Author Topic: Building Contest 2012 Long, July-August: Mr Most Desirable...Agent? Team FIND  (Read 1092 times)

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Building Contest Long, July-August
Mr. Most Desirable ... Agent?

Team FIND (Founding Impressive New Dynasties)
Team Members: Twinmum, Joria and Gogowars329 or Agent 42, Agent 99 and Agent 329

Name: Garden Cottage 2 br 1 ba, or is it?
Lot Size: 30 x 40
Price Unfurnished: $69,882
Price Furnished: $128,521
2 bedrooms 1 (or is it more) bathrooms
EP and SPs: World Adventures, (Tomb room objects, Plants, Decor) High End Loft, (Couches, Plant) Ambitions, (Counters, Plants, Decor) Fast Lane, (Decor) Late Night, (Plant, TV Couches, Chairs, Bookshelf, Elevator) Outdoor Living, (Decor) Generations, (Decor) Master Suite, (Plants, Curtains) Showtime, (Plants, Table)

Every one stops to ask themselves, how has Chris Steel become so popular? He’s Mr Most Desirable for any Sunset Valley girl. Even the men get a bit swooned. But does anyone wonder why he moves in with others within a day? It’s because it’s all part of being one of the top agents of FIND. He founds more dynasties than the average player can even read but what happens to his house once he leaves? It gets spruced up and turned into one of the four Sunset Valley FIND strongholds, of course.  What hidden treasures lie beneath Level B1 and will anyone ever head down there and return?

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