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Walker Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 1: A Wistful Ambition
« on: November 21, 2012, 03:22:58 AM »
Hello! My previous dynasty file, the Ferguson Dynasty, was corrupted and the game itself was becoming very laggy. (note: mods/admin, please help move this topic to the graveyard) Here I am starting a fresh with a new founder and dynasty: The Walker Immortal Dynasty

Unlike before, I plan to play in advance before finally making an update post here. Though I might miss some important events but I will help me stay on top of the updates and keep playing.

On with the story!

Walker Immortal Dynasty

Chapter 1: A Wistful Ambition

Meet the founder, Tabitha Walker, an adjusted pre-made sim from CAS. She loves the outdoor, has a green thumb, and is an angler. She is also family oriented and a cat lover.

Tabitha found herself next to the postbox over the hill in Sunset Valley.

A huge gem with luminous green light descended upon her and whispered sweet ambition over her ears. "Congratulations! You have the chance to be the founding matriarch of a dynasty and stay alive for years to come. Now go read gardening book in the library. I will guide you along the way..."

Having no previous memories of her life, Tabitha took the opportunity to make a name for herself and proceeded to the library to learn gardening. One skill point gained, she rolled a wish to join the culinary career. She made her way to the bistro and joined the bottom of the culinary ladder. Feeling accomplished, Tabitha took a stroll at the central park. Look at what she came across...!

A yummy looking Stiles McGraw!

They talked about gardening.

Tabitha: Hello! I'm new to the town. I love gardening! Do you?
Stiles: Well, I sure love nice-looking flowers... (like you *whispers*)

And more gardening...

Tabitha: I kind of prefer spices. Paprika, Chilli, yumm.. They are kind of hot! (like your yummy country red fitting top *blushes*)

Tabitha: Um. right. What about your almamater, Stiles?
Stiles: School of Peace and Love! The coolest, hippiest school ever! What about you?
Tabitha: No way!! I graduated from that school as well! Squeee! Let's do it. You know?
Stiles: Here? Seriously? *glances around nervously*
Tabitha: Come on! No one will notice! We have to be proud to be it's alumni!
Stiles: Fine, fine.... *rolls eyes*

Stiles: You're kind of an OK girl, Tabitha Walker. I'm glad we're friends! What is your horoscope sign?
Tabitha: I'm a Cancer, what about you?
Stiles: *slightly disappointed*. I'm a Leo, but never mind that.

Tabitha: Are you single, Stiles?
Stiles: ... Yes... (I'm kind of frugal, woman. Don't expect much from me...)

The two young adults flirted a little bit for Stiles had to run to use the toilet. Tabitha, having rolled a wish to kiss Stiles for the first time, waited for Stiles to be done and went inside the toilet herself.

Tabitha: Um. Hi again. This is a nice and quaint little toilet, isn't it?
Stiles: ... I guess...?

Tabitha: Um. Here. For you, for our friendship! *Grin*

Stiles: Nice yellow flowers! Thank you, Dear.
Tabitha: Sure, you're welcome! Anyway, I heard that the night view of the sky is especially nice from sunset valley. Would you accompany me to watch the stars?
Stiles: Of course. It's been quite a while since I've done that. Let's go.

Tabitha: What's that building across?
Stiles: Oh. That's the theatre. I worked there as a musician. They played some nice movies too! We can go together next time.

Tabitha: Thank you, I had a really good time. The sky is really nice with the sea of stars on it.
Stiles: I had a really good time as well.
Tabitha submitted to her desire and hugged Stiles amorously, with the city hall at its glory as a backdrop

Stiles: What's that?
Tabitha: Um... I haven't had any meal since morning.. *blushes*
Stiles: Well, that can't happen. Let's go have a meal at the 24-hour cafe, since that's one of the two places still open and it's the cheaper one: $12 instead of $18.
Tabitha: Sure, Stiles... Anything to solve my hunger problem.

*nom nom nom*

Sated, the two love birds continued flirting in front of the cafe... And finally Tabitha's wish got fulfilled!

And "it" happened, in front of the diner under the starry night sky... The perfect Private Wedding for loner like Stiles.

The couple went back to the still-empty home lot separately. Also, apparently Stiles had a ~10k car sitting in his inventory. Selling it made enough money for the couple to get a double bed, a nice shower, and a toilet.

With the double bed, here is what happened...

And is that a melodic chime that Tabitha hears? We'll have to find out later ;)[/size]

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Re: Walker Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 1: A Wistful Ambition
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2012, 03:23:24 AM »
The Walker Dynasty - Statistics

bold italic: outstanding

Last edit: 21 November 2012

Founder: Tabitha Walker
Spouse: Stiles McGraw
Supermax skill: Gardening/Fishing
Traits: Green thumb, angler, loves the outdoor, family-oriented, cat-lover
Career: Gardener
Unique LTR: Super green thumb, No Bills Ever
Lifetime wish: The Perfect Garden
Portraits: Young adult, adult
Opps: A Nice Harvest, Fresh Fish, Uncommonly Good, Outstandingly Rare
Business owned:
Best friends (1/6): Geraldine Walker

Generation 2: Geraldine Walker Ferguson
Supermax skill: Cooking
Traits: genius, neat, natural cook, __
Career: Chef
Unique LTR:
Lifetime wish: The Culinary Librarian
Portraits: Toddler, Kid, Teenager
Business owned:
Best friends: Tabitha Walker

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Re: Walker Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 1: A Wistful Ambition
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2012, 06:55:10 AM »
Good luck with your story. Great start! :)