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Rosa Belle - Female, Human, YA
« on: April 04, 2013, 06:02:35 AM »
Sim Name: Rosa Belle
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Artistic, Eco Friendy, Frugal, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook
Lifetime Wish:Celebrated Five-Star Chef
 Favourites: Egg Rolls, Songwriter, White
EP and SP: Late Night, (Swimwear) Generations, (Everyday Jeans) Pets, (Hair, Everyday Top, Athletic Top) Showtime, (Formal Dress) Supernatural, (Outerwear Jeans) Seasons (Outerwear Hair)
Rosa Belle once was the best chef in the small diner at Appaloosa Plains, then she was fired because she was caught taking shortcuts with her meals. Now in the big world, will she be able to find another job as a chef and complete her dream? Or will her new boyfriend, Drew Gardiner, be too much of a distraction.


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