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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
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Menus and Mishaps

Turns out I couldn't stay away from dynasty-style play for very long…


This is Jasmine Lyffe-Staite, genie and would-be dynasty founder.  She's an eccentric natural cook with a good sense of humour, who has a teeny problem with keeping her hands off other people's property.  Oh, and she's scared of water.  Not at all a bad set of random traits.  Of course, natural cook's pretty useless for a genie but hydrophobic makes a certain sense.  After all, if you can clean people and houses by magic, why bother having anything to do with water?

Jasmine moved into the biggest empty lot in Barnacle Bay…


...and went to apply for a job at the bistro, in pursuit of her wish to become a famous chef.


Then she bought herself a minimal kitchen set-up and started churning out sandwiches and salads in front of a puzzled University mascot.


Why make all that food and throw it straight in the bin?  Mascots have clearly never heard about skill challenges.

As for Jasmine, when she got too hungry and tired to cook any more, she built herself a small but colourful house, summoned some baked angel food cake and had a much better meal than she could have made the long-winded human way.


After an uneventful week or so, with her cooking skill and career both progressing nicely, she expanded her tiny house a little and splashed out on an upgraded kitchen.

Then the lights appeared in the sky.



Back on the hob, her very first attempt at a hot meal boiled dry…


…and her brand-new cooker went up in flames.


At least she had a fire alarm – but where were the firefighters?

Eventually, the flying saucer landed again…


…and Jasmine rushed indoors.  Thank goodness genies are fireproof.


I don't think I want to know what she was saying about aliens at this point  ;).


It took her a very long time to put out the fire.

At long last, there was the sound of a siren from outside and a firefighter came running in to help extinguish the last few flames.  Yep, couldn't have done it without you  ::).


At least the insurance payout was unusually good  :-\.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
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They really should  :P.

Genie and Genius

Towards the end of her second week of existence, Jasmine bought and read a couple of cheap recipe books and completed her cooking supermax.


Now what?  Well, the house could do with brightening up some more and she still needed another three challenges.  Why not take up graffiti?


And then there was the rather trickier matter of finding a partner. She spent her next two days off work touring the town and meeting new people.  She made a lot of friends and met quite a few other supernaturals – but almost all of them were female.  Dude La Mer and Alec Trebo had both become fairies (Alec looked particularly fetching with bright pink wings) and might well join the family later but it would make more sense for Jasmine herself to marry a shorter-lived being.  Unfortunately, mermaids were noticeable by their absence, while all of the werewolves and two out of three witches were female.  The remaining witch was someone she'd known since her first day, who'd often come over to visit and share her baked angel food cake: Jake Coastal.


Unfortunately, there was one little problem: his wife, Josephine.  I don't like breaking up married couples – and I didn't particularly fancy Jasmine having a werewolf for an enemy.  On the other hand, there didn't seem to be much choice  :(.

Jasmine and Jake had lost touch recently – although he was also in the culinary career, he must be working at the diner or coffee shop.   So she went round to the Coastals', reintroduced herself and invited him over.


Within a couple of hours, Jake had joined the household.  With skill points in fishing, gardening, handiness and cooking, he was definitely an asset.  Add to that his bookworm and genius traits, plus the alchemy boost from being a witch and he was pretty much the ideal spouse for this dynasty.  He left his job and concentrated on developing his skills, while Jasmine finished off her requirements.


Jake had his elder birthday at the elixir shop a couple of days later.  Jasmine clearly goes for older men – she suddenly popped a whole series of romantic wishes.


Not that Jake was an older man for long.  He quickly maxed logic and made a Young Again potion on his second attempt.


He grew his stubble into a full beard and chose a new wardrobe to reflect his Indian heritage, including a turban for formal wear.  Jasmine took advantage of their new mirror and dresser to revamp her own formal outfit to match.


Soon after, she was promoted to five-star chef and achieved her lifetime wish.


All of her requirements were now in place, apart from one 5000-point wish – and that would be easy to fulfil.



It was a thoroughly occult wedding.  All of their supernatural friends and acquaintances were invited – and Josephine gate-crashed.  I was surprised that she'd want to see her ex marrying his new partner but she seemed to have a good time  ???.


The ceremony was a little short on frills but the food was excellent, thanks to the bride's genie powers, and a number of the guests went back for second helpings.


It was evening before the last of the guests left, saying what a great day they'd had, and the newlyweds were left alone together.


There were chimes.


Life state: genie
Traits: eccentric, good sense of humour, hydrophobic, kleptomaniac, natural cook (and heavy sleeper from rebel influence)
Lifetime wish: Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Spouse: Jake Coastal (witch)

Occult best friend: Odessa Cross (witch)
Two career rewards: cooking certificate, food processor
Three unique opportunities: The Dish Showdown, Working Alongside Friends, Learn a Recipe
Four unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards: Born to Cook, No Bills Ever, Bookshop Bargainer, Collection Helper
Five unique 5000+ point wishes: Master Cooking Skill, Learn All Recipes, Master Street Art Skill, Reach Level 10 of Culinary Career, Marry Jake
Six unique skill challenges: Star Chef, World-Class Chef, Menu Maven, Master Muralist, Precision Sprayer, Always Wanted
Seven items for museum: street art


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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty: Chapter 2
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2018, 01:59:32 PM »
I've never seen anyone actually use the street art in a Dynasty before it looks great! Those wedding outfits were also cute as heck best of luck to you
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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty: Chapter 2
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2018, 12:52:17 PM »
So nice of her to wish to marry Jake by name, good to leave that generic get married wish for later.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty: Chapter 2
« Reply #6 on: July 26, 2018, 01:20:29 PM »
I've never seen anyone actually use the street art in a Dynasty before it looks great! Those wedding outfits were also cute as heck best of luck to you

Pretty well everyone seems to use street art in Domination Dynasties, for the parents as well as the kids, but it does seem to be ignored otherwise.  I suppose it's because museum value counts in most of the dynasties and street art is worth peanuts.

So nice of her to wish to marry Jake by name, good to leave that generic get married wish for later.

I hadn't thought of that :D.  Wishing to marry at all is a nice change - I don't think any of the Gooles rolled a wish to marry, either a specific person or in general  ::).

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
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Which Witch?

The revelation of Jasmine's pregnancy was interrupted by her phone ringing.


Jake seemed more bothered about admiring his wedding ring anyway  :-\.

Jasmine went into labour outside the bookshop, where she'd been buying alchemy recipes for Jake.


She rushed home and had her first child just inside the front door…


…but then wandered outside in the customary Simlish fashion and put the poor baby down on the grass while she produced another two  ::).


Jamal, the youngest triplet, was the only genie (and the only one to inherit Jasmine's skin tone).  He had four birthday cakes in quick succession, grew up and moved out while his siblings were still toddlers.


Jafar, born an eccentric genius, was the most likely candidate for heir, although grumpy, outdoors-loving Jadis wasn't entirely out of the running (and she'd inherited Jasmine's red-black hair, which put her in my good books, especially since Jafar randomly got that horrible greenish hair colour).


Both little witches completed their toddler requirements and were taken to cakes in the early hours of the morning, to maximise the time available for tutoring (but it does mean that the screenshots are horribly dark – sorry  :-[).




Jafar became a light sleeper, while Jadis was now a sailor, so both continued to be raised as potential heirs.  Jadis took an early lead when she was asked to take some permission slips to the town hall after their first day of school, but Jafar soon caught her up and they qualified for their teen birthday cakes on the same day.



Jadis became a slob…


…while Jafar settled the heir question by acquiring the perceptive trait.  He dyed his hair black, started growing a beard and, like his father and brother, took to wearing a turban.

Jadis had another cake the following morning (in daylight, for a change)…



…and moved out.

Jafar, meanwhile, was making a start on his skills…


…and teen requirements.


Some more successfully than others  ???.



He did eventually find a girl who'd let him qualify for another cake:



And he got unflirty as his final trait.  Of course :P.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty: Chapter 2
« Reply #8 on: July 26, 2018, 04:15:29 PM »
Unflirty is good. It will keep him from causing trouble with future dynasty spouses.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #9 on: July 29, 2018, 02:05:17 PM »
Unflirty is good. It will keep him from causing trouble with future dynasty spouses.

True.  I've already started having minor problems with his wife and Jake  ::).

Elixirs and Ectoplasm

Jafar graduated as valedictorian and Most Likely to Take Over the World but was too busy working on his alchemy to attend the ceremony.


Once the stir-craziness set in, he went into town with a rucksack full of elixirs…


…and achieved his lifetime wish (irritatingly, having forgotten to dose himself with Wish Enhancing Serum first).  On the way home he called in to visit Juliet Verona, because I'd just noticed that her portrait in Jasmine's relationship panel was now grey-haired.


Jafar chucked a Potent Jar of Friendship at her feet and invited her over.  Despite his parents dancing embarrassingly in the corner, she agreed to move in.


Then Jafar retreated to his alchemy room, leaving Juliet alone with said embarrassing parents, apart from when he popped back out with a Fountain of Youth elixir for her and Vials of Bliss all round, thereby finishing off the elixir-throwing challenge.  A couple of days later, he'd supermaxed alchemy, and, with perfect timing, maxed the alchemist career almost immediately afterwards.

He was still short of wishes and challenges, so went off to the science lab to register as a ghost hunter.  Thanks to a liquid job booster, he reached level 10 simply by reading logic books in the library.  He got home just in time to intercept the paper boy for some tutoring – probably much needed since the poor things don't seem to have any family to help them with their school work  :-\.


After a quick snack, he went off to start catching spirits.  After all, that was supposed to be his job.


He slept late and was just up in time to be summoned to the town hall for a presentation (oddly, it was the Paranormal Memento rather than the key to the city, which he didn't get until a few days later).


Rather sweetly, his brother and sister were both at the ceremony, even though hardly anyone else bothered to turn up.  Jadis may have regretted that decision – after a quick 'hello', Jafar decided that what she really needed was some skill tutoring.


He returned home to find that Juliet was also there, for once (with her political career and the various skills she was learning, she was out of the house nearly as much as he was).  As the hopeless romantic of the family, she initiated a romantic interlude, which culminated in Jafar getting over his unflirtiness enough to propose.


Then he was off again – the paperboy had become a teenager and so was eligible for more tutoring.  Juliet shrugged and spent most of the rest of the day in front of the mirror and dresser, sorting out a new hairstyle and outfit, which Jafar probably wouldn't even notice  ???.


And, of course, if the old paperboy was now a teen, that meant there must be a new child delivering the papers.  Jafar lay in wait and went into tutoring mode again.


That was enough to finish off Teacher Extraordinaire, no doubt to the great relief of the child NPC population of Barnacle Bay.  Jafar went off in search of assorted adult friends and acquaintances, so that he could tutor the heck out of them instead.  When it was too late to visit anyone else, he returned home – and the aliens appeared again :(.


Fortunately, there were no lasting consequences of the abduction.  A wedding with a pregnant bridegroom just isn't right  ;).

Oh yes, the wedding.  Despite his unromantic nature, Jafar obligingly rolled a wish to marry Juliet, which meant that I could save the logic wishes for someone else.

Unlike his parents' wedding, the day was far from being a resounding success.  It took about a dozen attempts to get them both to the wedding arch and almost all of the guests had given up and gone home by the time the vows were exchanged.  Most of the rest had discovered the water slide and changed into swimwear.  Dude, bless him, was in the front row smiling through his sobs yet again.


Even the groom's mother wandered off in mid-ceremony (although that was largely my fault for forgetting it was one of her work days.  She quit her job soon after this, to avoid further social embarrassments and to prevent her from jeopardising future heirs' best friends.  Although she hasn't learnt charisma, Jasmine makes friends entirely too easily.)


At last, Jafar and Juliet were safely married.  While the wedding paraphernalia was being cleared away, Jafar took his bride over to a quiet corner of the lot and tutored her in logic.  Every girl's dream honeymoon ::).


While I was in build/buy mode, I decided it was time for a rebuild.   The Lyffe-Staites were pretty well-heeled by now and the little starter home, despite several extensions, wasn't really adequate any more.


A small Djinn Palace appeared at the back of the lot, for Jasmine and Jake to retire to…



…with a museum basement to replace the old temporary one.


(And I discovered that I had accidentally placed eight pieces of street art in there, not seven, so one was deleted.)

The family home was replaced with a gingerbread house (identical to Holly's on the outside, although rather different inside), which seemed appropriately fairytale-ish.


Not that Jafar was quite ready to have his own family yet.  He still needed one more skill challenge.  I considered collecting but eventually decided that stargazing made more sense.


I came to regret that: more than any of my previous Sims, Jafar spent inordinate amounts of time admiring his previous discoveries instead of making new ones.  And, of course, telescopes attract aliens.  Sorry, Jasmine  :-[.


Several days later than I'd expected, Jafar discovered his twentieth celestial body and completed his requirements.


Life state: witch
Traits: eccentric, genius, light sleeper, perceptive, unflirty
Lifetime wish: Alchemy Artisan
Spouse: Juliet Verona (werewolf)

Toddler requirements: best friends with both parents, reached  level 3 in two skills (xylophone, writing books)
Child requirements: on honour roll, one opportunity completed (Quest for the Lead)
Teen requirements: on honour roll, reached  level 3 in mausoleum clerk part-time job, had a romantic interest (Jill Simons)

Occult best friend: Coral Goldbeard (werewolf)
Two career rewards: Spooky Trophy, Ghost Hunter's Paranormal Medal
Three unique opportunities: Puzzle Panic, Logic 101, Taking Down Sinclair
Four unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards: Flying Vacuum, Magic Hands, Moodlet Manager, Motive Mobile
Five unique 5000+ point wishes: Master Alchemy Skill, Reach Level 10 of Alchemist Career, Reach Level 10 of Ghost Hunter Career, Donate 100 Spirits to Science, Marry Juliet
Six unique skill challenges: Master Alchemist, Alchemists Anonymous, Excellent Elixirs, Teacher Extraordinaire, Skill Professor, Celestial Explorer
Seven items for museum: elixirs


Note 1: I always intended all of Jasmine's descendants to have names beginning with a J but it's a complete coincidence that both spouses and Jafar's teen romantic interest also have J names.  I don't intend this to be an additional requirement for future Lyffe-Staites  ;).

Note 2: the pink scalloped roof tiles are by Amarysauce, from Mod the Sims.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: July 31, 2018, 02:03:07 PM »
Lone Wolf

This update starts (of course) with an alien abduction.  Clearly Jake wanted to get in on the act  ::).


A few hours later, Juliet realised she was pregnant.


The contractions started in the library.  Maybe books induce labour in Lyffe-Staites women ???.


She arrived home in plenty of time to send Jafar into a screaming panic…


…before producing her first child.


And her only child, in fact.  I sat staring stupidly at the screen, waiting for the other two babies to appear but, despite both parents' twinkling eyes at the time of conception, there was only the one.  I'm definitely going back to old-fashioned Fertility Treatments or kids' entertainment for future generations  >:(.


I think Juliet was as disconcerted as I was.

At least the baby was a werewolf – and heir apparent to the Lyffe-Staites.  Inevitably, he was named Jacob.  Apart from the obvious, Grandpa Jake was getting on a bit and it seemed like a nice idea to name the baby after him.


Despite all of the empty space around the lot, Juliet chose to teach Jacob to walk in his grandparents' home.  Maybe she was sensitive to his dislike of the great outdoors, which seems a little inappropriate for a werewolf.  If he hadn't been born athletic as well, I'd begin to doubt his species.


Then she handed the childcare over to Jafar, who barely seemed to know his son.



That was all very well for meeting the 'best friends with both parents' requirement but it did leave hopeless romantic Juliet to her own devices.  Which apparently meant flirting with her father-in law  :o.


Maybe that was why Jafar and Jake suddenly took to duelling with such enthusiasm.


Jacob was my first toddler werewolf, so please indulge me with the cute howling and hunting pics:


Soon he was ready for an early cake (not at night, because I felt I ought to be able to manage a single kid without the advantage of the 'and what hour do you call this?' start):



He became neat.  Really?  Given the way transformed werewolves eat and their fondness for scratching furniture, that seems even less appropriate than the 'hates the outdoors' trait  :P.

Jafar took him off in their new motive mobile for a thrilling night of tutoring in the library.


The child opportunity was touch and go for a while (note to self: enrol everyone in after-school clubs in future) but at last Jacob was ready for another cake.



And he became irresistible.  Look out, future spouses!  At least it made acquiring a romantic interest into the easiest teen requirement:



With the help of the motive mobile, the job wasn't much of a problem either.  So, as soon as he'd made it on to the honour roll (slightly delayed by an inconvenient weekend), he had another cake.



His final trait was brooding, which actually seems quite appropriate  :-\.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #11 on: August 04, 2018, 05:27:46 AM »
PI and PT

Jake died aged 97 – and I missed it.  I had the camera on Jacob, who was at the library, and heard Grim's music but assumed he was somewhere nearby.  Certainly, the camera didn't pan across.  It was only when I noticed that Jake's portrait had gone that I realised what had happened :'(.


He never really made a start on his Zombie Master wish but had a long and happy life anyway, mastering several skills and completing about a dozen challenges – and he and Jasmine were Eternally Faithful, despite his tendency to flirt with Juliet given half a chance.

His young namesake was also unlikely to achieve his lifetime wish any time soon.  He wanted to join the police force but temporarily had to make do with a less official form of law enforcement.


Like his father, Jacob got most of the way through his career by learning logic, but also took on a few investigations.  As an athletic werewolf, he'd probably have been terrific at beating up suspects for information, if only he'd had the chance.

With his career and the logic skill both maxed, he turned to chemistry, despite a notable lack of aptitude.  He must have averaged something like two singeings per successful potion.  It was a huge relief all round when he finally discovered all ten and could turn to the athletic skill instead.


Going to the town gym wasn't ideal: he really could do with his own place to train, without needing to go out into the hateful outdoors.  And so the lot acquired another building and his parents moved out into the new Astronomy Tower.




Jafar's old alchemy room was now locked to Jacob and became a small gym.


And Jasmine was abducted yet again ::).  (Well, it must have been a whole two weeks since the last time.)  At least she managed to become acquaintances with the alien, which might come in useful for a future descendant.


After a blissful few days of indoor workouts, Jacob had to venture outside to be presented with the Key to the City.


While he was there, he took the chance to introduce himself to potential spouses.  The number of original townie options was shrinking rapidly and he probably ought to make a decision very soon.  Jasmine Noon, a vampire, had just aged up to elder, which almost ruled her out – quite apart from the potential confusion of having two Jasmines in the family.   Flora Annan, who'd become a fairy, was well into the elder life stage.  That left Patty Abe, another fairy, and the vampires Agnes Seabottom and Luisa Libros.  Patty and Agnes were both at the presentation.  Jacob was attracted to both of them but there was no real spark.


Luisa presented a bit of a problem, in that she was Juliet's boss – and Juliet had just got her final promotion by becoming enemies with her.  Somehow, Juliet was still able to invite Luisa over – and that was it.  Jacob was smitten.


So, it appeared, was Luisa.  Almost as soon as she'd moved in, she rolled a wish to propose…


…and followed it up with one to get married.  They had a private wedding at Founder's Beach the following day.  An outdoor venue's a little unconventional for a vampire and a Sim who hates the outdoors, but the bride was protected by Vampiric Sunscreen and I enjoyed the change of scenery.  And Jacob jogged back home afterwards, racking up a few more kilometres.


A day or two later, he became a Fitness Nut and completed his requirements, which meant he could join the police force at last.  First, though, he and Luisa tried for a baby – her elder birthday was only a day away, so they couldn't afford to wait any longer.



Life state: werewolf
Traits: athletic, hates the outdoors, neat, irresistible, brooding
Lifetime wish: International Super Spy
Spouse: Luisa Libros (vampire)

Toddler requirements: best friends with both parents, reached  level 3 in two skills (xylophone, writing books)
Child requirements: on honour roll, one opportunity completed (Stinky Bugs)
Teen requirements: on honour roll, reached  level 3 in mausoleum clerk part-time job, had a romantic interest (Natalia Shell)

Occult best friend: Melissa Vela (fairy)
Two career rewards: Investigator's Trophy of Honour, Investigator's Key to Barnacle Bay
Three unique opportunities: Bye Bye Flamingo, The Case of the Tattooed Thief, The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Love Triangle
Four unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards: Opportunistic, Alpha Wolf, Steel Bladder, Hardly Hungry
Five unique 5000+ point wishes: Reach Level 10 of Investigator Career, Master Logic Skill, Discover All Potions, Master Athletic Skill, Work Out For 12 Hours Straight
Six unique skill challenges: Master Chemist, Gem Collector, Metal Collector, Body Builder, Marathon Runner, Fitness Nut
Seven items for museum: potions


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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #12 on: August 05, 2018, 03:08:37 PM »
Vamping It Up

Just for a change, Luisa had a book-free pregnancy and gave birth in Jasmine's bedroom.


Or, at least, that's where her first child was born.  Then she felt the irresistible pull of the mailbox and walked out to the front of the lot to have her second.


The third triplet appeared back where mummy had started producing babies and was rescued by Grandpa Jafar.


Jyoti the eccentric virtuoso would have made a terrific heir, as would her insane, artistic sister Jamuna.  Unfortunately, they were both werewolves.  Which left Jilaiya the clumsy couch potato as de facto heir  :(.

Random hair colours seem to be becoming a bit of a theme in this game.  None of the girls inherited Luisa's non-standard brown hair.  Jyoti was black-haired, like her dad…


…while Jamuna had bright blonde hair that looked as though it had come out of a bottle.


Jilaiya was also blonde, although at least her hair was a paler shade that went quite well with her vampy skin and eye colours.


The two younger triplets had a succession of cakes and Age of Instant elixirs, grew up and moved out.  Jamuna's hair didn't get any less incongruous with age, so she had it dyed to match Jasmine's.


Jyoti grew up beautiful without any intervention.  I really wish she'd been a vampire :(.


Jilaiya completed her toddler requirements and had a cake…


…and, since couch potato was looking as though it was going to be her most useful trait, settled down to reading though the family's collection of books, in preparation for writing some of her own later.


Luisa, meanwhile, had been pursuing her Jack of All Trades LTW.  She'd quit politics (much to Juliet's relief, no doubt) and become first a ghost hunter and then a lifeguard, without doing a single day at work in either career.   Once the triplets were born, she took a job at the school and had now reached level 5 of teaching.  Unlike my previous Jacks of All Trades, she didn't roll a wish to get to the top of her fourth career, instead wishing to retire.  I let her.


A couple of days later, Juliet reached old age and also retired.


Which left the two enemies at home together  :-\.  Fortunately, they both had high enough charisma to be able to have a civil conversation despite their differences and soon reached the point where they could call a truce.

That didn't stop Luisa from being a complete liability.  Even before the babies were born, I'd found Jacob marching off to accuse her of cheating, an action that I couldn't cancel from his queue.  Since he was the only lover in her relationship panel, I assume it must have been something in her past that he was objecting to.  After that, accusations of cheating (usually by Jafar, for some reason) became almost a daily occurrence.


As if to make up for her father's lack of childhood opportunities, Jilaiya had four before she'd finished her other requirements.



Her teen trait was irresistible.  Another one!  :o

Since that didn't point towards anything useful in terms of skills or careers, she joined the Newspaper Club and continued reading in her few free hours between school, the club, her mausoleum job and bed.  In fact, reading became the whole family's favourite activity.


(Does anyone else find it thoroughly incongruous that Jil has a tan in that screenshot?)

The game was threatening to become boring.  Fortunately, Jacob reached the branching point of the law enforcement career and took to wearing disguises for work, which cheered me up quite a lot.


And it seems that irresistibility isn't all it's cracked up to be  :-\.


Jil's first attempt at teen romance was a dismal failure.


Even when her charms were effective on the second victim, neither of them seemed entirely convinced.


At last, she qualified for another cake and the family gathered around to cheer.



Her final trait was 'dislikes children'.  Oh joy  >:(.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #13 on: August 08, 2018, 01:23:46 PM »
Nocturnal Novelist

Jilaiya graduated as valedictorian and Most Likely Never to Leave the House.  Well, she probably wouldn't be leaving it much in the daytime from now on...


She spent the next few nights driving around the town, taking photos and catching fireflies.


Then she settled down to some serious writing.


She tried every genre as it became available to her but specialised in sports books: as a couch potato who'd once visited the stadium to take a photo of the entrance, she was clearly perfectly qualified  ::).

A combination of stir-craziness and a sudden spawning of rare fireflies eventually drove her out of the house – which meant that she wasn't around to say a last goodbye to her mother :(.


Like Jake, Luisa died at an official age of 97, although thanks to her vampire life extension she was actually much older.  Her death came as something of a relief to me – she and Juliet had never done more than tolerate each other and Jafar was still regularly accusing her of cheating.  Poor Jacob was devastated: after that first accusation, he'd never doubted his wife – or appeared to notice that his Eternal Faithfulness was one-sided.  He moved out of the family home they'd shared and into his own little house – or kennel.


It was actually a lot bigger than it appeared on the outside.  The kennel held only a fridge and a chess table but a concealed and locked door in a false wall at the back led to a spiral staircase and an underground apartment where he could pursue his hobbies in peace.


The following day, Jacob got his final promotion and achieved his lifetime wish.  Surprisingly, Jilaiya completed hers only a few hours later.  For both of them, though, the joy was overshadowed by the loss of Luisa.


Even worse, just as the mourning period ran out, Grim showed up again and took Juliet, whose age bar had only just filled up  :'(.


RIP, Juliet Lyffe-Staite: Leader of the Free World, skilled  handywoman and inventor, expert gardener and thoroughly nice Sim.

Her death was a reminder that Jil ought to be thinking about continuing the line.  She invited over Jasmine's old friend Dude La Mer and started chatting.  They immediately discovered their conflicting traits but that didn't stop them from becoming instant good friends.  A promising start.


A hesitant first kiss…


…led to a rather more confident first drink.  This was so much better than plasma juice from the fridge!


While he was still dazed by the blood loss, Jil asked Dude to go steady and invited him to move in…


…but even the delights of new love and fairy plasma couldn't distract her from her grief for long.

Far sooner than I'd expected, Jilaiya finished her requirements and popped the question.  The wedding was attended by Patty Abe and Jonah Lai, the only other surviving original townies…


…and by two aliens, who seemed fascinated by this strange Earthling custom.


Sadly, it's doubtful whether either of them will join the family later – notices of impending death keep popping up for both of them.


Life state: vampire
Traits: clumsy, couch potato, sailor, irresistible, dislikes children
Lifetime wish: Professional Author
Spouse: Dude La Mer (fairy)

Toddler requirements: best friends with both parents, reached  level 3 in two skills (pegbox, writing books)
Child requirements: on honour roll, one opportunity completed (Pile of Permission Slips)
Teenager requirements: on honour roll, reached  level 3 in mausoleum clerk part-time job, had a romantic interest (Rodrigo McWhorter)

Occult best friend: Olivia Rapp (werewolf)
Two career rewards: Writing certificate, Author's Honour Trophy
Three unique opportunities: Correcting Past Mistakes, To Boldly Go, Paparazzi!
Four unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards: Acclaimed Author, Carefree, Fireproof Homestead, Immortal
Five unique 5000+ point wishes: Master Photography Skill, Be Worth More Than §500,000, Master Writing Skill, Make At Least §7500 a Week in Royalties, Write 10 Best Sellers
Six unique skill challenges: Architectural Eye, Photog, Firefly Collector, Sports Writer, Prolific Writer, Speed Writer
Seven items for museum: books


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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #14 on: August 12, 2018, 05:52:12 AM »
Fairy Godmother?


A couple of days after the wedding, Jilaiya gave Dude the good news: she was pregnant.  Or, I suppose from her point of view as a child-hating Sim, the bad news.  For now she seemed happy enough, apart from the vomiting.


She went into labour in her study but very sensibly wandered out between contractions into the living room, where there was plenty of space to have a baby.  Her firstborn was a boy, who was a vampire like his mum.


Then, of course, she ignored the waiting cots and went out to the postbox to give birth to his sisters, who were both fairies.


The babies in this game are all given numbers at birth, poor little things.  A parent is sent off to the town hall the following day to change their names to something appropriate.  I'd been planning to use jewel names for the fairies, since Jasmine had taken the only flower name beginning with a J that I could think of offhand.  Once it became apparent that red-winged Dude would be their father, red gemstones were the obvious way to go: Jasper for a boy and Jacinth for a girl.  I'd had Jezebel lined up for a girl vampire but now the only vampire was a boy.  What could I call him? Looking for inspiration on baby name sites (um, why would you want to name your kid after a vampire?) I discovered that I could use Jasper after all.  Yes, I really am that ignorant of Twilight.  I knew about Bella, Edward and Jacob – and, heaven help us, Renesmée – but that was it.

Like the other spares, Jasper grew up fast and left.


One of the girls was duly named Jacinth, while the other, whose sparkles were unexpectedly green, was named Jade.   Both were potential heirs: Jade was good and perceptive, while Jacinth was an artistic heavy sleeper.

Imaginary friend dolls have been in short supply this game.  Normally I'd be happy about that but I was planning to marry someone to an IF now that I'd run out of original townies.  Fortunately, "the triplets' godmother" sent them dolls.  Given that two of the three are fairies, would that make her a fairy godmother?


Jade grew up to have wings that were a different shape from Dude's, as well as a different colour, although she had the family colouring otherwise.  I thought at first that Jacinth had inherited Luisa's hair but it turned out that she was carrying on the family tradition by getting a random hair colour.  (Jasper also had random hair – that horrible greenish-brown again.)

Jade and Jacinth had a longer toddlerhood than previous Lyffe-Staites because they had to bond with their dolls as well as completing the normal requirements.


Becoming best friends with their parents also seemed to take longer than usual, perhaps because fairy toddlers are so independent.


Jilaiya and Dude largely ignored their careers and concentrated on their daughters.   Oddly, Jil was the one who kept rolling wishes to teach them skills.  Maybe she thought that the sooner they could do stuff, the sooner they'd be grown up and inoffensive.


Even so, it was Jasmine who was closest to Jade and helped her to blow out her birthday candles.


Dude took Jacinth to her cake.


Jade suddenly acquired star quality, which is completely useless since celebrities are turned off in this game.  Jacinth became a computer whiz, which ought to be useful but doesn't really fit with the vague plan I have for her if she becomes heir.


Soon after the girls aged up, the notification appeared that their dolls would like to come out and play.


First, Jade's doll Jarvis became a true imaginary friend…


…and then Jacinth's toy, Josh.


Jacob was just leaving for work.  His highly trained super-spy senses detected the almost invisible disturbance at the side of the house.  What was that?

Sadly, he was so distracted that he crashed his car.


Jilaiya and Jasmine carried on with their conversation, oblivious to the police car that had just appeared through the front wall.


When I'd finished laughing, I tried to rescue Jacob.  Except he wasn't in the car.  In fact, he wasn't in the world at all.


Maybe he'd gone to Sim Heaven.

Fortunately a reset brought him back to earth.  He continued to behave oddly for a while, particularly when leaving work, but a series of restarts and resets seems to have cured the problem, for now at least.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty - Chapter 9
« Reply #15 on: August 13, 2018, 02:06:25 PM »
Thanks for the laughs. I have never had a sim go into orbit like that. It makes me want to try another life states.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #16 on: August 17, 2018, 12:07:18 PM »
I wonder whether it's something to do with playing in Barnacle Bay?  First the flying cars and now the flying Sim  ;D.

The Power of Imagination


Josh was everything an imaginary friend ought to be: playful, friendly and completely devoted to his human.  He even seemed happy to listen to Jacinth talking about her dreams of love and marriage, which she did a lot.


Well, I suppose he was too young for commitment issues, or even for a normal male lack of interest  ???.

Jarvis was a completely different proposition.  He loved to spend time on his own, singing in a disconcertingly high voice.  It was far higher than Jade's, almost squeaky.  Had I accidentally selected Jarvis as a girl's name?  Then he'd blow kisses to an non-existent audience and acknowledge their applause.


Either he's a diva or he just has a vivid imagination of his own (which is an interesting idea).  He and Jade rarely played together.  Instead, her action queue often held 'Be yelled at' or 'Be argued with'.


Hot-headed and/or mean-spirited, presumably.  I didn't realise imaginary friends could look so grumpy – I didn't think their faces were built for it.


Poor Jade.  As the end of their childhood approached, she and Jarvis had become mere acquaintances, while Jacinth and Josh had had a maxed-out relationship since shortly after he'd become a proper imaginary friend.

Jacinth, like previous Lyffe-Staites, went to ballet classes after school.  Jade joined the scouts.  Slightly awkwardly, the badging ceremony and ballet recital were on the same night and I suspect Jafar was the only member of the family who watched Jade being presented with her badges.


The following day, both girls got onto the honour roll and celebrated with birthday cakes.



Jade became eco-friendly, which seems appropriate for a fairy and also fitted well with her head start in gardening from going to scouts.  Jacinth continued her run of 'ought to be useful but…' traits by becoming a workaholic.  Oh well, at least it should help with the part-time mausoleum job.

And shortly after midnight, despite a shocking lack of watcherly attention, an exhausted Dude achieved his dream of becoming a rock star.


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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
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The Power of Imagination (cont'd)

Jacinth's workaholic trait didn't do her much good as a mausoleum clerk. Jade made faster progress than she did for their first couple of shifts, although that was largely because I'd forgotten to buy her the multitasker reward :-[.  Even with it, her hard work produced only slightly better results than Jade's 'business as usual' and they became epitaph writers on the same day.


Since I wouldn't let her learn to paint yet, Jacinth spent her free time playing the guitar.


Jade improved her gardening and fishing skills and tried to repair her relationship with Jarvis, largely unsuccessfully.  By the time the girls had made it on to the honour roll again, Jarvis had taken to sulking in doll form by her bed and their relationship bar was well into the red  :(.


Acquiring romantic interests was looking like something of a challenge for this generation.  There were only two other students at high school and neither of them was willing to come over and visit.  Purely by chance, Dude ran into Harry Ashcraft, the only boy in the school, while he was in the library reading gardening books.  They became friends and Dude was able to invite Harry over.  Jacinth had spent most of an evening chatting to him before I realised that no romantic options were available.  Harry had aged up to young adult.  Still, Jacinth got a best friend out of it.  A boringly human best friend but there's always a chance that he'll become an occult later.

After another day of talking to friends at school, the girls' remaining classmate, Venessa Dube, accepted an invitation to visit.  Taking no chances, Jacinth threw a Jar of Friendship at her…


…before starting on the romantic stuff.  With Jade playing gooseberry.  Not awkward at all  ::).

At least no-one else could see that Josh was also there.


Then Jacinth asked to 'just be friends'.  Venessa wasn't happy – and then made things worse by trying to mooch money from the girl who'd just dumped her.  It wasn't well received.


Josh, confident in his own destiny as Jacinth's true love, strutted back into the house.

While Jacinth followed him for a nice soothing chat, Jade made her move.


Moves.  She was definitely better than her sister at this sort of stuff.


And, undeterred by Jacinth taking her turn as embarrassing homework-doing bystander (bysitter?) Jade became romantic interests with Venessa.  The poor girl must have been dreadfully confused.


Since it was practically certain by now that Jacinth would be heir, I didn't make Jade break up with Venessa.  She could always do it later if necessary.  They cemented their relationship in true Simlish fashion with a pillow fight.


And so to the young adult birthdays:



Jade rounded out her collection of relatively neutral traits by becoming a light sleeper, while Jacinth became insane and thereby confirmed her status as heir.  I've always had a soft spot for crazy Sims.


While everyone was inside stuffing themselves with birthday cake and/or sorting out their new looks, Josh had a lonely birthday by the remains of the cakes.


Jarvis-the-doll was still sitting by Jade's bed, apparently unchanged.

Once she'd decided on her new hairstyle, Jacinth called Josh over and offered to make him real.


(I love Jacob in that screenshot.  He looks as though he's practising his James Bond poses.)

Oops!  I'd forgotten that the bathroom was locked.  Josh reached the door and teleported back a few feet.  Jacinth followed him and tried again.


I'm not sure what she's doing there – either playing with fairy magic or tickling him, which doesn't seem like the best thing to do to someone who's trying to drink from a large and fragile flask.

Josh began his transformation.


Dude was clearly shocked.  Was it the purple bubbles, his younger daughter's face apparently being sucked into them, or the fact that the strange green creature appearing in the middle of all the purple appeared to fancy Jasmine?

The bubbles faded away and Josh stood there in his blandly handsome human form.  With purple hair and a decidedly loud suit.


He'll fit right in, as long as Jade doesn't object to having her hairstyle stolen  :-\.


Josh's traits turn out to be genius, vehicle enthusiast, neat, kleptomaniac and savvy sculptor.  Not friendly, surprisingly, but still a nice personality.

I couldn't resist starting up a parallel file to find out what Jarvis would have been like as a human.

It was hard work.  Jade had to apologise before he'd change out of doll form.  I don't think she's the one who needs to apologise, Jarvis  >:(.  Then she had to throw a Potent Jar of Friendship to get their relationship high enough to give him the potion.


Jarvis also fancies Jasmine, it seems  ::).


The bubbles disappeared and human Jarvis emerged.  Green hair and a scowl.  That figures.  (And he is male, despite the voice.)


Like Josh, he's neat.  A hot-headed diva, as I'd guessed, with party animal and absent-minded as his remaining traits.  Not as bad as I'd expected but I still think I picked the right heir.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #18 on: August 23, 2018, 12:26:24 PM »
Art and Architecture

Jacinth graduated as Valedictorian but also Most Likely to Offend Others.  I have thought it was dangerous to let her make a speech  :D.


Jade was also at the ceremony, although I don't know what awards she received because she'd already moved out.  Josh, who'd never been to school, somehow graduated with merit and was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World.

Before she left the building, Jacinth registered as an architect, then hurried home to start learning to paint at last.


Jilaiya and Dude moved out of the family home and into something that looked a lot like a mausoleum, at least on the surface.  As with Jacob's kennel, it was more spacious and home-like underground.


Jacinth spent most of her time painting.  Josh, who wanted to be a Descendant of da Vinci, often joined her.


She also carried out a few renovations, in an attempt to cure her 'missing work' moodlet.  It didn't work :-\.


A week or so after graduating, Jacinth was back at the town hall to be presented with the Key to the City.


She didn't seem very happy about it.


I suddenly realised that I'd missed an original-townie supernatural: Fiona Fleet was a fairy and was not only still alive but still looked young.  She was doing well: Dude was now an elder.  I checked back in earlier saves and found she'd been a friend of Jasmine's early on (and, in fact, had been a guest at her wedding) but never more than a friend.  It looked very much as though Jacinth had just located her occult best friend.


They chatted for a while, discussing their shared love of music and painting.  Then Jacinth returned home.  She still had plenty of requirements to complete.

A day or two later, she'd finished her painting supermax.  Time to concentrate on other skills - she'd not played her guitar since her teens and had barely begun learning bass.


At last, she reached level 10 of guitar and achieved her lifetime wish.


She was still short of a skill challenge and it was going to be quite some time before her bass skill was high enough to earn much in tips, even with the aid of the subway the family had placed rather incongruously at Ophelia's Fishing Hole.  So she turned to the collection of space rocks that Juliet and Jacob had gathered and started identifying them.


Everything was falling into place nicely.  Time to set up for the next generation.  Jacinth and Josh hadn't spent much time together since he'd taken up sculpting and she'd been concentrating on her music.  Now she went to look for him and started getting seriously romantic.


Within a few hours they were engaged.


Infuriatingly, neither of them rolled a wish to get married.  Maybe they'd been happier as best friends.  That meant I had to wait for Jacinth to achieve one of the large wishes she was already holding: either to complete ten masterpieces or to paint something worth §3500.  The ten masterpieces came first – she did eventually produce the expensive painting but not until she'd done the Fresco Fest opportunity, quite some time after she'd stopped being the active heir.


With every requirement but the best friend now in place, Jacinth used her power as Queen of the Fae to summon Fiona and threw an elixir to top up their relationship.


Jacinth and Josh were married the following morning.  Surprisingly, Crypta and Rommich, Jasmine's two alien friends, were still alive and were able to attend their second Lyffe-Staite wedding.



(The bride, who was still exploring her royal powers, changed her wings for the occasion to match the flowers.)


After the ceremony, everyone gathered around to watch the newlyweds cutting the cake.  Except, where had the groom gone?  Jacinth ended up cutting the cake solo. 


Josh, it turned out, had wandered off to gaze at the new table that had just appeared – there were too many uninvited guests for everyone to be able to sit at the existing ones.


Yes, Josh, it's a table.  And exactly the same as all the other tables.  What's so wonderful about that?  ::)

After the party, Dude moved back into his little house by the beach to make room for his grandchildren.  And Jacinth set about providing them.


Unfortunately, the wedding night was interrupted by the groom having a birthday – and starting a midlife crisis :(.


There hadn't been any chimes and they were both too tired to try again… but it quickly became clear that they'd succeeded anyway.



Life state: fairy
Traits: heavy sleeper, artistic, computer whiz, workaholic, insane
Lifetime wish: Master of the Arts
Spouse: Josh (imaginary friend)

Toddler requirements: best friends with both parents, reached  level 3 in two skills (xylophone, painting books)
Child requirements: on honour roll, one opportunity completed (ballet recital)
Teenager requirements: on honour roll, reached  level 3 in mausoleum clerk part-time job, had a romantic interest (Venessa Dube)

Occult best friend: Fiona Fleet (fairy)
Two career rewards: Architectural Designer's Key to Barnacle Bay, Architectural Designer's Honour Trophy
Three unique opportunities: Tons of Tips, Politicians Debate, Guitar Up!
Four unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards: Extra Creative, Queen of the Fae, Inappropriate But in a Good Way, Climatron Control Unit
Five unique 5000+ point wishes: Reach Level 10 of Architectural Design Career, Master Painting Skill, Earn 5000 Simoleons in Tips (guitar), Master Guitar Skill, Paint 10 Masterpieces
Six unique skill challenges: Proficient Painter, Brushmaster, Master Painter, Money Maker (guitar), Amateur Rock Finder, Master Guitarist
Seven items for museum: paintings


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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #19 on: August 27, 2018, 02:05:18 PM »
Baby Dolls

Jacinth was watching TV when she went into labour.


In an astonishing development, she then went upstairs and put her new daughter in a cot  :o.


I thought that expression meant that the contractions were starting again, but no.  It was just exhaustion plus a very full bladder.  Jacinth went off to deal with her needs while I looked around for the second twin.  Josh was ahead of me.


Both babies were apparently human.  In the hope that this meant they were actually part-time rag dolls, they were named Jemima and Jim.


Jemima, an eccentric light sleeper, inherited her mother's hair colour.  Jim, who was brave and artistic, took after Grandpa Dude.

The whole family pitched in to help teach them their toddler skills.  Jacob, the only one who was still holding down a full-time job and so had the least time to spare, was particularly keen to get involved.


Predictably, Jilaiya avoided the babies as much as possible, dividing her time between writing (mostly to commission, these days) and watching TV.  And regularly confessing to/denying being a vampire...  And hypnotising the rest of the family...


And showing off her teeth.  That's seriously scary  :-\.

Somehow, though, it was Grandma Jil who took Jim to his next birthday cake.  Maybe the time they'd spent watching TV together counted as building their relationship.  Either that or she'd hypnotised everyone else into agreeing.


Jim became a rebellious child, while Jemima suddenly developed a love of fishing.  She was already my favourite for heir and that confirmed it.  Jim had perfectly decent traits but fishing and inventing sounded like a good combination of skills for the next Lyffe-Staite.  Jafar quickly tutored her to an A…


…and then the twins were free to spend the rest of Jim's only day of childhood playing together.


They are both imaginary friends.  That's Jim on the left with his Mini-Me and Jemima on the right.

I left them to it.  I had other concerns: that morning, the notification had popped up that Dude was running out of time.  I kept pausing the game and looking for him but he was consistently 'at the park' rather than at home.

Except that he wasn't at any of the parks.  Finally, I happened to leave the camera paused for longer than usual over the festival grounds and noticed that one of the food sellers had wings.  Red wings.  In fact, it was Dude, almost unrecognisable with short hair and in uniform.  I sent Jil over there as soon as possible.


By the time she arrived, he was off duty and she asked him out on one last date.  They were too late to see a film but could still have a meal together at the bistro.  They just had time to eat it :'(.


Jil came out of the bistro just in time to see her husband shaking hands with Grim and diving into his tombstone.


Then even the stone faded out of existence and she was left alone with the Reaper.

A Reaper who felt like chatting, as it turned out.  Maybe the undead hold a special fascination for him.

And then I noticed that 'drink' was an option for interacting with him.  Who could resist trying it out?  Certainly not Jil.  Or me.


The Grim Reaper has plasma.  Who knew?  Bone marrow, maybe, but blood?

Jim grew up quickly, acquiring the odd combination of social awkwardness and star quality, dyed his hair to match his namesake's and moved out.


Jemima completed her childhood tasks and began learning to fish.


(I had to go back into the game and check that house in the background: it really does appear to have curtains on the outside of the windows from a distance but looks perfectly normal when you get closer.  Odd.)


Teenaged Jemima became proper.  Despite that, she acquired a romantic interest at top speed.


Her classmate Bernadette Richey came home with her after their first day of high school and they quickly moved on from homework to flirting.


To be fair to Jemima, it was far from one-sided.  I'd happily have left them together in a different sort of game.  As it was, Jemima asked Bernadette to be 'just friends' before the evening was out – and even that went well.  No accusations, no tantrums – they simply became friends again.  Amazing :o.

Uniquely amongst my Life States heirs, Jemima competed both of her other teen tasks before she'd even started the cemetery job, thanks to the timing of her birthday and Leisure Day.  Then she just missed both promotions and had to work two days longer than I'd expected.  Finally, she made it to level 3, quit the job and registered as a self-employed inventor instead.


(That may be my all-time favourite cemetery worker uniform.  Going for a clinical vibe, presumably.  Pity they forgot the shoes.)

Jemima remained a teen for far longer than anyone else in the family – I was hoping that, if she did enough inventing, the Monster Maker wish would trigger.  No such luck.  On the day before her birthday, I gave up and bought her a cake.


Like Jim, grown-up Jemima dyed her hair to suit her name.


Her final trait was unlucky, which is actually a pretty good trait for an inventor.  And, as if to deny that bad luck, the very first option that came up for her lifetime wish was Monster Maker  :).

The wish to make a miner that she was already holding suddenly became large enough to count and everything was looking very promising indeed  :D.

I should have known better  ???.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #20 on: September 01, 2018, 03:18:42 PM »
Of Big Bangs, Bait and Bugs

(Especially bugs :(.)

In accordance with family tradition, Jacinth and Josh moved into a cottage on the edge of the lot, leaving the family home to their grown-up daughter.



I'd been wanting an excuse to use all of my fairyish stuff from the store :).

Jemima hardly noticed – she was too busy inventing.  By the end of her birthday, she'd maxed the skill and fulfilled an unprecedented three 5000+ point wishes.


She graduated as Valedictorian and Most Likely to Burn Down Her Own House – clearly her classmates hadn't heard about Jilaiya's Fireproof Homestead reward.


She went straight from the ceremony to commit the usual act of vandalism at the military base  ???.



Then she visited a variety of fishing spots and polished off Amateur Ichthyologist.


With perfect timing, she received the Master Invention opportunity about five minutes after she'd caught her twentieth type of fish.

I'd been setting up for this one for ages.  Juliet had mastered inventing and taken some palladium into the science centre soon after joining the family.  Then she waited for a pink diamond to spawn – but none appeared.  Towards the end of her life, though, she found one, already heart-cut, in the consignment store.  It had been sitting in Jasmine's inventory ever since.

So Jemima spent several hours popping in and out of the science lab with the requested items, finally came out with the life core and settled down at her inventing bench.


True to form, she'd finished all of her adult requirements apart from two opportunities within four days of becoming a young adult.  Of course, her great early start as a teen hadn't done her much good.  Hopefully she'd do better this time.  But then again, she was unlucky.

Then I realised that it had been several real-life days since her birthday.  How could it only have been four Sim days?  Jemima must have the non-ageing bug :(.  Except that she hadn't: going back into previous saves and comparing the days left to her next birthday with the game clock, they were completely consistent.  She really had been that quick.  It was just that the game was lagging, freezing and crashing so much that it felt much longer.

It had all started with Jacob, not too surprisingly.  He hadn't taken any more trips into space but only seemed to exist in three locations: at work, just outside the door of the police station or just inside the front door at home.  Resetting him after work would return him home but not make him act normally once he got there.  He just performed odd contortions to reach any object he wanted, sometimes zipping across to a chair briefly before returning to his favourite spot.  Sleeping was probably the weirdest: there was a Jacob-shaped space tossing and turning under his bedclothes but he appeared to be buried in the ground somewhere under the front door.  Eventually, he got stuck outside work and couldn't be reset.  Just as well I wasn't bothered about another Hall of Fame entry…

I installed the usual NRaas mods and tried out Master Controller's rather more drastic Reset Sim option, which I'd never used before.  It worked perfectly – and I noticed that the 'ghost' car that had been stuck in his inventory for ages had disappeared.  Come to think of it, hadn't all the freezes and crashes happened when someone was either travelling by car or about to get into one?  So the whole family got reset in turn and the other two phantom vehicles that had been passing around their inventories also got deleted.  (Overwatch also removed over 3000 cars from around the town at 3am the following day, which I think is a record for my games outside Bridgeport.)

Rather meanly, I made Jacob quit his job.  Having picked up workaholic as a social group trait, he wasn't at all happy about this development.

Suddenly, the game was behaving as it should.  Well, apart from Jemima's phone not ringing.  I put her into the business career and she quickly got her second opp.  Then there were more long waits, broken only by requests to catch various exotic fish, which she turned down.  With a game as buggy as this one was turning out to be, the last thing I wanted was for anyone to travel.  I was seriously regretting keeping World Adventures switched on.  It had seemed like a good idea at the start, because I like the photography skill and the holiday worlds were a potential source of interesting genes if I ran out of original Barnacle Bay townies.  Now it was just drowning out the home world opportunities.

While the Lyffe-Staites and I waited for an opportunity that Jemima could do safely, Jasmine called her old friend Rommich Ti'Zuvajug, choosing a day when he wasn't supposed to be dying just to be on the safe side.


Jemima introduced herself properly.  More fascinating Earthling behaviour for him to study!


Then, with rather less social correctness, she threw an elixir to speed up the process of becoming friends.  I was worried that he might fly off back to Sixam or die of old age before I could get him moved in.


I was right to be worried.  He turned out to be just into his fourth century:


(Also, aren't his traits wonderful?  :) )

He was given the family's one and only deathflower as a stopgap and Jasmine started making her first-ever batch of ambrosia.


Meanwhile, Jemima and Rommich carried on chatting.


No, Rommich, you're not supposed to be fancying her grandmother!  I know she's nearer to your own age but it's Jemima who needs the alien husband.


That's better.

It had been a long day and Jemima had work in the morning.  She went to bed while Rommich ate his ambrosia…


…and followed it up with an equally delicious space rock.


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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty - Chapter 12
« Reply #21 on: September 01, 2018, 03:31:39 PM »
Of Big Bangs, Bait and Bugs (cont'd)

With one day left on his age bar, Josh finally became a Descendant of da Vinci.


I missed it, because the game had frozen again  >:(.

He didn't have long to bask in the glow of his 'very fulfilled' moodlet.  A few hours later, his relaxation in front of the telly was rudely interrupted by a visit from Grim.



Then I noticed that Jasmine's portrait had gone red.  Surely doing the laundry wasn't that bad, even after a death in the family?

No, she'd decided to emulate her grandson.  And there were no cars involved this time.  She'd been wandering around the lot collecting up dirty washing and had somehow been whisked across to the sea right at the edge of the world.  The combination of hunger, tiredness, raging hydrophobia and mourning Josh had made her mood plummet.  And who could blame her?


I was very impressed that she had changed into the appropriate clothing for swimming, was treading water and had somehow kept hold of the laundry bag despite everything :D.

A normal in-game reset got her back to the shore and she returned home to a meal and bed with no further incidents but I was clearly going to have to try something else to stand any chance of getting to the end of the game.  I'd never used S3PE to clean up save files before, and it's not supposed to help with lag anyway, but it seemed worth a go.  The file reduced to about a fifth of its previous size – pretty impressive.  Maybe travelling is a possibility after all.

It may be pure coincidence but the bugs also seem to have disappeared for now.  Fingers crossed...

With a certain symmetry, Jemima got her third doable opportunity when she was four days away from adulthood.  It turned out to be one that needed a return to work to complete but she was almost there.  Both of her potential occult best friends had died of old age by now, so she and I looked around for a replacement – and I noticed that Bernadette, her old schoolfriend/romantic interest now had a yellow border around her portrait.


Like Dude, she'd become a food vendor at the summer festival.  Once her shift had ended, Jemima invited Bernadette over and set to work on reviving their friendship.  Elixirs wouldn't work (another bug?) and so she had to do it the old-fashioned way.


Which naturally meant pillow fighting  ::).


Best friend in place!  Now to return to work and polish off this thing!

Except that I'd failed to notice it was about to be Leisure Day again :(.  Jemima and Rommich spent most of it on a long and decidedly childish date.


Appropriate for an imaginary friend, I suppose.  And Rommich had never had a chance to experience earthly pursuits for younglings.

With the opp finally handed in, Jemima got out her phone and set up a wedding party for the following morning.


Jade and Jim were both in attendance, as was Jonah Lai, the very last surviving original townie (although Grim came for him the following day).

The bride's mother was faintly embarrassing, not by crying buckets but by going on and on about the state of her bladder.  If ever a Sim needed the steel bladder reward, it's Jacinth Lyffe-Staite.  Such a pity that Jacob had claimed it as one of his unique rewards :(.

She finally calmed down enough to goo over the exchanging of rings.


Uniquely amongst my recent Sims, Jacinth and Rommich went straight from the ceremony into spontaneous romantic interactions…


"I'd totally go for a honeymoon in Sunlit Tides if only the watcher wasn't so paranoid about save-file bloat"

…and then they both autonomously went into cake-cutting mode.


Unfortunately, Rommich managed to drop his action queue before reaching the cake but it was still a good try.


Life state: imaginary friend
Traits: eccentric, light sleeper, angler, proper, unlucky
Lifetime wish: Monster Maker (not going to happen)
Spouse: Rommich Ti'Zuvajug (alien)

Toddler requirements: best friends with both parents, reached  level 3 in two skills (peg box, xylophone)
Child requirements: on honour roll, one opportunity completed (Research Project)
Teenager requirements: on honour roll, reached  level 3 in mausoleum clerk part-time job, had a romantic interest (Bernadette Richey)

Occult best friend: Bernadette Richey (witch)
Two career rewards: Inventor's Honour Trophy, Medal of Genius
Three unique opportunities: Master Invention, Making Coffee the Executive Way, Seeking More Favourable Taxes
Four unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards: Efficient Inventor, Suave Seller, Change of Taste, Hover Bed
Five unique 5000+ point wishes: Build a Miner, Build a Time Machine, Master Inventing Skill, Catch Every Type of Fish, Master Fishing Skill
Six unique skill challenges: Scrap Collector, Amateur Ichthyologist, Consignment Store Sales, Consignment Profit, Consignment Store Reputation, The Ultimate Invention
Seven items for museum: widgets


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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #22 on: September 08, 2018, 05:50:48 AM »

Jemima gave birth three days after her wedding –an alienboo at the first attempt :).


Or I suppose he could have been a green-skinned IF.  However, as a toddler, Jaxx had big dark eyes and Rommich's greyed-out interactions confirmed that his son was an alien.


Jaxx showed his superior powers almost immediately, by using the baby walker remotely (although it did look worryingly as though his right arm had been amputated).


Just after this, the game crashed to desktop again and I decided it might be wiser to go back to the old tried-and-tested ways of teaching toddler skills.


Rommich developed an odd new bug where he suddenly needed to sleep at least as much as the other members of the household.  Of course, as an alien, he didn't have an energy meter - and he didn't seem to have negative moodlets appearing either.  He just kept sneaking off to bed whenever he got the chance.  I'd got used to having him around at night to tend the garden, fix stuff and amuse me  :-\.

(Also, suntanned aliens look nearly as incongruous as suntanned vampires.)


Jaxx completed his toddler requirements and became a child…


…and qualified for tutoring from Jafar.  (I swear he looks more puzzled by each generation's homework.  Modern maths and such, no doubt :P.)


Jaxx aged up to teen and decided to fully embrace his alien heritage.  (In more ways than one: unlike my previous half-alien offspring, he seemed to have inherited all of Rommich's abilities, including not having to sleep.)


He had a rather stylish black version of the outfit for formalwear but never got to wear it – as usual, the cemetery job got in the way of going to Prom.  His work outfit was also quite memorable in its own way:


That was Jaxx celebrating reaching level 3.  I was cheering, too – that job is definitely my least favourite Life States requirement.  He packed in his part-time career and registered as a self-employed gardener instead.


On the subject of careers, Rommich became a five-Star Chef, earning the family's second fancy fridge and completing his lifetime wish.  Since he was now in his late eighties according to his in-game age (or something like 340 in reality), it wasn't before time.


As a hopeless romantic, Jaxx didn't find the teen romantic interest requirement too taxing – and they didn't have to break up afterwards.


Nice manly pose there, Jaxx :D.


He graduated as Valedictorian (of course) and Most Likely to Get Married.  Nope, don't think so – although Jemima was hopeful.


Even before he'd graduated, Jaxx as registered as a firefighter.  He still shared gardening duties with his father but otherwise concentrated on handiness (and especially on repeated upgrades to that poor, long-suffering umbrella).


Sadly, he was soon left to look after the garden on his own.



He completed his six challenges nearly as fast as Jemima (and had done another three before he'd finished off the other requirements).  His opps were also fairly straightforward – fittingly for a would-be Renaissance Sim, one each from three different skills.  Wishes were the big problem.  I was very glad I'd held off on the property investments until this point but it was still frustrating that he didn't roll the wish to max gardening – what kind of a Renaissance Sim was he?

Jaxx invited Ami, his romantic interest, over.  After all, there was now space in the household.  Why not get him to propose?  Hopefully he'd pop a wish to get married in a day or two.


I don't quite know what went wrong.  They'd been great together as teens and their traits seemed compatible but the dreaded 'rude guest' moodlet popped up almost as soon as she'd set foot on the lot and they were soon very displeased with each other  :(.

Jaxx carried on with his third skill, charisma, undeterred by the loss of Ami's friendship.  A night-time visit to the graveyard secured his occult best friend.  (Well, I had to get a ghost in there somewhere  ;).)


And this time he did wish to max the skill.  On week 42, day 3, with just under a week of young adulthood left, Jaxx completed both his lifetime wish and his dynasty requirements.


And that's it.  I'd originally planned to do an eighth generation, even though it doesn't fit with all the sevens in the rules, to play with all of the non-human, non-ghost life states.  As it is, the game had become so incredibly buggy that I didn't really feel all that involved with poor Jaxx - hence the chapter title - and certainly didn't want to struggle on any further :(.


Life state: alien
Traits: athletic, disciplined, slob, hopeless romantic, vegetarian
Lifetime wish: Renaissance Sim

Toddler requirements: best friends with both parents, reached  level 3 in two skills (xylophone, peg box)
Child requirements: on honour roll, one opportunity completed (Pile of Permission Slips)
Teenager requirements: on honour roll, reached  level 3 in mausoleum clerk part-time job, had a romantic interest (Ami Skinner)

Occult best friend: Ophelia Piece (ghost)
Two career rewards: Firefighter of the Year Trophy, Firefighter's Coat
Three unique opportunities: Bring Back the Jams, Perfect Produce, Keep It Up
Four unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards: Super Green Thumb, Simmunity (he was the only member of the family to suffer from the sniffles), Never Dull, Food Replicator
Five unique 5000+ point wishes: Master Handiness Skill, Upgrade 50 objects, Own 5 Venues, Own 7 Venues, Master Charisma Skill
Six unique skill challenges: Master Planter, Plumber, Tinkerer, Electrician, Celebrity, Personable
Seven items for museum: garden produce


The family graveyard:


Jake; Juliet, Jadis and Jamal; Luisa; Dude, Jamuna and Jyoti; Josh; Rommich.

Jim, Jasper and Jade were still alive at the end, as was Crypta To'Vedachot, the other alien.  Weirdly, so was Jafar's teen romantic interest, Jill Simons, who was an entirely normal human Sim in all other respects.

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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty - COMPLETED (Not HoF)
« Reply #23 on: September 08, 2018, 08:48:58 AM »
Wow congratulations on finishing hazelnut! You did that so fast it sucks about your game becoming too glitchy Jax was a really cute sim!
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Re: A Lyffe-Staite Dynasty
« Reply #24 on: September 09, 2018, 01:23:27 PM »
I've just done some checking with previous games: my other Life States took 15 weeks longer but was in a more stable town.  I suspect that Sunset Valley, Riverview, Twinbrook and Lucky Palms are the places to choose to play multi-generation games.  I knew Barnacle Bay had pathing issues, notably the bridge leading to the little island with the large modern house whose name I've forgotten, where the Golds lived briefly before the flying cars incident, and the disconnected road just beyond.  I thought I'd be OK f I avoided those places.  Wrong.  It turns out that this game was the longest I've played in Barnacle Bay - the Haskills were only there for a single generation, while the Golds, who lived there for four generations, were only in the town for 19 weeks, thanks to the medium lifespan and other 4x4 rules.  If I play there long-term again, I'll probably use Ellacharmed's fixed version (which I realise wouldn't be allowed for a dynasty).

Also, although it doesn't count for HoF purposes, here is the picture of all of the heirs together:

Standing: Jacob (gen 3 - werewolf), Jafar (gen 2 - witch) and Jaxx (gen 7 - alien)
Sitting: Jacinth (gen 5 - fairy), Jasmine (founder - genie), Jilaiya (gen 4 - vampire) and Jemima (gen 6 - imaginary friend)