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Fairy Friends Household- 3 YA, All Fairies
« on: September 21, 2012, 08:32:58 PM »
Household Name: Fairy Friends
Number of Sims: 3

These three best fairy friends (BFFs) are the only of their kind in Starlight Shores. While two of them wear clothes that represent their fairy powers, another one just wears whatever. But why does Flora have many links to the criminal underworld, and why on earth is Martin secretly learning Alchemy? Chloe gotten quite a bit of cash recently from work, is there something going on there?

*If a download a sim alone, it won’t have any skills, a career or inventory. All sims are also fairies.

Sim Name: Chloe Great
Traits: Animal Lover, Charismatic, Loves the Outdoors, Supernatural Fan, Friendly
Lifetime Wish: Magic Makeover
EP and SP: Late Night, (Swimwear) Master Suite, (Sleepwear) Showtime, (Athletic Top) Supernatural (A lot of things)
Skills: Charisma Lvl 5
Career: Campaign Intern (Level 3, Poltics)
Chloe is a happy sim who loves making new friends and meeting new people. She uses her fairy abilities to make new friends and increase her skills but sometimes pulls a prank or trick. Will this fairy be able to complete her dream of showing many sims their inner beauty? Or will she change her lifetime wish to becoming a famous politician like her mother wants?

Sim Name: Martin Garvell
Traits: Gatherer, Lucky, Great Kisser, Flirty, Heavy Sleeper
Lifetime Wish: Greener Gardens
EP and SP: Late Night, (Shoes) Outdoor Living, (Athletic Top) Supernatural (A lot of things)
Skills: Gardening Lvl 3, Alchemy Lvl 2
Career: Alchemist (Lvl 3)
Martin loves his garden and loves his two best friends. He gathers the seeds from around town and plants them. But why are most of his plants recently been for Alchemists? And what is he doing talking to some of Flora’s criminal friends?

Sim Name: Flora Medals
Traits: Childish, Natural Born Performer, Rebellious, Party Animal, Hopeless Romantic
Lifetime Wish: Master Magician
EP and SP: World Adventures, (Formal) Pets, (Athletic Wear) Master Suite, (Sleepwear) Showtime, (Career, Lifetime Wish, Trait) Supernatural (A lot of things)
Skills: Cooking (Lvl 3)
Career: Sim of Mystery (Lvl 3)
Flora is a devious girl. She uses her powers to trick others into misery and pain. While she enjoys pranking community lots she adores when she escapes from the police. While her friends love going to the parties she gets invited too and makes brilliant, they are getting a bit suspicious about the shady people at the party. Why do the people who volunteer for her magic shows end up losing half their cash?

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