Author Topic: Building Contest 2013 - 4: Comfy Cozy  (Read 861 times)

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Building Contest 2013 - 4: Comfy Cozy
« on: March 08, 2013, 04:57:45 PM »

Name: Comfy Cozy
Lot Type: Residential
Bed spaces: 1
Bathroom: 1
Lot Size: 10 x 10
Price: Furnished - §14,421 (unfurnished §9,031)
Floor spaces taken up: 18

Expansion and Stuff Packs used: World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, Pets, Seasons, Master Suite. Note: You could probably get away with just Generations for the bed and dresser (I think the dresser is the only single square dresser in the catalog)

So, you are heading to University but don't want to live in a dorm or share house, but you just can't afford one of those large houses. Twinsom Realty may have just the solution you need. Introducing the Comfy Cozy. This little cottage is ideal for the single Sim on a budget. It may be small, but space is the only sacrifice you will make. With sleeping facilities for 1, it also has a bathroom with shower, toilet and a dresser! That's right, there is even a dresser so yo don't have to be confined to just one outfit. In the living area, you will find an easy chair for watching TV (and it's not one of those cheap TV's that get very poor reception thus giving you a bad mood) or reading something from the bookcase. There is also a table and comfortable chair for eating at, of if you have a laptop, studying. On the wall behind the easy chair is a mirror to check your appearance and do your hair. The kitchen has all you need, a fridge, stove, sink and even a trash compactor (you don't want smells from an open garbage wafting into your living area)
The yard is kept simple for easy maintenance. There is a small vegetable garden out the back, so even when money is really tight, you will still be able to at least eat!

The front view.

The back view with garden.


Looking from the kitchen, you can see the front door and the living area.

The compact kitchen (the sink is out of shot to the left)

Relax in the easy chair while you watch TV.

Looking from the kitchen, through the living area and to the bathroom.

The shower and dresser.

The other side of the bathroom with the toilet.

A night view.

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