did you get picked Prom King?”
   He pulled out a crown and picture of Bella and him dancing.
   “That’s great, baby!” but when I studied him again, he looked as if he still had more to say, “Is something wrong?”
   “Mom…” he sat on the couch beside me, “I--”
   “You didn’t get a girl pregnant did you?”
   He looked at me as if I had somehow lost my mental state.
   “No. I have…a girlfriend!” his face lit up and he hugged me.
   “You, you do?! That’s terrific honey, who is she?” I asked even though I already knew.
   “Bella, Mom, she’s so nice to me and she’s quite charismatic!”
   “I’m so happy for you, baby!” I kissed him on his forehead.
   “Well, I better get ready for bed.” He tossed his shoes by the wall and put his jacket on the couch, then headed into his bedroom.
   My baby, the little infant that I had brought home from the hospital so many years ago had a girlfriend. Now that he attended prom, I would have to teach him how to drive, but first, I needed a car. The decision stood: buy a car or a buy a house?
   A few days passed, Ares did well in school, as well as the twins and I invited Chris over. We went to the diner as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. Most of the dates now consisted of kissing and flirting, still evenly split, though, between talking. Then after we ate one morning, we talked in the parking lot for a couple of minutes before he asked me.
   “Rex, you know, I really like you. You listen to me; you’re funny, and nice. You’re everything perfect in a girl and more. And well…I’ve been thinking...” He scratched the back of his head. My mind had been so focused on other things; his question didn’t even click for a second. I stood there, straightening my vest and wiping dirt spots off of my shoes. My thoughts were centered on work, the kids, Ares’ and his new girlfriend; my hearing completely oblivious to what Chris asked me.
   “Will you be my girlfriend?”
   “What?” I brushed off some crumbs from my pants.
   “Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked a little louder.
   I then broke away from my distractions and realized his question.
   “Oh—yes! Yes, yes, yes I will!” I squealed and hugged his neck.
   “Great! I mean, yes! I mean, yay!” he hugged me back.
   As I stood there, hugging the man that had become my best friend over a few weeks, I noticed something about me that had changed. I hadn’t slipped up; I hadn’t slept with him or lost my temper. I had finally done something right with this relationship, but I didn’t know why or how. Could it have been because of my children and not wanting to hurt them? Or could Chris be the one? I stopped dwelling on my thoughts and focused on the fact that I had a boyfriend again, and he could possibly be a keeper.
   Weeks went by, Chris would come over, and after our fifth date as a couple, he finally met the boys. I called them out of their rooms.
   “Boys this is Chris, Chris these are my children.”
   “Hi.” Chris greeted them.
   “This is the oldest, Ares.” I said introducing my kids as they stood in a line, oldest to youngest, “Then the twins, Asclepius and Apollo.”
   “Nice to meet you,” Ares stuck out his hand.
   “So you’re in high school, correct?” Chris’ voice sounded deeper.
   “Yes. My younger brothers are in grade school.”
   “Hi.” Asclepius also put forth his hand for Chris to shake.
   “Nice to meet you.” He shook Asclepius’ hand then Apollo’s.
   “Are you three doing well in school?”
   “Yes sir.” They said in harmony.
   “Alright, now you three, off to bed! You’ve got school in the morning!” I clapped my hands and they rushed off like elves in a workshop.
   “Nice boys,” Chris winked, “You’ve raised them quite well.”
   “It wasn’t easy.”
   “I would imagine so, a baby on your first night, and then twins? Sounds like it would have been an adventure.” We both sat down at the loveseat.
   “You know, even through all the mishaps I’ve been through, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Ares happened to be quite precious to me. He made me realize I needed to do some changing, and when the twins came, I couldn’t see how anything in life would be more important than them.”
   Chris put his arm around me.
   “I guess it’s something you learn when you go through that experience. Things that big are life changing, sometimes making you realize how small you are in this big world. When it happens to you though, you can’t see how anything is more important.”
   It’s like he’s reading my mind!
   “I don’t have kids though, so I wouldn’t know.” He laughed, “All I have is a cranky cat who tears up furniture.” We both laughed.
   “We’ve been dating for quite a while now…” I pointed out.
   “Have you thought about taking the relationship to the next level?” I checked his facial expressions.
   “No!” I couldn’t even think about getting married right now, “I mean moving in with me.” I giggled.
   “Oh, phew, for a second there, I thought you were going to turn into a whack job and eat my soul.” I laughed, the man had jokes.
   “Well, that would be nice. Let me mull it over. I mean, I just met your kids and everything.”
   “You’re right. Well, it’s getting late. I better head to bed.”
   He kissed me.
   “Good night, Rex.”
   I watched him as he walked out of my house. I couldn’t believe it, I still hadn’t slipped up! Plus, Chris said he would think about moving in with me. For once in my life, I felt accomplished…


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I hope everything works out for her!

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Good days are ahead for Rex! As well as some bad ones, but we'll get to that later! I think you will all be pleasantly surprised at this chapter! Thank you, yet again, for reading! I really appreciate it!

Chapter Sixteen: The Move
   After working hard and performing for a couple of days, I earned a raise and then a promotion in one week. My career had almost reached its peak, and as I climbed my mountain of performances and guitar playing, I looked down at my tiny house from my hypothetical hill. The one house I had raised my children in and I felt fulfilled, I felt joyous, and I felt new.
   Until Stiles found me one day, I stumbled down that mountain of success, tripping over everything I had done in the past: the anger, the fights, the break-ups, the cheaters, partying, the pranks, everything smashed me in the face.
   “Hi Rex.” He slyly grinned.
   “What do you want, you weasel?” I didn’t try to hide my annoyed tone.
   “How have you been?” he asked the question as if trying to look further into my personal life, looking for an opening so he could pounce back in somehow.
   “I’ve been doing wonderful, thank you for asking.” I closed every nook and cranny, or so I assumed.
   “How’s my son?” he stated seriously.
   “Happy, he’s watching out over the household as if he were the father.” I tuned my guitar as Stiles paced around me; it began to make me dizzy.
   “That’s good. When can I come visit him?”
   I paused. I did tell Stiles that he could visit Ares whenever he wished. I didn’t know whether to dart out of the movie theater screaming like a maniac or to just stay cool and tell him ‘sure.’
   I went with the latter.
   “Sure.” I looked back down at my guitar and continued to tune it.
   “C’mon, we can go now.”
   I looked at him as if he’d lost his freaking mind.
   “No? Ares is at school. You’ll have to wait.” I think he noticed my frustration growing.
   “We can head over to your place and wait for him.”
   Now he really must have lost his mind.
   “You sure you didn’t leave your common sense back in Bridgeport?” I put my guitar in its case.
   “No. You’re not coming to my house. I have a boyfriend now, Stiles, and three children. You will not disrupt my peace.” I slammed the guitar case shut and left the rehearsal room.
   “Oh, let me get the door for you.” He rushed ahead of me and blocked my exit.
   “Move, Stiles.” I ordered.
   “Not until you agree to let me see my son.”
   “I said you could after he gets out of school.”
   “I want to see him now.” He continued to stand in front of the doors.
   “That’s it. You can see him, let’s say, when he moves out of my house! You’re harassing me and I’m getting irritated. This is childish, Stiles.” I turned around and acted as if I would head for the front exit of the theater. Stiles ran ahead, and when I saw him get in front of me, I whipped around and ran out the doors of the theater and sprinted home.
   When I got to the house, I dropped onto the lawn, panting and out of breath.
   “Man that was close. I hope he didn’t follow me home.” I turned around: nothing. “Phew.”
   I tiredly walked inside and placed my guitar by the couch. The kids walked in and noticed me practically passed out on the loveseat.
   “Mom, what happened?” Ares threw his backpack down and rushed over to me.
   “Let’s just say, a lunatic tried to follow me back home.”
   “A lunatic? What lunatic?”
   “Your father.” Crap, let that one slip.
   “My…my father? He’s in town?!” he looked so excited about the news.
   “Now, Ares, I don’t want to disappoint you, but I demand you stay away from that man. He’s gone berserk. I think he may have lost a couple hundred of brain cells…” I got up and went to get a glass of water. “Asclepius, Apollo, go do your homework.” I chugged down the water and turned back to Ares.
   “I think it’s time, Ares…” I pulled out one of the kitchen table chairs, he sat down, and I told him everything that had happened at the beginning. How Stiles and I had met, what had happened, how I got pregnant with Ares, what I decided to do (kick Stiles out), and how Stiles left. Ares listened intently the entire time I told him the story.
   “Your father was just too, needy. I knew he wouldn’t raise you as I wanted to, I knew we would fight a lot, and I didn’t want you to grow up in that kind of environment, so I told him I would keep you. If Parker hadn’t talked to Stiles, then we wouldn’t have this house. If Parker hadn’t cheated, then I would have never met Chris. Everything happens for a reason, Ares.”
   He pondered this statement and came to accept the fact that, basically, his father had gone insane, literally.
   “I don’t expect you to live out your life never meeting your father or never seeing him, but I for now, as you are my child and my responsibility, I think it best if you avoid him.”
   “Yes ma’am.”
   “That’s my boy, now come here.” I hugged my son tight in the kitchen that day. I knew I would have to let him go someday and it made my heart ache thinking about it.
   “Thanks, Mom…”
   “For what?”
   “For telling me the truth…” he smiled gently at me then went to do his homework.

   The next day, Chris visited me as I had started making myself some cereal.
   “Hey!” I ran up to him and hugged him.
   “I’ve been thinking about what you said and…”
   “Will you help me get my stuff out of my car?” he smiled.
   “Yes!” I leaped on him. “I’m so glad you decided to move in!”
   We headed to his car and started unloading his things.
   “So guess who decided to be a jerk the other day?” I looked at him as I held a box with some books in it.
   “Stiles.” I puffed.
   “Oh wow. What’d he do?” he shut the trunk and carried his high school diploma and a vase full of flowers.
   “He demanded to see Ares, and get this; he blocked my door while I tried to leave work.”
   “Was he always so crazy?” We set up his things in the master bedroom.
   “Actually, no, but what’re you going to do?” I put up his framed diploma next to mine.
   “Oh, hey, this is all the money I had, but you can add it to your bank account.” He handed me a check for $5000.
   “Wow! Thanks! I’ve been looking at some new houses; there’s one that’s closer to the theater. It’s called the…Myrtle….Myrtle something…”
   “Myrtle Bungalow?” he finished my thought.
   “Yes, that one, I had some builders take out the garden though and add an extra bedroom, so the cost is 28,500, or somewhere around that.” I picked up the books out of the box and when I turned around, Chris stood there.
   “Hi…” I blushed.
   He grabbed me and kissed me, we started making out, and then things got carried away from there.

   I turned to him in the bed, and he turned to face me as well.
   “I love you…” he said.
   “I…I love you too.” I said it, and for once, I meant it.
   I smiled at him.
   “That’s the first time I’ve said that and meant it.” I confessed.
   “That’s the first time I’ve ever said it.” He smiled.
   This man couldn’t be more amazing. I got out of the bed and continued helping Chris unpack. I didn’t know what the future had in store for us, but I knew one thing, Chris became a more perfect boyfriend as the days went on. He helped the twins with their schoolwork and even went to join the firefighter career at the fire station, and on occasion, he “showed off his guns.” We lived in paradise for a couple of weeks, Chris at the fire station more than I would have enjoyed, the boys excelling in school, and Ares getting closer to learning how to drive, things were looking up.

   One night, the twins off to bed with their homework finished and bellies full, Ares tucked them in, and went to bed himself; Chris and I were left alone in the master bedroom.
   “Babe…” he looked at me as I got ready for bed.
   “Yes, Chris?” I looked at him through the mirror as I brushed my hair.
   “Come here.” He smiled and embraced me in his arms.
   “What is it?” I giggled, he always looked so cute.
   “You’re my best friend, I hope you know that.” He smiled.
   “Yep, and you’re mine, too.” I winked. Then he did something rather unexpected…
   He got down on one knee and presented a small black box, when he opened it, I saw a small diamond ring that shined dazzlingly in the lighting…
   I began to cry…
   “Will you marry me?” his face looked handsome in the light and his cheekbones pronounced with an uncontainable grin.
   “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course, I will! Yes!” tears were streaming down my face and he put the engagement ring on my finger. I lept on him and hugged him tightly. Our family would grow soon, I hoped to buy the new house too, and now Chris would be part of my life. I figured I needed to change to be a better wife, not just a better mother, so I gave up the things I knew about making out and kissing, and decided to put on an apron and get out a dust pan…

Number of Traits Changed: 4/5
Trait Transformation:
Party Animal --> Family-Oriented
Heavy Sleeper --> Nurturing
Flirty --> Natural Cook
Good Kisser --> Neat

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Seventeen: The Unexpected
   Stiles never came by the house, I knew he wouldn’t, but it worried me thinking about my son going to visit him later in life. I tried not to think about it, and besides, Chris had asked me to marry him! With our combined money and much discussion, we bought the house near the movie theater.
   We packed a few things such as the TV, the cribs, the baby toys, and of course everyone’s badges, trophies, and diplomas. The taxi ride didn’t last too long before we arrived to the big blue house, the living space being quite larger than our previous home, we set up the TV in the living room and rearranged the furniture. Other than that, we were moved in completely.
   Chris and I hadn’t set a wedding date, plus we needed time to calm down from the move and settle back into our routines. We didn’t feel a need to hurry up and get married, we knew there would always be a new day, and there would be plenty of time.
   While Chris spent most of the day at the fire station, I spent most of the day playing my guitar, with a few more hours of practice; I would officially be considered a guitar master. It didn’t matter though, not anymore, I earned $700 a day at the theater and with Chris’ $350 stipends, we would have no problem paying bills or for any other desires.
   One desire I didn’t want at the time, came in the morning when I examined myself in the mirror. I had been putting on weight, but I only ate twice a day and walked around the house more than I sat down. I found it odd, but I decided to ignore it. After coming out of the bathroom, the school called to tell me the twins’ badging ceremony would be at 4PM, and when Ares had come home, we both headed down to the school to watch. Chris also found some time to come to the ceremony.
   “I couldn’t be more proud of both of you,” I said hugging both Asclepius and Apollo, “You both did so well!”
   “Thanks, Mom!” they said together. Chris and Ares congratulated them, and we all headed home together. I knew the ceremony to be a sign of them about to start high school and becoming hormone raging teenagers. All three of my boys were practically men, those little bundles wrapped in blue blankets, the toddlers that tripped and fell and chewed on their own feet, had sprouted into children and would soon embark on the journey of being a teenager.
   When we arrived home, Chris had to leave to answer an emergency at the station. It frightened me to think about a phone call from the fireman chief at home late at night to tell me that Chris had died in a fire. I never wanted that day to come, I never wanted to live out that terrible nightmare, but if it had happened, then it would have had to happen.
   I had bigger problems though, such as my weight gain. I seemed to get a larger pudge each day and with much exercise, it never seemed to go away. I didn’t think of anything, until, I thought back to the first day Chris had moved in: we had slept together!
   I went to the doctor to confirm my fears and he announced that a little baby definitely hid on the inside. I figured it didn’t matter, after all, Chris and I would be getting married soon. Besides, this would be the start of my new family—our new family. When I told Chris later that day about the pregnancy, he couldn’t have been more excited about having a baby!

   Later in the week, I received a phone call from my father; he told me that Mom had passed away. Even though I mourned, I couldn’t help but feel that her spirit still lived in me. When I told him that I had twins and another one on the way, he cried over the phone. He told me he couldn’t be happier that I had been doing so well. Then when I told him I would be getting married soon, I could hear him celebrating on the other end of the line. I snickered and we talked for a while then hung up.
   I felt bad for not being able to go attend Mom’s funeral, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time. Months went by, and my second trimester had started to wind down. When the weekend finally arrived, we had two very important birthdays to go to: Asclepius’ and Apollo’s. They would join Ares in high school and also attend prom and learn how to drive. Asclepius looked so much like Parker; I could barely see any of my features in him. Apollo had grown and not just up, but out as well. It didn’t matter though, not to me. Later in the weeks to come, Ares, Asclepius, and Apollo would exercise together in the mornings. Apollo slimmed way down after several dedicated hours of intense exercising.
   When my final trimester arrived, I found some time to teach Ares how to drive. I could smell his anxiety spewing off of him.
   “What if you go into labor, Mom?” he worried.
   “Then we’ll drive to the hospital. We’ll be fine.” I smiled at him. He agreed and we headed into the car. Chris at the fire station, Apollo painting, and Asclepius watching TV, I set out on my dangerous adventure to teach my son to drive. He learned quickly, and when I thought he had it down, I felt my water break and frantically told him to pull over.
   I called a taxi for him and drove the car to the hospital. Chris met me at the doors and they took me off to have my fourth child. A girl, I had a girl and named her Themis, the Greek goddess of law. Chris eagerly took her into his arms and fed his daughter for the first time. He smiled at me.
   This baby I knew would be something great, she would make something of herself, especially with her older brothers looking after her…

   After a couple of days, I started to teach Asclepius to drive; he caught on quick, just as he did as a toddler. He never failed to surprise me with his intellect and eagerness to learn. After we had worn each other out from practicing driving, we drove back home.
   I walked through the door, Ares did his exercises and Apollo painted at his easel in his room. Asclepius went to grab a snack, and my cell phone started to ring in my pocket…
   It wasn’t at all who I expected it to be…

For my readers, feel free to guess who you think the mysterious caller could be...


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I just hope it is not the firechief! Great chapthers. :)

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Eighteen: The Mishap
   “Miss Rocker?” the voice sounded manly and muscular.
   “This is she.” I said, “Asclepius, turn the TV down.” I whispered, slightly covering the speaker of the phone.
   “Ma’am…I don’t know how to tell you this…”
   My mind raced and my heart paused…
   “Your fiancé, he…he was killed today, in a fire. If you want, we can deliver his uniform and badges to you, as well as his remains…we are so deeply sorry for your loss…”
   I stood there, appalled and empty, my mouth barely agape. My life seemed to be shattering before me, I stared and an illusion of the walls disintegrating to black appeared before me. I floated in oblivion, nothing mattered there, and nothing existed there, just me and my thoughts.
   “Ma’am?” the voice on the phone said.
   “Yes…uh…that would be…fine…” I sighed, “Bring them over whenever you can…” I then clicked the “end” button. I walked down the hallway as if I were a zombie and into my bedroom. I crumbled onto the bed and sobbed. I mourned for my fiancé whom I never got to marry, I mourned for my friend whom I would never see again, but most importantly, I mourned for the man who unquestionably had been the perfect man for me...
   He never failed to listen, he never failed to amuse me, and he loved my children. He loved me for myself, and nothing more. He didn’t need a reason to love me, for then he wouldn’t truly love me. If he had a reason, he explained, for loving me and I stopped doing that thing, then what defined his love for me, he so asked? I had never known a wiser, more intelligent man, and a searing heat took him away from me. The job he loved so much, took him away from his daughter, his life, and his fiancée. So I sobbed there into my pillow for hours, never leaving my room, only getting up to take care of tiny Themis.
   “Mom…” Ares finally walked in when I hadn’t left my room for at least 9 hours, “Are you okay?”
   “No, baby, no I’m not.” I turned over on the bed to look at him through my bloodshot eyes.
   “Mom, what’s the matter?” Ares sat on the bed.
   “Ares…” I gazed upon my beautiful son, “Chris…he…he died in a fire today.”
   “Wha….what?” Ares’ eyebrows slanted and he struggled to speak.
   “He went to put out a fire and he didn’t make it…”
   Ares wept with me and I embraced him in my arms. At that moment, Asclepius and Apollo walked in from eavesdropping, weeping as well. We huddled that night, as a family, as a unit who had lost a dear family member.
   I didn’t just weep for Chris, though; I wept for my mother, my dear mother who taught me everything I knew. I didn’t know how I would be able to move away from this, but I knew I had to, for the sake of my children, but mostly, for the sake of young Themis, who would never get the opportunity to see her dad…

   We had a funeral for Chris in the afternoon the next day. As we gathered around his gravestone and mourned over his untimely death, I couldn’t help but feel like the entire relationship had been a waste of time. I knew I shouldn’t have felt that way, I knew I should have only felt grief and pity for the loss of a dear friend and lover, but I didn’t. I felt cheated and I felt as if my children have been cheated, especially Themis. Chris’ legacy stopped with her, and she would only bear the child of a different man, she wouldn’t carry on the Steel name. This thought enraged me and I felt like punching things, anything, but I didn’t.
   We headed home and I tried to wash away the emotions with a hot shower, but it didn’t succeed. Apollo and Ares moped on the couch while Asclepius shut himself in his room. Themis remained the only one level headed about the situation, but what else could an infant do about the death of their father? Nothing, but go on with their daily schedule of crying, eating, and sleeping.
   We embraced Themis’ schedule as our own, we did little but cry, eat, and sleep. The boys drug their feet around the house and sometimes didn’t bathe. I still bathed, but I definitely didn’t leave the house for quite a while. What else could I do, but take care of my little girl while the boys were at school? The main thought that haunted my mind had been the inevitable return to work. I would have to face Stiles again. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant, I would have had to face him sooner, but I enjoyed my time off as much as I could.
   Themis made the maternity leave not only enjoyable, as I had hoped, but easy. She turned out to be quite the darling, just as Ares had been. She didn’t cry much and she turned out to be a little more independent than her older brothers had been.
   After a few days of mourning, I finally owned up to the unbearable truth that Chris wasn’t coming back, ever. He had been a good lover, a perfect guy, and an extraordinary friend, but I knew better than to delve into these emotions, holding onto them with a tight grasp, I knew I would have to let them go and move on with my life.
   With life finally back up to pace, our small family finally out of mourning, we went back to our regular schedule, just my children and I. Ares did well in school, he often talked to Bella over the phone, I continued to teach Asclepius how to drive, and Apollo worked on his painting skills.
   The twins also signed up for afterschool activities; Asclepius joined the debate club and Apollo joined the art and newspaper clubs. Ares made progress every day in learning to drive and Themis got older and older as the weeks dragged on.
   A couple of years passed, I started back at work and Themis had her first birthday. I held her up to blow out the candles. She had grown into a beautiful child, I still couldn’t figure out where the black hair had come from, but she, like Ares, had long gorgeous black hair. Even though she liked the color pink, she turned out to be quite the tomboy and threw fits if I tried to put her in a dress. My first little girl and she acted just like a boy, I couldn’t be anything but grateful though. She, after all, was all I had left of Chris, and she resembled him too with her big eyes and curved mouth. I loved her to death.

   With Themis’ birthday, Ares also turned 16 and officially earned his driver’s license. He had grown and matured so fast, he acted more like an adult than a teenager. I knew he probably worried about the future and what would happen to our precious family, but I often reminded him that he didn’t have to be the adult.
   Asclepius and Apollo still had a ways to go, but I did continue my driving lessons with them. When Themis became a toddler, all three of the boys eagerly jumped in to help teach her to use the potty, to walk, and to talk. While I went out to teach
Apollo how to drive, Asclepius stayed home and taught Themis to talk.
   Chris’ death anniversary creeped up as the days went on. On the night he died, two years to the mark, I went to pay my respects. When I saw him, his ghost stood there at the grave.
   “Chris…?” I stood in awe…

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I just need to say that this almost moved me to tears, my eyes are watering. Great update..

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Thanks! That makes me feel good about my writing. Haha.

Chapter Nineteen: The Revolution
   “Rex…” his spirit echoed.
   “Chris, is…is that you?” I wanted to reach out and touch him, but my fear took hold of me.
   “Rex…you must come out of mourning.” Suddenly, his ghostly figure had colors and form; he looked whole instead of translucent.
   “Don’t cry for me anymore. I want my daughter to grow up in a happy, content family. Your boys will look after you, and you will never be alone.” His voice sounded firm, instead of echoing.
   “I need you to be strong. Let my little girl see the Rex I had planned to marry, the strong woman that you were before my death, the one who never let her emotions control her life and always stood up for herself.”
   “But…but how?” I looked up at my dead, floating fiancé.
   “Hear me out, Rex; I want you to go find true love. I know I seemed like the only fish in the sea for you, but there are plenty of willing men who would kill over for you. I want you to find a man and not make a mistake in the relationship. Get to be his friend, date him, go out with him, kiss him, love him, marry him, then have a family with him. You are a beautiful, wise woman, and I loved you…” at that moment, the figure vanished back into the grave.
   I knew what I had to do then.

   Days went by, and I did just as Chris’ soul had requested of me. I didn’t cry, in fact, my own soul felt at peace. I paid more attention to my boys who had fallen behind after Chris’ death, so I consoled them when they needed, and encouraged them to try harder on their schoolwork. Everything started to work out, too. With Asclepius and Apollo obtaining their driver’s license soon, Ares would also be celebrating his birthday to adulthood. Themis learned quicker than Ares had in her own teachings of walking, talking, and using the potty; she learned them in a matter of hours.
   After a few days, the boys earned some badges from their afterschool activities, Themis read all of the books and had started playing with her toys, and I continued to grow closer to mastering my guitar (seemed it took forever.) Ares, though, didn’t have much longer before he graduated high school and my own birthday would arrive with his. Asclepius had gotten a part-time job at the bookstore and Apollo, feeling his paintings sold for the equivalent of a regular paycheck, had no desire to get a job.
   On Monday, I went to the school to attend Ares’ award ceremony. Apollo and Asclepius stayed home to watch after Themis, so it would just be Ares, his award, and I. He looked so handsome in his suit, too. Afterwards, I hugged him outside the school.
   “Ares, I want to tell you something before we go home to celebrate our birthdays.” I had a hold of both of his arms, having him in full view.
   “What’s that, Mom?” he held his award in his hand at his side.
   “When I found out I was pregnant with you, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have any training in taking care of a child, I knew nothing about changing diapers or preparing a bottle for an infant, and quite frankly, and as harsh as it seems, I didn’t want you.”
   He looked down in shame, but I pulled his chin back up to look at me.
   “But then I saw you…I saw you come out of me, screaming strongly, a healthy baby boy, and you know what? I wouldn’t have traded you in for all the money in the world.” His frown slowly turned into a shy grin.
   “I want you to know that I am so very proud of you. I knew you would do great things when you got older and that’s why I named you ‘Ares’, you were so strong and you still are.”
   He instantly hugged me, squeezing me tight.
   “Thank you, Mom!” I could tell he had started crying.
   “Now come on, there’s cake waiting at home!” I kissed the temple of his head.

   We celebrated our birthdays, I went first and I didn’t really age a bit, at least not to myself, I didn’t think. Ares, however, aged really well, no, I mean really well. I could see some of Stiles in him, but not a lot, not anymore. Ares had grown into himself, he didn’t look like me, he didn’t look like his father, he only looked like the person I knew him to be: my son. He had grown to be quite muscular and I could tell he would become very successful in the military. I had taken out a loan earlier that week for around $15,000 as a birthday present for him, that way he could buy his own house. We all said our good-byes to him, and with that, one of my kids had entered the world on their own.
   Unfortunately, with the death of Chris, neither Apollo nor Asclepius had the chance to attend prom, they assured me they didn’t mind because they didn’t even have dates. With diligent saving and much penny pinching, though, we were finally able to save up enough money to buy the house Chris and I had especially built for our ever growing family. However, with his death, it took a little longer to save up the right amount of cash to buy the bigger home. It’s what he would have wanted.

   A year flew by, and with Asclepius and Apollo only being a year younger than Ares, they also celebrated their adulthood birthdays. They had done so well in school, Apollo especially, and they both earned quite a few awards. I had finished teaching them both how to drive. Apollo caught on quite rapidly. They helped around the house with cleaning and caring for Themis when I couldn’t. Asclepius never lost his uncanny resemblance to Parker, while Apollo on the other hand, had only gotten larger, not to be offensive. Asclepius told me that he had an eye on a girl that he wanted to date, and so with that, my second son had moved out. Apollo, though, said he didn’t have much of a desire to get married or date any time soon, but he did want his own place and moved back into my very first house…
   With much consideration, Asclepius announced that he wanted to become a surgeon and Apollo wanted to become a famous book author. I didn’t think about it at the time, but my boys had been living up to their names. Ares (the Greek god of war and strength) had aspired to join the military, Asclepius (the Greek god of medicine) wanted to join the medical career and become a surgeon, and Apollo (the Greek god of poetry and music) desired to become a famous writer. As I had told Ares so long ago, everything happens for a reason…

   I had been left that day with it just being my daughter and I. Themis had grown to be so smart, I honestly couldn’t have imagined life without her. I spent most of the days while she played with her toys, practicing, yes, my guitar. With most of all the distractions gone, I had so much time on my hands to finally finish learning my musical skill.
   One morning, as Themis giggled playing her xylophone, a knock on the door interrupted my precious guitar playing time.
   “I’m so sorry to bother you, miss, but have you seen a dog run through here?” a man stood there and I thought I would faint at his striking good-looks.
   “No, I haven’t seen a dog run through here. What does your dog look like and I’ll keep an eye out.”
   “It’s an Australian Cattle Dog, her name is Sasha, she's not very big and she's light gray in color.” He sounded very frantic, “She’s so independent, it’s no wonder she ran off.”
   “What’s your name in case I see her?”
   “Oh, the name’s Sam, Sam Cool.” He stuck out his hand for me to shake it.
   “Okay, Sam, if I see Sasha, I’ll give you a call.” I smiled.
   “Thank you so much!”
   I didn’t know it yet, but that encounter would move on to something more…

   A very special birthday dear to my heart had finally arrived, Themis had read all of the books, mastered walking and talking, learned to use the potty, and found no interest in playing with her outdated toys any longer. She grew up beautifully, she didn’t really like to wear her hair up, but she still looked amazing with it to the side; she would have no trouble with the boys, I could tell. Her birthday did come with a small surprise though…
   A gray cattle dog had found its way to our doorstep as we ate the birthday cake.
   “Look, Mommy! Can we keep it?!” she pointed outside the living room window.
   “Oh my, that’s Sam’s dog!”
   “Who’s Sam?” she looked up at me with her hands on the window pane.
   “He was the guy that came by the house a couple of weeks ago looking for his dog. We’ll have to return her to him. I think her name started with an ‘S’. Stay here, I don’t know if the dog is friendly.” I slipped out the door and approached the dog who patiently panted in the walkway.
   “Hey girl.” She wagged her tail, “Let me just look at your collar.” I reached out my hand for her to sniff, her tail started to create a wind from wagging so hard.
   “Well, you’re definitely not aggressive.” I looked at her collar:

Sasha Cool
55 Water Lily Lane

   “Themis, come on, let’s go return Sasha.” I grabbed a hold of the dog’s collar and Themis opened the door of the car for me. The dog hopped into the backseat, ready for an adventure. Themis got in the front seat with me and we drove to the not so high-end part of town.
   We arrived at a trailer with flamingos out front and a man sitting inside. I grabbed Sasha’s collar and we rang the doorbell.
   “Just a minute.” A voice called inside.
   Themis looked at me as if scared of who lurked in the trailer.
   “Don’t worry.” I told her.
   “Hey!” he opened the door and then looked down at his dog, “Sasha! You brought her back! Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?”
   “Well…” I held my arms behind my back and twisted my right foot behind me. Sam began to blush a little, “You could come over to my place to hang out.”
   “Deal.” He shook my hand to affirm the deal.
   I knew this had been what Chris wanted when I saw his ghost and as Themis and I drove back home that afternoon, I vowed to not screw up this relationship.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Another great update  :D


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I'm so sad Chris died, but ity looks like she find happiness again. I just hope Sam is a good guy. Your story is so good, when I play Sunset Valley again Stiles and Parker better watch out! I don't like them one bit at the monent.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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The ironic part is, I found Themis to be the most attractive of the children. Just proves that Chris Steele would have been a good match for her...
If you want to see my custom character Sam, just choose all the first presets when you make a Sim, except for the nose, the nose is the second choice, and black hair and blue eyes. (I haven't been taking screenshots.)

I really appreciate the good comments! I'm glad you're all enjoying it!

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Twenty: The Transition
   Sam visited the next day after Themis rode the bus to school. I made some salad for lunch, and we talked at the table.
   “So you’re new to town right?” I asked pushing my lettuce around the plate.
   “Well, a little. I moved back about a year ago, I guess I’m not new.” he and I both laughed.
   “I haven’t seen you in town before. Where do you work?”
   “I don’t have a job. Since my rent for the trailer is so cheap, I’ve been able to live there for a while without financial problems, but I have been thinking about getting a job either in the military or at the Doo Peas Corporation.”
   “Oh, yeah, I hear its good money. So where did you graduate from?”
   “I actually lived here when I was younger, so at the Community School. I moved to Appaloosa Plains for a few years then came back.”
   “Me too, I mean, I didn’t move away, but I did graduate from the same school.” I felt my head sweating from embarrassment. He laughed though, which made me feel better.
   “Yeah, do you have a family?” he had been eyeing my family portrait on the wall.
   “Well, I’m single, but I do have three boys and a girl.”
   Sam stared at me as if I were an old woman.
   “Oh, but the boys had just graduated, and Themis is still in middle school,” he didn’t look so nervous anymore, “Are you seeing anyone?”
   “No, it’s just me and Sasha.” He awkwardly smiled at me.
   “Nice dog, by the way.” I grinned.
   “She’s a good dog, but she can get carried away when she smells something.”
   “It happens.” We both laughed.
   We talked for hours and hours, from 7AM to 3PM.
   “I had a good time. You’re really interesting.” He shook my hand, but I hugged him instead.
   “Listen, before you go, and I know we just met, but I feel like you’re my best friend already…”
   “Yeah, me too.” He finally hugged me back, “We should hang out again some time.”
   “Definitely, just give me a call when you want to.”
   “I will.” And then he left.
   I knew I should have felt overjoyed, but I just didn’t. I wanted things to move faster, I wanted to be done with dating; I wanted to get married and live out my days as a retired rock star. I remembered my vow to myself and to Chris and I knew I would have to be patient.

   Themis came home from her first day of school and announced she signed up for scouting.
   “Scouting? Don’t you want to do ballet, Themis?” I asked as I cleaned my guitar case.
   “No. The tutus look stupid on me, Mom.” She frowned.
   “Well, okay, sweetie, I want you to do what makes you happy.” I got up and kissed her on the head, “Now, go do your homework.”
   When I walked into the living room, I noticed someone standing outside. I went to the window and peeped at the front lawn, Sam stood there with flowers and he looked as if he were rehearsing for a play.
   I opened the door.
   “Ahem. Can I help you, sir?” I bit my lip and tried not to laugh. He jumped and twirled around.
   “OH! I—I didn’t see you there!” he sounded startled.
   “What are you doing here?” I grinned, “And why do you have flowers in your hand?”
   “Well, I uh…I was walking to your house and I saw them on the side of the road…and they were really…uhh, pretty, and I thought that, you know, maybe someone would want to have them, and I uh…” he looked at me, I had one eyebrow raised and a smirk smeared across my face, “They’re for you…” his cheeks went red as he handed out the crimson roses.
   “That’s what I thought.” I graciously took them, they smelled wonderfully rosy and earthy, “They’re beautiful, thank you so much.”
   “Also, I was wondering…and you know, I just really enjoyed talking to you yesterday, you’re really nice and a great listener and funny and sweet and I--" he stopped himself from further shame.
   “And you wanted to ask me on a date?” I helped him out.
   “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, I mean if you don’t, I’ll just head back to my place and we can forget all about this little embarrassment. I mean, I’ve never met someone quite like you--” he speedily said.
   “I’d love too.” I stated.
   “You do? Oh great! I don’t have a lot of cash on me, but we can head down to the diner and eat.” He opened the door to his car.
   “Okay, just one minute.” I placed the flowers on the table, “Themis! I’m going to town!”
   “Okay, Mom.”
   “Will you be okay?”
   “Okay, I love you.”
   “I love you too, Mom.”

   Sam and I talked just as Chris and I had talked. We chatted, we reminisced about our happy times, we joked, and we confessed to our personal lives.
   “Sam, before I met you, I...well…” I had my finger on the rim of my coffee cup, tracing the circular porcelain.
   “What is it, Rex?”
   “I was engaged.” I quickly took a sip of my coffee.
   “Really? To whom, may I ask?” he had placed his coffee mug back on the table.
   “Uh, his name was Chris Steel.”
   “You say that like he died.” He laughed a little.
   “…he did…” I looked up at Sam who had stopped and stared at me in disbelief.
   “…I’m so sorry…how did he die?” he place his hand on top of mine.
   “He was a firefighter. He died while on a call…” I held Sam’s hand.
   “Did this happen recently?” he squeezed my hand; his were so much bigger than mine.
   “Actually, it happened almost 4 years ago…” I let a slight grin slip, “I saw his ghost though…”
   “You did?”
   “Maybe, I mean, I think I did. He told me to not mourn for him…to find true love and live a happy life.”
   After we ate, we took a stroll in the park. It had gotten real dark, and the stars shone brightly, dancing like flickering candles. The fountain in the park sparkled in the moonlight and fireflies bounced in the midnight air. A light breeze flowed through, rustling the loose leaves of the trees, and crickets played their music while cicadas kept the rhythm. Sam and I sat on the concrete wall around the fountain.
   “I had a really nice time.” I admitted.
   “I did too…”
   When we leaned back, we put our hands behind our backs and then we touched. I glanced at him, blushing, but I knew it would be too dark for him to see. He smiled though, and grabbed my hand. We gazed up at the stars that night and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.
   After we pointed out constellations for a couple of hours, we headed back to my house.
   “We should go on another date soon…” he said.
   “I was just about to say the same thing…” I looked down at my feet, “Well…good night.”
   Just as Sam reached in for the kiss, I rushed inside and shut the door. I didn’t know what came over me, but I didn’t want the relationship to move too quickly. I mean, I wanted them to move faster, but I also didn't want to mess things up.
   “….well, good night.” I saw Sam peek in one of the windows looking very disappointed.
   I called Sam as soon as the sun rose in the morning.
   “Hey, Rex, good morning!” he sounded chipper.
   “I’m really sorry about last night…I just, I wanted things to go perfectly, and not to rush this.” I began to pace my bedroom floor.
   “Rex, its fine. I totally understand, don’t worry about it! We do need to go on another date though.”
   “Of course.” I had butterflies in my stomach when he spoke.
   “How about tonight?”
   “Sounds wonderful.”
   “See you then.” And we hung up.
   I met Sam later in the evening, Themis at school and scouting, I didn’t have to work. We met at the park, chatted for a while, had a small picnic, and then went to see a movie together. The popcorn at the theater had been quite filling, but the movie wasn’t all it had been made out to be.
   “I had a good time with you, as usual.” Sam winked at me.
   “Me too. I’ll call you when I get home.”
   These kind of personal, chatty dates occurred whenever Sam and I had free time. We always had something to talk about when we met up. He didn’t complain, nor did I, we didn’t judge the people around us or grow impatient with slow waiters at the diner, no, we were too busy focused on learning more about each other, learning more about our history, our future, and our present. We gave each other time to speak and we both equally had something funny to say. We went on 6 or 7 dates to the diner, to the park, the movies, the art gallery, the pool, to his house, anywhere.
   “Rex, I hope I’m not moving too quickly to ask this, and just ignore the question if you say ‘no’, but I’ve grown very close to you, you’re my best friend and I feel I can confide in you for anything. I know you won’t go off and tell all your friends about our fights and degrade me. I know I can trust you to only lift me up, so, will you be my girlfriend?”
   I stood there flabbergasted; not that he had asked me to be his girlfriend, but that his reasoning for asking me out had been so similar to Chris’, so I knew him to be sincere in this question.
   “Yes, Sam.” I hugged him around his neck.

   Sam and I dated for around 2 years; he would come over almost every day. Some days he would aid Themis in her studies, watch an action movie with me, and sometimes even cook dinner for the three of us. Other days, I would bring Themis with me to his house, where we would spend the night. I would sleep in a sleeping bag I had bought and Themis would sleep on the couch, Sasha kept guard over us.
   In the morning, we would eat breakfast together and Themis and I would head home after we thanked him for letting us stay. At nights, he would sometimes call me and we would talk for hours. Once, he even showed up with a teddy bear as a gift for Themis, which she didn’t let go of for months.
   Themis loved Sam, he became her best friend and I would often see both of them watching cartoons together on the sofa. He even helped her with schoolwork on some occasions and played with her. Themis had been doing well in school, but when Sam came into the picture, she started to over achieve. She made A’s and always did her homework, and she never disobeyed her teacher or stayed out after curfew. When Sam would pull up in the driveway, she would squeal with delight and run out to meet him, often jumping on him. I knew if I broke up with Sam, not only would he and I be devastated with the decision, but Themis would be as well.
   Another year went by and Themis’ birthday had arrived with it. I invited Sam over to the personal party and we celebrated together.
   “Themis, I have a present for you.” He pulled out a blindfold, “But you have to follow me to get it.” He winked at me and I mouthed “what did you do?” but he ignored my question as he tied the blindfold which covered her eyes.
   We all walked outside, Sam guiding Themis' steps, and to my amaze, a brand new SUV sat on the lot. He took the blindfold off and Themis shrieked so piercingly, I thought the neighbors would call the cops saying a murder had occurred.
   “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you!!! You’re the best Sam!” she hopped in the car and started it up.
   “Hold on, missy.” I walked over to the car, “You don’t even have your permit yet.” She looked at me with puppy dog eyes.
   “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. We can start first thing in the morning.” I said killing the engine.
   “Yay! Thank you so much, Sam!” she hugged his neck and went back inside to eat cake. After she had gone in the house, I went to Sam with the car keys in my hand.
   “You didn’t have to buy her a new car.” Sam had known I had been running just $1000 short to buy her the car she wanted.
   “I know, but you told me you were worried about not having enough money in time, so I thought I would buy it for her.”
   “I have to pay you back.” I started to reach for my checkbook.
   “Save your money.”
   “Then how can I repay you?”
   He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him, then grabbed the underside of my face and kissed me, this kiss, unlike all the others in my life, felt special. I felt it meant something and wasn’t just to be wasted away, but cherished for its marvelous timing and unexpected arrival.
   “That’s how. I had never known a woman to go so long without even wanting to be kissed.” He told me. I felt kind of ashamed for withdrawing him.
   “No no, it’s not a bad thing, on the contrary, I’ve been able to bond with you emotionally and mentally.” He kept holding onto me, “I love you.”
   I stood there, appalled at his statement, but I didn’t have to think about my answer, I knew I loved him. Yes, we bickered sometimes, but we had fun too, and he, after all, couldn’t be a better friend.
   “I love you too.” I placed my head on his chest and we hugged there for a while.
   In a few seconds though, we heard a shrill beeping from inside the house, I looked up at Sam who immediately let go of me and peered inside the house.
   “FIRE!” he yelled and ran inside.
   “Themis!” I raced after him.
   The kitchen had been engulfed in flames, smoke filled the room like gray clouds and the birthday cake had already started to burn to a crisp. I looked around the blinding fog for Themis and suddenly she appeared from the gray.
   “Mom! I don’t know what happened, but the stove just burst into flames!” she ran to me and I took her outside.
   We coughed to try to get the excess smoke out of our lungs. Then the fire department showed up, but by the time they went inside, the fire had surprisingly stopped. Sam emerged from the house coughing and covered in soot.
   I ran to him and hugged him as hard as I could manage.
   “I’m so glad you’re okay!” Themis ran to him as well and squeezed him tight.
   “I put out the fire.” he coughed.
   “Thank you so much!” I grabbed his neck and kissed him on the lips.
   The firefighters emerged and explained that it had been a gas leak that caused the fire, it could have happened to anybody.
   “Thanks to this young man, though, your house is safe.” He patted Sam on the back and they drove off on the truck.
   I knew I would have to do better if an emergency like that happened again, what if it had been a burglar or a murderer, Themis could have gotten hurt. I knew I couldn’t live out the rest of my days rebelling against everyone and only trying to do the best for myself. I would have to step up to the plate and take responsibility, for the sake of my child’s life.

Number of Traits Changed: 5/5
Trait Transformation:
Party Animal --> Family-Oriented
Heavy Sleeper --> Nurturing
Flirty --> Natural Cook
Good Kisser --> Neat
Rebellious --> Brave

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I think it's cool how her traits change depending on what happens in the update/Chapter. It adds to the story that she has become its new person with Family more in mind. Nice update, glad everyone was okay!


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I'm glad everyone is ok, I hope she marries Sam soon.

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Chapter Twenty-One: The Conclusion
   After we settled down from the house fire, Sam and I talked over some coffee at the kitchen table.
   “It’s a good thing I was here.” He told me.
   “Yeah, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t put out the fire.” I had been so relieved that Sam made it out, but also Themis.
   “It makes me worried to leave you here alone all the time.”
   “Do you think you’d want to move in with me?” It wasn’t as if I hadn’t considered asking him to move in, after all, we had been dating for 3 years.
   “I think so…” he looked up at me and I nodded my head.
   Sam, Themis, and I headed over to his place to pick up his things. He sold the run-down trailer and everything in it, except for his Sloppy Jaloppy car and Sasha, who we built a fence for in the backyard. We bought a fancy blue doghouse, two pet bowls, some toys, and a ball. We also put a shady tree and some landscaping in one corner of the fence so she could bask in the sun.
   “Thanks, Rex.” He said as we rearranged some things in the house to make him feel welcome.
   “It’s no big deal.” I smiled.

   A couple of days went by, Themis signed up for the debate club and sports club. Her school went on quite a few field trips during her high school year, but she didn’t mind, she enjoyed being able to learn about the different places in town. She did very well in high school and studied often.
   Sam joined the military, as he wanted to when we first met. He also celebrated his adulthood birthday, being just a few years younger than me. He wrapped his arms around me one morning from behind.
   “We should go out on a date, like old times.” He said turning me around.
   “That sounds nice.”
   “I was thinking we could go to that fancy bistro near the grocery store.”
   “Isn’t that place really expensive though?” I asked grabbing my purse.
   “Yeah, but don’t worry, I’ve been putting money aside so we could go.” He smiled and we both put on our best clothes and headed to the Little Corsican Bistro. The meal, though expensive, couldn’t have tasted more exquisite. We headed down to the movie theater in the evening and saw a new action movie, the special effects were outstanding and the plot even more awesome.
   “That was fun. It’s been a while since we’ve had the evening to ourselves.” I said as we held hands and headed to the park.
   “I got you something too.” Sam pulled out some white roses from behind his back.
   “Oh, Sam, they’re lovely. Thank you.” When I finished smelling them, Sam had gotten down on one knee and presented a clear diamond ring.
   “Will you marry me, Rex Rocker?” he smiled up at me.
   “Oh my, yes, yes! Yes of course!” he slipped the golden band with the small rock on my finger and hugged me.
   That night, I slept peacefully. I hadn’t seen Parker, I hadn’t seen Stiles, and my boys were doing great on their own. The next morning, Sam and I awoke and I bought a wedding dress and set up the New Beginnings wedding arch behind the house with plenty of chairs, a table which we put the wedding cake, some scenery, and a stereo for some classical music.
   I invited my children and co-workers, except for Stiles, and some of our friends. We also bought a banquet table and some wedding bands. The wedding started at 9AM, and most of the guests arrived, with a few extras.
   I got married under the heart shaped wedding arch to Sam Cool that day, and as he placed the wedding band upon my finger, I knew all my troubles were finally over. There would be no more tragedies, there would be no more heartache, and there would be no more drama. I put the ring on his finger and I looked into his beautiful deep blue eyes, I couldn’t see anyone that I’d rather be with. We kissed and right then and forever on, I would be known as Rex Cool.
   My self felt at peace and I knew Chris’ spirit would rest in peace too.

   Themis graduated high school and became a successful forensics analysis. Sam and I had 5 children together: 3 boys and 2 girls; Cronus, who would father many children after we were gone, Hermes, who aspired to become a superstar athlete, Aristaeus, who became a successful zoologist. The girls were Artemis who dreamed of becoming an animal rescuer, and Hestia who became a master chef at the bistro.
   Sam and I grew old together in that house that Chris and I had built. I became a famous rock star as I had once dreamed so long ago and Sam became an astronaut in the military. We had many grandchildren and many great grandchildren so the Cool name would live on through Sunset Valley, but now as I write this, I am old and frail, and seeing my last days. Sam has passed on, and soon I will follow…
   I loved my children to the best of my abilities and they grew to be successful and prosperous, Sam often told me what a great wife I had been, a wonderful friend, but most importantly, I had been the perfect mother. If I had the chance to go back in time and change one thing, I wouldn’t. My life had been fulfilled and I knew no other happiness in my life, except the life with my wonderful husband and amazing children…
Ares shut the diary.
   “And that, my children, is the story of your grandmother.” Ares rose from his rocking chair.
   “One more time, Dad, please!” his daughter begged.
   “Maybe tomorrow night, you’ve got school in the morning,” he kissed her forehead, “I love you.”


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Aww! It's over! I enjoyed reading this story. It is so cool how it was a story being told ;D

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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I've started a new story called Ares Rocker: A Search for Beginnings.


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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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What a lovely ending! I enjoyed your story very much and will read the one about Ares. :)

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Re: Rex Rocker: A Rockin' Mom
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Thanks! I'm glad you all enjoyed my story.