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Hello, and welcome to my second attempt at a dynasty! I'll be hosting the images this time in my own image gallery of choice so that I can mirror-post these chapters on a forum where I usually do LPs, and I hope to have a better run of things in turns of glitches, problems, and entertainment value. I hope you all enjoy!

Prologue: Filius Philosophorum

Stories are a sort of journey – they start, they wander a while through their twists and turns, their odd paths and progressions, their odd digressions, they end, having reached someplace different from when they began. In a story we consider happy, the ending is one. Sitting here, at such a distance from this journey… It’s at once a familiar and an unfamiliar tale. The nature of the journey…And the reward that’s waiting, pining at the end may be a pleasant path to walk a while. Of course, I’m something of a biased editor. Still, every story must have a start…
And for this event, I will turn to the documents and notes that I’ve gathered, to help me tell the story from the positions of those who lived it, and one particular document leads me to the inciting incident – the event with which our tale begins.
Of course, I think she might call it a Catalyst.

From the Personal Accounts of Aurum Alchimia

“Father, what is alchemy?” When I was young, I asked this of my father. He was a man always poured over some book or table, some concoction boiling away in a flask, some lump of metal reddening in a crucible. When I want to summon him in my memories, I need only picture this: his narrow back, slumped with the weight of knowledge, peering down into his alchemy table for the answers to the universe.

On that day, my father turned to me and cleaned his glasses, which were foggy from the heat. I suspect now that he wished for more time to compose an answer.
“Alchemy, my dear girl, is the process of finding the truth…Or, to put it another way, it is the process of destiny. Everything has that truth inside of it – it’s a truth that’s as scientific as it is spiritual. For metals, that truth often takes the form of gold…But people have gold inside them, too. The perfect self, spiritually cleansed as gold is chemically cleansed; Alchemy is the process of finding both of these things, inside and out.” My father proceeded to chuckle warmly. He took my hand and told me, “But that isn’t something that should worry you… After all, it is through the process of alchemy that you were born.”

Yes, this is so. My father, as an experiment, wished to make a person out of gold, and to bring her to life without alchemy and magic (“The two,” he said, “Go hand in hand.” It is for this reason that I was born a witch)…And the result…

Was me.
He named me Aurum, for gold (“I could have named you Galatea, but I hardly think of myself as a Pygmalion.” I am displeased to report I do not quite understand.)

His golden girl. His greatest triumph.

A being, he believed, of the utmost purity of spirit. His greatest work.

He called me his Filius Philosophorum, his Magnum Opus.

I do not like to disagree with my father. But I look into my own heart and find it unworthy of that title, unworthy of the genius of his creation of me. I am flawed; I am brooding and stubborn, wrathful and haughty. I do not possess social talents, though I suppose I have never tried. I am insufficient. I am not the person he dreamed of making, a soul as flawless as alchemical gold.

I never told my father these feelings; I suspect strongly that he would not believe me – it was the one cloud of his judgement, that I was exactly what he had always wished. We lived together in his little cottage in the mountains, and for all my concerns, I believe that we were happy.  My father never found the Philosopher’s Stone, never drank of the Elixir of Life…

But he was one of the last true alchemists of this world, and it brought me satisfaction to be his apprentice and his daughter. We pursued his dreams together, though please understand that we did not go actually chasing them – my father was an old man, and did not do a lot of running.

Perhaps if he had, that day would have turned out differently. On that day, a group of strangers came to our door. They spoke in hushed voices.

 They were insistent that they speak to Father about his studies. My father told me to go make tea, but then immediately took me by the arm and whispered to me that I must pack some clothing and a wand and leave the house as quickly as I can. I was told to run, and not to re-enter for any reason.

I did not understand what this had to do with tea, but I had never before disobeyed him, and I had no reason to start now. Clothing was packed, a wand stored away in my bag. I left through the back door, and started up the road. I turned around for a moment – perhaps expecting Father to exit the house behind me, perhaps expecting to see those men in a more literal pursuit than ours – and saw something that froze my bones: our house was ablaze.

 My father was nowhere to be seen. At that moment, I realized several things:
1.   My father had asked that I exit the house because he knew this would occur, and wished to save me.
2.   Father was still inside the house.
3.   He had ordered me to not return.
4.   I could not obey that order and ever forgive myself.

I went crawling through the house, calling for him. There was no response. On my hands and knees to avoid the smoke, I entered our study. Our kitchen. Anywhere I could before the heat forced me out.

There was nothing. No one. Our house and my family both burned away, the world a cold crucible to see it all gone to ash. I stood and watched it. Perhaps he would come out, and be OK. I chided myself for such wishful, illogical thinking, but…Perhaps.

I never saw my father again.

 At that moment, I was adrift and alone in a vast and unknown universe. What else could I do but study? Nothing in the ruins of the house was readable, but the town at the foot of the mountains had a library.

 I did not know what I was going to study. I hid out there, avoiding locking-up librarians, for a few weeks. Flipping through pages casually, as if they meant nothing.

I even made friends with a stray cat that lurked on the steps of the library. Whatever came, I would take him with me; he is my familiar now, and I call him Quicksilver, for Mercury.

And I thought of how to live so as to honor my father, and my worries of old – of my own nature, of the failure of my heart to be his greatest work – came back to me.

“I wasn’t pure enough?” The idea was enough to make me laugh. Pure enough? Was I not my father’s daughter? Was I not an alchemist?! If I needed to be pure enough, then I could make myself pure enough! Had not I been burned clean by that fire? And then, when I had purified my soul and my own workings, through rigors and chemicals and philosophy, would I not be the ideal legacy to my father?

The librarian showed me out, on the grounds that maniacal laughter was not appropriate for a library.

But I had a place to begin my studies. Like any alchemist, I would pursue the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life…But I would do so with the true mission in my heart: to become a pure alchemist, worthy of my father’s genius.

I found another library, and began researching where to begin my journey. I read about a particular variation on the elixir of life…One that, to produce it, and to have 7 of my descendants partake of it as well, required certain efforts. Efforts to improve the soul, to reach the highest peaks of achievement. This fit my goal precisely, and so I wrote down the pathways found by immortals of yore to reach that point…
And I took my bag and my cat to another town, to begin my journey.


This is how the records of Aurum, who took the name Alchimia, begin. Her records can carry us through most of the first leg of her journey without any real troubles;  While it may have been a bit vain of her, she believed sincerely that her life may be of use to posterity. Then again, I’m here putting it together; it may be. She does not date her entries, but they can be presumed to either have been written shortly after the events of each entry, or at a sitting after the events of a series of entries.

Still, a word about Aurum herself, since this matter is of my authority, and she’s disinclined to write of trivialities:
She is Brooding, true enough, but a brooding Genius. She’s sort of like Iceland: cold on the surface, all volcanoes beneath. Her interest in alchemy and magic, the mysteries of the world purer sciences cannot explain, renders her something of a Supernatural Fan. That she can live several weeks in a library marks her, quite clearly I think, as a Bookworm, but she’s at home in nature as well; she’s something of a Gatherer. Her favorite color is gold, but yellow will suffice.

The cat, Quicksilver, is the only friends she’s ever made besides her father at this point in her life. He, as a former stray, is a natural Hunter, and wildly Independent. He is also, as is suitable for a Genius girl, a Genius cat.

As an interested assembler of this tale, I may have to step in to add to her accounts when she falls slack or did not experience, or comment on the other players – many of whom she didn’t recognize for what they really were, at first – in my own way. I’ll mark my notes with an editor’s italics, for the sake of the inquiring reader.

I hope you enjoy this story, and that it goes on quite a while.

Stories In Progress:
The Avyan Immortal Dynasty

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty
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Immortal Information

Free (Non-Unique) Elements:
(These will only be set in stone when they're formally non-unique, whether that be maxed by two sims, taken by two sims, what-have-you, but this is my plan at this time. Things formalized will be underlined.)
Skills: Logic, Charisma, Science
Lifetime Rewards: Entreprenurial Mindset, Perfect Host, Nerd Influence, Steel Bladder, Simmunity
Opportunites: None

Generation 1
Aurum Alchimia
Immortal, Witch
Traits: Brooding, Genius, Supernatural Fan, Bookworm, Gatherer, Socially Awkward*
Supermax Skill: Alchemy
Career: Ghost Hunting
LTW: Alchemy Artisan
Best Friends: Darleen Dreamer, Darren Dreamer, Yuna Tanner, Lina Lancaster, Moses Hudson, Richard Irwin Ferrus Alchimia, Stannum Alchimia, Sheila Alchimia, Jaycen (Hendrix) Alchimia
Unique LTRs:  No Bills Ever, Collection Helper, Moodlet Manager
Black Ops: Help Investigation, Give Presentation, Lettuce Help Out, Ingredients Ripe for the Eating, Settle an Argument, Alchemic Mastery
Property/Business: Gypsy Caravan, Rio Vista Park and Playground
Portraits: YA, Adult, Elder
Photos: YA, Adult, Elder
Sculptures: YA, Adult, Elder

Generation 2
Ferrus Alchimia
Mortal, Witch
Traits: Artistic, Neurotic, Perfectionist, Savvy Sculptor, Hopeless Romantic, Shy*
Supermax Skill: Sculpting
Career: Architect
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Best Friends: Aurum Alchimia, Jaycen Alchimia, Diane Dreamer, Stannum Alchimia, Sheila Alchimia, Chana Tovar, Holly Gabrielsun
Unique LTRs: Change of Taste, No Jealousy, Extra Creative Artisan Crafter
Black Ops: The Boiler Room, Deliver a Painting to Egypt, Al Simhara
Property/Business: Blooming Cactus Bistro, Lakeside Retreat
Portraits: Toddler, Child, Teen, YA, A
Photos: Toddler, Child, Teen, YA, A
Sculptures: Toddler, Child, Teen, YA, A

Generation 3
Venus Alchimia
Mortal, Sim
Traits: Friendly, Insane, Equestrian
Supermax Skill: Riding
Career: ?
LTW: ?
Best Friends: Diane Dreamer, Ferrus Alchimia, Venus Alchimia, Sulfur Alchimia
Unique LTRs:
Black Ops: Research Project
Portraits: Toddler, Child
Photos: Toddler, Child
Sculptures: Toddler, Child
Stories In Progress:
The Avyan Immortal Dynasty

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty
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Wow, what a great introduction to your story! I hope it goes on quite a while, too, since you write so well!

I love the look of your founder--are her eyes yellow, too? Again, great introduction, and good luck with your dynasty.

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: January 12, 2013, 11:50:49 PM »
Wow, that's an amazing beginning. I'm loving your theme and your founder. Very creative!
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I think those pictures gave me heartburn.
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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2013, 11:51:31 PM »
Yes! I miss the Seraphims, but you're doing another dynasty! I can't wait to read more.
I expect Azokka either to yell at everyone and totally dominate or else get out the popcorn.-Ombradellarosa

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty
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...I just want that cat; Quicksilver is adorable to the nines and i'm still jealous of all those people with the awesome graphics in their computers so that they have fuzzy cats. *pouts*

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty
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Wow, lookit that feedback! First off, thanks for the kind words, and glad you're intrigued by Aurum. She's a super-fun narrator for me. Now for the specifics:

@ Rhoxi: Her eyes are yellow, though they're a darker yellow than the rest of her. They're sort of amber colored.

@ ladyaya: I totally just goofed around until something neat happened. Sorry to hear you cannot have a fuzzy kitty in your game.

Chapter 1, Part 1: Albedo

From the personal accounts of Aurum Alchimia

And so I arrived in Lucky Palms, with a cat, but no money and no hope. I had read the appropriate literature, and was assured that despair at the blank, rolling emptiness before me was an appropriate emotional reaction.

I gathered myself briefly and set forth to see what I might accomplish in my mission. My first thought was that I was running out of time in which to act.

If I was to survive, I would first need currency. To acquire currency, I would need a proffession...And while I was tempted to devote myself to alchemy, I believed firmly that I would be better off surving society directly...
As a hunter of ghosts, a capturer of wayward spirits, so I could anaylize the soul, and find perhaps where mine is lacking... I mean, help society. Something like that.
Still, this would delay my studies; no, rather begin my studies, and then adjust as I need funds. Or...something.

First off, though, our lot needed supplies for Quicksilver's happiness; my own furnishings would be acquired as I felt the need.

I went forth to acquire such an item, but my sense of direction is...Rather in need of refinement. Instead of a store, I ended up at...

The household of this gentleman. The stress of my move, getting lost, and meeting a stranger must have been overwhelming my system somewhat; at the time he opened the door, I suffered a minor heart palpitation. Steady breathing was the antidote.

He gave me a bright smile, an intentness filling his eyes at the sight of me. All dressed in white, I suppose he must have been a very clean man. I found myself taking a thorough examination of him.

"...I have taken up residence in this town, and am trying to find my bearings."
A small truth.

"That makes sense; I'd certainly remember a face as pretty as yours." His voice had an intonation I did not recognize. Still...I was not aware I was pretty. I will handle this information with care. After a pause in which he seemed to expect a reaction from me, he continues, ”I’m Jaycen. Jaycen Hendrix.”
What an unusual name, Jaycen-Jaycen Hendrix. Still…His is….The first name I’ve really heard outside of my father’s friends. I will document it and test it for consistency with other names I discover.
“I am called Aurum.”
"That’s an interesting name. What brings you to town?"

I took a moment, standing stock still, to consider my options. Do I tell the truth? Do I lie?

"...I would like to...Become a better person. To achieve perfection in my craft, and therefore myself."
”Ha! What a pretty idea.”
“I do not generally rate my ideas for their aesthetic qualities. What makes this one pretty?”

Here, he looked surprised. Perhaps he had not considered its full ramifications.
”Well, that is…It’s a pretty idea because it’s charming. I think all that self-actualization talk is really inspiring.” He speaks quickly, finding a totally metaphorical footing. ”So what’s this craft of yours, Aurum?”
“…It is alchemy.”

”Oh, you make potions? Mixing two things together and make a new whole, that’s very –“
“True alchemy is more than potion-making…Though it seems you grasp the value of potion-making to true alchemy. To take the essence of a thing like the happiness of a plant, to blend it and refine it, strip it bare and boil it until it’s something marvelous and strange. That is potion-making to alchemy.”


It was when she talked like that it drove Jaycen Hendrix wild, not that Aurum knew enough to describe it correctly. He was not a bad man, though he’d never tried to be a good one, either. He was a creature of his most immediate passions. And right now, his passions were all calling for this woman. She was like nothing he’d ever seen before. Which is, you know, the entirely factual situation. Creatures of passion will make anything passionate, I suppose.

And worse…She was completely immune to his charms. He was starting to wonder if no one had ever taken her by the hand and said ‘Baby, you’re beautiful’ before (she hadn’t; aaah, assumptions.) He was half-tempted to just give up, put all his efforts away, and call it a day. There had to be a woman in town left who was a) young, b) good-looking (he’d accept ‘good-looking if you squint,’ and ‘good-looking if you’ve had too much nectar,’ to be honest,) and c) not an ex-girlfriend.

But when she spoke like this, her eyes lit up and her face warm and open… It drove him wild. There was no way he would let this woman, this creature that landed on his doorstep, with all the self-possessed grace and distant beauty of a visitor from another world, slip by. It was time to bring out the big guns. The never-fail guns. The sort of guns wielded by 90s comic book heroes, but applied to romance instead of blasting villains no morally purer than the heroes.

”Aurum…Do you believe in love at first sight? In destiny?”
Oooh, yeah. Girls melted for that one.
“I believe in destiny. But I can’t say if I believe in love at first sight. I lack empirical knowledge in matters such as these,” she told him, her voice fine and cold. It took him a moment to translate.

“You’ve never been in love? Never cared for someone?”
Aurum considered her answer, and found it divided.
“I have never been in love…But there was someone once I cared for very much. But… He…”

The weight of the past weeks drove her to silence. She held back to prevent unwanted, derailing displays.

Hendrix nodded to himself. Aaaah, a messy break-up. With his one-track mind, that was certainly the only explanation. Well, that’d make the game of wooing her longer…And the eventual rewards before his departure sweeter. Well, no sense in not trying to make her impression of him a little sweeter, right?

“For you.”
“Thank you. I’ve never attempted to use roses for alchemy; I will attempt an experiment on the matter… When I can afford a table for alchemy, anyway.”

He wheedled the rest of it out of her from there. While she had moved, she explained, she had not moved to a house. She didn’t have the money for a home, even a small one, so she purchased a place and decided to let the rest follow in due time.
As she explained this, Jaycen considered the situation: this girl, immune to his charms, self-contained as an oyster, was giving him a real workout.

 “Well, maybe I can provide you with some money to start. And maybe a little…company. I can at least give you a lift back, so you don’t get lost again.”
He was surprised she agreed, at least to the last part. Helping her out sounded like a fun little game, anyway – and what was Jaycen but a man who, magpie-like, would chase anything shiny? So there he was, planning his next move and driving her.

About this meeting, Aurum herself says very little. I don’t think she knew what to make of it; certainly, at no point did she possess the social intelligence of a rock, so necessary to understand his intentions. But it was through this means that two people with the completely wrong idea of each other drove towards Aurum’s little vacant lot.

From the personal records of Aurum Alchimia, continued

Quicksilver, meanwhile, was making some efforts to fish in our local pond. I was hoping he would do such a thing...That he did was a source of near-bottomless relief. Fishing, after all, is a vital stage of this endeavor that I have yet to even work out how to do without Quicksilver. I begin to think I simply cannot do it alone.

I cannot imagine what Mr. Hendrix (he laughed, in a quavering way, when I called him Mr. Jaycen-Jaycen Hendrix. I am not sure I understand, but perhaps he is embarrassed?) thought when he saw my lot.

We continued our conversation, though he did not immediately bring up the idea of accompanying me again – he looked for a moment as if he was considering something, but would bite it down quickly, unable to commit to whatever idea was occurring. Eventually, it occurred to me that if I could not do it alone, perhaps he could be of assistance.
“Would you be willing to provide aid as you mentioned before?” This energized him, and after some of what I believe is called “Hemm-ing and Haw-ing,” according to my literature, he assented to take up residence with me for the time being.

He sighed and smiled, looking for all the world contented and at peace. Like some part of his heart was resolved, and full. I decided that this contentment would mean he would not mind so much if I sold his car for additional funding.

He made a variety of wailing noises. I have documented a few of them in my tape recorder for future analyzation.
"Is there a problem? You promised me funding...So I just took it in its most efficient form." The car was, after all, worth funds sufficient for the building of a small home. It had rooms for the both of us.

 "Seperate rooms, huh?" He grumbled, once his tour completed. I asked him what he meant, but he would not elaborate. Still, he seemed happy that I was pleased with our efforts.
And pleased I was: I had made a house in which to study and research….
And perhaps I had made something additional, odd as it sounds. I have acquired a friend.
I shall continue my record-keeping at a later date.
Stories In Progress:
The Avyan Immortal Dynasty

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty (Newest Chapter 1/13/13)
« Reply #8 on: January 13, 2013, 01:16:57 PM »
This is a really good story! Jaycen seems to think that caring for someone only means boyfriend-girlfriend. It was not a messy breakup, Jaycen. Her father perished in a fire! Ah... men. Oh well. Aurum looks amazing! You have now inspired me to go load up the Sims launcher!

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty (Newest Chapter 1/13/13)
« Reply #9 on: January 13, 2013, 02:25:59 PM »
The house is lovely.  I always struggle to find an attractive exterior for the walls, and you've done a superb job.  I also love the little porch.  I can't wait for more!


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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty (Newest Chapter 1/13/13)
« Reply #10 on: January 13, 2013, 03:13:00 PM »
I love your writing style so hard. This dynasty is going to be so awesome and entertaining! I love it when these stories have real substance to them like this.

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty (Newest Chapter 1/13/13)
« Reply #11 on: January 13, 2013, 05:28:10 PM »

Well, I do love a founder with yellow eyes!  ;D Aurum's super-logical perspective is quite entertaining.

Ah, poor Jaycen. He has no idea what he's in for!

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty (Newest Chapter 1/13/13)
« Reply #12 on: January 13, 2013, 05:43:41 PM »
Oooh, this is fascinating. I quite enjoy Aurum's narrations. They're almost...satirical in quality. A dynasty founder quite unlike most. I do believe I shall be following this story. :) Excellent start so far!


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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty (Newest Chapter 1/13/13)
« Reply #13 on: January 14, 2013, 03:25:43 AM »
If romance develop between them, it will be very interesting lol. I love your story and your golden girl. :)

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Re: A Path to Gold: The Alchimia Immortal Dynasty (Newest Chapter 1/13/13)
« Reply #14 on: January 14, 2013, 09:53:07 AM »
@ ArtisticFantasy: Boy's got a lot of learning to do about caring about people.

@Tilia: I may have built the house just for that little porch.  That said...I have that problem with house exteriors, too. I'm glad I found a solution this time.

@ jsiberian: Thank you! I do my best.

@ Rhoxi: Isn't it just? I'm desperately hoping Gen 2 gets some of her goldiness -- her eyes or her skin for preference. Do want little golden nuggets.
...And yeah, poor guy. Still, he got his lifetime wish, so that's something. That car was just holding him back from fulfilling his dreams.

@ RaiaDraconis: I'm not sure I'd call it "satirical," but... She's a little goofy at times. Not personally (Goofing is woefully inefficient), but as a character that we read. I think it makes her a little bit charming; certainly, it's what committed me to the idea, her narration.

@ Louise56: I'm glad you like it. As for a romance...Well, if it's interesting, that's certainly an incentive to make it happen ^^
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