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Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty - Graveyard
« on: August 03, 2012, 05:00:12 PM »
Let me introduce you to a family called the Kaleidoscopes. Here is their story, their trials and adventures, their attempts and failures, their loves and their heartbreaks.

It all started with a young woman who decided she wanted to be immortal. She was a cheerful, happy young woman, and she loved life so much that she wanted it never to end. But she didn't want to be alone, so she decided she would make her children immortal as well.

This family had certain things in common: they chose to see the good over the bad, they never gave up even when things got bad, and whenever they saw a glass halfway full with water they always drank it, because it's important to stay hydrated!

I give you... the Kaleidoscopes.

Generation 1: Bouncy Kaleidoscope

Generation 2: Joyous Kaleidoscope

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2012, 05:29:09 PM »
Generation 1: Bouncy Kaleidoscope

Young Adult

Chapter 1: All You Need is Love
Chapter 2: Another Girl
Chapter 3: Hard Day's Night
Chapter 4: I Want to Hold Your Hand
Chapter 5: Something in the Way She Moves
Chapter 6: A Day in the Life

  Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian, Snob, Charismatic, Artistic
  LTW: Fashion Phenomenon
  Career: Stylist ( level 9 )
  SuperMax Skill: Painting ( level 8 )
✓Building: Brunton's Boxcar Diner
✓Property: Elkhorn Fishing Park
  LTR: Discount Diner, Collection Helper
  Best Friends: Dilly Pidgin, Joyous Kaleidoscope, Shark Racket, Marc Brandt
  BlackOps: Charismatic Cash, Tough Negotiating, Looking for a Friend
  Portraits: Young Adult, Adult
  Sculptures: Adult

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2012, 05:42:50 PM »
Yay for starting a immortal dynasty! :D
Bouncy is so pretty, her name suits her. I can't wait for more!

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2012, 07:23:14 PM »
Chapter 1: All You Need Is Love

Hello, my name is Bouncy Kaleidoscope, and I'm going to be immortal! YAY! Sorry. I swear; Excitable is my hidden trait.

Okay, so, first things first: I moved to Twinbrook and bought the biggest lot I could get, because we're going to have such a HUGE house when we get rich! I mean, we're going to live forever, so getting rich is kind of a given. Eight immortals in one house for the rest of eternity? We're going to need a nice house, and lots of entertainment.

For the moment, there was nothing at all on my empty, empty lot! I decided to save up my money until I could build an actual house. After all, there's a fire station in town, and they have beds and showers and everything! Even a trampoline! Whee! Sorry.

Well, first of all I went around town and met a few of my neighbors. I became friends with Dilly Pidgin. She's great! She's a vegetarian, artistic, and charismatic just like me, plus we both like hot pink! I spent the first day just settling in, and then applied for a job at the salon. Fashion world, beware! Here I come!

Um... yeah. The first day was pretty uneventful. I worked on my charisma in the bathroom a little on my down time.

Sleeping in the fire station was okay for the most part. The food wasn't the best, and I regretted that there weren't any handsome fire fighters to show off my nightgown to!

I had fun sliding down to breakfast in the mornings. Yipee!

Finally I decided it was time to meet a man! I went to the park to see what I could see-see-see... but all that I could see-see-see was this one guy, and he seemed great at first; he was even an angler! But he was married, and Family-Oriented, and I decided I didn't want to start off my dynasty as a home wrecker.

Where to meet cute guys?! Come on, I know you're out there! I looked across the street and noticed that the restaurant was open and pretty busy. Aha! I said to myself, and went over to see what I could see-see... yeah, you know the rest.

So anyway, I walked over and bam! There was a super-ultra-mega hot guy just sitting there! Why are you just sitting there, hot guy? What's your sign? Are you single? What's your favorite color?

We got along great. We were both artistic, and he had a job, was single, and was also a genius, handy, perfectionist, and... with commitment issues. I sort of did this thing where you totally forget what you just learned and moved on to another topic.

The sun set and we were surrounded by a candle-lit, romantic atmosphere that was completely infectious. And there. We shared our first kiss.

Marc Brandt (did I not mention his name?) called me the next day at work. I had tons of customers, and I shouldn't have answered, but I did and we talked for several hours. It was so nice to talk to him!

My job was going great, by the way. Other than the occasional phone call interruption, I was rapidly rising in the ranks. My favorite customers were kids. They're so cute! I loved giving them makeovers.

One night I invited Marc to dinner at the same place where we'd first met. I couldn't stand not seeing him anymore! He looked so handsome in his military uniform. He told me he hated his job, though. Since I never had any trouble getting him on the phone, I didn't think he even went to work very often.

As usual, there was this unbearably romantic atmosphere. We were in a little secluded spot, away from the bustle of the other customers, and it was a clear and beautiful night.

Marc and I just fit together, I knew it. He was meant to be the father of my children, the co-founder of my dynasty! I asked him to be my boyfriend, and he said yes. It was so perfect.

But then something happened. The ambiance got to me, or maybe it was his manly odor or something. In any case, next thing you knew, I was down on my knees, holding out an engagement ring.

I did that forgetting thing really well. I forgot he had commitment issues.

I knelt there as he explained why he couldn't marry me, and I dejectedly got to my feet. Bzzt! Strike one for Bouncy Kaleidoscope!

The rejection stung, and I brooded for a few hours. But after a good night's rest and a nice hot shower I reconsidered. We didn't have to get married for him to be my co-founder.

Sure, I was one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding, especially her wedding to this guy, this great guy... but did I really want to hunt around for someone else who would marry me? Did I want to break up with Marc? I knew he was the one for me. No, we couldn't get married... but we could still move in together and start a family.

When I asked Marc, he barely hesitated. Of course he'd move in with me! I was so happy. He had 6,200 simoleons saved up, and I had a little over 4,000, so between the two of us we had enough to build a little house with the necessary items, including a fridge and stove that were actually not half bad, a great bed, an easel for Marc and a draft table for me.

Naturally, I picked out the colors. Marc was a little skeptic about it at first, but he gradually warmed up to the craziness.

Marc quit his job with the military and registered as a self-employed painter. I was so happy knowing my kids would have a stay-at-home dad, especially since my job took me all around town! And boy, was I glad that I had him around when stuff started breaking.

Still, a little part of me was disappointed that Marc had turned down my proposal. What was the difference, really? If we were going to live together, why couldn't he just ease off with his issues for a little while and let me have my happy day?

My wants-to-get-married syndrome was especially notable when I designed wedding outfits for clients. Phoenix Prudence looked so good in a tux! I wanted to dress Marc up for his wedding day! (I'd picked out my wedding dress when I was about nine.)

Anyway, despite that small disagreement, things were good in the Kaleidoscope household. Not long after Marc moved in, we were having breakfast together, and halfway through the meal we both started to feel funny. Two hours later, I was throwing up. Marc called me to tell me he'd been sick, too, so there were no mysteries as to why my stomach was upset.

But later that day, when I was with a client no less, I felt nauseous again, and had to run to the bathroom before I wasted all my hard work! I didn't think it was the food this time.

That night I knew for sure. I was preggers!

I had four days off on maternity leave. Marc was busy painting, but Dilly came over to keep me company. She was so excited when she heard the news! We had fun imitating celebrities together.

I was so happy that my house was full of people. The fire station was great for starting out, but nothing beats spending an evening with the people you care about most. (One of those people was kind of with me all day, but not the best conversationalist.)

I took the opportunity to raise my painting skill and work on designs. Marc continued to paint. He hadn't sold any of his paintings yet, since money wasn't too tight for now. He was waiting for their value to go up. Plus, it was nice not to have bare walls.

Despite how busy we were, Marc and I always found time for each other.


I overreacted a little bit.

But Marc quickly took me to the hospital, and the labor was short. All the pain disappeared when the doctor handed me that beautiful little baby wrapped in a blue blanket!

And so the second generation heir to the dynasty was born: Joyous Kaleidoscope.

Thank you, lovesims! :)

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Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: All You Need Is Love
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2012, 07:33:28 PM »
I'm loving this! Great job!

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: All You Need Is Love
« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2012, 10:06:43 PM »
I love Bouncy! This is a great start so far.  :D
If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: All You Need Is Love
« Reply #6 on: August 04, 2012, 10:16:31 AM »
I love this Apples! Bouncy has such a fun personality and certainly an ... interesting choice of colours  ;D Can't wait for more and I bet Joyous will be a very cute toddler.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: All You Need Is Love
« Reply #7 on: August 04, 2012, 11:37:39 AM »
Thanks everyone! ;D

Chapter 2: Another Girl

We took Joyous home with us that night. We were so happy to have a new family member! We took very good care of him. In fact, we were a bit overprotective. After all, we were first-time parents!

Marc worked outside at his sculpting station most of the time. I had time off from work, so I took care of Joyous mostly. He was a sweet little baby.

One day I overheard Marc talking on the phone to Amy Bull. I knew her from the salon; I'd given her a makeover a few times, and she was one of the most knowledgeable about fashion of all my clients. I liked her, even though I didn't know her that well. Something was a little weird about the way Marc was acting on the phone with her, but I didn't pay much attention to it at the time.

Marc did find some time to spend with Joyous, even though he was so busy sculpting. I loved seeing them together.

I studied up on gardening while I was on leave, and started my very own garden! In no time at all we had fresh produce, which helped a lot since we were trying to save up money for the properties I needed to buy.

Things kept breaking, of course. I couldn't wait until we could get real sinks, toilets, and showers! Marc didn't have as much time now to fix things, so I started learning handiness, too. It was so much fun getting sprayed with dirty water that sprouted out of the broken sink! YIPPEE! No, honestly, sometimes it was like a water park in our house.

All too soon it was Joyous' first birthday! We didn't throw him a party because we were just too busy. Besides, babies and toddlers don't really enjoy parties that much.

Joyous looked so much like Marc! He had his hair and features, but he had my green eyes. I hoped those would get handed down throughout the generations! Because other than the eyes, Joyous didn't look much at all like me as a toddler.

I started teaching him his toddler skills, such as how to use this colorful little depository for stinky, mushy stuff. Gross? You bet! And I was the one who got to empty it out every day! (Don't pay attention to the dirty toilet, please! I was a bit overwhelmed, between Joyous duties and starting back to work and doing everything around the house and raising my painting and gardening and cooking skill and...! I think that's all. Whew.)

I spent my work hours going around town doing styling jobs for various clients. So many people needed so much styling! Fortunately, I was able to convince people like this that my services were required.

When I came home, I would often find Joyous crying in his crib. I didn't want to get angry with Marc, because he was working to complete requirements for my dynasty, and besides he was going to die and I was going to live forever, and you don't complain about people who're totally okay with that!

Honestly, Marc was great. He told me he'd probably get bored living forever, and besides what made life worth living was that it was finite. (Who uses that word in casual conversation?! I loved my genius boyfriend.) Obviously, I didn't agree with him. What made life worth living was LIFE! I LOVE LIFE!

Sorry. Anyway, he didn't just ignore Joyous or anything. When I gave out from exhaustion, or had something really important to do, or was cooking dinner, Marc would take care of him. They looked so much alike, I couldn't believe it. If it weren't for the fact that he had my exact same color of eyes, I would have thought Marc had cloned himself!

I was a totally mushy mom. Every time Joyous smiled, I melted. He was so active around the house, and always left his toys lying around, but I didn't mind.

Soon enough I discovered I'd made a critical error in where I'd planted my apple trees! Marc helped me move them. I love the outdoors, but I don't want the outdoors to get indoors, if you know what I mean. Everything in its place! EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE! I'm not a control freak, honestly. I just like things nice and proper.

Teaching Joyous to walk was a joyous affair!

I told Marc he wouldn't be able to make ice sculptures of me as a young adult. I had just a few days before my birthday, and he had over fifteen sculptures left to make before he learned how to keep them from melting. But bless his heart, he kept working at it anyway.

To be honest, I'm kind of sad my young adult self won't be immortalized in ice. I'll live forever, but I won't look this good! Still, there's always my portrait, and Marc was sure he'd be able to do a statue of me as an adult.

Motherhood was taking its toll on me, but my clients loved me and they would even let me take a nap on their porch after I finished styling them.

Guess who grew up into a hunk of a man? Shark Racket! I remember when he was an awkward teenager coming to the salon to get a tattoo. Now I kind of wished he was younger, and that I'd had a girl... you get where I'm going with this. Anyway, I was happy to give him an "angsty but stylish" makeover!

After his makeover we talked for a while. I learned that he was a Pisces, just like me! And I also heard some gossip...

I rushed home furiously and found Marc working on his ice sculpture. I couldn't believe what I'd found out, and on my birthday no less! I learned that Marc was a cheater. He'd started seeing Amy Bull two days before he started seeing me, and he hadn't told me. He hadn't even broken up with her.

I couldn't believe that this kind, wonderful man who'd agreed to be the father of my dynasty, who worked so hard to make my sculptures and paint my portraits, who'd dedicated his time and love to me, would do this to me. It just didn't make sense!

He tried to explain himself. He had been seeing Amy, but they weren't really that serious. It was just a fling, and when I'd come along he knew I was the one he wanted to be with. Blah, blah, blah! You were still seeing her!

He told me he hadn't seeing her. They'd just talked on the phone. Amy must have told someone they were still going out, because he'd been at our home all the time since he'd moved in with me. He just hadn't been able to ask her just to be friends with him. He hadn't had the time or the guts.

Well I'll give you guts! Ha-yah! Take that! And that!

Okay, I didn't beat up Marc. I don't have any martial arts skills. I accepted his apology and went inside. I needed to think about this. He'd obviously dedicated his life to me and Joyous since he'd moved in. But I was still mad at him. He should have told me! I shouldn't have had to hear it from Hunk Racket! Sorry, Shark Racket.

I went to bed that night even broodier than when Marc turned me down. This time I knew I wouldn't get over it so easily.

Still, when I woke with a start a few hours later and realized I was becoming an adult, I cheered for myself! Marc didn't come in, and it was a lonely birthday, but I wouldn't let anything ruin this important stepping-stone on the path to my dreams! Adulthood, here I come!


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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: Another Girl
« Reply #8 on: August 04, 2012, 12:44:59 PM »
Happy birthday Bouncy! Shame on Marc, he better brake up with Amy.
Joyous is such a cute name. Great update! ;D

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: Hard Day's Night
« Reply #9 on: August 11, 2012, 05:04:01 PM »
Chapter 3: Hard Day's Night

After the fiasco with Marc I sort of avoided him while I cooled down from my anger. I taught Joyous how to talk, and it was adorable. Except he looked so much like Marc, and I couldn't stop thinking about our problems.

We were saving up to buy my required properties, so we didn't want to spend money on another bed. That meant that Marc and I were taking turns sleeping, because neither one of us wanted to share a bed anymore. Except when nighttime rolled around, we were both exhausted. So Marc went to bed. And me? I MADE COFFEE. THIS IS A BAD IDEA. I AM ALREADY HYPER ENOUGH AS IT IS, IN CASE YOU HADN'T NOTICED. I WAS SO BUZZED!!!! I KEPT DOWNING CUP AFTER CUP OF COFFEE, AND I STAYED AWAKE FOR FORTY-EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT.


EXCEPT THEN MY BUZZ CRASHED ONE LAST TIME and no matter how much coffee I drank I could not get it going again. Fortunately by then Marc was up and I could go to sleep. Needless to say, I didn't go to work that day. A few customers were kind of upset, but it was nothing I couldn't deal with later. After sleep. I loved my bed...

Marc did a portrait for Joyous the next day. We still weren't talking, but we were civil to each other in front of Joyous. When no one was watching, though, I shed a few tears.

Joyous had his birthday soon afterward. He turned into a cute little child who looked even more like Marc.

We expanded the house a little to make him his own bedroom and put the crib away in storage. For now he didn't have anything in his bedroom other than his toybox and his bed, but the little sweetie didn't complain. We decorated the walls with some of my sketches and Marc's paintings, and he was pleased with that.

I eventually recovered from the pain of Marc's betrayal, but we hadn't handled it too well. Avoiding each other hadn't been the best choice. I didn't even try to re-establish communication between us. I marched out in the middle of cooking some pancakes and broke up with him.

Of course, I burnt the pancakes and started a fire.

Fortunately I was able to put it out. As I watched the flames go down, it hit me. I'd just broken up with the love of my life. I'd ignored him for three days and then just dumped him without letting him give any explanations.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm not the most logical and rational person. (Remember when I proposed to Marc, even though I knew he had commitment issues?) I follow my gut. My gut misled me this time, I was sure, but I didn't know how to fix it. So naturally, I did exactly what you'd expect of a great thinker like me.

I completely avoided the issue. And so time passed without us solving our problems.

Marc stayed with us, though. He loved Joyous, and he wanted to help me become immortal even though I hadn't been the best girlfriend to him. Cross that out. I was dumb as a doorknob. I see that now. But cut me some slack. I was young and silly.

Don't worry, though. This has a happy ending. Just not for a while.

The Conway family became good friends with us. Joyous was friends with Fidel, their son who was a bit older than him, and Marc was friends with his dad, Bart. Tammi, his mom, was kind of eccentric for me. Plus she walked in on me while I was taking a shower that one time. And I'm pretty sure she had some strange ability that allowed her to walk through solid objects, which was kind of disturbing.

And then Mr. Conway walked in on me, too. I was so embarrassed!

What a weird family. Of course, we're kind of weird, too. But I don't interrupt Joyous' studying by playing with toy rockets and lecturing him about vegetables!

After that initial makeover that introduced us, Shark and I became good friends. Best friends, in fact. It was a shame that he was unemployed, unmarried and living in that house full of... strange people, to put it lightly. Shark was nice, though, and nothing like his family. I asked him to move in with us, since I realized we were going to need some extra hands around the house.

Shark accepted! I was so happy to have a grown-up I could talk to around the house. Joyous was my pride-and-joy, naturally, but I did appreciate the adult company, since Marc and I weren't talking. Shark didn't have a girlfriend, but he was too good-looking to stay single for long. If he didn't get hitched soon I'd warm up the old matchmaking skills.

I also appreciated Shark moving in with us because... um... how to put this delicately? He had money, and I bought my building and property with the cash he provided. He didn't mind, though. I swear I'm not a gold-digger! I didn't pick him because he was rich. Shark was my dearest, best friend, regardless of his money. That was just a plus.

Marc worked so hard on my portraits. It made me kind of sad, actually. Several times I almost worked up the courage to go over and talk to him. But I didn't.

Since he was so busy doing his ice sculptures, I did Joyous' child portrait. Joyous didn't have much to do except do his homework and have fun. Fortunately he didn't guess that things were bad between Marc and me... I don't think. I let him enjoy his childhood, because soon the work to become an immortal would begin.

Marc had his elder birthday by himself, outside next to his sculpting station. I forgot all about it. I felt so bad afterward. After all, it was his last birthday.

Marc looked pretty good as an elder, after a makeover and a change of clothes. This was taken pre-makeover, when he was too busy sculpting to do anything else. Poor Marc, he was so upset when his first sculpture of Joyous broke.

Soon he did another one, and it was so adorable. Once Joyous would become an immortal he would live forever, and his childhood would be left far behind, but never forgotten thanks to Marc's beautiful statue and my portrait.

Love wasn't foreign to the Kaleidoscope household, though. Shark met a certain lady at the park after coming back from fishing all day (bless him). Her name was Cho Sonwhun, and they hit it off immediately, but they were both starving and exhausted, and didn't move past acquaintances that night.

The next day Shark invited her over to our house and made his move. That boy was such a charmer, and Cho couldn't say no.

She did, though. He asked her to be his girlfriend and found out in an unfortunate way that she had serious commitment issues. What was with members of this household falling in love with people with commitment issues?! I felt so sorry for Shark.

But Shark was not dissuaded as easily as I was, and he worked patiently and with determination to show Cho he could be a good reason for setting aside her issues. She fell head-over-heels in love with him, and he tried again, this time with a different question...

Yes. Cho said yes! I was so happy that we were finally going to have a wedding in our house. But at the same time that made me think about my relationship with Marc, and wonder if there wasn't something I could do about it.

I don't think I was the only one who wondered that same thing, because the very next day I saw out the window a certain Amy Bull approaching our property. Marc went out to meet her. I watched through narrowed eyes, hiding like the silly person I am. I could hear every word they were saying, thanks to the cheap material our house is built out of.

So I was able to overhear Marc asking her to just be friends with him. She was pretty cool with it, which I didn't expect after she's spread those rumors about Marc and her dating. She even wished him good luck getting me back, and Marc smiled.

I felt a flutter in my bouncy little heart. Marc wanted to get me back! He'd broken up with Amy Bull for me, even after how lousy I'd been! I decided I wouldn't make this hard for him. I had forever ahead of me, but he didn't. And what's the point of being immortal if you don't do everything you can to make life as beautiful as you can make it?

Thanks for reading! This post was catching you up to where I was in my game. I won't be able to play for a while for health reasons. Hopefully I can pick it up again soon! I'm so happy that the dynasty requirements are going so well. I was kind of nervous about this challenge (still am, but a little more confident now.) See you in a few weeks.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: Hard Day's Night
« Reply #10 on: August 11, 2012, 06:31:40 PM »
Wonderful update, Apples. You seen to be going well with your requirements, don't worry :)
Look after yourself first, and then after we can enjoy a new update from you  ;D

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: Hard Day's Night
« Reply #11 on: August 11, 2012, 07:13:39 PM »

Awesome start to your dynasty story! Bouncy is hilarious!

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: I Want to Hold Your Hand
« Reply #12 on: September 05, 2012, 07:44:17 PM »
Thank you Ilessthan3TheSims and Rhoxi! I'm back with more wacky Kaleidoscopic tales.

Chapter 4: I Want to Hold Your Hand

Marc and I spoke.

WE SPOKE. I couldn't believe it. We hadn't spoken more than a few words to each other since we broke up, but one day as I was passing by Marc's outdoor studio he called me over and WE EXCHANGED WORDS THAT WEREN'T NICETIES OR ANGRY SHOUTS. I really have to get myself under control here.

Anyway, yes, we talked, and it went well. At first it was a little awkward, obviously, but we quickly remembered why we'd liked each other so much back when we first met. It was so much fun to talk about our common interests and just enjoy ourselves. Talking to Marc had always been special, and I hadn't even realized how much I missed it until then.

That day we broke the ice, and little by little we started getting to know each other again. I couldn't believe how much time we'd allowed to pass. Marc was already an elder, and even though my life would be eternal, his wouldn't. I determined to make up for lost time.

Meanwhile Cho, who joined the family and immediately had her adult birthday, joined the sculptor career and began to chip away at blocks of various materials. And she also went and vomited in the toilet every now and then. I tried not to cheer, because vomiting is seriously not fun, but I was so excited because I was sure this meant we would have another little baby in the household!

My job was going very well. I got several requests for makeovers every day, and almost everyone liked them. I got to know almost everyone in town by zipping around in my trusty old taxi to give fashion advice.

Twinbrook sprawls out over a large area, so it took me quite a while to get from one end to the other, but we were saving up and couldn't buy a car to shorten the distances. Sometimes I had to adventure into mysterious, foggy places in order to find my clients. Crazy job, eh?

One night after everyone else had gone to sleep, Marc and I were talking outside, enjoying ourselves as usual. We were completely comfortable in each other's presence by then, and slowly things started heating up. Then Marc made the first move. I was so surprised!

But if that surprised me, then my jaw practically crashed into the ground when he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring! I couldn't believe it! Marc, commitment issues Marc, was proposing to me!

I asked him if he was sure. I didn't want him to commit if he didn't feel absolutely certain he wanted to. He told me that age had taught him the error of his ways or whatever and YES YES YES I WILL DEFINITELY MARRY YOU! The ring was so shiny. (I'm shallow.)

Shark, Cho, Marc and I decided that we would have a double wedding, to save on costs and because we were pretty busy most of the time. However, Cho was starting to show her pregnancy (YAY!) and she didn't fit into her dress, so we decided to put it off until after the birth.

It was then time for Joyous to become a teen! His childhood passed so quickly that I barely had time to enjoy it before it was past. He made straight As and enjoyed himself, which are the most important things. Sadly I didn't have time to throw him a party, because I worked every day from nine to seven, but the household celebrated.

Yikes! What happened to my little boy?

Fortunately things sorted themselves out after the sparkles faded. Joyous looked so much like his father. He even had the same blue tips on his hair, the same facial shape and features. The only thing he inherited from me were my green eyes, which you can't really see in this picture. Joyous looked up to his dad a lot, and had his hair cut the same way. He even decided to follow his father's footsteps and become a sculptor.

Cho's baby bump grew and grew! I have to confess I was a tiny little bit jealous, or maybe a little bit more than that. It had been so long since I'd carried Joyous, and I looked back on those days fondly. Shark was a wonderful father, and got to know his little one even before the birth.

Poor Marc had a small accident and ended up stuck halfway through the wall of the bathroom after repairing the shower for the millionth time.

Cho remained active during her pregnancy, sculpting and helping around the house. She had an opportunity to deliver an ice sculpture to the police station and was headed there in a taxi when she went into labor. The driver just left her in a parking lot! How rude.

Fortunately she was able to hail another taxi and come home. There was a bit of chaos when she arrived.

Shark tried to take her to the hospital, but Cho wouldn't hear of it. I was exhausted, and after a few hours I went to bed. The boys ate their dinner while Cho was over in the corner in labor. There was only so much hopping around and grabbing their hair in distress they could do.

Fortunately the birth was smooth and before midnight out popped little Gold Racket! He was brave and insane, which are two traits that would make him get along swimmingly with our household.

Gold got Joyous' old crib, which we put in the main room of the house. Apart from adding a room for Shark and Cho, we made no new expansions as we were saving up our money to buy properties and future investments. We all doted on Gold. Joyous' babyhood seemed so far away to me, and I was happy to be near another little one.

Shark was caught with the tenderest expression on his face while holding his little boy.

Cho was a natural mother. She loved to play with Gold and it made me so glad to see them both so happy.

Cho recovered her figure very quickly, but I wasn't off from work until Sunday, so the wedding had to wait. The yard of our house became an art studio for Marc, Cho, and Joyous, who worked on his sculpting whenever he wasn't doing homework.

Meanwhile Shark continued to fish. He was quite good at it for not being an angler, and quickly stocked up on alley catfish, which would later help him catch angelfish, which blah blah blah all this talk about fish makes me cross-eyed! Fish are slimy and gross and I'd rather have tofu any day, but what can I say. Ambrosia and everything, right?

We were finally able to fully update my property, Elkhorn Fishing Park. We didn't change it much, and only added some facilities, a few picnic tables, benches, and grills for picnics. It's a very pretty place, very spooky atmosphere, and we didn't want to ruin it by making too many additions. Let me say, though, those bathrooms were much nicer than the one in our house.

Shark told me a very touching story when we got home one night. He said he'd been reading some fishing books in the park when he had a tingling sensation on the back of his neck that could only signify one thing: an Enemy was nearby! He looked around and, sure enough, there was his sister Lolly. Well, this opportunity was not to be missed! She was just standing around facing the other way, it was dark... so Shark crept up behind her and gave her a scare!

Lolly wasn't amused, but she didn't seem as disgustingly evil and repellent as she had when they were teens. In fact, she'd grown into a nice young woman. Shark apologized for scaring her and asked her about her life. They got to talking about his son Gold, whom she hadn't even known existed. Shark hadn't had much contact with his family since he'd moved to my house.

Lolly was very happy for Shark and seemed anxious to meet Gold and Cho. Shark felt even worse for having scared her and for having lost touch with her and the rest of his family. He proposed a truce, and she accepted.

And so it was that Lolly was invited to the wedding, along with the rest of the Racket family. Yay! Everyone was reconciling! I was so happy when I heard the news.

And then I saw this, and my heart melted. I love Marc Brandt with all my soul. I couldn't wait to marry him.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty: I Want to Hold Your Hand
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Another great update; very sweet. After everything, Marc had better live long enough to walk down that isle!

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 5: Something in the Way She Moves
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Chapter 5: Something in the Way She Moves

The day of the wedding finally arrived. It was Sunday, the only day we were all off from school and work. We hadn't had any parties so far, and party animal Cho was very disappointed, so I decided to go all-out and rented a beautiful beach location and invited a huge crowd. All of Shark's family was there, of course, and everyone's friends as well. Sadly, Cho, Marc, and I had no family to invite. BUT WHO CARES?! We have a family now. A big, beautiful family.

Cho led the dancing.

We made ample use of all that beach area. Well, not exactly "we." I don't know if you noticed, but Marc and I are notable by our absence in this picture.

Yep, we were kind of distracted from the party.

We didn't want to leave Gold at home with a babysitter, not because we couldn't afford one but because even though he was too young to understand what was going on he should be there on his parents' special day! Joyous was a champ and took care of the little guy. He was also the only person there below the age of young adulthood, but he didn't mind and had a good time nonetheless. I think he really wanted our wedding(s) to be perfect. My little boy.

When the guests got hungry, we broke out the picnic baskets. Apparently the food was good. I wouldn't know. (Yes, Marc and I were still glued together!)

At nightfall it was time for the wedding ceremony. I was so happy I thought my heart would burst when Marc slipped that ring onto my finger!

Shark and Cho cried, and Joyous had a cheesy look on his face. These are the wedding pictures I always wanted!

The other guests were similarly affected. I'm not sure if Sinbad Rotter was really emotional about our union or if he was just starving.

The wedding kiss put all others to shame.

Rice! (Keep it out of my perfect hair, though!)

Next it was time for Shark and Cho's ceremony. Let me just say, they were a good-looking couple. Shark's family looked on (although from behind that big parasol, for some reason. Are you hiding, Rackets?)

Joyous couldn't help his cheesy expression. Neither could the bride and groom, for that matter.

More rice and a hot smooch!

The wedding was a success and I became friends with many of the guests whom I'd just met that evening. And what was more, we got Joyous to bed at a reasonable hour, which was lucky since he had school the next morning. All in all, I couldn't have hoped for anything better. (Gold did cry a couple of times, but it was a long time for a little guy to be patient.)

Marc and I were completely blissful. Something had changed between us, and we seemed to have fallen even more deeply in love with each other. Yes, I know, cheesy, but I love cheese. I'm a vegetarian!

The days following the wedding were pure bliss for all four of us. Joyous was so excited to have his parents married at last that he had a bounce in his step as well.

It's the best feeling in the world to find the one you belong with. (More cheese! Yum!)

I had not forgotten my dynasty requirements. I used my Collection Helper Lifetime Reward to find special seeds, and I'd improved my gardening skill enough to plant them and tend them in hopes that they would grow up to be life fruits I could use in my Ambrosia recipe. Unfortunately, I had to go to the graveyard to find some of them. I hated the graveyard! It gave me the creeps. I was so glad that I would never have to go there, and I decided that I would lay Marc to rest in a less spooky place. (I didn't want to think about that, but I couldn't help it. I would live forever, he would not, etc.)

Not long after the wedding, little Gold had his toddler birthday. He was a cutie, as he had every right to be with two parents like his. Where he got his hair color from, though, was a mystery.

Cho took it upon herself to teach her son all his skills. Shark was very busy, but he managed to get some quality time with Gold as well. Marc chipped in, too, and I could see how much he enjoyed the little fellow.

Gold was in general very tractable and eager to learn, but sometimes he just did not want the potty chair!

Such a cutie.

Mommy had her babyish moments, too. Oh, Cho. At least her tongue was okay.

Like I said, I made friends with a lot of the guests at our wedding party. At first I'd thought Shark's family was pretty odd and that he was the only decent one of the bunch, but they were actually quite nice. I got on well with Silver Racket. We had a lot of things in common, surprisingly.

She was higher maintenance than me, though, and a hard friend to keep, since she took offense at every other thing I said.

I had a few days on leave for my honeymoon with Marc, and we took full advantage of them. One day as I was tending my garden I felt the sudden urge to...

Yes. Run to the toilet. I didn't figure it out immediately, though. I actually thought I'd already gotten too old, and the thought of another baby had not entered my mind. When I found out, though, I was ecstatic, and so was Marc.

WE WERE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY! Sorry, did I already mention that? Also, I WAS PREGNANT! AND GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY! We both hoped it would be a girl. A BABY!

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 5: Something in the Way She Moves
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Hehe, I love Bouncy's wedding dress! Very fun.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6: A Day in the Life
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Thank you saltpastillen and Rhoxi! I love playing and writing this dynasty. I also had a lot of fun designing Bouncy's wedding dress! ;)

Chapter 6: A Day In the Life

Things were pretty quiet for a while. Being pregnant shouldn't stop a person from doing things! I still pampered my household with pancakes or waffles every morning, and worked in the garden. I hear squatting down is good for you.

Marc was a sweetie and always available to give me a back rub when my spine got achy from carrying around an increasingly less-small baby bump.

I was in the garden one evening when I went into labor! I'd given birth to Joyous so long ago that I could barely remember what it was like. Aaah!

But of course, it's all worth it when you hold that new life in your arms. IT WAS A GIRL! YAY!

We named her Funky. Funky Kaleidoscope. She lived up to her name almost immediately with the insane trait. Let's see, who else was born with those traits not too long ago? That's right, Gold! Shark and Cho's son! Looks like we were going to have an interesting time raising these two.

Speaking of Gold, that little tyke continued to grow happily in the care of his loving parents. Between his insane trait and his first words, everyone was convinced he'd grow up to be a mad scientist of some sort.

Just because there was a new baby in the house didn't mean Gold got any less attention.

He was so adorable toddling around the house. How I'd missed having a little one around! And soon we'd have another tot taking her first steps, too.

Joyous took good care of his sister, like he had with Gold. He was such a good kid.

In fact, Funky practically had five parents.

Give mommy a kiss!

Okay, I promise to stop obsessing over the little ones now. Other things happened, I promise. For example, our bathroom, which just wasn't interesting enough, turned into a jungle.

Shark caught his first deathfish at the cemetery... without using his teeth! I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Sorry, Shark. It's just your name and your profession are very bad-pun-worthy.

I was at the ninth level of my career, and working hard to get that last promotion. The salon was also a good place to make friends.

Poor Shark spontaneously got a haircut while stepping out of the shower one evening and then realized it was his birthday! We all celebrated in the bathroom, just like we had on Cho's adult birthday.

The next evening, Joyous didn't come home until late. I wonder what he was doing hanging out with that older woman in the reeds?

He explained with some frustration that he'd had his eye on one of his classmates for awhile, but when he finally invited her on an outing after school she showed up a lot older than he remembered her being that morning. I recommended that next time he not pick a babysitter. You'll only get hurt, Joyous! Their bizarre aging is enough to break up any potential relationship.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6: A Day in the Life
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Such a fun family!
x, EAOdinsdottir.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6: A Day in the Life
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Hi everyone.

My apologies to anyone who was following this story. My sims game died and I've been trying to get it to work for the past few months. No luck. I won't be able to play until I get a new computer, and that doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon. I'm really sorry. Thanks for reading and for your feedback.

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 6: A Day in the Life
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Aww I am very sorry for you apples  :(

Well I hope you get a computer as soon as possible. And still come on to the forum even though you wont be an active player for awhile.

Just to let you know you might want to move this to the graveyard (place to dump failed stories) if so go to the first post, modify it, and in the title mention that you want it moved to the graveyard.

If you pick it back up when you get the new laptop you can always contact a moderator to move it back to the immortal Dynasty board.

Just wanted to let you know that.

Anyway have a good day, and good luck with getting a computer!
I love this forum and just want to say thank you to everyone! :) Have a great rest of your day!

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Re: Kaleidoscope Immortal Dynasty GRAVEYARD PLEASE
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Moving this story to the graveyard as requested.
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