Author Topic: Building Contest 2013:2 The Eco Dream; The Eco Cottage  (Read 1435 times)

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Building Contest 2013:2 The Eco Dream; The Eco Cottage
« on: February 07, 2013, 12:11:31 PM »
The Eco Cottage

Lot Size: 35x25
Price furnished: §69,981
EP's used: Base, Amb, WA, Gen, Pets, Seasons, SN, ST
SP's used: Town Life, Master Suite, Outdoor Living
Store content used: Toyota Prius set, Earth day set, More Holiday Presents set
Number of Bed Spaces: 2
Number of bathrooms:1


If you are looking for a way to merge an eco-friendly lifestyle and traditional architecture - look no further! The Eco Cottage was created by refurbishing an old cottage; taking care to keep the quaint exterior with it's traditional front garden, bringing the the old orchard back to life, replanting the large vegetable garden, stocking the pond with fish and by adding some wind mills and solar panels to make the house more energy efficient.

The ground floor has a large combined living/kitchen/dining room with an open floor plan and rustic furnishings. The large windows let in plenty of light, and the fireplace and candles/gas lamps provide extra light in the night time. Out back there is a bbq patio with seating and a sun room with a second fire place. The sun room is the perfect place to relax with a game of chess after a stressful day at work. The door from the sun room leads to a laundry/wood-keeping area and the entrance to the vegetable garden. The vegetable garden has lots of room for new plants and there is a beehive for those who prefer honey to sugar in their cooking. There is a large outdoor work area and a sink to wash up in.

The second floor houses a bedroom loft and full bath. The bathroom has a shower (no bathtub since it wastes so much water) and plenty of storage. The bedroom has a work area/desk and an easel for capturing the magnificent views from the house.   

We hope this house will appeal to those who want's a more rural life, a slower place and lot's of fresh air.