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The Evil Family Business
« on: February 03, 2013, 05:15:04 PM »
I don't know if this is going to be a story or not but I am trying something new so I wanted to share with the only people I know would care.  ;D

Instead of my normal human family creations, I am doing supernatural family. I have never done this before so I am posting this so anyone can provide me with ideas or assistance as this is uncharted territory for me.  :-\  I couldn't decide which supernatural I wanted to use so I chose three. Fairy, Ghost, and a Vampire. Does that sound like the start of a crazy joke or what? Well this may turn out to be just that. We'll see.

I am still making the family right now so you are getting the very start of this. Like I said I don't know if this will be a story or not but for now let's just consider it a collaborative creation. This is the back story I have so far:

Here are the two brothers. Foster brothers as in they were in a boys group home together. They happen to have the same birthday so they were called the orphan twins. When they were caught trying to put a firecracker on a little girl's kitten's tail, instead of getting sent to Juvie, the little girl's dad adopted them both and loved them as his own sons. He groomed them as future kings of his Evil Empire and to protect his precious daughter.

Ok let us get to my Simmies and the Bio I gave them.

Mustave Dymonds - Eldest by 8hrs, Vampire

Traits (random):

LTW - Emperor of Evil

Mustave has always been the brains of the operation, but only because he's a genius. Though he is perfectly groomed for the Evil Family Business, his passion has always been in culture and knowledge. He never tried to upstage his foster brother and best friend Iseah. He always protected him in the orphanage and has always kept his secret. In fact he always tried to stay behind the scenes of the Family business. He traveled the world and went to school. He didn't know it was all part of a bigger plan. Or that it would lead to unexpected feelings that he kept dormant even after Iseah married his father and boss' daughter.

Who would have thought that when Iseah was killed, he would find a way to come back from the Netherworld.

Iseah Wunabe - Ghost

Traits (picked)
Hot Headed

LTW - Become a Master Thief

Iseah was the younger half of the orphan twins. He has always had his eye on the fast cash. He sought the easy road while his big brother had the brains to get him out of trouble. He never even tried to compete with is intellect. And it's hard to get out of his orphan big brother's shadow. When they were brought into the Evil Family Business he knew it was his time to shine. But his murder left everyone in shock. But even his death wasn't as shocking as him walking into the office two months later like nothing happened. And the secret undead potion didn't protect his secret when his son was born as a ghost.

Since then his life has been upside down. Will things ever be the same between him and his wife?

Platnum Wunabe - Fairy

Traits (picked)
Family Oriented
Loves the Cold
Hopeless Romantic

LTW - Surrounded by Family

Princess of the Evil Family Business. The perfect potential Queen. But she wanted a family and a beautiful garden. But she still had that desire to conquer. When she fell in love with one of the brothers that she'd known since they were stealing candy and putting firecrackers on lizards' tails (they swore to never touch a cat), Daddy was not surprised. But he had big plans for Mustave so he decided that Iseah was best for her. Loyal to the Evil Family she did as Daddy decided and they were married. Soon after that he was mysteriously electrocuted,  Leaving her widowed and childless.

She found comfort once again with Mustave. When suddenly Iseah returned she was torn and confused for she just wanted an Evil Family of her own. Finally she was with child and it was too good to be true. Then the surprise of a ghost for a husband almost made her want to feed him to the pixie beast. And though Iseah's efforts to repent can't go unnoticed, neither can his suspicions of their daughter Jusmya.

C-Money Wunabe - Ghost

Traits (Picked)
Eco Friendly

C-Money is nothing like his father except that he's a ghost - and he's determined to change that. He was never interested in the Evil Family Business. He wanted a regular life. He loved his dad but he wasn't blind to what all this was doing to his mother. Even grandpa was colder than usual around his ghost dad. How could he have done this? Though he believed his family loved him, C-Money couldn't help but feel like the ugly duckling. especially now with Jusmya here. What unfinished business did his father have that he needed to pretend to be alive? And what was that potion? Could it be the key to un=ghosting him?

Jusmya - Fairy

Traits (random)

OOH isn't this cute little pixie in pink so sweet?! Well don't let the little sparkles fool you. She's as evil as they come. Danger in disguise. The apple of her daddy's eye...??

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2013, 09:37:24 PM »
This is gonna be one crazy family! I can't wait to see where it goes.

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2013, 10:28:28 PM »
Hey Spork. How's it going? I added the last of the the family I have now. I can't decide if I want to make the Dad or not? I mean that would be like six people in the house, but I was throwing the idea back and forth of having them in separate homes. I just needed to make the family tree so I'm starting them out together.

What do you think? Should I make the old man? The current Emperor of Evil?


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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2013, 04:55:46 AM »
Platnum is a awesome fairy! Very interesting family. :)

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2013, 05:26:59 AM »
Hey Louise thanks. Isn't she awesome? She took me like two days to make her. Clearly it's been awhile since I worked so hard on a Sim. I've used the same ones for so long. I needed a change. I think I recolored everything she is wearing. She definitely has been saved.  :D

Alright so I have decided to add the head of the family. I thought at least for family tree purposes. But sadly I must say that as an elder  he may not be a long standing character in this shindig. I was toying with making him a new supernatural but I thought that three is enough for newbie.

Bigmann De'Ville - Fairy

Traits (picked)
No Sense of Humor

LTW - Martial Arts Master (I forgot to put this for the others, I will add)

Emperor of Evil. Nothing was more important to him than the Family. His daughter especially. Platnum was all he had left of his dear wife and did not have any more children or remarry. He knew when he plucked those boys on the head that they would be the future of the Family Business. Iseah was a hard worker but always bit off more than he could chew. He thought he could groom him to not think of himself as in the shadow of his brother, but equal. They both had talent and together they would be great rulers. There was no one he'd trust more with his daughter than Iseah and Mustave.

But then Iseah was murdered and the Family was at war. Within weeks his murder was was thrown to the pixie beasts and Bigmann and his daughter, and son could try to move on. He thought he would fly off the deep end when Iseah walked into the family room as if from vacation, he was overjoyed. But the secret he kept was an outrage. Would he ever forgive his son for the pain he has caused this family?

Alright so that's everyone. I mean that's enough right?  :D

Next: Where will they be living?

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2013, 03:10:17 PM »
I am at work so I have not pictures to share as of yet but I will post them later.

Ok so I was debating if I wanted to try to play the straight and narrow and have them earn the money to move into a big house or just use  FamilyFunds cheat to put them in a bigger house. So I decided since I have to put them in a house anyway to even use FamilyFunds I will see how it goes in a house together.

Not only is having one elder, three adults, a teen and a toddler all cramped up in a one bedroom house, it is a catastrophe! Outside of the three fires that happened with them not even being there two days, Platnum completely cheated on her husband. Apparently she forgot ghosts don't use doors. So when Iseah just glided through the walls from the bedroom to the living room right in the middle of a flirt between Platnum and Mustave, Platnum got mad at him for invading their privacy and then did some hot head fairy trick on him which then set her on fire. (fire #2)

So now the house is in chaos. C-Money is mad at his mother for cheating on his dad, Iseah is upset with Mustave and his wife, and Bigmann is upset that no one is making breakfast and he's not allowed to cook. (fire #1)

... And then C-Money tries to cook breakfast while everyone is yelling at each other. And that's when all arguments were interrupted by fire #3.

SO I guess I better get back to work.


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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #6 on: February 07, 2013, 01:57:00 AM »
That is a lot of fires lol. What a crazy day your sims had! ;D

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #7 on: February 07, 2013, 08:02:33 AM »
Here we have the home I was talking about. Again I was unsure if I was going to have them all earn their way up to the bigger house or just use the FamilyFunds code to just get them a big house. What do you think I should do? I'll chose the majority vote.  ;D

With only 24000 simoleans, the Evil Family did not have many housing options to chose from.

Grampa enjoying his Little Fairy Princess. (This was just such a cute pic)

While over here another Evil Fairy Princess is up to no good.

"Uh hi, Honey." She replied, trying to sound unsurprised to see him. "All these years and I still can't get used to you coming through the walls."

Iseah, totally clueless, replied, "I know babe, I know. So what do you think of this place? It will be tight but it's just temporary. I promise a better place is in the works."

Platnum was not impressed. So Iseah added, "And the furniture will be here any minute."

"Now well that's something." Platnum said sarcastically and leaned in to give him a little peck.

Bigmann strolled in upset and hungry.

"Well boys," He huffed, "What a task. You should be proud of yourselves. Trying to squeeze all of us in this little hut. My bathroom was bigger than this place."

"I know, sir," said Mustave. "This is temporary. We have to stay low for a little while. We'll take over something better I assure you. The Council insisted that we remain off the radar just for a short time."

"Yes, yes. Fine, fine. See that this is only for a short time. I can't even stretch my wings in that horrid bathroom."

Not too long after that little Jusmya was not happy.

Platnum finally couldn't take all the fussing between the baby and all the guys just complaining.


But that soothing aura didn't do anything for her ghost hubby.

"God WHY do you always do that! I told you we need to hang low. And you know I can't stand when you try to get inside my head."

"It's not like it works on you. Why are you even caring. Why don't you go and look into our furniture. I'm ready for bed. I just want to sleep the days in this place away.

"I can't do anything right by you anymore. ARGH!"

Platnum gave him an evil smile. "Well I would say that you could just die, but..."

"Oh you two stop it this instant. I can't hear myself cook over here," Said Bigmann

Everyone stopped in their tracks, "COOK!?!"

Fire #1

One Hour Later...

Platnum was exhausted. "Daddy, you know you can't go near fire. What were you thinking?"

"Yea grampa, your fire powers are not stable you must stay away."

Mustave walked over to Bigmann and said quietly, "Father, you can't keep doing this. There are dire consequences."

"I know children. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I was hungry."

Finally the furniture arrives along with a new stove. Iseah - very proud of himself, mananged to make sleeping arrangements for everyone.

Mustave was sitting on the sofa early the next morning when he heard her stirring.

"What are you doing up, Your Highness?" Mustave asked.

Platnum blushed, "You know I hate when you call me that. You don't have to be so formal with me."

She fluttered towards him. He held onto his composure as long as he could. But it was hard to resist his Princess.

"You can't be out here. You know this is a bad idea."

Platnum eased closer to him, "Now, Mustave, you know I don't like to hear what I CAN'T do. Besides, everyone is sleeping. I just came out to make breakfast."

Mustave smiled her favorite evil smile, "Well you know I haven't fed yet. How bout I have you for breakfast."

They chuckled when they suddenly felt a chill.


Iseah's surprise woke everyone up.

"Oh darn you and your coming through walls. Why can't you use doors like everyone else. Even your son uses the door!"

"I'm a GHOST my dearest!" Iseah pleaded. "Why can't we get past this. I just came in to talk with my bro and you're all up and giggling with him?!"

"Go feed, Mustave," said Platnum. "I need to speak with my husband."

Mustave nodded and headed out the door. This is not going to end well. "We have to find a bigger place."

Iseah looked at his wife. "How could this be happening? How long are you going to hate me?"

"Till death did us part my dear." Platnum said evily."

Iseah tried to back away but it was too late. She fluttered up and the sparks came down.

"WHAT? No honey don't! You can't..."

"Stop telling me what I CANT DO!!!!!" She burst in to flames. Rage to the tip of her wings.

Iseah felt like his ghost form had exploded. He sighed and went for the fire extinguisher. "Plats, why do you always do that? Now you have caught the sofa on fire."

She looked at the sofa, a little embarrassed, "Well you shouldn't have set me off!"

Fire #2

The firefighter came in, "I heard the alarm and... Oh! Your Evilness!" She bowed slightly.

"Oh, my dear," said Bigmann. "No need for the formalities. Seems my daughter has lost her temper." He chuckled, "She gets it from my side of the Fairy."

She smiled timidly, "Of course, sir."

C-Money had never seen his mother's temper, "OMG GRAMPA HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM! MOTHER IS ON FIIIRREE!!!"

"What? This?" Bigmann waved towards the comotion, "Oh this is nothing. You should have seen the Town Hall after she didn't get crowned Winter Fairy when she was just a Tink." He smiled proudly.

C-Money frowned. "What Town Hall?"

His grandfather smiled proudly, "Exactly."

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #8 on: February 07, 2013, 08:06:20 AM »
Aw man I forgot to take a picture of the third fire. Well C-Money went to make some breakfast while everyone was getting themselves together and then the stove caught fire a second time.

Thank goodness for those smoke detectors.  ;D


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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #9 on: February 07, 2013, 11:50:16 AM »
I believe sims must earn their keep lol. You can get a fairy house for the fairies. The nooboo ca use it too. Great pictures. :)

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #10 on: February 07, 2013, 02:25:39 PM »
See this is why I love the forum.

What is a Fairy House and how do I get that? I believe I'm in Moonlight Falls but I have to check when I get home. Is it specific to the Supernatural town?

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #11 on: February 09, 2013, 04:27:48 AM »
The fairy house is in the buy section, outdoor entertainment. There are two versions, a cheap and a bit more expensive one :)

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #12 on: February 10, 2013, 10:33:29 AM »
Well thanks to Louise and yruvian I am less tense about my housing situation. I never saw a second house at first. But then when I read your post I went back and saw it. This is such a lifesaver. When the funds come in I will have one for their inventory when they go out and the big beautiful one to stay on the lot.  ;D

Alrighty so before I was saved by the fairy house, that whole Sim free will thing was really getting to me. I don't have as many pics as I'd like so let's just see how this story goes.

Platnum, having cooled down from last night's uh... hot temper, headed to the kitchen. "If this stove sets fire again I'm sending the boys out to swipe me a new one."

She pondered her actions last night as she waited for the waffles to brown. What was I thinking, she thought to herself. I don't want him to hate me. We've known each other forever...

After her last bite she herd the jingling of little fairy wings from the bedroom. She quickly cleaned the counters and left the food out for the guys when they woke up.

"Time to put that potty to work."

Jusmya tooked around and turned to her mother. "Small."

Platnum smiled. "I know My Pinkytink. But it will be just fine. Daddy picked a good one."

Later that night Platnum went out with Mustave to the fair grounds next door. The only place they can be alone.

"Platty, I'm so sor.." Mustave started to speak but Platnum put her hand up.

"Daddy needs to get out of town. The Council wants him back to work. He's out of shape and I don't want them to come looking for him. He needs to go back to China."

Mustave immediately straightened up. "Yes Princess, I will see to it right away."

Platnum smiled and touched his cheek, "Thank you."

As they parted she sighed with relief, "Hopefully this will divert Iseah a bit from interrogating Daddy about Jusmya."

Shang Simla, China

Bigmann De'Ville is being called back to the Council due to a sudden member disappearance. Platnum sent him back to China to get his chi back - and to brush up on his martial arts.

Bigmann was happy to be back. "Ahh my second home. These three days will be a good reprieve from all the chaos at home."

"I know I should be preparing for the Council's request but..."

"Ahhah! Treasure. This surely is better then breaking rocks all day doing Sim Fu."

This was also a time to get some information from the explorers on how to cure this ghost thing. His grandson is really studying his alchemy but would that be enough?

By the time he was done asking around it was time to pack up and leave. "My my how time flies."

Mustave arrived just as his father was coming out. It was good that he got away for a little while. But he could tell that he'd been up to no good. "Father, what have you been up to?"

Bigmann just grumbled, "None of your business, Son. I raised you to run the empire, not me!"

Mustave smiled, "So... no luck on the Chi this time, sir?"

He waited for the Emperor to come back with rage but instead he said, "Oh please don't tell the Princess, my boy."

"Are you crazy? We just got the house back to normal."

Ok so I have the fairy house now. When I first got it I was like, what the heck am I supposed to do with this? Obviously I have never read the guide before now or even knew anything about fairies.  :-[

Nobody told me they could turn to pixie size. So awesome!! Ok back to sorta kinda story here.

"What's this?!" Said Bigmann as they walked towards the fairy house. "You found one?!"

Platnum flew out to greet her father, "Surprise Daddy! I had the the guards search everywhere for one. Go ahead and get in there."

He Pixie-popped inside. "Did you seize it from a large family?" Bigmann yelled excitedly from inside.

"Daddy! Of course not... It was abandoned. I had the town's fairy tinks clean it up and fix it nice." Platnum stormed back in the house.

Her father came back out and sighed with disappointment, "That's too bad. Next time perhaps."

Mustave shook his head and put a hand on his adopted father's shoulder as they went the house.

"Don't worry, Sir," he whispered, "There's a big one I have my eye on that had a huge family in it."

"That's my boy!"

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #13 on: February 11, 2013, 01:23:18 AM »
Now that Jusmya's is potty trained, Platnum is moving on to talking.

Iseah arrives with a surprise for her. He sure is determined to make things right between the. Platnum really wanted things to get back to where they were but it's so hard to be in love with a ghost.

But he was so sweet. "Aww, Iseah, they're beautiful. What's the occasion?"

Iseah smiled at his wife. "I want things back the way they were. I can't lose you. I can't handle 'till death do we part' baby. Please don't make me."

Platnum has been noticing some drastic change since her little indiscretion. But it wasn't like Iseah to just let things go. Yet she couldn't deny that he has been around more than ever before.

Don't know when the last time we sat together to have dinner.

C-Money has been much more involved with the family too.

Is that because of Iseah being around?

He's been helping C-Money with his homework. Platnum didn't even know he even paid attention when they were in school.

But her son's grades have improved tremendously.

With Iseah being home more Platnum has noticed that her father has been at the gym more. She could tell he didn't do much martial arts in China so she was happy to see him working out now.

Platnum was even excited when he's been around. She didn't know this strange aura that has come over the house. And she didn't think she wanted it to end.

Pinkytink is heading into the Fairy House.


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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #14 on: February 11, 2013, 05:42:06 AM »
The fairy house is a lifesaver with the nooboo, the can drink pollum and even throw parties lol. You can also put them inside if there are stairs and the nooboo can't get to it. Great update, :)

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #15 on: February 15, 2013, 06:46:40 PM »
What do you mean put them in it? You mean like click them and drag like when I put leftovers in the fridge?!?

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #16 on: February 16, 2013, 03:29:13 AM »
Ok there is a lot of activity happening in the house right now.

Last we left Iseah, he was working on being the perfect hubby. Finally trying to make things right with Platnum.

Meanwhile, someone else was also do his share of family bonding.

Jusmya was really enjoying reading with her uncle Mustave. Don't they look like they are having a good time together?

C-Money had a wish of going to the cemetery. So did Mustave! What a coinkydink.  ;)

Even the cat was enjoying Mustave's company.

Finally Platnum decided that a family outing would be good for everyone. It was time for everyone to get out of the house. Seems everyone didn't get the memo, though.

But Iseah was excited to have his family all day to himself.

They went to the beach. Iseah fished, Platnum did some swimming, C-money played with his baby sister in the sand and took a nap under the sun. (Can ghosts get sunburned?)

The day came to a close and they headed home.

"Oh what a wonderful day at the beach. I'm sorry you didn't get to catch any fish." Platnum said to Iseah

"It was just perfect being with you, Plats"

"You have been a very good boy lately," Platnum asked suspiciously. "What are you up to?"

"I just want us to be happy again."

On the other side of town...

Second day on the job and the po-po's were on his tail. The last thing they needed was to be on the radar.

"Uh officer what seems to be the trouble?"

"Oh you won't be getting away with that criminal activity. Why don't you come with me. You'll be cooling your jets in a cell tonight."

Mustave sat in the car. "Platty is not going to be happy with me. And we just got the house cleaned up after the last fire."

The next morning, Platnum was out having a little water balloon fun with Daddy when she realized that Mustave didn't make it home from work last night.

Bigman was not worried. "No worries my Fire Sparkle. He probably just working late. This was only his second day on the job."

"Oh Daddy you got me!! HaHaha."

Then suddenly she froze on the grass. She got the Fairy Sense. "Daddy!! I just got a report from the council security that Mustave was sent downtown for the night."

Bigmann went and helped his daughter off the ground. "No need to worry. You know Mustave will be home soon. The only reason he didn't take over the officer's mind is because--

Mustave came in the yard smoking from the sun. "Uh, my Emperor, Sir," he bowed. "Princess."

"AAhh there you are my boy! Let's go inside. I don't want two dead sons floating round the house."

Platnum and Mustave walked into the bedroom to check on Jusmya.

"Princess, I --" Mustave started

Platnum cut him off with a flutter and spoke calmly, "Why did we come here if not to be normal!!!"

"I'm sorry for not informing you, Princess. I was undercover. Trying to assess the security of the town. I gave a fake name. Nothing to be concerned about."


"I do not like to be out the loop on the affairs of the Business. Do not mistake my choice to step down from taking over as weakness. We are to be under the radar. You will be sure to remember that"

"As you wish, Princess." Mustave replied through burning lungs.

Platnum headed outside to check on her garden. Mustave walked into the living room.

Mustave was still clearing his throat. "Geez Father, I think Platty has been on edge lately. Thank goodness for my healing abilities"

Bigmann chuckled, "She has a lot on her plate. She has dreams and deserves them to come true. It was a mistake to match her with your younger brother. I need to make things right. What did you find out, my boy?"

Finally cleared of the flames in his throat, Mustave shared what he knew to his father the Emperor.

"There's an alchemy shop in town in a remote area. The with in the cell with me said that there is said to be a potion that can turn ghosts back to human form. But to send them back to the dead against their will is an Asian sorcery that has been kept hidden for centuries."

The Emperor thought pondered that thought for awhile. "Ok I will inform my grandson of this information. Perhaps he can seek out the Alchemist that we need to perform this magic. I'm sorry our Princess went off on you. You did great my son."

"Thank you, Father." Mustave bowed.

Mustave didn't ask for a response to the other matter. He did not want his brother to have to be forced to leave. He had to get to the bottom of this. What was this unfinished business that he is after?

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #17 on: February 16, 2013, 02:00:14 PM »
Ok my fellow Simmers and forum family. This is a big moment for me. If you read my other thread, you would have read my spoiler that I have seen aliens for the first time ever!! I don't even recall an alien abduction in TS2. I am so excited to share this with you guys!! I can't even sit still!  ;D I wanted to post that prior update separate from this one. And I had some shots of the repoman (well repowoman) coming because I forgot to have the bills paid but I decided those shots were't worth me posting. I will apologize in advance for all the spaceship shots. I got a little camera happy.  :P

So without further ado...

Platnum had a lot on her mind today. Which meant that she had lots to do.

"What better way to think out problems than to get things done," She said to herself. "But first things first."

Mustave watched from the window as his Princess emerged from the house. He bowed to her as she entered the kitchen. "Good Morning, my Princess."

Platnum smiled at him, "Oh Mustave, c'mon, what's with the formalities? You aren't upset with me are you? You're a fast healer."

"Of course not, Princ--," Mustave hesitated, then relaxed, "How could I stay mad at you Platty. It's the first time you spilled your wrath."

"Still, I did not have to be so upset. You were doing your duty to Daddy. I did not need to be involved."

C-Money jumped in jokingly, "Do we need to leave the room? I don't want Jusmya to see your evil doings."

Mustave smiled her favorite Vampire smile, "Oh I don't know," he whispered and moved closer to her. "This could get rated PG-13 pretty quick in here."

Platnum chuckled and blushed, "Oh stop it. Get outta here. Both of you." She snuggled Jusmya as she headed to the high chair as she watched as Mustave and C-money head out into town.

With Jusmya content in her highchair, Platnum headed for the shower and was outraged by the huge puddle in the bathroom.

"Oh my!" She huffed, "I guess I gotta do everything." Then with a POP, she was in the shower tinkering away.

"I swear this shower is always needing to be fixed. I'm going to have to have Iseah swipe us new one." While she was tinkering, Platnum thought about her predicament. She couldn't ignore how much Iseah was trying to get things back to normal. But it has always been Mustave that she loved. But is that still the case?

"Maybe he's just taking over my mind." She said to herself. Then she laughed at the pipes at her silliness. She thought fondly of Paris when she fell for him. "He didn't even have his mind thing mastered yet."

Shower fixed, bathroom cleaned, and Evil Princess finally showered, Platnum cleaned up the kitchen and attended a solo concert featuring her Evil Genius!  :)

"Oh PinkyTink that was so wonderful." Platnum said clapping. "Perhaps when you're older we'll see your name in lights. If not, maybe you'll get some mind control powers and make everyone love you.

After the concert, Platnum went to tend her small garden. She couldn't wait to get her skill level up so she she could fill this yard with beautiful fruits, vegetables, shrooms or whatever she could put in the ground.

All this talk of planting got her excited. She thought she'd take a stroll on the town to see if she could snag some seeds or herbs in the woods. She left Jusmya with her grand Faia and she set out on her way.

Thinking about her young daughter, she tried to suppress the truth that Iseah may be suspicious of Jusmya. But he had nothing to go on because she was a fairy like her. She wouldn't have any vampiric signs until teen years. But Platnum was sure that Mustave couldn't be Jusmya's father. But Iseah clearly was not so sure.

She walked to the site where Mustave was arrested. She wondered what he was looking for? She poked around but the only thing she found was an Ancient Dragon.

"Wow! What are you doing here? I thought your kind were only on Fairy Island. My son would love to have you as a pet." She put her open hand on the ground and the lizard and the Dragon accepted the invite.

On her way home she decided that she wasn't going to ruin her marriage to Iseah. He came back from the dead for her. What more could an Evil Fairy Princess ask for?

Then suddenly...

"What the...?"

"What is this?"

"This is not Fairy dust. The council never called to me in this way."

Then the lights vanished. She looked up. Eyes wide. She was shocked.


She could see her father and Mustave coming out the house. But she knew they would not make it to her in time. Then she saw them.

She shifted from shock, to scared, to rage in a matter of seconds "What is the meaning of this?! What do you want?"

"You will un-beam me at once!!"

And then she was gone.

Bigmann and Mustave showed up as soon as the ship was out of site.

Mustave stared up at the stars,"OH MY GOD!!" His vampire senses told him something was here. But he knew the Emperor would not believe him.

Bigmann said angrily. "I know I heard her. What is the meaning of this!?"

"I will alert the council. We'll find her, Father." He headed back to the house.

Platnum was shaken up but not for long. She turned to see the green alien standing right next to her.

"OH you have made a big mistake coming back with me. My father will be nothing compare to my wrath."

As she moved to prepare a Fairy blast, the alien put a hand up and squeaked, "You will remember nothing!" Then there was a flash of light. Then the green person was gone.

She turned watched as the ship spun and headed back to the stars, "Your memory charms only work on weak minded humans," she yelled to the ship. Then it was out of site.

She secretly wished she could forget what happened. She turned and almost cried when she saw her father in the yard.



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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #18 on: February 17, 2013, 06:55:03 AM »
The pictures of the Alien abduction are awesome! Sorry I was unclear in my previous reply, I mean you can put the fairy house in a room. My English isn't always the best lol.

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #19 on: February 17, 2013, 09:48:31 AM »
Oh my gosh really?!? I just assumed that because it was an outdoor item that it had to stay outside. Which was a downer for me because I didn't want the baby to have to go out in the snow.

I'm going to try it right now. I just got the castle fairy house now that they have made a bit of money.  ;D

Hopefully I can make some additions to the house as well. I was originally going to move them to a bigger house but the lot they are on it fantastic in size. So I'm just going to remodel it. At first I was going to add rooms to the current level but now I've decided to add a floor so I can keep as much yard as possible.


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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #20 on: February 17, 2013, 10:06:20 AM »
That fairy house are awesome! When she is a child you don't even have to put a bed in her room. But keep the crib for now or the sims will keep wishing for one lol.

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #21 on: February 18, 2013, 07:43:02 AM »
Alright everyone. Here's the latest.

Well you know the wonderful abduction that you saw above? Well I went to save my progress and I got some error which crashed the game. I had hoped the the save was complete before it shut down but to my dismay it was not. There was a file that had ".bad" at the end in my saves that I thought was it but sadly it wasn't. At least we have to pictures to know that I wasn't imagining the whole thing.

Alright so in my efforts to bounce back-- because it definitely could have been worse, I thought I'd just have her get abducted again. Well there was no "other" way (can't use the M word) to force an alien abduction for our fairy princess, so I bought a telescope and sent her on a hunt for space rocks. If she can get beamed up without doing anything then she has to get beamed up if she's doing stuff to attract attention right?


While I'm sending her all over Moonlight Falls one night who gets abducted? Iseah!! Yes Iseah! Talk about irony. I'm trying to find a way to kill him off again and he gets himself important. AND I wasn't even there to see it. The game shoots over there AFTER he returns, and the alien is getting back on the ship. SO of course no screen shots.   >:(

So that's where we are now. Stay tuned to see if our evil ghost hubby will be pregnant!


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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #22 on: February 19, 2013, 05:19:21 AM »
Oh my! The game have a sense of humor lol. Lets hope you get a little alien nooboo. ;D

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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #23 on: February 24, 2013, 09:54:45 PM »
As the fall season comes to a close, so does all the drama. At least for now. Iseah is oblivious to his recent abduction, but his emotions are raging for some reason so he is putting extra effort into trying to get his marriage to work.

"Oh Plats," Iseah started softly, "I know I've done some really stupid things these past few years --"

"FEW!! Try past decade," Platnum interrupted with a huff. "Our son is well into his teens."

"Ok you aren't going to make this easy for me are you?"

Platnum smiled wickedly, "Aww, now what's the fun in that?"

"Well I am up for the challenge if you're willing to let me try."

Platnum knew she wanted things to work between them but her heart still belonged to Mustave.

But I guess that was a thought for another day...

While they run round like teenage fairy lovers, Jusmya has just learned to walk from her big brother.

"You did it Pinky! You did it!" C-Money yelped excitedly.

"Now you can run away when Grampa goes to steal your candy because you can't fly very far."


Well it looks like these two are really getting along.

Getting along really well!

The next day...

Mustave decided that he, too, was going to get back in Platnum's good graces. He finished his 15 simolean masterpiece and decided it was time to get some time alone with her.

Jusmya in toy box.

Mustave chuckles.

The late that night in the midst of the storm. Mustave and Platnum broke into the Townhall Art museum. They rush into the museum, dripping wet.

At the museum, Platnum remembers how much she enjoyed Paris with Mustave. She actually missed being with him and looking at art with him. But she had to let that go. This was a good to get some time alone with him.

Platnum took a breath, "Mustave, I want to --"

"You know this is my favorite painting?"

"I bet it is. It seems to hit close to home doesn't it?"

"It sure does." He turned to her. "Platty, I'm glad you agreed to come here with me tonight. It's been awhile since we had time alone."

Platnum took another deep breath. She didn't want to give him the wrong idea. "Mustave, I need to tell you something."

"I have to tell you something as well. It's why I asked you out here. I know it's not a secret how I feel about you."

"I decided to work things out with your brother, Mustave."

"And I want us to try... wait." Mustave paused.


"Mustave, I'm sorry."

But in blink he was gone. Platnum sighed and headed out in the storm to find him.

When she finally caught up to him at the café, he was already dripping with water and rage. She hadn't seen him this angry since he brother was electrocuted.

"What happened to all that talk about you wanting to be rid of him?!" Mustave ranted.

"I know. I know Mustave, but I just don't want to hurt him. He's really trying to make things right."

"Well I'm really trying not to wan to knock his block off."

Platnum was shocked to hear him talk about his brother in such a manner.

Platnum cut off his tyrade, "Look he's your family. We're family. There's nothing that can happen between us. We have to think about the Business."

Mustave froze. He glared at his love, "You want me to think about the Family Business?"

"It's for the best my love. For now." She grabbed his hands. "The Evil Family Business."

Evil? He thought. Then shifted. "Yes my Princess." He let her hands go.

Sadly, she walked ahead of him. Evil, he thought. And glared at the back of her head. Suddenly everything was as clear as if he was there himself.

Unaware of what happened, Platnum turned to him, put on a wicked smile, and put out her hand toward him. He stared at it for what seemed forever. He smiled back at her. Evil, he thought, and grabbed her hand as they walked into the cafe.


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Re: The Evil Family Business
« Reply #24 on: February 26, 2013, 06:10:14 AM »
Mustave is very angry! And all the evil thoughts? This can't end good.