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The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter Four - Recognition
« on: September 24, 2012, 01:51:46 AM »
Hello fellow simmers! My name is Mone and this will be my first Sim story. I've read so many wonderful stories on here and now, I'm wanting to share one of mine.

The picture in the prologue was produced by Rockband's old system when its website supported Rockband 2. Also, the characters featured in the story were created by me, my younger sister, brother, and cousin. I'm hoping to update at least once a week, most likely on the weekends since I don't have to work.

And now, without any further ado, I present to you The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues.

Prologue: Chris - Flashback Blues
Chapter One: Chris - Sparkle
Chapter Two: Maxine - Take Two
Chapter Three: Brenden - Still Cool on Dreams
Chapter Four: Asagi – Recognition

Prologue: Chris - Flashback Blues

Oh my God! That was us! Yes, us, the original band of Blue's Clues named after our one of our favorite shows from when we were relatively young, around five or six. We loved Steve and Blue was made of awesome-sauce, and we kept watching the show even when we reached around twelve years old. Yet, when Steve "went to college" and was replaced by his brother Joe, we all stopped watching. We really stopped watching it after Blue started talking...just—no. The name, anyways, was a good fit for us since all but Asagi liked the color blue. least I think that we all liked the color blue. It was hard to tell with Maxine. She didn't like much of anything and seemed bored with everything. She was one of those teenagers. Moody Maxxy was my nickname for her and she hated it. Duh!

But anyways, that there was the picture of our first real gig back when we were just starting high school, all stupid ninth graders. Back then Maxine was the singer, I played the guitar, Asagi was on the bass guitar and Brenden was on the drums. We were pretty cool and thought we were gonna make it big! And we starting to...until reality settled in and parents entered the picture. Unlike my folks, who are all about expressing yourself, Asagi and Maxine's parents were quite against the band, believing their children were of a higher class than to become some sort of starving musician. So the band was dismembered. But we still played and hung out least until the parents stopped that too. Maxine started to become extremely rebellious and so her parents decided to send her to a boarding school instead. Asagi's father received a job offer in another city and therefore, we lost our bassist. Brenden and me kept hanging out but it just wasn't the same. We tried to keep in contact with Maxine and Asagi, but the force that was parents stopped that too, especially Maxine's parents. Apparently, her rebellion was growing more hostile, even from boarding school. Talk about hardcore!

Eventually, high school ended and we were off to attend university. Brenden and I left our home town and went our separate ways, making it hard to keep in touch. Two years passed and I just was not feeling college. I felt that I should be on the red carpet of a movie premiere or rockin out while listening to screams of my fans. Blue's Clues should be the biggest name this side of the Sim World. I shouldn't be here studying music. I should be living it! So, with that, I dropped out and tried to branch out on my own, but since I couldn't really sing, it made it really hard to get anywhere. I was getting frustrated, but I did not give up. Another year passed and I was nearly starving and had nowhere really to go, so I eventually went back home and have been staying with my parents for about a year, working at the local day spa as a receptionist and figuring out what to do next. Because this is soooo not what I wanted!

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Re: The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Prologue
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 12:53:40 PM »
This is an interesting start! Good luck on your story. :)

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The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter One
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2012, 01:33:26 AM »
@Apples - Thanks so much for the encouraging words!

Chapter One: Chris - Sparkle

Work was the same old thing after same old thing with the same old people. There were a couple of new families that had moved into town, but they eventually lost their sparkle the longer they stayed here in Riverview. The longer I stay here, the greater chance that I will lose my sparkle too. These are the thoughts that circle in my head as I stare at my reflection. I'm looking gorgeous as ever, but I feel that I'm missing something in life. It also doesn't help that I had just broke up with my boyfriend Billy. I don't miss him, but I do miss the stuff that he could buy for me. Honestly though, I figured it wasn't going to work, but that's okay. There are definitely more fish in the sea with more money.

But anyways, I feel like my lifetime wish, my dream of the life of the rich and famous, is just make-believe if I stay here. So sighing, I decide to talk with my grandma. She is definitely your classic, crazy cat-loving old lady, but she really loves her family and back in the day I heard that her music would make you fall in love with her, or if that didn't work, then she would make you fall in love her herself. She was a bit of a hopeless romantic, I think. But she is certainly the best advice giver in my whole family and my closest friend at the moment.

Me: Grandma, I need your advice. Lately, I have been feeling that I won't reach my dream here. It feels like it will only be because of some fairy-tale magic that I manage to become what I want here.
Grandma Lola: And what is that, Christina?
Me: Rich and Famous! How in the world could I manage to do that here? There's no nightlife, no celebrities, and definitely no music scene here. What am I supposed to do?
Grandma Lola: You have two options, stay here and make it work or leave and make it work.

Me: I tried that last time…and failed miserably. Millions…okay, maybe fifty people were just staring at me and expecting so much of me. I didn't freeze up, but it just seemed like I am not a natural born performer. I shouldn't be on a stage by myself. No one paid attention to me after that horrible first show. My agent dropped me for some teenager with promise and then I had nothing. It was hard…
Grandma Lola: But who said that you have to do it alone?
Me: Wha—what you talkin' about?

Grandma Lola: My little Chrissy—
Me: Grandma, please don't call me that. It's Chris if you wanna a nickname.
Grandma Lola: I'm sorry, you're just so big now. I can't believe that you're all grown up. I remember when you were little and not yet potty trained all the way—
Me: Grandma! Music, fame and fortune, back on topic!
Grandma Lola: Sorry sweetie...

Grandma Lola: But as I was saying, you don't have to do it alone. I honestly think you went about your dream all wrong. You have to remember what sort of person you are. You have always had people around you in the house. You're a flirty social butterfly, don't think I don't see you driving those boys wild.
Me: Grandma...
Grandma Lola: Kidding, kidding. Seriously though, you just want fame and fortune right?
Me: Right.
Grandma Lola: So, what's wrong in getting a little help from your friends?
Me: I really don't have any… well, besides you of course.
Grandma Lola: That's only a little problem. You're good at making friends. Why don't you go out on the town and meet up with some of the other young people?

Me: -sighs- Yeah, I guess I could do that, but the people here…once they have been here for a little while, they lose something. I call it sparkle, but whatever. I can't really do anything with them. All of them came  here for a reason and they are not willing to leave. Believe me, I've talked to a lot of them and they are happy here…I'm the weird one. Now, my old band back in high school, we had sparkle! Maxine, Brenden, and Asagi had their own distinct personalities and with mine in the mix, we all just worked. We were gonna be big, Grandma. HUGE!
Grandma Lola: I know. I saw it way back when you all first started playing together. I was your biggest fan. Say, why don't you give your old bandmates a call and see how they're doing? Maybe you could get the old band back together?

Get the band back together? The thought never occurred to me! But it scared me all the same…because I haven't talked to Maxine, Brenden, or Asagi in years. What would they say to me if I just randomly called them out the blue and asked about putting the band back together? They all know that I want to get rich and famous…would they think that I'm using them? But I'm not using them…I'm not.

After all this I hugged my grandma and thanked her for the wonderful advice. I promised her to talk to her and my parents if I do decide to leave again. But even before all that, I had a lot of planning to do and phones call to make.

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Re: The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter One
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2012, 08:43:05 AM »
The title really got my attention. Love it so far  ;D.
P.S Everyone did stop watching Blues Clues when Steve left hahaha. I know I did!

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Re: The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter One
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2012, 08:46:44 AM »
The title really got my attention. Love it so far  ;D.
P.S Everyone did stop watching Blues Clues when Steve left hahaha. I know I did!

Thanks Spork! And yes, that is the sad truth. I was really into Blue's Clues (since there wasn't much else to watch early in the mornings before school), so I totally abandoned the show once Steve left.

Next chapter should be up soon! I'm hoping for this up coming Wednesday, though this week is going to be a busy one.

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Re: The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter One
« Reply #5 on: October 07, 2012, 02:03:45 AM »
Chapter Two: Maxine - Take Two

Graduation Day and both of my parents are at work. Why even bother throwing my diploma in the air? There's no point. My parents had ruined my life, sent me off to a stupid boarding school, and now they don't even show up for the graduation. Of course, this is their way of showing me that they love me and that they want the best for me.

Yeah right…

They have always wanted me gone. It was inconvenient to have a child. They had been at the peak of their careers and then they had to stop and have me. Thankfully, I never ruined their lives until I started that band in high school. But after that, they couldn't have their nuisance destroying their progress. So, away I went…I couldn't even talk with my friends. I hated school. I hated them for doing this to me. I bet they are dreading to come home and find me. Well, they won't have to worry about me anymore.

I decide to go back inside the city hall. I rush into the bathroom and throw away my graduation gown. I straightened out my clothes and trudged out the door with tears in my eyes. One of the teachers I tolerate attempts to stop me, but after cutting a sharp glare, she refrains. I am in no mood for sympathies. I wish to leave.

I race out of the doors and head to the nearest taxi. Granted, I know that they are horribly awful for the environment, but I am certain that Mother Nature will make an exception at this moment.

I give one last glance at the town of my birth…and then face the driver.

Driver: Where to, Miss?
Me: Bridgeport, I hear that the city is the furthest away from this forsaken place.
Driver: …Alright…Bridgeport it is.

We pull away with me never looking to return.

Three Years Later…

Life is not spectacular in Bridgeport. I got a job at the business center here since that really doesn't require any skills. I have been doing well, getting promotions here and there. Nothing special. I don't like what I am doing, but it pays the bills. I go out on the town, but I have never become a celebrity or anything like that. I keep to myself usually. I also finally have time for my love: music. I spend hours on the keyboard, creating new songs and sounds. But I don't share them with anyone since I don't have the right connections.

My mind wanders a bit as I finish off the last of my most recent number. I figure that I should do something with my music, but what? I don't have the personality to be in all the faces of various celebrities, trying to impress them and make them like me enough to get me into the exclusive bars to play a gig. I sigh, declaring that my music would always remain a hobby. At least, I am free from my parents…who have not called me after three years apart.

Me: Who needs those guys when I got my piano and my jams right here?

Of course no one answers me, since I'm not insane, but it does feel good to hear my own voice and thoughts. Getting up from the piano for the night, I give a quick yawn and then climb into bed. I have work in the morning.

The next day, I receive a rather strange phone call. It's Chris, my old friend from high school. She is still her talkative self, a complete social butterfly.

Me: Hello?
Chris: OMG! Maxx, you sound amazing! How are you doing? It's been sooo long, too long!
Me: Christina? Chris? Wow, you sound…the same. I'm fine, though I'm running late for work. Could I call you back afterwards?
Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no sweat! Just call back on this number! I got some news for you!
Me: Okay…well, talk to you later then. Bye…
Chris: BYE!!

After that quick exchange of words, I rush off to work, coming in late, but not suffering any consequences from it, thankfully. All day, I think about Chris' call, wondering what in the world she could be talking about. Chris has always been a little on the wild side, seeing how she is that classic flirty social butterfly and party animal type. But with Chris, it seemed as if she was made for bigger things. She had star quality for sure. Me, nope. I'm just your average rebellious young woman, who cares about all things eco-friendly and has a love of meatless things and a talent for music.

I'm finally home after work and I quick change out of my work clothes. I hate wearing a suit, but that's standard for the office sadly. I dial Chris number and she picks up after the second ring.

Chris: Maxx? Hi!
Me: Hi Chris, how have you been?
Chris: Good! Even better now that I have you on the phone. We gotta get the band back together!
Me: …The band?
Chris: Blue's Clues!
Me: I'm listening…what do you have in mind?

As Chris begins to explain what she has up her sleeve, I pray that this is what I have been wishing for.

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Re: The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter Two
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2012, 04:34:39 PM »
How did I miss this update? Oh well! I can't wait to see what happens with the band!

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Re: The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter Three
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How did I miss this update? Oh well! I can't wait to see what happens with the band!

Thanks again Spork! The recruitment of members continues with the next couple of updates.

And I also want to thank those who are reading this story. I'm almost to 250 views with only three updates. This is awesome! And one more thing, I want to thank DeLouche for creating the wonderful world Green Dolphin Island. It's a really nice world and the feature spot of this next chapter.

Chapter Three: Brenden - Still Cool on Dreams

Yep, that's me. I'm cool, no doubt about it. Okay, well, probably not that cool. I did though, find my coolness after I graduated from high school and moved from Twinbrook to this quiet little island called Green Dolphin Island. It was said to me that this place has some of the most interesting marine life. I figured that I would go there and discover some long lost species and become a famous scientist. I started to apply for work in the science field, but found the work to be more about paper rather than the secrets of life. So…I became a teacher instead. I love watching the eyes of the kids widened at all the cool stuff science can teach you. Besides, the school said I could keep my afro. I must keep the afro, for the chicks dig the afro. Well okay, only one did, but she is only one that matters.

This beautiful creature of the Sim species is my girlfriend, Tanya Williams. We met when I took my class on a field trip to the film studios. There was this one little girl who continued to try to run off and go play with some of the fake lightsabers they had. Eventually, I ran into Tanya (literally I might add) chasing after this hyperactive child. Tanya had actually caught the little girl and even took her to a private area that none of the other children saw. Seeing how I'm family-oriented and love children, watching the way Tanya handled that situation made my heart jump. I promptly introduced myself and we instantly clicked. She is a genius and an animal lover like me! She also is artistic and a bookworm, wishing one day to become an illustrious author. She is certainly not an outdoorsy girl AT ALL, since she completely and utterly hates the outdoors. That is why she wishes she could just stay at home and paint and write all day with a bunch of pets running around.

Soon enough the field trip was over and I had to get the kids back to school. Yet, before I left, she gave me her number. We went on a couple of dates and then I asked her to be my girlfriend. She was shocked and surprised that I was still interested in her since she calls herself boring. She just doesn't understand how much fun she is to be around. Then we decided, after much consideration and about a year of planning (hey, we're geniuses here…), to move in together at 4 Aspen Road, the house that I had managed to get. It was rather small and crowded, but I feel that we make it work.

And it helps that we have two cuddly guys to assist us along the way.

The first one is mine: Dexter the cat. He was my only family once I moved away. I had managed to convince my parents to let me take him. He had been the family cat for so long, but honestly, he had always liked me the best. He is a hunter and loves to bring random things that he finds in the wild. Selling the things he finds has really helped us out financially.

But honestly, he is just a big pushover.

Bro is the first pet that me and Tanya got together. She (yes, yes, Bro is a girl) is a hyper and playful thing, loving to be brushed and goes crazy when someone does play chase with her. She really gets into it. Tanya and I both want to get more animals, but our house currently can barely hold all four of us. We are going to have to move eventually, but until we have the money, it looks like we will be here for awhile.

Today, Tanya is just about to leave for work and after eating her breakfast, she calls my attention from the delicious cereal in front of me and ask my opinion on something.

Tanya: Brenden, I need your advice.
Me: Sure thing. What about?
Tanya: Umm…well, I have been considering in taking up painting full-time and writing part-time. I am just not enjoying the job at the film studios anymore. They make me run errands, going outside in the middle of the day with all the disgusting and muggy heat. Do you think that we would be able to afford me not working and only receiving small payments here and there?

Tanya: Are you alright?
Me: -survives choking- Yeah…I'm fine…never better. But do you really think that quitting your job is wise? I'm not discouraging you at all. I would love for you to complete your dream but just trying to think realistically.
Tanya: I have made the various calculations and while we will be having a rather steep decrease in our income, once I get my name out in both realms, we will be making more and able to move like we want.

Me: A new house does sound pretty awesome. Okay, well…if you've done the calculations and think we'll be okay until you start earning more.
Tanya: Excellent, my love! Then it is official, consider this my last day of work.
Me: Congratulations!

Later in the day, she calls and tells the film crew that she is done and going to pursue her own dream. Thankfully, they are not angry at all and could tell that she had not been happy with her job. They even say that they may hire her out for doing some paint jobs for their scenery. Tanya is beyond happy and declares that we should go out and celebrate officially. I'm reluctant since I know that clubs and bars are not cheap, but Tanya is happy and I don't want to crush it. I give in and get dress, taking her out to the hotspot of the night.

During dinner, she again attacks me with a random thought. If I did not love her so much, I don't know if I would put up with these outbursts.

Tanya: Now that I am free to pursue my dream, are you going to pursue yours?
Me: Wha—what are you talking about?
Tanya: You told me that you loved the drums back before you met me, when you were in high school and had a band. Don't you want to start drumming again?
Me: I—That was a very long time ago.
Tanya: Not too long ago. You're only a young adult. High school is still fresh in your memory.
Me: There was just a lot of drama that happened back in high school. I'm starting over and besides, I love my life that I have now, with you, Dexter, and Bro. I couldn't wish for anything else.
Tanya: Besides to have your band again…right?

I don't answer her, just finish up my cheese plate. She, once again, has given me a lot to think about. She does that often and that is one reason why she holds my heart.

I stand up and invite her to not talk about my old band but rather to watch the stars together. She agrees and we are outside, staring up at the night sky. It's peaceful. Yet, my mind continues to wander to what she mentioned. What if Maxine and Asagi's parents had not broken up the band? What if I had still kept in contact with Chris? What if I did not immediately leave Twinbrook? There are too many what ifs and not enough answers. But right now, there is nothing that I can do about the past. Just the present and the future (more or less).

Tanya and I arrive back home and she kisses me, apologizing for springing that on me. I shake it off as nothing and we head to sleep. My dreams are plagued by her words.

A few days later, after work, I kiss Tanya and watch her paint for a while. She truly loves the art. Me, give me a drum set and I am the happiest musician alive. Eventually, my phone rings and I stand up and answer it in the bathroom, giving myself some privacy and not to wake up the animals sleeping in the bedroom.

Me: Ello?
Me: Um…may I ask who is calling me?
Excited Female: OMG, you can't tell who this is? Who else would scream at a random stranger she hasn't talked to since high school?
Me: …Um…Chris? Goodness, Chris, is that you?
Chris: DUH! Gee, well, I guess you were always the slowest to know what was going on.
Me: Hey, hey, hey I resent that. But my word, how are you doing?
Chris: GOOD, NO GREAT! I moved to Bridgeport, living with Maxx right now. We—
Me: Maxx as in Maxine? From school?
Chris: Oh yeah! I have a plan in motion and it involves us two, you, Asagi. I'm trying to get our old band back together! I just couldn't make it on my own, because you know how much of a sharer I am. And Maxx, here, was miserable and bored. She still plays the keyboard and quite well, I might add. –random sounds far away from the phone- Oh hush up! You ARE good!
Me: Maxx is there with you?
Chris: Yeah, this is her apartment after all. Do you want to say hi?

I hesitate for a while. Maxine and I had a history back in high school that Chris and Asagi don't know about. Eventually, though, I don't have much of a choice as Chris hands the phone to Maxx and I hear her soft, deep voice.

Maxx: Hello?
Me: Hey, Maxine. It's good to hear you.
Maxx: Likewise.
Me: Umm…so how is the music going with you and Chris?
Maxx: It's going well. I haven't jammed with anyone in a long time. It feels nice.
Me: Great, great, yeah great.
Maxx: So, did you hear Chris' recruitment order?
Me: Yeah, I did. It sounds awesome.
Maxx: You sound hesitant.

Maxine was always blunt. I forgot about that. I've always liked that about her.

Me: Well, umm…I've…umm…I need to…umm…
Maxx: -sighs- Just spit it out already.
Me: Well, I will need to talk this over with someone.
Maxx: A lady friend?
Me: …ahh…yeah.
Maxx: What's her name?
Me: Tanya, she's great. I think you two would get along.
Maxx: Probably. You've always had good taste in girls.

I hear a hint of sadness in her voice as she spoke this, but I don't mention it since it would most likely embarrass her and me. Goodness, this is hard.

Maxx: Okay, tell ya what. You talk this over with your girlfriend and we will talk with Asagi. He is the main one that will have difficulties in joining the band again. It was his parents who talked mine, if you remember…
Me: Oh yeah, right. Didn't Asagi inherit the family business?
Maxx: Not quite, though, he is the heir for it.
Me: Okay, that sounds good. Who should call who?
Maxx: We will call you since we are unsure about Asagi and…you seem happy. We can definitely branch out on our own, if need be.
Me: Ah—okay, I'll wait for your guys' call. It was really good to hear you again, Maxine.
Maxx: Yeah, same here.

She hands the phone back to Chris and Chris talks off my ear about this and that plan that she had regarding the band. I politely tell her that I will need to talk to my girlfriend about this before I just get up and leave. She completely understands and even congratulates me since I was never able to snag a girl in high school. She always called me a nerd and I hated it, but it was true…and still is. We promise to talk again soon and I end the call. It is going to be a little hard to explain this to Tanya. She is a bit of the jealous type.

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The Rockin' Journey of Blue's Clues: Chapter Four - Recognition
« Reply #8 on: January 20, 2013, 04:30:12 PM »
It has certainly been a while since I last updated this story. I got busy with helping my family and the Sims got away from me. Now, that life is a little less crazy, I will have time to update this. Thanks to all the readers! And I want to thank for the Union Cove team for making such a lovely world and beautiful homes, for this is where this chapter takes place in.

Chapter Four: Asagi – Recognition

Life goes on normally in the Kobayashi household with me painting,

my mother playing her famous green guitar,

and my father talking about the family business of selling electronics. He tends to get very excited about sales and whatnot. I am not interested in the art of selling electronics, buying up stock, and giving inspirational speeches. I do not want to stand in front of hundreds of employees and tell them about this new product and that new feature that is going to kill our competition. I am interested in the fine arts: painting and playing the guitar. That is my dream, my lifetime wish.

However, my father has other plans for me. He is getting older and Mom keeps pestering him to retire. So, he is looking for someone to take the throne of our great empire, as he tells me. I listen politely and nod every once in a while, but I hate those discussions and race to my room when they're done. Ever since I finished college, he has been on my case about getting serious and that I should start working at the business center. He complains that I should have interned during the summers, but my mother always came to my rescue, saying that I was already working really hard in school and needed a break. However, the excuse of needing a break was no longer true. I don't need a break; I need an escape.

After hanging out with some friends, I head home and walk into another normal scene in the Kobayashi household.

Dad and his promotional parties. I grind my teeth and move into the kitchen and cook up some mac n cheese.

The mac n cheese is good since I am a natural cook, but I can't really enjoy my food as overhear my father talking about me. He brags about my art and my musical talent, saying that I could go far. I'm actually feeling better about myself and my relationship with my father, but then he ruins it by saying that my heart is truly focused on the future of the family business and that I will be taking my proper place among them. I hate the fact that my opinion never seems to matter and my father always decide what is best for me without ever asking me if it's what I want.

Despite my frustration, I still do my part at the party and speak with some of the folks there, but I quickly head to my room and sleep for the night. Though, I don't get much sleep and wake up the next morning feeling really low. So, I do what usually makes me happy.

Unfortunately, it seems like my playing is not lifting my spirits. I keep playing, finishing the song I had in my head. Then I head into my room, change into some clothes and start working on another painting. There is nothing in the painting. I just wish to distract myself from all the thoughts racing in my mind. It's overwhelmingly busy in there.

Soon my mother enters my room with a bright smile on her face.

Mom: Oh thank you so much Asagi for cleaning up this morning. I was just too tired to do it myself last night. You know how those parties are.
Me: No worries Mom. It's the least I can do.
Mom: I can't believe how much of a success the party was. One of the guests was an endorser from France and now he wants to bring the products there! I am so excited for your father!
Me: Yep...that's great.

My mother looks at me for a little bit, probably wondering what's going on. She is very good at reading people, especially her family. She knows when they are sad, angry or happy even if they try their best to find it. Yet, she doesn't out right say that I'm sad. She talks about France more.

Mom: Say! You like art, right?
Me: Mother...
Mom: -laughs- I'm just messing with you. The French endorser said that someone is going to need to go to France for awhile as a representative of our company. Your father will be holding down the fort here and I was thinking--you know--you could go to France as the rep.

As her statement hangs in the air, I have no idea what I should say. It would provide an escape from here. My father would be happy to see me taking responsibility with at least a portion of the business. I would be surrounded by art, love, and food. But I know that as soon as I return, Father is going to be more demanding that I start working at the company. It looks like a no win situation. I have to tell Mom the truth.

Me: Gee Mom, that does sound awesome. I would love to go to France by myself. There is so much more I can do now. But I have to be honest with you. I know that once I get back, Father will be all over my case about working at the company. And I don't want to do that. I want to be a painter.
Mom: Oh...I knew that you liked painting, but I figured that you always wanted to be just like your dad.
Me: It's not in me. I'm shy, for one thing. Giving speeches is terrifying to me. I'm also not a computer whiz like Father. I wouldn't even know where to start in keeping the company up with the competition.
Mom: You can be taught all that. If it's just jitters, don't worry about it.

Me: Mom, it's not that at all! It seems as if no one understands me here! I just want to paint, sell my paintings, and be happy. Maybe play a little bass on the side. I don't want to inherit a company about computers! I don't even use the laptop you gave me!
Mom: You don't?
Me: NO!

After my explosion, I look at my mother and see that I have hurt her. I just told her that she does not understand her only son. I feel horrible and I start to apologize, but she cuts me off.

Mom: I'm sorry. I should have known that you wanted to do something else. It seems like you've only taken after your father in looks. You love music and the arts like me.
Me: Yeah, hence my dilemma.
Mom: Yes, Nori is not going to be pleased when he hears that you're not going to France.
Me: Why?
Mom: I already told him that you're going. I assumed that you would jump at the idea.
Me: Mother…
Mom: Now, now, don't get fussy with me. You do want to go to France.

Me: Me? Wanting to go to France? Mom, I've wanted to go again ever since we last went. I want to see a French opera so badly.
Mom: Then you should go…and then probably stay there.
Me: What?
Mom: Explore the world, my little one. Find your passion. Be the person you want to be.
Me: What about Father? Won't he know when the business deal is done?
Mom: Don't worry about that. Momma will take care of it.

I don't know how she did it, but the within the next few weeks, my trip to France is scheduled. The endorser is very friendly and extremely excited to meet Nori Kobayashi's son. I hope that one day I will not known as Nori Kobayashi's son, but as Asagi Kobayashi, world renown painter.

The day of my leaving has finally arrived! My mother thinks it's funny that she put me and my father in the back of the car together. I don't say much, but he is giving me points and tips on how to interact with the French. I appreciate his suggestions, but some of them are a little strange.

Father: Now, make sure that you slur your words together so that it's easier for them to understand you.
Me: Yes, Father.
Father: And don't forget to say "Hello" to everyone, even if you're in the bathroom.
Me: Yes, Father.
Father: And be careful around the French women. They are kind of aggressive.
Me: Yes, Father. -chuckles-
Father: And one more--
Mom: Nori That's enough! -laughs-

After the taxi ride, they help with all my luggage and we say goodbye. My father talks about staying as long as I need to make sure that the products get off the ground just fine. I nod and then turn to my mother, who hugs me and then winks. I don't know what the wink is for, but I wish for the best.

France – One Year Later

My time in France has been wonderful! The French endorser, Mr. DeBois, has been the best to me and actually knows me as Asagi, the painter instead of Nori Kobayashi's son. The company is doing very well here and I am beginning to think that I should probably stay here since the French culture is so good to folks like me. I have begun selling paintings, hosting concerts, and gathering a following of trusty fans. My fame is only within the nearby cities, but people seem to like me.

My parents call often, especially my mother. She says that she and Father are having a lot of fun together, especially now that he is comforted by the fact that I'm finally getting interested in the family business. But that's not the truth. I am having more fun painting and focusing on my music. I could have went home after four months here, but I honestly never wish to return home.

One day, after visiting a new art gallery, my phone rings and I expect it to be someone from the company, but I am quite surprised to find another voice on the end of the line.

Me: Bonjour!
Stranger: Hello? Is Asagi there?
Me: Oh sorry, English it is. Hello, may I ask who is calling?
Stranger: Maxine Rousseau. I'm looking for Asagi, Asagi Kobayashi.

My eyes widen, for I haven't heard that name in years. Me and Maxx were very close friends in high school. She was my best friend and it broke my heart when our parents broke up our band. They said that we should be focusing on school and our futures instead of this flimsy band. Once she went to boarding school, I thought that I would never hear from her again. But, this is her voice.

Me: Maxx! It is so wonderful to hear from you!
Maxx: Ah, you do remember me. Chris and I were betting on if you would still remember us little people when you made it big in your dad's company.
Me: Huh?
Maxx: What? You're not working at your dad's company?
Me: Technically, yes, but I am spending more time painting and playing my bass than working. I have helped out more in the beginning. Now, I am more or less a tourist.
Maxx: Well, then...I think we might have something that may interest you...a proposition. It will allow you time to paint and play, while not worrying about your father's business.

Her words echo in my ears and my interest is definitely there. I encourage her to continue and she reveals the plan that they are hoping to get the band back together, the very same one that we had in high school. Only a slight chance will be made in that we'll be an instrumental band, since Maxx hates her singing voice. I find it lovely, but you can't convince Maxx of anything. They have already spoken with Brenden, but he has girlfriend issues, so he might not be able to commit. That roadblock doesn't deter Chris, the head of this whole operation. She knows that even if it is just the two girls, they will make it big. I'm jealous of Chris' confidence and I would love to join them in their quest for fame and fortune. But I have responsibilities, forcibly given to me, but they are responsibilities nevertheless.

I tell Maxx that I need to think about all my options. She agrees and I can hear her laughing slightly as Chris shouts something from the background.

The next day, I speak with Mr. DeBois and explain my opportunity. He has been more like a father to me than my actual father. He understands my true passion and hates that I am stuck here and limiting my creativity. He is ecstatic about the reunion of our band and tells me not to worry about the business. The American and French branches communicate over the web all the time and so it is clear that neither branch is going against Mr. Kobayashi's wishes.

Satisfied and double checking everything, I finally call my parents. This time it is both of them. I explain all that I have been doing, like normal. My mother is thrilled about the art gallery and my father is worrying about the business. Then I tell them what Maxx told me. They are silent for awhile and I feel real nervous about everything. I open my mouth to apologize for speaking out when my father says something.

Father: I was blind in regards to my son, too focused on my own dreams to consider yours. Please forgive my lack of respect.
Me: Father?
Father: I know that we are tough parents, me owning a now international electronic company and your mother a famous musician. We pushed you so that you could have the full life that we did and still do.
Mom: What your father is trying to say, baby, is to go to Bridgeport and do your band. Who knows…we might even come out and see you all.
Me: What? Really?! What about the company?
Father: Oh, don't worry about that. Your sister has actually been on my case about it. With her being quite the smooth talker and a born salesman, I think she would make a fine CEO.
Mom: Whatever you do, baby…as long as you try your best--
Father: And not fail--
Mom: We will be proud of you.

I took in what my parents were saying and they were allowing me to go. All the thoughts were settling in. I could pursue my dream without any worries or cares outside of it. I promise my parents that I will return home before heading to Bridgeport. Our conversation continues for a little while longer, but then I turn in since it's late. I'm going to have a very long day tomorrow.

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