Author Topic: Building Contest 2013:6 - Rainbow Rooms - Dream Dormitories  (Read 1041 times)

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Building Contest 2013:6 - Rainbow Rooms - Dream Dormitories
« on: March 29, 2013, 09:08:53 PM »
Rainbow Rooms - Dormitory

Lot size: 30 x 30
Catalog price: £107,644
Lot Type: Dormitory
Accomodation: 8 beds, 2 baths, kitchen/common room, party room, study, secret room
Expansions required: World Adventures, Ambitions, Pets, Generations, Showtime, Supernatural, University (patched to 1.50.56)
Store content: None
Swap Shop content: 3/4 tiled wall - Too Fudgy For Ducks

So, you're about to start on the next adventure in life by going to university?  Well, you'll need somewhere to stay and, if you take the advice of Professor Samoht04 who said that dorms are where the parties and cool kids are at, then you'll be looking for a dorm.  Well, look no further, you've found one.

The Rainbow Rooms dormitory compound is divided into three annexes: sleeping, studying and socialising.  The separation ensures that any wild partying will not disturb the serious student or disrupt the sleep of anyone on a different schedule.

Sleeping accommodation is provided by an annex of eight separate rooms. Each complete with bed, dresser, desk and bookcase. All that is missing is you and your personal affects.  Please note that these rooms are single occupancy only, however there are several opportunities for couples to become closer provided within the compound.

The study annex is furnished with a vast array of books, two desktop computers (with space for you to use your personal laptop) and a seating area for reading or discussion in front of the white board. A secret room contains the sustenance to enable you to study long hours, if necessary.

The social annex contains the common room, with a large flat screen tv and gaming console, the fully functional fitted kitchen and the party room, that is dedicated to music and dance.

The compound also contains two bathrooms, two herb gardens, a photo booth, a hot tub and a little something for the stargazer.

During your stay, at Rainbow Rooms, please avail yourself of one of the bicycles, the cars or perhaps indulge your inner rebel by riding the custom made pink motorcycle.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Please Note:
  • There may be an issue with the door to the secret room. If your sim complains that they can't open it, please go into build/buy mode and move the door out and back into position; they will then be able to use the door.  Apologies for not being able to solve this.
  • If you do not wish to download the bathroom tiled wallpaper then I believe that the game will just replace it with an alternative.
  • The lot should be placed on a community lot space (visitors allowed).  When placed, the dustbin/garbage can has a tendency to jump from its position at the back gate, by the cars, out to the front gate. I've also found that the notice board/mailbox tends to jump around to the right front of the building. I have no idea why it does this.  Activate 'moveobjects on' to put it back, in front of the tree.
  • Finally, if you place the dormitory in a 'normal' town, you'll have a community lot with a working stove.  Well, I thought that was interesting, anyway  ;D