Author Topic: *Please send to graveyard* The Almeria Random Town Jump  (Read 9648 times)

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*Please send to graveyard* The Almeria Random Town Jump
« on: April 02, 2013, 10:08:07 AM »
This story is based on judewright's Random Town Jump Project.
With a few tweaks of my own mainly courtesy of The Random Legacy Challenge team.

The rules I've decided to follow are:

1.   Play through a randomized list of towns.
2.   Normal lifespan, free will on high, 28 day long  year (each season 7 days), moon set permanently to waxing crescent. (EDIT1: I've turned off all supernaturals except witches because I don't want any family members to have longer life than the others. EDIT 2: Weather depending on town (rain turned of until all building is done.)
3.   Only use cheats when absolutely necessary (when is it ever/isn't it always?)
4.   Each generation will strive to complete their LTW’s as well as reach lofty generational goals inspired by the Random Legacy Challenge, and randomized prior to the start of the town jump.*
5.   There will be no free handouts, what you earn is what you can spend.
6.   No premature aging up.
7.   All traits must be random, LTW’s can be flexible.
8.   To be eligible to become the heir, the child has to be born in the active household. Which child you choose is flexible.
9.   The heir must find a spouse before moving to the next town.
10.   You can move as many family members as you wish with you to the new town.

* In addition to this, the career choices will be randomized using their great list.

I'll also try to only use my Watcher powers to make them only do things they:

a. roll a wish for
b. are prompted to by the game, for example by Ops
c. seems logical because of their LTW and/or their job
d. whatever they feel like doing autonomously (which they will of course do regardless of what I do)

I will run Overwatch and ErrorTap to speed up my game.

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The Almeria Random Town Jump
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2013, 11:59:28 AM »
Oh boy! I can hardly wait to see how this goes!

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In the beginning...
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2013, 12:13:49 PM »
Adora and Diego Almeria moved to Monte Vista looking for a fresh start. They've always had trouble fitting in, but want more for their perfect baby girl...

As many desperate people before them they bought a house sight unseen and just hopped on a plane to Monte Vista. Where did they come from? We don't know...Will we ever find out? Read on and you'll see.

Lucky for them Monte Vista only offers charming and well appointed abodes. This is their new home. It is perfect for a gardener, too bad neither of them is so inclined.

And this is them arriving at the house...

Diego: What's that noise?
Watcher: Who? Me?
Adora: Yes you, yapping in the background.
Watcher: I'm your humble watcher, sent by the powers that be to follow your family through their trials and tribulations trough the generations from this day forth.
Diego: How long have you been there? What have you seen?
Watcher: I arrived at the same time you did - and what are you hiding?
Adora: Hiding? Um, oh, nothing. We ain't hiding nothing. Are we honey? *nudge, nudge* *wink, wink*
Watcher: Really? You're going to play it that way? Go on in and change then, and let me get on with my story...

After a quick change of clothes Diego started working on his LTW to become Master of the Arts. He's in a bit of a hurry since he's only 3 days from elder. That's nearly 2 life stages older than his wife...and a whole lot of time where he could have gotten in all sorts of trouble...

His traits are slob, flirty, good sense of humor, natural cook and artistic. He likes pop, pancakes and hot pink. He's currently unemployed and want's to remind that way. He's decided to try his luck at busking to contribute to the household. It's a good thing the family has § 20,000 in liquid assets. Because this is not Bridgeport, and I've no idea if he'll be able to support his family this way in this town. But in a way it makes sense, getting hired when you'll turn elder any day is going to be a challenge.

Adora shares her husbands natural cook trait. She's also clumsy, genius, virtuoso and a hopeless romantic. She has 21 days till she becomes and adult. Perhaps Diego's dark secret is that he's a cradle robber? Adora loves Indie music, autumn salad and Irish green. Her LTW is to have a golden tongue and golden fingers. I predict a lot of fighting over the guitar unless they buy a second one.

She is also, surprise! unemployed. She doesn't have a clear idea of what she want's to work with, she's young and has plenty of time to work it out. Maybe she'll try a little bit of everything? Bottom line is - she needs a job. She's going to have to be the main bread winner this generation. We can't expect Diego to live forever (it's not an Immortal Dynasty after all).

Marta doesn't have much of a job yet. Other than being the "perfect" girl that is. It's rather a heavy burden to put on a toddlers shoulders in my opinion. Will she be as perfect a big sister as she is her parents baby girl? So far she's both excitable and good. Loves pink, indie music and autumn salad like her mother. Interesting how she seemed to have inherited her love of pink from her fathers side of the family.

The Almiras shared love of cuisine seems to be the main glue in their relationship. Adora cooks Diego's favorite, and her is highly apreciative.

Diego: Maybe you should write a cookbook? You are so talented.
Adora: Oh Diego, you say that about any meal I cook.

As we can see by his girth.

Diego: What was that?
Watcher: Uhm, nothing?

*doorbell rings*

It seems we have guests allready. The Llamas are a very friendly cult bunch, always bringing gifts and wanting sims to join them in the promised land.

But this is one house where they aren't welcome.

Diego: Begone, and stay gone!
Watcher: Um, is there something you want to share with the rest of the group?

Diego: It's to terrible to speak of. Just remember, if any of my descendants want to go to Universityville, warn them...
Watcher: About what?
Diege: The terrible choices they trick you into doing there. I was young and impressionable... I thought I could do anything, be anyone...

Diego falls quite. All I can see is the pain in his eyes. I just hope he will get over his trauma before Marta wan'ts to go off to University. I mean, it can't be that bad - can it?

I take that back - no one can pull of the Hammer pants and stay proud. I wonder if even Adora knows about THIS!

Will everyone in Monte Vista find out Diegos shame about his former fashion faux pas? Will he master his LTW before Grim comes for him? Will there be an heir soon? Will Marta continue being a perfect girl? And will Adora find her passion (other than feading her husband)?

Find out that and much more next time.

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Settling in
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2013, 06:39:20 PM »
Settling in

The next morning Diego watched Marta while Adora did some errands. Where is he, he said he'd watch her...

Watcher: Psst, Marta, where's your dad?
Marta: Ssh! I'm hiding! We're playing hide and seek.

We'll at least he's keeping her occupied. And working at his skilling at the same time.

Even if Diegos LTW isn't completely impossible, he has a loooong way to go until he'll be even close. He doesn't even have a single skill point in either painting or guitar so he'll have to get busy. His first work is rough - but I'm sure it will be worth something some day.

Meanwhile, Adora has decided to join the musical career. She has a burning desire to earn some money and work towards her LTW at the same time, so it seems like a great fit.

She also managed to squeeze in a charisma class before heading home. Charisma is the skill that keeps on giving, just getting one point in early means it will practically raise itself.

There was a violent protest against clowns lead by the sun glass bespectacled populace. What's up with everyone in Monte Vista wearing sunglasses?

Watcher: This might not be a great time to tell your neighbors that you and Diego used to work at the circus.
Adora: Hush, they can hear you.

That night, over dinnertime chores Adora told Diego they had to keep a low profile in town, for Marta's sake. No one must know they used to fall over buckets and squirt water out of flowers for money.

Diego: Why is it always like this? Why must we live in fear and shame because of our past?
Adora: I don't know darling. But we can't let Marta pay for what we did. We'll have to make an effort and try to fit in.
Diego: It's never worked before, what's to say we can pull it of this time?
Adora: We'll just have to try harder. No more stumbling over things for me, no more cracking jokes for you.
Diego: It's going to be hard.
Adora: But we can do it, for Marta.
Diego: For Marta, we can do anything.

Marta herself didn't have much to add to the conversation.

Marta: Mmmm, yummy!

Having 2 natural cooks as parents has to be a big plus when it comes to making toddler cuisine tolerable.

Adora and Diego decided to relax with some music, Adora had managed to snag a cheap guitar at the consignment store.

Her's was green. Diego's was not. Not that he wanted a green one - he wanted his to be pink. And by the power that is me the Watcher, it was.

What? Still not happy?

Adora: Diego!
Diego: What?
Adora: IF you're going to insist playing together at least let's play the same song...

Much better. There might be some hope for him making some money after all.

That night Diego had an epiphany. He was 2 days from becoming an elder and what did he have to show for his life? A past he had to hide in order to avoid persecution, a series of unfortunate fashion choices at University, a beautiful baby girl... Marta was perfect. If he could do it right once, why not again? He had a plan...

Dressing in his most seductive pajamas and using his most alluring come hither voice Diego put his plan in play.

Diego: Oh Darling! Come to bed...

His suave charm was more than Adora could resist (as seen by her besotted face) and she fell victim to his dark desires.

There was thunder and lightning - outside. And inside a haunting little jingle was heard. And the Watcher crackled with glee.

The next morning Diego had to take care of clearing the table....

...because Adora was otherwise engaged.

Diego spent all day actually being with his daughter since he realized she was in danger of growing up under sub-par conditions. That could never do for his perfect, perfect little girl. 

Once Adora got home after work she had the compulsion to change clothes. Her boss magically knew she was pregnant and promptly gave her 6 days maternity leave.

In an attempt to make sure her daughter didn't love her father more Adora squeezed in some bedtime stories with Marta.

Before revealing her interesting condition with her husband. He managed to pull of a rather convincing surprised face, but on the inside he was jumping up and down with joy..

Another nooboo was joining the house. Would it be a boy or a girl? And would it be only one?

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Re: The Almeria Random Town Jump
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2013, 10:08:32 PM »
I'm thrilled to see another story project from you! So far this is just fantastic. I look forward to reading more!

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Re: The Almeria Random Town Jump
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2013, 03:42:24 AM »
I'm thrilled to see another story project from you! So far this is just fantastic. I look forward to reading more!

Haha, same here! I love Monte Vista and, although I've never played them before, I love Diego and Adora now! Can't wait for the next chapter  :)
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Visiting the library
« Reply #7 on: April 04, 2013, 05:20:35 AM »
With Adora on maternity leave the whole family decided to go to the library together. The library in Monte Vista is rather swanky, rather like the whole town. Fortunately they have a child section on the 3rd floor. Why it's all the way up there I have no idea. It doesn't make sense considering that toddlers can't walk up stairs...

Adora brushed up on literature. Had she already forgotten everything about being pregnant?

Diego put some more effort in to teaching Marta her final skills.

Adora put her charisma to use in order to fraternize with the towns people. They would have to make friends in order to fit in better.

Adora: Pleased to meet you Luigi.
Luigi: Say, didn't I see you at the clown protest the other day?
Adora: Umm, yes you did.
Luigi: OMG! We have so much in common. I'd love to get to know you better!
Adroa: That's nice, but as you can see I'm rather busy right now, being pregnant and everything...

On second thought. Staying as far away from the towns clown haters as possible seems like a good idea too.

Adora: So you work at the mayors office?
Georgia: Sure do. You are not working for Luigi are you?
Adora: What do you mean?
Georgia: A member of F.A.C. - the Federation Against Clowns.
Adora: Never heard about it. (Actually she had - they had lived in fear of it for most of their lives)
Georgia: I'd love a donation - to work for greater acceptance in society.
Adora: I'll talk it over with my husband.

Fransisca: Hey, I know you. Give me an F!
Adora: Huh?
Fransisca: Give me an A!

Quick make a joke, and move on from that subject...

Adora: I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any...
Fransisca: O, good one, almost as good as the one about the chicken crossing the road.

In her relief that she had averted yet another uncomfortable conversation Adora felt something let go inside of her. In the next instant her body was racked with immense pain. It could only mean - the baby was coming!

Diego was so excited he started cheering...

...but it turns out that was because he was having a birthday.

Marta also aged up. She gained the bookworm trait, probably a side effect from having her birthday at the library. (Marta had a great childhood and I had to roll her random trait. Diego managed to teach her all her skills before the birthday/birthing drama started).

While Diego and Marta were busy aging up Adora was wrecked in pain. Marta freaked out at seeing this (see had never experianced anything like it before). Diego, he didn't seem effected at all.

Marta: OMG! Dad! Mom is giving birth! I'm not going to be your perfect, perfect baby any longer!
Diego: Don't worry darling, you'll always be my perfect little girl. Why don't you get a book? This is going to take a while...

Adora finally was fed up with the both of them and sent them home while she went to the hospital (I tried sending her home but she insisted on a hospital birth).

Diego got a make over, and added some color to his new wardrobe.

Marta got some great pink clothes as well.

I suspect the reason Diego thinks Marta is so perfect is that she is very much his daughter, even if I think the mouth comes from her mothers side.

The watcher also did some work, a quick conversion of the second floor. Enough to fit in 2 bedrooms and a second bathroom plus the essentials (money is a bit tight).

Marta's room was also enlarged and she got a big girl bed and more toys. Since her favorite color is pink I couldn't resist the sweet treats bed.

She stayed up waaaaay to long playing with her new dollhouse. Don't forget it's a school day tomorrow! (She's going to be miserable since I didn't get her in bed till after 2 am. Bad watcher!)

Finally the call came in from the hospital. Welcome Carlos Almeria! He loves both the outdoors and the cold. It's a good think I have all the seasons enabled because otherwise he'd be disappointed.

Adora was exhausted when she got home and went straight to bed. But Diego stayed up all bight playing with his new baby boy. He wasn't quite as perfect as his Marta (at least not yet) but it wasn't very far off.

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Re: The Almeria Random Town Jump
« Reply #8 on: April 04, 2013, 05:25:38 AM »
I'm thrilled to see another story project from you! So far this is just fantastic. I look forward to reading more!

Thank you, it's great to know I have some readers already.

Haha, same here! I love Monte Vista and, although I've never played them before, I love Diego and Adora now! Can't wait for the next chapter  :)

I haven't played a lot in Monte Vista myself, and when I rolled it for my starting town I didn't know what family to pick. But the Almeria's had such an interesting blurb about a troubled past and hope for a new beginning that I knew they were the family for me.

So far Diego is my favorite, he's always doing great faces and his slob trait seems to be his most dominant one.

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Making nice with the neighbors
« Reply #9 on: April 04, 2013, 05:47:14 PM »
The next day was Leisure Day, so it didn't really matter that Marta slept till 10 am. The Watcher had put together a nice pool and outdoor are for the celebration (money is getting tight since the only income the family has is Adora's maternity leave money, but they need a pool to help impress the neighbors and try to make friends. They'll have to save on something else, or if worst comes to worst, sell it later).

Marta approved the addition, and started the day with a splash.

Adora invited everyone in her contact list, even the members of F.A.C. (hiding under the radar by becoming friends with the enemy). Everyone turned up, but the party didn't end so well for everyone.

Fransisca, whom they'd met at the library the day before passed away...

Her husband, transformed by rage, declared the party a dull disaster.

Fortunately he left shortly after that and Adora snagged the great host LTR in order to compensate for the sad beginning of the party.

Everyone checked out Carlos, and declared him a most healthy looking baby.

Marta got to run around unsupervised which lead to an unfortunate incident on the back porch. Needless to say, she was very embarrassed.

The new pool was a hit.

The guests didn't even complain when Diego landed a huge cannonball in their midst.

As afternoon turned into evening, Diego and Adora showed off their budding guitar skill for the guests.

Eight at night the tired hosts said goodbye to the last guest. Diego stumbled up the stairs towards the bed, he's not as spry anymore, and wants to sleep often and early, you could almost think he has the heavy sleeper trait.

Marta snuck a snow cone for dinner, her parents didn't even bat an eyelash.

Adora: I had fun today honey, I think Monte Vista is going to agree with us. What do you say?
Diego: Whatever you say darling, I'm so tired.
Adora: How tired?
Diego: ...z
Adora: Honey?
Diego: ZZZ
Adora: Oh, shoot!

Next morning an apprehensive Marta went of to school.

Once the bus left you could see the two cars that had been occupying the same spot at the bus. I wish cars IRL worked like in the sims. No accidents, sharing parking spaces - and taxis ervice is free.

Diego tried his luck busking in outside the grocerystore. No one was there. It didn't really matter since he doesn't have enough skill to play for tips, but if he's going to help support his family he's got to find a better place to do it.

Marta celebrated her first day of school with a joyride, the legal kind. She's a very good and dedicated student. Always doing her homework autonomously and quickly - must be the bookworm in her.

Diego spent his afternoon working on his other skill. He's still at the exploratory stage.

Then the king of the jungle/queen of the castle held an audience for her loyal subjects.

Diego is always thinking about Marta, and seems to get great enjoyment from watching her antics. Adora has been spending more time with Carlos, trying to get him to learn the basics.

Marta is great at entertaining herself, which is good, since so far the only child she's managed to get to know is their paperboy.

Carlos aged up with a surprise. He's blond! That has to be totally random. Because he's most definitely his fathers son. I think it's going to be even more clear as he grows up.

So far Diego and Adora have managed to produce 2 children that strongly take after their father, even if I think Marta's lips are more from Adora .

Good girl like she is, Marta spends time entertaining her brother - giving her exhausted parents time to sleep, clean the house (a slob makes a mess all the time, sometime even by walking through a room), and have some dinner once in a while. That they become good friends is just a bonus.

Are you cleaning that again?

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One more?
« Reply #10 on: April 05, 2013, 04:58:44 AM »
After a harrowing first day of school (Friday) it was great to have all weekend to relax with family. Unfortunately torrential rains came in signaling summer was at it's last breath and Marta had to give up water sliding for drier pursuits.

Adora spent her maternity leave teaching Carlos the basics, such as talking.

Diego focused on the indoor friendly skill of painting over trying to make any more money busking. He's still in his exploratory stage.

Carlos talking came in handy when Marta agreed to babysit while Adora cleaned the house once more. It has been ages since I played a slob, at least one without a maid, and the constant mess takes so much time to clean up! Serves me right for thinking I should try playing without using the more "cheaty" LTR's.

Let's see, is this the time Diego makes something different? I guess it's still to early to tell.

Really Adora, the house isn't that disgusting. Is it?

Look! It's a ship. But he's still using the neon colors.

So that was what is was. I didn't realize you were having one more?

Adora: I just couldn't help myself. I want another boy.
Diego: I think girls are better.
Adroa: We'll see.

The view of the remodeled house and Monte Vista in fall. It's a spectacularly looking place. To bad I can't find any good place to place a festivals lot. The Almerias are just having to go without this generation.

Adora was going stir crazy so she popped over to the library to read up on pregnancy (again!). You would think she knows all about it by now, having already had two kids, especially considering there are only 2 pregnancy books. (Why is that? I think pregnancy books would be a great category for writers to develop - only available once you've had kids or something...)

Her reprieve from the house is brief, she has to hurry home so Diego can go with Marta to her ballet recital. Marta managed to get a trophy despite only having had two lessons.

Adora and Carlos practice walking at home. Diego hasn't been as involved in teaching Carlos his skills, he feels the pressure of his age (80 and counting) and spends most of his time not eating or sleeping skilling away.

Once he gets home Adora goes into labor. This time he is freaked out.

Diego: OMG! I can't be a father again, I'm too old!

Adora prudently decides to go to the hospital once more. She needs a calm atmosphere and people with nerves of steel around her and that's not something she can get at home.

Say hello to little Diana. She is a clumsy virtuoso (copy of her mother?) with at least her skin tone from Diego's side of the family.

Once he has her in his arms Diego realizes that he might not be too old to be a father after all, even if getting up in the middle of the night to take care of a cranky baby is exhausting.

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Re: The Almeria Random Town Jump; chapter 5
« Reply #11 on: April 05, 2013, 05:33:00 AM »
This is a good start to a town jump! I shall continue to read for sure.

Welcome Diana! Regarding the festival lot, when Monte Vista first came out SimGuruGraham did upload a festival lot for Monte Vista here that replaces Etscruscan (I think that is what it is called) Park.
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Re: The Almeria Random Town Jump; chapter 5
« Reply #12 on: April 05, 2013, 06:40:14 AM »
This is a good start to a town jump! I shall continue to read for sure.

Welcome Diana! Regarding the festival lot, when Monte Vista first came out SimGuruGraham did upload a festival lot for Monte Vista here that replaces Etscruscan (I think that is what it is called) Park.

Thanks for the tip about the festival lot. As I wrote earlier I haven't really played a lot in Monte Vista earlier and this lot completely passed me by. I might not use it this time around, but it's nice to know it's there if I need it.

About Diana, I must have completely forgotten that I had them try for baby a second time, because I was just as surprised as Diego pretended to be. Since I don't have to be on top of everything playing this game, I feel like a lot of things are slipping through the cracks...

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The kids are growing up
« Reply #13 on: April 05, 2013, 04:34:09 PM »
First it was time for Marta to leave her childhood years behind. Diego and Adora actually put in a little effort and threw her a birthday party.

The Watcher might have had a secret agenda of finding out who the kids in the neighbourhood were. Unfortunately, only a girl had aged up to teen so far. Let's hope some boys age up in time for prom.

On a side note, I really like how that plant sim hair looks on the kid.

Marta is her fathers daughter, luckily for her the Watcher decides to let her have a makeover - as soon as she's had cake.

And it's raining. At least she managed to blow out the candles beforehand.

Once more the Llama shows up, and Diego runs all the way downstairs carrying Diana to shoo him away.

This is Marta's makeover, she looks great in that new University hair. Once more I'm annoyed at the slim pickings when it comes to clothes for teens (not to mention elders). I don't understand why we can't have more choices for them. If not in the game, then at least as options at the store...excuse the rant.

Marta will never forget being invited to a party!

Marta: But who's going to take care of Carlos and Diana? Mom? Dad?

Marta spends a large amount of time with her siblings, which is great, since both Diego and Adora are very busy... But now they are invited to the GilsCarbo household and they have a son who might have aged up. So Marta is off babysitting duty and gets to come too.

Did I forget to mention it's Spooky Day and the party is fancy dress? Oh, Watchers will be Watchers...

Marta: I wont forget this...

Diego aptly choose to dress as a hot dog.

Carlos and Diana had a babysitter called Anastacia. Marta immediately rolled wishes to both snub her AND get in a fight with her (she might have been having a mood swing) jealous about sharing her siblings much?

Carlos had a new way of learning - by butt.

Adora and Diego had a great time at the party, they played guitar and collected many happy memories... For Marta it was a bust, the kid didn't show and when she tried to go trick or treating to the neighbors she was sent straight home.

She got so mad she had to cool of in the pool when she got home.

That night the frost really set in and it was a dark grey morning...the view is still good though.

Marta has her first day in high school. Wonder if any more kids have aged up during the night?

Diego got a guitar Op, so he left home for the first time in about a week (I think so anyway).

He then proceed to play for tips outside the theater. This is his first! (Tip/contribution to the family coffers)

He got a few more before hinting on beginning to become frozen solid. He made § 82. Caching !?

Next day was the weekend (surprise! NOT!). When playing 7 days long seasons there is one more free day a week. I might have to reconsider the length of seasons, since it feels like the family never do any actual work (or maybe that's just the shrinking balance in the accounts talking?).

Anyway, Diego made Marta her favorite food in exchange for babysitting duty.

Adora was finally going back to work for the second or third! day since the game began. No wonder she is looking blissful. It has to be a relief to finally see a couple new faces.

Under Marta's watchful eye Diana aged to a toddler.

She likes hot pink just like her dad. Isn't she cute like a button? I think she takes after her mother more in the looks department though. She has what looks like her bone structure and her hair color.

Carlos also had a birthday.

He looks more like Diego. There is no mistaking his chubby cheeks and I think he got the nose and lips too.

He loves white, which goes great with his loves the cold trait. His new trait, hot headed, doesn't really fit in the mix... It's going to be interesting to see what else he picks up.

I haven't decided on who's the heir yet. I think I'd like to see what spouse options I get before taking my pick.

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Re: The Almeria Random Town Jump; chapter 6
« Reply #14 on: April 05, 2013, 04:51:59 PM »
Happy birthday, Marta! I love the hairstyle you picked for her! Are you planning to have her lose any of her 'fluffiness' or are you going to keep her the way she is?
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