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Occupy Lucky Palms - An Email From Legolas - Chapter Four
« on: April 17, 2013, 02:03:52 AM »
Please Note:The title "Occupy" has nothing to do with any political movement in this story, nor am I endorsing any belief/philosophy/course of action.  It just came up in conversation with Gwendy, and cracked her up.  I am but an humble story teller, trying to divert myself while I deliberate on what to do with my Dynasty file.  If mine offering pleases, I am grateful.  Also, you should know that Ive been playing around with variations of the Fellowship "boys" since World Adventures came out.  So they are my default setting.  ::)
Some things in this story are an homage to a favorite story of mine.

Chapter One - Arrivals

"Gandalf?" Legolas asked, crossing the playground.  "What's going on?"  He was confused.  Moments ago he'd been luxuirating in the hot tub of his Aurora Skies mansion, and now he was here.

"Nice to see you too, elf."  Gandalf snapped, inwardly fuming.  He'd been in the middle of a "Weakest Link" marathon back in Appaloosa Plains.  To be hauled out into the bright sunshine instead did not bode well.  "I don't know what's going on, but somehow I don't think I'm going to enjoy it.  How are things with you up north?"

"Great!" Legolas told him.  "The garden is fantastic, and..." he broke off and yawned.  "Sorry, I think I'm a little jet-lagged.  It's still the middle of the night there.  I didn't have time to leave a note, I hope no one will be too worried."

Gandalf snorted.  "I'm sure your singer friend will be fine.  I've got a feeling we won't be alone for long, though."  He motioned to the street where a taxi pulled up to the park's entrance.  Gimli, Aragorn and Pippin all piled out and surrounded the pair.

Several minutes were spent catching up.

Legolas:  "Aragorn, you look upset.  What's going on in Moonlight Falls?"
Aragorn:  "Arwen left.  She started taking these Consciousness Raising classes with Eowyn, and the next thing I knew, it was all about finding herself.  What's that about?  She was right there!  Anyway, she's making macrame and throwing pots."
Gimli:  "As long as that's all she's throwing."
Gandalf: *chuckles*
Pippin:  "Who designed this park, anyway?  It looks a little cramped."
Gimli:  "There's a plaque on the mailbox, says it was built by Tia's husband and daughter."
Aragorn:  "Why is there a mailbox at a park?"

Merry and Sam joined the confused group, Merry leaving Sam to tip the driver once again.  Sam sighed and tried to look on the bright side of things.  His Monte Vista garden would probably survive until he could get back to it, but from what he'd seen on the way in, there wouldn't be any cafes for his elevenses.

Merry:  "I think I hear maniacal laughter on the wind.  She's out there, isn't she?"
Legolas: *pausing from texting his location back home*  Oh, yes.  She's always out there.  We'll find out what this is about as soon as Frodo gets here, I think."  He found himself stumbling over the letters in his text.  "I've got a level 10 in this, why is it giving me a hard time?" he asked.
Gimli: *feeling for his missing hammer*  "I don't have my handiness either!  And I'm feeling particularly ambivalent about Pip here.  You don't think she's pulled us back to our original states, do you?"

Aragorn: "She can't still be upset about that business in Hidden Springs, can she?"
Sam:  "Frodo and I had nothing to do with that, it was more Pip and Merry."
Aragorn: *worriedly*  "Sam, in all honesty, how is Frodo?"
Sam:  "See for yourself.  Here he is now."

Sam:  "Don't worry, he's as mad as ever.  Post Ringbearer Syndrome isn't something you just get over."  He pulled out his phone.  "Wait, I'm getting a message..."

Hello, boys,
I've been thinking that we're all a little spoiled these days, with all the expansion packs and premium content.  Seems to me that it would be great to get everyone together and get back to what this is really all about.  Starting with nothing and all that.  We need a challenge.  Aragorn needs something to cheer him up.  This park will be your home, and you have no money.  You've all got the same Lifetime Wish, Renaisance Sim, and when you've all completed it, we'll see what's what.  And we're going old school, Pippin, so no tabs, fancy potions or things like that until everyone has at least two skills.  Social networking doesn't count, just the good old fashioned stuff.  This is going to be so much fun!

Gandalf:  "I've got magic this time, maybe I can just sneak back home before Anne Robinson works herself into a rage..."

Legolas: *sighing*  "It's nothing we haven't done before.  Granted we had a house to start with, but look at this beautiful town she's dropped us into.  I bet we all have our skills before we know it, and can get back to whatever it was we were doing with our lives.  Look at it as a kind of vacation."
Others: *disbelief* "Vacation?!"
Legolas: "Sure.  Back to the land and all that." 
Frodo:  "Gimli!  I'm a frog!  Lookit me hop!"
Gimli:  "Sam?  Does he still have his medication?"
Gandalf: *giving up on magicking his way home*  "Legolas?  You do realize we have no luggage, don't you?  We're stuck wearing these hideous clothes until we get some money for a dresser."
Legolas: *starts panicking*
Aragorn:  "And we're still missing someone."

Sam: "He'll be here.  Let the games begin!"

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Chapter Two - Meetings

"Hobbits, Friends from distant lands," Gandalf began.  Then he coughed and cleared his throat.  "Oh, the heck with it.  We've obviously got to have a family meeting to get organized."  He looked at the leaping Frodo.

"Frodo?  Do you think you can stop being a frog for 10 minutes?  We've got a bit of bother here to work out."
"Don't worry, Gandalf, he'll be fine.  Does my heart good, seeing him enjoy himself."  Sam said, guiding Frodo to a seat on the bench.

There was some good-natured grumbling amoung the friends as the settled on the benches.  Sure, they'd been in worse predicaments, remember that time with the Balrog?  At least there were no Orcs running loose in...

"Where are we again?"  Gimli asked.  It was Sam who had the answer.

"Lucky Palms," he told the group.  "I read the signs during the cab ride.  So, who's been here, where are the seeds, rocks..."

"Where do they hide the beds in Lucky Palms?"  Frodo interrupted.  "How can I make beds if we don't have any?"

"Anyone?" Sam asked, still smiling. As Frodo's official caregiver, he was long used to his mood swings.  "Do we have any start up cash?  Anything useful?"

A quick turn out of pockets revealed a lot of lint, 3 band-aids (Sam), a broken guitar string, (Legolas), a thumb tack, (Gimli), and some dubious looking sweets.  (Merry and Pippin).  But no cash and no experience at all in Lucky Palms.

"I've got nothing but a broken heart and a lot of questions about the universe."  Aragorn added.

"I've got a magic wand!"  Gandalf put in.  He looked at Aragorn.  "What have you done with your hair?"

"Leaving Aragorn's obvious dip into the Brooding trait on the way over, I have something to point out."  Gimli said.

"There are eight of us, and only four benches.  We'll have to take turns napping.  And there's only one toilet in the facility.  No shower."

"It just gets better and better," Legolas snarled. 

"What happened to 'Think of it as a vacation?'" Gimli asked him.

"That was before I found out I was stuck in these pants!  They keep sliding off!  And have you seen Frodo's?"

"Anyway," Pippin broke in, "At least we won't starve.  Gandalf can keep popping out apples.  I'll head off to get a job at the diner, and Frodo can cook at home."

"I like cooking," Frodo said, nodding.  "I've got a real knack for it."

"Right."  Merry agreed.  "Gimli, you can get down to city hall and work on becoming Mayor.  We may need rezoning later on."  The dwarf nodded.

"I guess I'll take up singing.  Elves are good at it."  Legolas said.

"You fell over laughing the first time you saw the work outfit!  You said your friend looked like an usher!"  Merry said.

"At least it'll stay on," the elf told him, tugging up the waist of his jeans, "this will drive me insane."

"Already got one of those," Sam said, as Frodo started talking to his hands.  "I think we've lost him again."

"Fine.  Sam, you go down as soon as you can and register as a self-employed Gardener.  That'll let you keep an eye on him while you work.  Aragorn, you go down to..."


"Well, I guess we're decided then."  Sam said.  "First thing we need are sleeping bags."

"And a shower in the facility," Legolas put in.

"We'll need to get to the library." Merry said.  "Get started on those skills."

"First things first."  Gandalf said, looking at his exhausted, Lifetime Reward deprived companions.  "A field trip to the Fire Station."

"Great!"  Gimli said.  "Where is it again?"

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This looks like fun -- I'll be reading. Does Frodo have PRBD (Post Ring-Bearer Syndrome)?

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This looks like fun -- I'll be reading. Does Frodo have PRBD (Post Ring-Bearer Syndrome)?

Thanks, Marian!  Yes, poor Frodo gets a little strange(r) around fires, giant eyeballs, and rings.  It's quite entertaining.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Chapter Three - Progress Reports - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

"Okay, everyone, gather round," Gandalf said.

"It tried to eat me, Sam!" Frodo exclaimed, as they took their seats.  "Why would anyone write a book about eyes in the first place?"

"It was a book on optometry, Frodo.  Don't worry, it's back at the library where it won't hurt anyone."  Sam reassured him.

"Before we get started," Gandalf sighed, "Merry wants me to remind you all of his special needs this time around.  Although how anyone who lives with 7 other people can get his social levels sunk into the red is beyond me."

"It's not my fault.  You're all so busy and you need to pay attention to me.  I'm a Social Butterfly."

"So social the aliens came to abduct you once again."  Gandalf sighed as they took their seats.

"Lucky thing," Pippin muttered.  "I wish they'd take me for once.  Why is it always you?"

"I don't plan it that way," Merry said indignantly.  "And at least there's no alien baby this time."

"Anyway," Gandalf said, breaking up the old argument about whether the last baby had been nephew or cousin before it could start, "let's begin with the skills. It's been ten days now.  How are we doing?  Who has the list?"

"I do," Gimli said, fishing out the paper.  "So far, Legolas, Pip and Gandalf don't have a skill yet, Frodo is doing well with the cooking, Merry is fishing now, as well as his 'other activities', I'm working on handiness and Sam and Aragorn both have two skills each, Sam with the gardening, of course, and fishing, and Aragorn with Logic and Charisma."

"Well done, Sam and Aragorn!" Pip cheered.

"Thanks, but tell us, how are you managing to work at the diner without any cooking skill at all?"

"It's not easy." Pippin told him.

"Since we've got the sleeping arrangements worked out, well done, everyone...

I would like to add that sleeping in front of the facility door is frowned upon."

"It was only once." Gimli grumbled.  "I'd like to add that due to complaints from the neighbours, all of us, but particularly my elf friend here, are asked not to be running around in our sleepwear all day."

"It wouldn't be an issue if we could get that dresser.  We've got a little money now, how shall we proceed?"  Legolas retorted.  "My vote is for decent clothes!  Please!"

"There are a few other things to consider, Legolas.  We did have the unfortunate kitchen incident."  Sam said quietly, hoping Frodo wouldn't over react.

"Right!" Gandalf said briskly, forestalling Frodo's gibbering.  "And what did we learn?"

"No one leaves for work while cooking waffles."  The group chorused.  "Or anything else."

"And Merry's solution to the crisis..."  Pippin added,

"Isn't always a good thing."

"Since we need a new stove, I vote we get a bookshelf as well."  Legolas said.

"Sam has generously offered to use his LTR points on Bookshop Bargainer and we'll stock up on skill books."  Gmili pointed out.  Everyone gave approving smiles to Sam, who blushed a little.

"You'd all do the same," he said, as Frodo hugged him.  "But Frodo did bring up a good point last night.  Has anyone else noticed the heat?"

"As a matter of fact, yes."  Aragorn said, breaking out of his brooding stare.  "Are we working with Seasons on?  We're going to get snow?"

"We are."  Sam said.  "And we also now have horses running through the park while we're trying to sleep.  You would think all the snoring would scare them away, but it seems not."

"Like sleeping in bloomin' Rohan all over again."  Gimli said.

"Walls, then.  We get the stove, the bookcase, and start preparing for winter.  I don't know if we'll all be done by the snowfall, but better to be safe than sorry." Gandalf said.  "Is there any other business?"

"Just when and how Boromir will incarnate."  Aragorn said.

"He will."  Gandalf told him.  "Not to worry.  Carry on and well done, gentlemen."

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Re: Occupy Lucky Palms - An Email From Legolas - Chapter Four
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Chapter Four - An Email From Legolas

To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Re: What's going on?

My dear friend,

Thanks again for sending the pictures of the garden.  It looks great, and thank Marjorie and Maudie for helping you out, from me.  It's nice that they're bringing over casserole for you.  I guess I'm not the only one who misses that Level 10 cooking, lol!

Speaking of cooking, our Pip has finally buckled down and learned the basics.  This caused great rejoicing at the Diner, as well as in our house.  Between he and Frodo, we're keeping the fridge full.

With four Hobbits to feed, you want lots of leftovers around!

Gandalf is also learning to cook, and to hog all the spotlights in the photos! 

That's Aragorn behind him, we're all desperately trying to talk him into shaving.  But he's still being very Brooding.  I do hope he can patch things up with Arwen.

Oh, I should have said first, we did manage to slap a house together.  It's not much, we still have very limited funds, but it will keep the snow and horses out.  Basically we just added to the facility.  Boy, I miss having all the bathrooms, those toilet stalls keep clogging.  Merry and Gimli are working full time just to keep them working!

Merry, our Special Snowflake, is okay as long as he gets to tell a ghost story every day. 

He tried to tell one to Frodo about giant firey spiders, but Aragorn caught him in time, and popped Mr. Pay Attention To Me in a sack!  Social Butterfly or not, we can't have Frodo running about town unsupervised.  At least with Aragorn on the police force, the officers are very nice when they bring him home again.

Merry is also collecting things right and left from the junkyard and dumpsters.  He read the first chapters of the Inventing and Handiness books and is refurbishing things he salvages.

For instance...this:

Into this:

It was quite disturbing, though, because for a week, everything he salvaged ended up in a giant pile in the yard.  We dubbed it Mt. Merry, and no matter how much we asked, he refused to answer any questions about it, just that he had a great idea.

Then yesterday, he called Gandalf out first thing in the morning.  He'd taken all the scrap and built a Chicken Coop for Gandalf!  Complete with chickens!

He's being very dodgy about where he got the chickens, however.  He tried to fob us off with some story about buying an egg and an incubator, but I'm not buying it.  But his efforts do help and Gandalf is very happy with his chickens.

Surprisingly, Sam isn't.

Sam is quite happy in the garden, though, and I help him all I can.  I see what you mean about the singing career eating into your time, though.  Everytime I get dirt under my nails, someone needs a sing-a-gram because they've eaten a corn flake or got a hang nail! 

Our next project is going to be a greenhouse by the chickens.  Fall is almost here, and we don't want to lose any more time than we have to.  Merry has some interesting plans for that as well.

Today was Leisure Day, and we all went to the Summer Festival for a well deserved break.  The water balloon fights were a big hit.

Guess who won the first eating contest of the day? (Gandalf snapped it when I wasn't looking!)

Of course, at the end of the day, the Hobbits had to have their turn. It was something to see.

Frodo won.  That little guy may be crazy as a bedbug, and insist on dressing like Dr. Who, but he can sure pack it away!

Hope to hear from you soon.

PS, Is there any chance you can send me a decent pair of pants?

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Re: Occupy Lucky Palms - An Email From Legolas - Chapter Four
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To be fair. Because you're comment at my story. Instead just reading silently like a stalker.
I will comment yours too from now on :3
Nice to meet you, Tiamet. Please call me Eld.

Now for the comment
Your story are interesting and so fun! You surely know to make their story interesting. Oh, yes! I love Gandalf pose while he is cooking! That was funny and awesome at the same time. Great story, I can't wait to see more update :D

Good luck ^w^
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Re: Occupy Lucky Palms - An Email From Legolas - Chapter Four
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I think it's great that the 4 hobbits took part in an eating contest. Are you going to have them grow mushrooms?