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Performance Issues (Links to Threads)
« on: April 09, 2013, 12:15:40 PM »
Performance Issues

If your game is not running as smoothly as it should be or you want to find tips for improving the performance of your game see the threads below. These threads were originally stickied but due to the large amount of stickied threads taking up nearly a page they have now been unstickied but you can find the links to all of those under the four new thread headings.

What to do if Your Game Slows Down (Clean Up Your Game)
This threads tells you tricks to increase performance by removing "cache" files, it lists which ones are safe to delete and how to do so.

Deleting Cache Files
This thread contains instructions by Grimsoul on how to automatically have your cache files deleted.

Game Crashing? Here's what to do.
Seabody gives advice on which steps to take if your experience crashing, explaining through each step.

Clean Inside of Computer to Help Performance
Cleaning inside your physical computer tower or laptop is also very beneficial, as ZapKid explains. Clearing out dust can keep your machine healthy and running properly.

Downloadable App to Help Game Run better
An app that allows the game to access more of your memory and to make the game run faster.

How to Fix Pausing Every Few Seconds

If you know of another thread that has very useful information to improve performance please contact a Moderator to ask them to add the thread to this list.

If you are experiencing other issues see the following threads for more helpful links: Computers and Components, Installation and Reinstallation Processes, Game Files: Recovery, Fixing and Back-Ups and Miscellaneous Technical Help. If you still do not find the answers for your technical issues you are looking for post your issue on the technical help board following these guidelines.
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