Author Topic: Building Contest 2012 23 - Autumnal Abode - Lusardi Manor  (Read 884 times)

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Building Contest 2012 23 - Autumnal Abode - Lusardi Manor
« on: November 25, 2012, 08:03:01 AM »
Lusardi Manor

Lot Size:  30x30
Cost:  Furnished 57,721 Unfurnished 34,838
Content used:  All expansions and only FREE store content


This home is perfect for a family.  Boasting 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fair size family room and kitchen and dining room, this home is perfect.  There is a basement and loft (although there is nothing in the loft, it could become a fourth bedroom).

To be the new owner of this wonderful manor please click the link below!

Please note that the contest rules have been adhered to and all personal content in the house is not available in the download.
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