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The Stone Dynasty (Failure)
« on: March 25, 2013, 08:51:13 AM »
Okay so I guess this one is a failure because the portraits weren't completed before the sparkles hit. Just started them before the sparkles hit.

There once was a woman named Clarissa Stone (seen below washing the dishes). Miss Stone wanted to be remembered for doing something extraordinary. She decided that she would live forever and all of her first born descendants would live forever. Clarissa knew how to complete this task but thought it would be too easy to just hurry up and do it. So she made a list of tasks she must complete before eating the life giving food and holding the grim bribing flower.

Meet Clarissa Stone

note: likely will be editing the first few posts to arrange it to my liking
note 2: note to mods and others. this doesn't mean my haynes dynasty failed or i've given up. I'm just trying two dynasties (in seperate towns and games) concurrently.

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Re: The Stone Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2013, 09:02:42 AM »
The Immortals

Clarissa Stone not immortal yet
Traits: Natural Cook, Handy, Bookworm, Green Thumb, Angler
Spouse: Chauncey Stone (Grimm)
Supermax Skill:
Maxed Skills:
Lifetime Wish: Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Six Unique Opportunities:
Six Unique Best Friends:
Three Unique Lifetime Rewards:

Claire Stone

The Mortals

Chauncey Stone (Grimm)
Supernatural Fan
Never Nude
Computer Whiz
Clarissa Stone
Weather Man
Journalism Level 7

(will be editing)

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Re: The Stone Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2013, 09:03:10 AM »
the story so far

Where to begin, where... How about the beginning? I might skip around a bit so bear with me.

The name's Stone, Clarissa Stone. I moved to Moonlight Falls a few years ago and decided to make my mark on the world there. I heard about this meal called ambrosia and the death flowers. Combined the two can give me immortality but I didn't want to do it all willy nilly and not earn it. So I came up with some requirements I should get done first.

First I needed an heir which means I needed a husband. I found Chauncey Grimm. One of the few halfway decent men in Moonlight Falls. We got married and immediately got pregnant.

Chauncey, my lovely hubby, was good friends with the dear miss Serena Durwood. Wife to Rick Durwood, that man with the gastly ears. Ooops. Is that gossip? My momma always told me not to gossip. It'll bite you in the rear. Anyways. Chauncey thought we would need some assistance so he convinced Serena to move in with her large family. Rick, Zack, the evil Zoe and Doreen, Serena's mother, all moved in. The house was full and soon the little one came to be. A girl named Claire. Claire Stone. The days were uneventful as they passed. Chauncey and Rick went to work day after day as I went to garden day after day. Serena and Doreen tried their hands at Sculpting and Painting. Soon Claire became and toddler. She learned to walk, talk and pee in the potty and scream like a little devil. Now Claire is a child. She's shaping up to be a beautiful young woman. The story doesn't end there but the rest is yet to be written.

Maybe some pictures will help you catch up.

Here's what I look like.

Zoe became a teenager and needed a reboot of her look.

Serena Durwood became an elder.

Here's a picture of Claire as a baby.


When she aged to a child she wanted some new clothes.

Here's some pics from along the way (click for larger sizes)

(will be editing)