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Saltpastillen's Swap-Directory
« on: April 13, 2013, 08:57:36 AM »
Saltpastillen's Swap-Directory

You can use everything here for stories and such as long as you ask first. Questions are always welcome.


Building contest entries:

Chez Modern residential lot (Minimalist Modern, 2012;9)
Play Pretend Park community lot (Out at the Park; May 2012)
Woodland Escape residential lot (Atumnal Abode; 2012:23)
X-mas X-travaganza residential lot (Winter Special Contest; 2012:24)

The Eco Cottage residential lot (The Eco Dream; 2013:2)
The Study Shack residential lot (Extreme Minimalistic Starter; 2013:4)
Chateau de Toy Box residential lot (Larger than life; 2013:5)
The Key 2 Knowledge Dormitory Complex dormitory (Dream Dormitories; 2013:6)
The Metabolist Shores Tower residential lot (Metabolist Movement; 2013:22)

Other lots:

Brightening up Bridgeport (from the Almeria RTJ ) 20x30
Ers'Ors Manor 64x64

Sunset Lounge community lot (exclusive lounge)

Clothes from Create-A-Sim Contests

Island Wedding Collection Male  YA+A, Female YA+A (Resort Wear 2013:5)
Fun, Flirty and Frosty Male Elder, Female Elder (Elder Sim Style 2013:16)


Saltpastillen Simself

The Aurora's

Gen 1 Klara Aurora
Gen 2 Selma Aurora
Gen 3 Agnes Cecilia "Cia" Aurora
Gen 4 Elise Aurora
Gen 5 Frida Aurora
Gen 6 Julia Aurora
Gen 7 Greta Aurora
Gen 8 Beata Aurora