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Sue Thompson - Young Adult - Female - Human
« on: March 29, 2013, 12:18:07 PM »
I hope I'm doing this correctly as it's my first upload. Fingers crossed.  Please let me know if there are any problems.

I’m uploading two files Sue Thompson-New is fresh & Sue Thompson-Played has the skills & career.

No CCs or Mods were used. Feel free to use as you wish.

Traits: 5  Avant Garde, Flirty, Lucky, Virtuoso, Perfectionist
Additional trait slot unlocked by reaching the top level of a social group:  Rebellious
Lifetime Wish:  Street Credible
Favorites:     Pop, Fruit Parfait, Lime
EP and SP:  I have everything & some store items
Skills:  Athletic Level 1, Cooking Level 4, Painting Level 5, Street Art Level 4, Charisma Level 4, Guitar Level 2
Hidden Skills:  Pool Level 7
Rebel Influence:  Level 8   
Social Networking:  Level 6   
Career:  Painter Level 3
University Degree:  Fine Arts, 24 of 48 credits completed
Lifetime Rewards:  Observant, Steel Bladder, Dirt Defiant, Hardly Hungry, Meditative Trance Sleep   
Eye Color:  R138, G185, B97   
Hair Color:  R125, G46, B38