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Rules: Sims 3 Prosperity Challenge
« on: February 13, 2016, 03:41:54 AM »
I found a way to play the prosperity challenge in Sims 3 and I am enjoying it so decided to post it on here in case other people want to try.
Frist download Nrass Sp and turn Story Progression off, Go to Nrass/Storyprogression/Non active family, death- allow aging and change to false, it in caste options.
Then roll your families- use a dice and the number of spots it lands on is the amount of families you will play with.
Then roll for how many sims in each family
For Gender, Odd numbers are Male sims and Even Numbers are Female sims
Type of Sim- if you don't  have supernatural, ignore this step. Roll for type of sim, Even Numbers- Human, Odd- Supernatural  1- Ghost, 2- Genie, 3- Vamp, 4- Werewolf, 5-Fairy and 6- Witch- this counts for whole family, only roll once.
Next roll for ages 1- Toddler, 2- Child, 3- Teen, 4- YA, 5- Adult, 6- Elder
Traits- Click the randomize button
Lifetime wishes- if you get 6 it's free choice, 1- 1st choice, 2- 2nd, 2- 3rd, 4- 4th, 5- 5th
Start a new game and choose a town. Evict all the families, you may keep the lots or bulldoze them if you choose. Create your families and move them into the lots. Play the families in the order they were rolled for between 3 and 7 days. You must play each family the same amount of time. It can only be changed at the beginning of each round.
The challenge ends when a sim in the 8th Generation die by natural causes. Generation 2 sims must be born in game Even if their sibling is frist generation due to the roll of the dice.
No Points because I only play for fun
No causing death
Sims may only be aged up on their birthday
All traits must be randomized
Sims can only be moved in via marriage or asked to move in, no merging families in edit town.
if a sim moves out they become another family and go to the bottom of the list
With Uni, you may play through the whole experience then return them and move onto the next family on the list
No money cheats, sims must earn their money.
All sims must be related
if you get a all elders, children or toddler family you may re-roll but only then.