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Re: Medley Dynasty, the Third (Week Twenty-Nine)
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So, instead of hoping for still-living spouse material or cloning my own, I've followed in Trip's footsteps and added a recently de-fairyed Hanson Gilbert to the family as a pollinator. Hooray! More text here than usual, in part because I've been doing other writing for another hobby of mine and have gotten wordier as a result. Enjoy!

Hyacinth and I finished the last of Finn’s museum pieces late on Saturday of Week 28, but he insisted on a good night’s sleep before all four of us would sit down to his first taste of ambrosia. We elders all woke early on Sunday morning, because the day had finally arrived. Immortal number four. Finn met me at the bottom of the stairs looking for encouragement. I assured him that this would, in fact, be the best meal of his life.

After everyone had a chance to get dressed, we all sat down to a table full of freshly replicated ambrosia. Garret, Hyacinth, and I all tucked in immediately, ready to get the taste of sweet fishiness done with as soon as possible. Finn hesitated as he heard his phone ring, knowing it was probably yet another admirer wanting a date with the leader of all Simnation.

The first bite seems to be a little different for each of us. To me, it was underwhelming; all that work, and all I had to look forward to was this every couple of weeks until the end. Finn, despite his expectation that something so rare and expensive must be good, described it as “disappointing.” Maybe the replicators are faulty. We’ve been using the silly things for a good twenty weeks now; maybe they need some maintenance?

Hyacinth proclaimed that she’d developed medicines that taste better than this crud. I couldn’t disagree. I finished my plate, then waited for Finn to finish his own. I both anticipated and dreaded this moment; I hate blacking out, but the perspective gained from seeing my - no, our - ancestors made it nearly worth it.

I saw the beginning of rainbow shimmering sweep over Finn before I was yanked forward by my navel. Once again, I was in the frigid museum, surrounded by portraits and statues. To my left, my father and grandmother sat playing chess, the chairs they sat upon visible through their ghostly forms. Jennifer looked up and smiled at me faintly, while Nicholas grinned widely and nodded toward a spot in front of me. I looked that way and saw a statue of a woman with long hair held back from her face by a headband. Slowly, the statue faded and morphed, leaving another ghostly form. Fiona smiled and shook her head slowly. “Halfway there, little girl.” She glanced over my shoulder and whispered, “We only have a moment, but I can answer one question.”
I jumped at the chance. “What was the discovery you thought you were close to?” Fiona chuckled before answering cryptically, still staring over my shoulder. “See the fortune-teller. Only he can say what the future holds. I’m afraid our time is done, my dear.” I glanced over my shoulder to see what she was staring at, only to see myself, still sitting at the table with my family. Hyacinth kneeled by my side, shaking my shoulder and apparently yelling at me.
Suddenly, I was slammed back into myself, ears throbbing at the shouting and back aching from the jostling. “Enough, Hyacinth! I’m fine.” My descendants clamored all at once, wondering what was happening. I simply shook my head and said, “I’ll tell you everything… at the spa. I need to get out of here!” So all of us immortals - and immortals-to-be, in Emily’s case - went to the spa, leaving Darius to care for little Dominic.

After our daytrip, we were all a little withdrawn, processing what I’d learned in our own ways. Garret was outside doing some stunt flying on his broom, Hyacinth was working on some reports from the hospital, and Emily was working out, getting herself in shape for her return to military life after maternity leave. Finn took the chance to spend some time alone with his tiny grandson, murmuring something to him that I didn’t quite catch.

Everything was quiet until Dom’s birthday. As is the custom with young ones, we had a small family party early in the morning. Darius “helped” him blow out his lone candle, and then it was time for sparkles.

And he has the same color hair as his mother and grandfather. How cute is that?

Dominic immediately gravitated to various orange pieces in the dresser. The color contrasts wonderfully with his eyes - Darius’ eyes. Just lovely!

Of course, having a toddler in the house means one thing: training time! Darius took over walking and talking, for the most part.

Somehow, I got stuck with the smelly job. I haven’t had a nooboo in how long, now? Why am I potty training?

Maybe because Emily’s still got herself sequestered in the basement, working on widget after widget. She’s finally moved on to big inventions, having made 250 widgets for one of her challenges.

Meanwhile, late Saturday night, we had an interesting visitor go into crisis right in our kitchen. Why is Hanson Gilbert’s fairy girlfriend having a baby in my house?

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Re: Medley Dynasty, the Third (Week Twenty-Nine)
« Reply #76 on: July 08, 2014, 11:54:51 AM »
I always love seeing dynasties user my strategy. Awesome! I hope Hanson gives you the spouse Dom needs.

I'm okay with your new, wordy direction too. :)
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Re: Medley Dynasty, the Third (Week Twenty-Nine)
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I'm moving this to the Stories Graveyard due to inactivity. Lasnien, you can revive this story by contacting a moderator.