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A Gothic Legacy
« on: June 16, 2012, 01:44:45 PM »

A Gothic Legacy

Years before the Goth family settled in Pleasantview and Moonlight Falls, they lived in Sunset Valley

Family Tree


Chapter One: Cornelia & Co.
Chapter Two: Random Romance and Bad Influences
Chapter 3: Unwanted In-Laws, First Wives, and Karma. Ouch!
Chapter 4: Aliens, Rotting Psyches, and Shamu. Gross.
Chapter 5: Dysfunction
Chapter 6: Space, Opportunity, and Family Gatherings
Chapter 7: Aging Up & Stuffed Houses
Chapter 8: A Wedding, A Break-up, an Old Flame
Chapter 9: How about Never
Chapter 10: The Bachelorette & The Gambler
Chapter 11: Oogie Oogie Oo
Chapter 12: Every day is Halloween
Chapter 13: The Devil and Frankenstein. I want Mummy
Chapter 14: Family Tragedy
Chapter 15: Baby One More Time
Chapter 16: All is Revealed
Chapter 17: Family Time
Chapter 18: Rumors of life with the Goths
Chapter 19: Forever Young
Chapter 20: The Empire Strikes Out at Everyone
Chapter 21: The Watering
Chapter 22: Hunger Games
Chapter 23: Val's Perdition
Chapter 24: Mother Dearest
Chapter 25: Planning for Nothing
Chapter 26: Party Hearty
Chapter 27: Eris' Big Day
Chapter 28: Reputation and Insubordination
Chapter 29: Beloved Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 30: Break-up, Make-up, Break-up, Hook-up [Part One]
Chapter 31: Break-up, Make-up, Break-up, Hook-up [Part Two]
Chapter 32: Retribution
Chapter 33: Soulmates
Chapter 34: Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night
Chapter 35: Toil and Trouble
Chapter 36: Maybe Baby
Chapter 37: Inappropriate
Chapter 38: Ash's Origins
Chapter 39: The Tides are Changing
Chapter 40: A Birthday and a Dumb Funeral
Chapter 41: A Family Reunion and New Alliances
Chapter 42: Mother Sees All
Chapter 43: A Wedding and Another Funeral
Chapter 44: The Last Wedding in Sunset Valley
Chapter 45: A New Town
Chapter 46: The Order of Chalice
Chapter 47: The First Wedding
Chapter 48: The Need for Foes
Chapter 49: Settling In
Chapter 50: One Day Closer
Chapter 51: Sarge's Secrets
Chapter 52: Amy is Suspicious
Chapter 53: Busted!
Chapter 54: My One True Love
Chapter 55: Wild Child
Chapter 56: The Making
Chapter 57: Raven Makes Examples
Chapter 58: The World Needs Love
Chapter 59: Luna Goth is Freed
Chapter 60: Juiced Up
Chapter 61: Wedded Bliss and Double Birth
Chapter 62: A Day at the Park, Goth Style
Chapter 63: More Birthdays and Bar room Brawls
Chapter 64: Advice from Raven
Chapter 65: Harlequin & Trivelino: Part I, Aging Up
Chapter 66: Harlequin & Trivelino: Part II, The Clown Gang
Chapter 67: Nyx and her Monsters
Chapter 68: Double Trouble
Chapter 69: Jodie Breaks Free, Part I
Chapter 70: Jodie Breaks Free, Part II
Chapter 71: Welcome Back Goths!!
Chapter 72: Reemergence of the Clown Gang
Chapter 73: It's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot
Chapter 74: Social Dysfunction
Chapter 75: Love and Other Politically Incorrect Ramblings
Chapter 76: Saw VII, VIII, IX, and X
Chapter 77: Fast and Furious
Chapter 78: Love Child
Chapter 79: The Goth Women
Chapter 80: A Secret Love
Chapter 81: The Last Wedding in Twinbrook
Chapter 666: William and Raven: A Mini Update
Chapter 82: Buh-Bye Twinbrook
Chapter 83: Welcome to Goth Tower
Chapter 84: Top Dog
Chapter 85: Raven Meets the Queen
Chapter 86: Crossing Bridges
Chapter 87: Learning to Share
Chapter 88: Unhappy Home
Chapter 89: Double Cross
Chapter 90: Phase One
Chapter 91: Phase Two
Chapter 92: Phase Three
Chapter 93: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Chapter 94: Smugglers' Cove
Chapter 95: Bad Eats
Chapter 96: Winx
Chapter 97: Call of the Wolf
Chapter 98: Jealousy
Chapter 99: The Sacking of Solanine Goth
Chapter 100: Misuse of Magic
Chapter 101: Victory
Chapter 102: Bride Switch
Chapter 103: Alliances
Chapter 104: Love Isosceles
Chapter 105: Unrequited Obsession
Chapter 106: Tension in the Tower
Chapter 107: Welcome to Our Wacky Life
Chapter 108: Plot as thick as a Pancake
Chapter 109: A Wedding, A Funeral, and True Love
Chapter 110: Love Always Dies in Raven's House
Chapter 111: Chastity's Veni, Vidi, Vici
Chapter 112: Still Running the Show
Chapter 113: Raven Wants Answers
Chapter 666²: Welcome Home, Mr. Brooks
Chapter 114: Interlude
Chapter 115:Rosemary’s Damian’s Baby
Chapter 116: The Breaking of Vladimir Schlick
Chapter 117: Pizza Face and Turncoat
Chapter 118:Dum-dum-da-dum…as in Dumb, dumb, da, dumb
Chapter 119: Death Penalty: Unum
Chapter 120: Requiem
Chapter 121: Hello Mother
Chapter 122:Death Penalty: Duo
Chapter 123: Makeovers: Colt-Style
Chapter 124: Her Progeny
Chapter 125: Death Penalty: Tribus
Chapter 126: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Chapter127: The Mrs. Goth (nee Hemlock)
Chapter 128: Something Goes As Planned
Chapter 129: Colt’s Return
Chapter 130:The Angel and the Crow
Chapter 131: Grigori Goes Rogue
Chapter 132: Who’s Your Granny?
Chapter 133: Never Met A Girl Like You
Chapter 134:A Puking, One Birth, A Birthday, Two Impending Funerals, and a Wedding
Chapter 135:Loved Not Wisely But Too Well
Chapter 136: Double-cross
Chapter 137: Grigori Gets Married
Chapter 138: The Picture of a Loving Family
Chapter 139: Life Without Hemlock
Chapter 140: Disturbance
Chapter 141: Torment
Emergency Broadcast: Extra, Extra, Read All About It
Chapter 142: Desdemona Goth
Chapter 143: Changing Tides
Chapter 144: Fight for the Future
Chapter 145: Turbulence at the Tower
Chapter 146: As Long As I Have You
Chapter 147: A New Perspective
Chapter 148: Deceit
Chapter 149: Freedom
Chapter 150: It Hurts
Chapter 151: Before I Do
Chapter 152: Ego
Chapter 153: Revelations
Chapter 154: A New Hope
Chapter 155: The Monster in Morfran: Act I
Chapter 156: The Monster in Morfran: Act II
Chapter 157: The Monster in Morfran: Act III
Chapter 158: The Monster in Morfran: Act IV
Chapter 159: The Monster in Morfran: Act V
Chapter 159: The Monster in Morfran: Act VI
Chapter 160: Bambi’s Triumph: Part I
Chapter 161: Bambi’s Triumph: Part II
Chapter 161: Bambi’s Triumph: Part III
Chapter 162: Raven Breaks
Chapter 163: The Next Generation: Part I
Chapter 164: The Next Generation: Part II
Chapter 165: May I Have Your Hand
Chapter 166: Waste Is A Sin
Chapter 167: Gothiness & Deathrays
Chapter 168: The Grim's Truth
Chapter169: Not Again
Chapter 170: No Parents Allowed
Chapter 171: No Longer In Denial
Chapter 172: The End is Nigh: Part 1
Chapter 173: The End is Nigh: Part 2
Chapter 175: GOTHPOCALYPSE: Continued
Chapter 176: Welcome To The Land of Myth and Legend
Chapter 177: Another Goth Gang
Chapter 178: Quest, Part One
Chapter 179: Quest, Part Two
Chapter 180: Quest, Ends Here
Chapter 181: The Art of War
Chapter 182: Tour of Chateau Du Gothgraab
Chapter 183: Most Gruesome Goth Gathering: Part 1
Chapter 184: Most Gruesome Goth Gathering: Part 2
Chapter 185: A Jaunt to the Park
Chapter 186: Fintan’s Fairy
Chapter 187: A Grim Decision
Chapter 188: Lessons for the Girls
Chapter 189: It’s a Mystery
Chapter 190: The Fairy Plot
Chapter 191: Fintan’s Duplicity
Chapter 192: Getting to Know You
Chapter 193: A Family Full Circle
Chapter 194: Wedding Woes
The Lost Files: Volume 1
Chapter 195: Universal Dislike
Chapter 196: Ninja Granny
Chapter 197: Unnatural Dealings at Chateau Du Gothgraab
Chapter 198: The Hellequin
Chapter 199: Goths go to University
Chapter 200: Settling into University
Chapter 201: Peeping Thomasina
Chapter 202: This Is How It's Gonna Be
Chapter 203: Twin vs. Twin
Chapter 204: Mairead Gets her Man
Chapter 205: The Spider's Web
Chapter 206: Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice to Deceive
Chapter 207: Trashy Endings
Chapter 208: A Gray Day and an Even Blacker Purpose
Chapter 209: The Second Crow
Chapter 210: From Moonlight Falls
Chapter 211: The Order of Chalice: 2
Chapter 212: The Order of Chalice: 3
Chapter 213: *twitch* Genies *twitch*
Chapter 214: The Clown Gang's Newest and Bestest Members[
Chapter 215: Mairead and Lavar, Wed At Last
Chapter 216: Sacrifices
Chapter 217: The Descent, The Ascent
Chapter 218: Cerdic, Among Others
Chapter 219: Ringing in Fintan
Chapter 220: In the Fairy Glade: Part 1
Chapter 221: In the Fairy Glade: Part 2
Chapter 222: In the Fairy Glade: Part 3
Chapter 223: In the Fairy Glade: Part 4
Chapter 224: Time Traveler
Chapter 225: Time Traveler: Prologue
Chapter 226: Time Traveler: Act 1
Chapter 227: Time Traveler: Act 2
Chapter 228: Time Traveler: Act 3
Chapter 229: Time Traveler: Act 4
Chapter 230: Time Traveler: Act 5
Chapter 231: Time Traveler: The Final Act
Chapter 232: The Fun With Fintan
Chapter 233: More Fun With Fintan
Chapter 234: Fintan Flips

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2012, 02:19:48 PM »
Chapter One: Cornelia & Co.

This is Cornelia Goth. I consider her the founder because she’s really the one in control. Gunther’s only around because no one else will put up with him.

This is Cornelia and Gunther’s son Mortimer. Mortimer has a bad attitude, but he’s an artist so it kinda goes with the territory. He’s also got a crush on his little weird lipped friend Bella.

Daddy Goth, Gunther. His lifetime wish is to be a Renaissance sim. But this guy can’t seem to stick with one thing long enough, so it might as well be Jack of All Trades. No worries. He quit his job when Dolls took over.

Aunt Agnes. Agnes the Hagness, that is. We’ll be seeing a lot of Ms. Crumplebottom.

Cornelia thinks it’s a good idea for little sis to move in. It’s just not healthy for her to continue to live in a half decorated house, on unemployment, with a tombstone of her dead boyfriend on the lot.

Agnes thinks Cornelia should butt out. After all, her son has issues, which we’ll get to momentarily. But, in the end, Cornelia was able to talk Agnes down and she agreed to live at Goth Manor.

Makeover time!

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2012, 02:45:59 PM »
Chapter Two: Random Romance and Bad Influences

Cornelia is no longer an Angsty Emo Chick. Less Wednesday Addams, more Morticia, I think.


What? Where did the Hagness go?
Aggie: “Take that Metro”

-Don't forget-

Guther, you might have options now.

And onward we go…

Agnes, you might want to rethink this. You have no idea.

*Smacks head and considers taking free will away* I swear, she doesn’t even know him!

Well, she does now. In a biblical sense. Hey, sometimes you have to go along with Story Progression.


This is only one of Mortimer’s issues. How unkind of Agnes to throw it in Cornelia’s face.

This little girl is the other. Mortimer tends to skip school and hang out with her at the park. I have no idea how he got his homework assignment if he ditched school. And why does her brother resemble a guppy in this pic?

Cornelia, this is where the §100 bubble bath you bought at the store went. Mort’s out of control. Intervention anyone?

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A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2012, 03:08:51 PM »
Oh, yay! This is my dream story! I always wanted to know more about the Goths. Great tie-in to the upcoming supernatural thingy. Can't wait to read more.

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2012, 03:13:10 PM »
Looks Amazing love the makeovers
" With great power, comes great responsibility"

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2012, 03:25:32 PM »
Oh, yay! This is my dream story! I always wanted to know more about the Goths. Great tie-in to the upcoming supernatural thingy. Can't wait to read more.

Thank you. Didn't expect many comments so soon. I'm going to work hard to keep the story going. I've taken to saving my own save game backups to combat patches. I cannot wait for SN in September and who better to start Moonlight Falls with than a Goth. I hope they have a Goth relative in town.

Looks Amazing love the makeovers

I've always thought Agnes and Cornelia were lookers. They just needed some help and with makeup, less is more.


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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2012, 04:19:01 PM »
Very interesting story! They look amazing after the makeovers. ;D

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #7 on: June 18, 2012, 01:09:27 AM »
Chapter 3:Unwanted In-Laws, First Wives, and Karma. Ouch!

Gunther- “Cornelia! Why is your sister still here?”
Agnes- “I can hear you, you know.”

-In other news-

Cornelia- “Omigosh! A baby! Who’s the father?”
Agnes- “Awww shucks. I forgot to ask!”

Agnes- “Omigosh! A baby! Gunther’s the father!
Cornelia- “Awww shucks. Don’t remind me!”

Gunther keeps an eagle eye on these two. Mortimer’s grades started to slip after hanging with this Bella. There’s no way Mort would be up to no good on his own. So far so good.

-Mortimer slipped away after he finished his geometry-
-Of course, Bella went looking for him…er…him-

“Oh, no he didn’t.”

“Oh. Yes. I. Did.”

Agnes- *Yelp* “A g-g-ghost!”
Gunther- *snidely* “Yeah, and you haven’t seen any of those around before. How long’ve you been here now? What’s that? Too long?”  *turns head to look over at Lolita*
Cornelia- “If you even think about looking at her, I’ll slap you into the middle of next century.”
Gunther- “I have no idea what you’re talking about, dear. Whose dead, hot, young first wife is standing next to him? I don’t know the guy.”

Agnes- “My Water Broke!”
Cornelia- “Arghhh! See what you did First Wife?? I would ban you from the property if Old Smelly Victor hadn’t left it in his will to leave you here!
Gunther- “Not the time, dear.”
Cornelia- “Shut it, Gunther! Agnes, just huff and puff—I promise you won’t blow the house down. I’ll be upstairs lecturing the Man-Beast.”

And so, Aggie, as always, did it alone. Welcome to the world Shapely Crumplebottom!!!

-Karma is a witch, isn’t it?-

Agnes- “Cornelia, just huff and puff—I promise you won’t wake Gunther up. I’ll be upstairs putting the baby down.”

And so, Cornelia did it alone, with the Man Beast lying a foot away undisturbed. Welcome to the world Raven Goth!!!


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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #8 on: June 18, 2012, 01:31:38 AM »
Ehmm *clears throat to speak*
I am in love with your story. That is all. 8)

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #9 on: June 18, 2012, 02:08:27 AM »
*This is a long one, but the last for a few days.

Chapter 4:Aliens, Rotting Psyches, and Shamu. Gross.

Those women’s organizations lie when they say being a single mother is rewarding, at least in Agnes’ estimation.

Guther- “Do you forgive me for being a Man Beast and missing our daughter’s birth?”
Cornelia- “I guess—hey, no flirting.”

Cornelia- *Cooing* “She looks just like me!”

Agnes- *Cooing* “Your father was an alien. He’s gone back to his planet. You have no choice but to look like me.”

-Ah, busy moms need a break every now and again-

Cornelia- “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody—how many times was that? Grrr. Bloody Mary, Bl…”

Gunther ages up in the bathroom where he’s upgrading the plumbing. Mortimer just laughs at him and thinks…
“Wow, Dad, you’re gonna die soon.”

Another milestone alone. Happy B-day Aggie.

Cornelia got invited to the deadest party in history. She took time away from two screaming nooboos, a grouchy sister, a cross-dressing son, and the Man Beast to do what?

Yell at Vita for wasting her time of course!

Cornelia- “Nice time, Vita. NOT!! Party SUCKS dude!”

Shapely aged up nicely. She does seem to favor Agnes and not the Jared—um alien.

Raven aged up and enjoys every moment of everyone’s suffering.

Mort aged up next.

-After a quick trip to Hot Topic-

Art is his eternal, restless, black soul. His place of misery; his hot, sticky, rotting psyche.
Is that deep enough for ya, Mort? You artist types…

-Someone isn’t enamored by his hot, sticky, rotting—whatever-

Simis- “Young Man, you just look strange…and vile…and…etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.”
Mortimer- *Note 2 Self* “Bella’s dad is such a freak.”

Mortimer- “Your dad just weirded out on me.”
Bella- “Yeah. No surprise there. God, he’s so gross. I hate my life.”
Mortimer- “Me too. Wanna go out?”
Bella- “Nah, Arlo’ll kill us.”
Mortimer- “But I thought you hated life…? Nevermind. Bought you something.”

-But for Bella, there was just something about Mortimer’s hot, sticky, rotting psyche-

Mortimer- “Mmmm. What. Mmmm. ‘Bout. Mmmm. Arlo? Mmmm.”
Bella- “Arlo’s. Mmmm. So. Mmmm. Gross. Mmmm.”

Gunther- “Hey break it up you two. So, young lady, what are your goals for life?”
Bella- “What? Mortimer, your dad’s so gross. God. Who does this?”


Motherhood is a good look for Cornelia. Calm, Cool, and Collected, the baby senses her inner ch’i.

Motherhood. Not so good for Agnes. Frazzled, Dazzled, and Razzled, the baby’s hoping someone comes along and rescues her from mommy and any voices mommy might be hearing.

Growing up is not hard to do. Happy B-day Cornelia.

Get up Prudence. Have some respect for yourself.

If the babysitter fries one. more. fritter. I know something.

Prom! Mortimer and Bella are going steady now.

And Bella’s mother isn’t taking it well apparently. Why is she in the house at 1:30 AM? Who let her in? I didn’t. This is not a FAIL. This is just weird. And gross.

Good one, Grandma Prue.

Agnes- “If you’re so sleepy leave! No one let you in here anyway.”
Jocasta- *Note 2 Self* Never accept food from a Goth. They keep a nasty kitchen. Gross.

Agnes- “That’s right, girlfriend. Keep sleeping. Hey kids! SeaWorld just dropped off Shamu! Bring me a bucket of water!”

Happy B-day Shapely!

Happy B-day Raven!

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #10 on: June 18, 2012, 02:12:57 AM »
Very interesting story! They look amazing after the makeovers. ;D

Thank you so much. I like making over townies. Some of them aren't too bad. Erra, excepting Twinbrook. There's nothing a makeover station can do for them.

Ehmm *clears throat to speak*
I am in love with your story. That is all. 8)

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the feedback. But the Goths and all their quirkiness give you so much material that you hardly have to make anything up ;D

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #11 on: June 18, 2012, 02:29:42 AM »
This is really brilliant! :D

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #12 on: June 18, 2012, 10:13:05 AM »
This is really brilliant! :D

Thank you, Fez. Best part? Its fun to do...In real life, I'm what the Normals would call a Weirdo ;)

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Re: A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #13 on: June 18, 2012, 10:47:08 AM »
I'm what the Normals would call a Weirdo ;)
Eh, I say being normal is boring. ;) anyway love the story.

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A Gothic Legacy
« Reply #14 on: June 18, 2012, 11:48:25 AM »
Good luck with Mortimer. In my game he was difficult to play. I think he must have a hidden trait of evil or rebellious...LOL  He spent most of his teen years grounded ;)