Author Topic: Building Contest 2012:24-A Winter Special Contest; X-mas X-travaganza  (Read 904 times)

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X-mas X-travaganza
by saltpastillen

Lot Size: 30 x 40
Price Furnished: 89,821
Price Unfurnished: 61,308
Built for: 17 Maywood Lane, Sunset Valley

Expansions used: Only base game
Stuff Packs used: None
Free Stuff from the store: Happy New Year '11, Tis the Season for Gift Giving, Happy Holiday Presents, More Holiday presents, Halloween Treats, Weba Yayfoo!, Kalliopi's Gifts, Harvest Bounty, Earth Day, there might also be some things from Riverview.

Link to free items here, Riverview here.

Welcome home Loutens!

Every day will feel like X-mas in this 2 story Victorian inspired home. The house is decked in red, green and white and surrounded by pine trees. The seasonal decorations on the front lawn will make your new home the pride of the neighborhood.

The easy access basement holds a 2 car garage with plenty of room to add a washer and dryer or room to use for storage. 

The ground floor has 2 entrances, one to the main house and one to Albert's in-law suite. The in-law suit includes a bathroom, a bedroom and a living room, it also has a door directly to the dining/reception area of the main house. This allows for greater privacy as the doors can be looked against those pesky grandchildren or guests whenever Albert needs time for himself.

On the main floor you have the kitchen with a breakfast bar, a dining/reception room for entertaining guests and and special celebrations (since it has a buffet table and a bar), a bathroom, and a family room. There are two fireplaces, and plenty of fire alarms. There is also a back porch that can be reached through 3 separate doors.

The upper floor has a master bedroom with en suit, a nursery, a girls bedroom, a teenage boys room, a den for watching TV and a balcony for watching the stars. There is also a powder room and a shower room. 

In the attic there are lots of storage space and a work out area.

The large backyard has a fire pit and picknick table, a butterfly meadow, a fenced play area and a fenced in garden. There is also a pond and a place for private contemplation.