Author Topic: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 216: Alone at last  (Read 131338 times)

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 47: Girls just wanna have fun
« Reply #100 on: September 23, 2012, 04:27:47 AM »
My Sims have never had a Bachelorette party but they sure look a lot of fun. I've noticed in other people's stories that the dancers always seem to have puns for names...
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Chapter 48: The guys night out
« Reply #101 on: September 23, 2012, 08:51:32 AM »
The next morning me, Emelie and mom were all tired. What can I say, it was a looong night.

Chris and Sylvester pushed Rikard into a taxi around noon, they had the whole day planned. (I've seen all the pictures and thankfully nothing untoward happened. If it had, I would have held Sylvester responsible.)

The party was held at the beach, perfect since Rikard loves the outdoors. Sylvester kicked it all off with some fizzy nectar.

There was dancing, drink mixing and old friends. Cari was of course invited, as well as their cousin Mortimer. The party dancers showed up around dinner time.

I didn't get their names, I think Chris murmured something about a Cherry Pie.

Apparently he was quite taken with her, but his dancing did not impress her much. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an embarrassing parent. Maybe this means he is starting to be able to move on after Agnes death?

Dad enjoyed himself spraying nectar on uncle Mirja.

Dad says he and uncle Chris had a great time sharing stories about the early days.

As sunset came closer the party was still going strong.

The party was a success, Grim didn't make an appearance and it ended...

...with a bang!

At home we were shaking it. We even taught mom the smustle.

Agnes finally made her appearance, but uncle Chris was nowhere in sight.

Dad got home a bit earlier than the others, just in time to see Agnes pay us a visit.

And relax in the rocking chair.

By the time the others came home, around four in the morning, Agnes had already gone back inside her grave.

Tomorrow is my wedding day, I can hardly wait.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 48: The guys night out
« Reply #102 on: September 24, 2012, 05:32:42 PM »
The parties looked like a lot of fun. Klara and Christopher were both hilarious.
It's almost as if Agnes gave her blessing too. :)

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 48: The guys night out
« Reply #103 on: September 27, 2012, 03:04:57 PM »
Updates are coming.

I've just had so much fun playing I''ve focused on doing that for a while. And then I started rebuilding (well, I'll let you guess how many hours I spent doing that). But don't worry. You will be able to read about the wedding soon.

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Chapter 49: Wedding Bells
« Reply #104 on: September 27, 2012, 08:06:56 PM »
Our wedding day had been eagerly anticipated, not only by us, but by mom too. And I guess aunt Agnes (but lets keep to the happy thoughts today - ok?)

Mom had rented a photo booth, and we decided to take some pictures while the rest of the family got our present ready.

They redid Agnes and Chris old room for us. Uncle Chris doesn't want to stay there anymore, and it'll be nice to have a place for just the two of us. The room is very Shang Simla meets Champs les Sims boudior, perfect in my mind.

What's even more perfect is Sylvester's wedding gift. A personalized photo shoot out by the pond. The pictures make sure this will be a day to remember - forever.

Finally the guests arrived and Cari was one of the first as usual.

With a stamped of sims running around it was a bit hectic before we got started.

But the ceremony was everything I had ever dreamed of. And let me get right out here and tell you all, I have been dreaming about this since before we were teenagers. I'm so happy this day came to pass like I planned (and mom questions my ability to focus on a goal?)

I wasn't the only one to tear up. Actually people were wailing so loud I barely heard Rikard's vows, but since we helped each other write them, it really didn't matter.

And what a kiss - though I heard mom and dad kept theirs going waaay to long. We made sure to keep it short and sweet.

Before I cut the cake I gave a toast:

Thank you for being here with us today.
Rikard and I are so happy you could come and
join us in celebrating the new life we are starting.
We want you all to enjoy yourself tonight,
there is nectar for everyone and desserts
galore if the cake doesn't do it for you.
Let's all raise our glasses to my new
husband, who, despite knowing how crazy
life in this house is, still want's to spend the rest
of his days here with me.
To Rikard!

I know I've said it time and time again, I don't really have a way with words. But I do have a bestselling writer for a mother. (She made sure to critique me on my performance afterwards).

Weddings seem to be a time for traditions to take root. Just like I had worn my moms wedding dress, Sam Sekemoto took it upon him to step into Connor Frio's shoes, and stood cheering at the wedding arch long after everyone else had finished their cake and moved on to the dancing.


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 49: Wedding Bells
« Reply #105 on: September 27, 2012, 08:17:59 PM »
From the boudoir bedroom (so cute to sort it out before) to the actual nuptials!
I'm sure Klara's critique on the speech was positive.
I've only just realised how much work a wedding party involves for the Watcher. Well done on taking fabulous pictures!  :D

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Chapter 50: A wild night
« Reply #106 on: September 27, 2012, 08:27:01 PM »
There had been a perfect wedding. But as a writer once said (don't ask me who, I only read it because mom nagged me) It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Once the guests started leaving me and Rikard settled down to watch the stars. We had come a long way from those two teenagers talking about prom so long ago.

Uncle Chris was enjoying the solitude by the pond when...

...the sparkles came for him.

Mom was there right away. No matter how much she always complained about uncle Chris, she was devastated by his passing.

But since he himself seemed happy to go, she was not as crushed as after Agnes passed. Or as I heard her mutter to dad "At least he knew how to do this right - and he'll see Agnes again." Yeah, there is no winning when it comes to my mother.

At the time we were blissfully unaware. But, having your bedroom on the ground floor, is not conductive to keeping you isolated from the outside world. And we were soon apprised of the sad event (loud wailing outside the window).

Since none of us could sleep we got some things done in the house. Mom got a wedding picture to hang in her study.

And I got one for my YA exhibit.

Once everyone had finally settled down again and went to bed - the burglar arrived. Needless to say, it was kind of a wild night.

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Chapter 51: Mourning again
« Reply #107 on: September 27, 2012, 08:43:30 PM »
The day after the happiest day of my life (I'm still allowed to think it was right?) I once again faced my pain the only way I knew how.

Sylvester went into denial and spent all his time with Cari. He wore a brave front but I overheard him crying on her shoulder about missing his parents, so I didn't really mind that he acted all cheerful. Actually, it was kind of nice to have someone brighten up the place.

Dad worked Rikard haggard in the garden, which is now larger than ever.

I battled my inner demons and fought for equilibrium, but the meditative side of Sim Fu is still what I struggle the hardest with. Dad gave me a zen mat, a place to go to find my focus. I keep it by the pool, since it's the quietest place on our lot. No one uses it unless there is a party (then the guests use it). 

It went so far that I convinced Rikard to spar with me to help me train for my upcoming tournament. However, I wasn't really focused and instead of landing a kick at Rikard, I landed myself on my butt.

That's when he decided he'd had enough. "I'm not going to do nothing while you push yourself till you get hurt" he calmly told me over dinner. "As your husband it's my job to make sure you take care of yourself, and if you can't do it yourself, I'll do it for you. I've booked a flight for us, tomorrow we are going on a real honeymoon, and you are going to get your mind of this tournament."

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Chapter 52: What normal people do
« Reply #108 on: September 27, 2012, 08:56:20 PM »
As you might have guessed from the title, Rikard had decided we were going to do what "normal" people do on their honeymoon.

Here's his 3 step plan:
1. Go to Champs les Sims
2. Spend time enjoying each others company doing relaxing activities
3. Woho! (Come on! It's what all people do on their honeymoon, why should we be any different.)

And in the first days we played gnubb.

Ate late lunches at the Cantina Café.

And enjoyed a lot of number 3, that was my favorite.

Any dreams we had of the future were kept to ourselves.

And it was all fine and dandy, for the first few days. Then I became restless...


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 52: What normal people do
« Reply #109 on: September 27, 2012, 09:07:22 PM »
So sorry to see Christopher passing over, but I'm easily consoled thinking that he is with his beloved Agnes now.
Maybe I should not say this - it seems an intrusion on privacy - but I do like Selma with her hair down.
Very nice honeymoon, but... Cliffhanger, much?  :)

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 52: What normal people do
« Reply #110 on: September 27, 2012, 09:14:08 PM »
I do love me some cliffhangers. :P

I like her with the hair down too, actually more and more. But her everyday hairstyle is so good for the persona I'm trying to get for her - so she'll keep it. Seems only fitting that Rikard is the only one to see her with this softer side.

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Chapter 53: What Auroras do
« Reply #111 on: September 27, 2012, 09:22:36 PM »
Rikard: Explain to me again why we are in a tomb?
Selma: It was my turn to pick our relaxing activity.
Rikard: You call this relaxing?
Selma: Marriage is a partnership, now suck it up.
Rikard: Fine, but I'm not sticking my hand in that hole!
Selma: Come on honey, for me? I'll make it worth your while.

Selma: See, I told you it would be worth it.
Rikard: I'm still not convinced.
Selma: Why don't we go in the tent and I'll convince you some more?

Rikard: I'm still not convinced. Maybe you should try something else.
Selma: Let me tell you a story about a fair knight in distress and the daring damsel who saved the day.
Rikard: Is this a long story, becasue I'm getting tired here.
Selma: You see the beauty of this story isn't so much in how it's told, as in the moves accompanying it.
Rikard: Now I'm intrigued.

Selma: So, you liked my bedtime story?
Rikard: It was nice, but I still can't believe you made me sleep in this tomb.
Selma: Quit complaining, we both know you love it.
Rikard: Only if you help me find a better use for my mouth.
Selma: Come here my fair knight...
Rikard: you like my daring damsel.

Rikard: Ah, treasure! I've found the dragons horde.

Selma: Hurry up my fair knight. I'm breaking us out of this cavern as we speak, the dragon is on to us.

Hm, maybe I over shared? Feel free to pretend you never read this if it made you feel uncomfortable - I'm of to save my fair knight again...

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Chapter 54: A compromise of sorts
« Reply #112 on: September 27, 2012, 09:39:58 PM »
I wasn't quite able to convince Rikard that exploring tombs was a normal honeymoon activity. On the other hand, it didn't want to spend all my time rushing around sightseeing, and playing gnubb at base camp.

Luckily we found a compromise (first fight averted) we went camping. Fresh air, delicious food and more stars that I could count.

That there were no other people around didn't hurt either.

It was nice to have time to just be together. With no one interrupting or asking questions. We spent some wonderful nights together.

Lost in each others eyes.

It made me realize just how hard I'd fallen for this fair knight.

And how lucky I was, that I had him to hold on to.

When we were at the campsite we lost track of time, and we still had a few things to do before heading home. So we said goodbye to our campsite - maybe we'll come back some day?

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Chapter 55: Checking the list
« Reply #113 on: September 27, 2012, 09:57:38 PM »
We suddenly realized we had lots to do, and not very much time to do it. So decided to spend one day working on our chores (coming home without having completed the things mom told us to do before leaving? Not something I'm willing to do.)

Rikard found his inner peace enough to zenport to an island in the river where he had heard rare grapes grew.

I helped too by acquiring some from the special merchant.

After that we went to the Nectary where Rikard picked up some more grapes, and I helped a local repair a nectar making machine. He was so happy that he gave me a great deal on nectar makers (but only if I would buy them in bulk). Luckily we still had some cash left.

While Rikard was tasting nectar I couldn't help but explore one of the pools, I found a diamond, and saw an awesome underwater reef. Who knew there's fish living in nectar? Nectar really is the water of life.

Mom had asked me to buy her some recipe books, but before we brought them home we decided to try them out. Frogs legs was the dish we were most skeptical about - but it passed the taste test and we're bringing it with us as well.

Our last day was spent at the art museum, we each had a sibling who would simply strangle us if we didn't report on what they were showing over here.

But we were not really talking about art.

We were thinking about the future.

Our future.

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Chapter 56: Nooboo on the way
« Reply #114 on: September 28, 2012, 05:34:49 AM »
I barely got in bed once we were back home before I started to feel ill.

The result was predictable, as was the conclusion. A nooboo on the way.

Since I still had time of from work because of the wedding, I invited my boss Lisa Bunch over, I asked and received a promotion - I'm just awesome like that.

I was on my way down to the bistro for a  celebratory lunch when this happened.

Can you believe the gall of the taxi driver? Leaving a pregnant woman at the side of the road like that. She obviously really hates kids, if they freak her out in uterus.

Also, me in pink - yeah now you've seen it. Don't get to used to it, it's just not my thing.

Since pregnant women aren't allowed to train or spar (really, why is that? I could so kick someones butt while carrying the next heir. Maybe they're just afraid to tell people they were beaten by a pregnant woman).

Anyway, it did give me time to work on my meditation hours. It's not as fun as working with the board breaker, but it was a lot more enjoyable when the ninja gnome joined me.

Luckily my workout wear was pink free.

I felt I gained a connection with the child during my meditation, and the aura was decidedly masculine. So, I decorated the nursery in blue.

It's my and Emelie's old room we converted. Emelie and Sylvester are sharing a room now, Sylvester is rarely home and Emelie works most of the time, so they don't seem to mind.

With us all keeping busy, we still took time to spend time in the family room at night. Emelie was the only one missing, she's got killer hours. Mom's ecstatic since she became a doctor, and she seems to like it despite all the work and homework she gets.

Time moved on, kind of slow I admit. I spent some quality time at the day spa. Sure Rikard could give me a massage, but Estrella at the spa is awsome at working my aching back.

I spent a lot of time in the nursery, hoping my baby boy would get acquainted with his room before his arrival.

I was contemplating getting something to eat when I felt something move.

It kind of hurt (don't tell mom I said that, I'm sticking to the story that I didn't feel a thing. It makes her all mad and she starts muttering about me being a "devil child". So what if I torture her a bit? I'm just paying her back for the bachelorette party).

Come on nooboo, will you arrive soon. I'm kind of bored now. Labor was looong.

Finally she arrived.
Yes, she! I was so surprised, I had got a distinct masculine feel. Like I said earlier, meditation is not my strong suit.

Rikard wanted to name her after his mother, but I refuse to have a child of mine be Agnes the second. So we reached a compromise (again) and named her Agnes Cecilia, Cecilia for everyday and Agnes Cecilia if she's not behaving.

She's a virtuoso and loves the outdoors.

Rikard:  Thank you for giving him a perfect girl.
Selma: You're welcome...wait I thought I was your perfect girl?

Rikard: You are perfect, but you are all woman. I have some flowers for you.
Selma: Thanks, and nice save.

Oh, and it turned out that Cecilia's favorite color is blue, so I got something right after all.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 56: Nooboo on the way
« Reply #115 on: September 28, 2012, 06:23:03 AM »
That was a sweet update. I love the voice that you've given Selma. She is a very likable character.

Odd that her boss is her father's ex. :P

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Chapter 57: My biggest fan
« Reply #116 on: September 28, 2012, 07:40:45 AM »
As much as I loved my baby girl (and it was a lot) I was relieved to finally be able to spar again. Rikard was working with me after breakfast when he told me he thought I was ready. Ready to go back to Shang Simla and win that tournament.

Besides, he said, it was better if I left while our girl was just a baby, once she became a toddler she was going to need me more. He was right of course, somehow he always steers me in the right direction.

Shang Simla was the same, peaceful and quiet, maybe too quiet, I should have brought someone with me.

That night in the Scholar's Garden I asked for strength to do what I had set out to do, because I didn't know if I could ever be away from my family again (maybe being a mother has made me softer?). And it seems someone heard my call for assistance.

The next morning I woke up with a familiar aroma in the air, daddy's french toast.

VJ: You didn't think I'd let you go off to fight for glory by yourself did you?
Selma: Foolishly, yes I did.
VJ: Selmaboo, you have to remember that I am your biggest fan. I could not not come support you.
Selma: I'm glad you're here dad.
VJ: Good, now finish your breakfast we've got a lot of preparing to do.

At the Academy we started out by finding our inner calm.

Then dad began to help me spar, as a Sim Fu King I'd have more of a chance to rise to the top.

Sim Fu cam be sweaty work, luckily we had shower-in-a-can.

Finally it was time for my 75th sparing match, daddy won. He's one tough old man. I'm so happy to have him as my coach.

And so began the challenges. I was highly motivated and wouldn't let anything stop me from reaching the title of Grand Master.

While waiting for competitors I worked on my meditation.

Sometimes I had trouble getting my competition to show up at the Academy. Dad says it's because they've heard about my skills and fear me - I simply think some are to lazy.

I had to hunt this man down at his house.

Of course, once I got him to spar with me - I was victorious.

Many late nights later I could almost see the tunnel at the end of light, or is that the light at the end of the tunnel? Anyway, point is, Just one woman was standing between me and victory.

She was as formidable as I remembered. She almost felled me with her mighty kick.

But I finally managed to put her in her place, and was declared Grand Master.

As the newest Grand Master I made my way to the top of the mountain that houses the Temple of Heaven. And like all the Grand Masters before me, I showed the world and the ancients why I was champion.

Back at base camp I served up some nectar and prepared to celebrate. Not only had I won the tournament, I had also completed my LTW. And, I only had 30 hours of meditation to do before I SuperMaxed Martial Arts. And nothing of this would have been possible without my dad.

Looking at dad I suddenly realized how old he'd become.

When I was younger I always thought he was invincible, he was always younger than mom, but now she was younger than him. It hit me that we wouldn't get so many more days together, and that every day spent with me here was one less day he could see mom or Emelie.

I knew it was time to go home.

I had got what I came here for, and dad deserved to spend his last days surrounded by family.


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 57: My biggest fan
« Reply #117 on: September 28, 2012, 07:49:25 AM »
What a wonderful (and productive) honeymoon!
The adventures of the Fair Knight and his Daring Damsel were very entertaining.
Welcome, Cecilia! :)
Your fighting pictures are superb.
I felt touched by VJ's support and Selma's consideration of his old age.
Lovely updates!

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 57: My biggest fan
« Reply #118 on: September 28, 2012, 07:53:30 AM »
yay, three updatse in a row! And great updates as well :)

Selma is just as formidable as her mother ;D And welcome, little Agnes II WHOOPS I mean Cecelia ;)

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Chapter 58: Agnes Cecilia
« Reply #119 on: September 28, 2012, 08:02:03 AM »
Rikard had enjoyed his time with Cecilia. How smart am I to snap up a man with the family oriented trait? 

One who understands my daughters love for the outdoors enough to give her a baby swing to spend her time in.

The days after my return we all relaxed and had fun for a change. The weekend was here and even Emelie had time of work. We celebrated with dancing.

All to soon it was time for my baby to become a little girl.

With a sigh I placed her on the ground for the sparkles to come - would she be like me or her father?

She's a beautiful mix of us both. With my bone structure, a darker blond than her fathers, but with his eye and lip shape. Her eyes are dark, dark grey or blue (we really can't tell).

She gained the rebellious trait to add to her virtuoso and loves the outdoors.

Her wardrobe reflects her love for blue.

Once we put Cecilia to bed we all spent some time in the family room, Cecilia was very quite and sweet seeming quite happy to be in her cribb.

Cecilia *thinking* I don't want to go to bed!

Cecilia *thinking* Just wait till I can stick it to the man. They won't know what hit them!


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 58: Agnes Cecilia
« Reply #120 on: September 28, 2012, 08:14:18 AM »
Such a cute toddler, but oh-oh... she may be called Agnes-Cecilia more often than not.  :D

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Chapter 59: Toddler training
« Reply #121 on: September 28, 2012, 08:30:02 AM »
Rikard taught Cecila the essentials first. Knowing how to go potty is one thing a sim can't do without.

Cecilia was more interested in playing with the dollhouse than learning anything.

Cecilia *thinking* And then the rebell ate the little politician! Hahaha...

We gave her nourishing food to help her develop.

I tried to teach my baby to talk.

Selma: Mommy has to go to her job soon, can you say job?
Cecilia *thinking* All I know is that my job is to make your job harder - so no, I don't think so.
Selma: Come on honey, you can do it. Repeat after me J O B. Oh, we'll work on it later, my carpool is here.
Cecilia *thinking* My work is complete.

Selma: Come one honey, talk to me. Mom's boss will be here soon and I'll have to go aske her for a raise again.
Cecilia: Bosses are bad!
Selma: No, bosses can be good, as long as they give you a raise.

Cecilia: I don't want a job. I just want to listen to music.
Selma: Everyone one needs a job honey, and with a job comes a boss. You can listen to music in your free time.
Cecilia: I don't want a job, you can't make me get one. You're not the boss of me!

Selma: I am the boss of you, becasue I am your mom. And you will get a job - but not untill you are older.
Cecilia: I'll never get old then.
Selma: You'll get old, but I promise you'll never die honey.
Cecilia: I still don't want a job - or a boss. And I don't want to be old either!
Selma: Agnes Cecilia, you will get a job. That's final!
Cecilia: Fine! *thinking* I'll just get one you won't approve of, that'll show you!

Once we had Cecilia talking the rest was easy. She seemed to get along great with her dad (can I see a pattern?)

With me working on my career and Rikard busy in the garden Cecilia had a lot of time on her own.

Luckily daddy was always ready to play with her - and sometimes scare her a little.

Or steal her candy. Funny, I don't remember him ever doing that to me or Emelie.

Sylvester worked on her portrait.

And at the end of each day, she was finally exhausted enough to fall asleep.

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Chapter 60: Birthdays and what has Sylvester been up to?
« Reply #122 on: September 28, 2012, 09:03:45 AM »
Rikard's time to age up to adult came around. We only had the family around.

Once the sparkles cleared he was all right, no midlife crisis. Hope I get as lucky tomorrow.

That night Sylvester came home with pictures. Of his children! He and Cari are still not planning to get married but they've managed to have three kids without us knowing? I never knew Sylvester was that sneaky!

His oldest is a son named Corey, he's already a teen. He has the Crumplebottom blond hair but the rest of him is Frio and Ursine.

He also has toddler twins.

The first girl, Racheal, is an Ursine through and through, but she's got Agnes eye colour.

The second girl, Wanda, is more Frio than anything else. Maybe the Steel lips will make a comeback with her?

Now that we know of them, I hope we'll get to see more of them. Wanda and Racheal will probably go to school with Cecilia, and I'm hoping she'll get to be great friends with them.

And then it was time for my and Emelie's birthday.

We escaped the dreaded midlife crisis as well, this is great. I'm steadily working my way up the ladder in the sports career and Emelie is already at level 8 in the medical field.

Mom and dad have taken time of work, which means Rikard gets to take care of the whole garden (he's exhausted every night), and mom just skips working on her novels. I understand why, they have to use the time they have left together wisely. Besides, mom will have forever to work on her novels later.

Cecilia spends a lot of time with mom and dad, and I'm almost afraid mom will turn her into a couch potato like her.

A sure sign that mom indulges dad is that I caught them playing tag the other day. Two old people playing tag is more amusing than exciting to watch. After about three steps at least one of them stops and pants, letting the other come up and say "you're it" - and the whole thing is repeated ad nauseum. 

My baby is growing up so fast! Today is her child birthday.

Cecilia demanded a hat, this was our compromise. I told her it's always sunny in Sunset Valley, but she isn't listening to me. Sometimes I think she does things just to be contrary.

Now you can really see that she is more of her "own" person than I ever was. She's so lucky not having to grow up looking like her mother (even though I think I look wonderful, I remember how awkward that was when I was a teen).

She also insisted on all pants. She claims she's rebelling against the "systematic use of skirts to make girls look silly" - I just think she tries to rebel against something too hard. Honey, I'm the last person to force you to wear something you don't want to. I'm starting to become more worried about her teen years the older she gets.

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Chapter 61: The second heir raises herself
« Reply #123 on: September 28, 2012, 12:08:12 PM »
Do you like the chapter title? It's actually grandmas latest book - it's about me Agnes Cecilia. Yeah, I know I'm supposed wait my turn to write, but I'm rebelling.

Here's me thinking about maybe pulling a prank.

I ended up not doing it though, I'm not very good at this rebellion stuff. Especially not when I don't have an incentive.

Grandad is one of my favorite people, but when he pinches my cheeks he makes me mad. (He knows I hate when he does that, but he's evil so he kind of enjoys it).

It does give me incentive though.

If only I was evil too, I would sooo be fiendishly delighted right now. Instead I'm mostly worried I'll be caught.

Hahahaha, I got you good VJ!

This is me on my first school day. I was all alone on the bus, I'm kind of nervous, and scared. I heared there are lots of kids in my year, what if I don't get along with any of them?

It's a good thing granddad has time to help me with my homework, because I really need it. My teacher says I have a talent for stirring up trouble rather than getting good grades. What does she know? She's the man, and I plan to stick it to her. (Or I would if I wasn't a bit afraid of her).

Granddad says grandma doesn't like kids very much, but I think she likes me pretty OK. She even made me my favorite food, Porchini Risotto, when I asked for it.

Here's a picture of the second prank I played. I got mom in the shower!

She's really hard to prank, since she's almost never home. All she does is work, work, work. Dad works too, but he's at least home a lot. If I ever get a job I'll work from home, the best thing with that is I don't have to have a boss.

The coolest grownup I know is my granddad. He even plays in the sprinklers instead of working - I want to be just like him when I grow up.

School wasn't so bad. I met my cousins and went over to their place after school. Their house is not as crowded, and there are no snooping grownups.

This is Wanda and me doing homework. I don't really care about school, but I'm too scared of my teacher to not do my homework.

When we finally finished homework, we had a pillow fight. It was fun.

Then I played rock, paper, scissors with Racheal. She likes music just like me. I've decided we are going to be best friends. They have a big brother too, but he wasn't home. That's good, because boys - yuck!

Speaking of yuck. This is why I'll never invite someone from school back home. They don't even get dressed, they just hang around in their sleep wear all day.

Grandma says I'll want to kiss boys when I get older. Like that'll ever happen. I'm not getting married either, no matter what mom says.

Speaking of mom. This is all I saw of her today, she met me in the gate when I came home from school. All she said was "do your homework". And I said "you can't make me!" But then I did it anyway because my teacher is scary. I think she's secretly a simbot.

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Chapter 62: A pool party and a visit from Grim
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So, what do you think about Cecilia's literary efforts. Mom says she sees real promise there. I'm happy that she seemed to enjoy it, maybe I'll be able to hand of this writing thing early.

I of course complained about her writing and said she was never to do it again. Really my girl is so easy to read. She's never happy unless she has something to rebel against. Which makes her easy to steer in the direction I want her to. Like one of the Sim Fu masters said, know your enemy (or in this case your daughter).

Lets get back to our update shall we.

Sylvester's elder birthday arrived and we decided to go to the pool for a party. We had a slight miscalculation with the cake (since there was no table to set it up on) but he didn't care so I let it go.

Sylvester's children were there of course. We had brought a hopscotch court, so they were well entertained until we had time to monitor them in the pool. One of our former paperboys showed up, he's in Cecilia's class and she seems rather taken with him. Must be because mom muttered something about paperboys "not being the right kind of boy for her". I'll have to talk to mom about small kettles having large ears.

The party was a success, and Emelie was relaxing, since the hospital was close enough to rush someone to in case of emergency.

We stayed late in the night and waited for Sylvester to age up without the cake. We even had some time for a family chat (me, Rikard and Cecilia) that hasn't really happened for a while because of crazy work schedules (mine mostly) and Cecilia being in school the only time of day I'm not at work.

Thankfully Sylvester aged up before Cecilia had go home because of curfew. She would have hated to have missed it. Ever since she became friends with his girls he's become something of a favorite.

Here he is now, pretty spry for an old guy. He's got a whole new wardrobe too.

Next day after school, Sylvester started making Cecilia's sculpture.

Emelie decided to do some out patient work, at the graveyard. She was starving, but luckily I had doled out some of the rations of dried food I brought back from China, so she was fine.

I'm not sure about her patients though, her methods seem suspicious.

And then, what we all had been waiting for, but pretended was not going to happened, happened. Dad was mostly annoyed at being interrupted when reaching for more of mom's homemade Dim Sum.

Klara: VJ! Don't leave me!

VJ: You'll be fine sweetheart! You have our girls and that scrapper Cecilia will keep you busy. Write about me will you? And I'll see you sooner or later.
Grim: Hi, I've read all your books, I'm a big fan could you just...
Klara: Leave!
Grim: Another time maybe?
Klara: I said leave!
Grim: All right, see you...later.

Klara: Oh, VJ. How will I live without you? I miss you so much.