Author Topic: Building Contest 2012 : 20 - A Witch's Tower - Tower of Eastwick  (Read 1153 times)

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Tower of Eastwick
by ladybug53

Lot size - 30 x 30
Price Furnished - 84,829
Price Unfurnished - 51,433

Expansion used - Supernatural - World Adventure - Showtime - Generations - Pets.
Stuff Packs used - None
No CCs or Mods were used.

The Witches of Eastwick live here in this tower. The living quarters has 2 bedrooms, 4pc bathroom, 2 pc bathroom, kitchen and living room. In the tower there are four floors. The first floor is the throne room, second floor has a skill and spell room, third and fourth floors are left empty to use as you wish. Outside you'll find a small garden .

Let's take a tour of the living quarters and the tower

                                                                                          Click image to enlarge

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