Author Topic: Beatrice Bergerac, The Bearded Lady - Young Adult Male  (Read 1626 times)

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Beatrice Bergerac, The Bearded Lady - Young Adult Male
« on: February 21, 2013, 10:09:04 AM »
Name: Beatrice Bergerac (The Bearded Lady)
Age: Young Adult Male
Traits: Hot Headed, Rebellious, Adventurous, Great Kisser, Disciplined
Likes: Ceviche, Roots, Hot Pink
Lifetime Wish: Seasoned Traveller

Content: All expansions, no CC, no store items
Feel free to use this sim in stories and other projects!

Designed to compliment The Organ Grinder.  Since The Sims 3 doesn't allow facial hair on women (boo!), Beatrice is a male.

Beatrice comes skilled in mixology, ready to tend bar!

A close up of heavy make-up and light make-up.  With unlockoutfits on, there's a surprising variety of make-up choices for males.  The heavy eyelashes are an eyeliner option from Ambitions (normally part of a failed makeover).