Author Topic: Building Contest 24, 2012- A Winter Special Contest- Louten Family Home  (Read 686 times)

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Louten Family Home

Lot type: Residential Lot.
Lot size: 30 x 40.
Suggested placement: 17 Maywood Lane, Sunset Valley.
Price: $86,938.

Contains: Base Game Content and Free Store Content only. Earth Day Set, Holiday Sets.

Dear family,

First of all, merry christmas to everyone! I hope your year was filled with joy. It's been a very busy year at the Louten household. As you all know, we made the big decision to move out of the city and put down roots in a smaller community. We chose to build our new home in a pretty seaside town called Sunset Valley. When we visited last year, we knew it would be the perfect place to live. All of the neighbours are so festive, and they share our love for the holidays. Dad decided he would move with us, so we had a suite built for him above the garage. As Jake's going to be moving out in a few years we decided that two bedrooms would be enough for us. On that note, I should make an announcement to all of you. I'm pregnant! He or she will be able to share rooms with Zoe once they become old enough. In the meantime they'll just stay in our room. I can't wait to see you guys in the new year. From all of us in the Louten family, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! Oh, I also sent some pictures of the new house!


Claire Louten.

This is the front of the property. Of course Andy was inclined to want an aqua blue for the exterior, and we thought it would look perfect! As you would expect from us, we began decorating for christmas in the summer!

Here's a picture of my dream kitchen! It'll be perfect for whipping up christmas dinner!

This is the rest of the main floor. We decided that an open concept floor plan would work best for big family get togethers. It's very airy and light, and is furnished with our family's favourite colours.

The living room is going to be so warm and cheery on christmas morning! The fireplace will be perfect for santa!

Our master bedroom is the perfect retreat, for when we just need a break from the world. Our favourite colours extend to the upstairs, as well.

This is the office space. Jake spends a little too much time on the computer, if you ask me. That's what you get when you have a computer whiz for a son!

Here's the kid's bedroom. It's a very bright, pretty room, and serves it's purpose well.

The bathroom is spacious, and gives the feeling of a spa. It works well for getting ready in the morning.

This is dad's suite. He really enjoys spending most of his time alone up there. It's free of technology, which suits him fine, and is decorated with his favourite red.

We've already started putting out christmas lights! We'll wait for a little longer to put the lights along the roof. Once christmas is over, the garage will be perfect for storing all of our decorations!

There's also a garden out back for Andy, but it's not in any of our pictures! Next year we'll send some more pictures once we've settled in. Once again, everyone have a merry christmas and a happy new year! :)