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Elise Aurora, YA, Human, Female
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Elise is the Daughter of Agnes Cecilia Aurora and Donell Hopper. After a secret love affair gone wrong she married her second cousin Simon Ursine (great grandson of Claire Ursine and Jared Frio on the maternal side and Agnes and Christopher on the paternal side).

Elise became an expert on all forms of art when she maxed painting, sculpting and photography. In her later years she was most known for her nooboo obsession. In her new life she would love to have a huge family. Nooboos to the max! Maybe she should go into the daycare profession? Find out more about her life here.

Please don't use in stories without permission.

Name: Elise Aurora
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Artistic, Ecitable, Friendly, Lucky, Savy Sculptor
Lifetime Wish: Renaissanse Sim
Gender: Female

Likes: Cobbler, Purple, Roots.

Star sign: Scorpio

Elise has been declared for CC free travel, even if she is smuggling some clothing articles from the store. Her hair is the Bound Up Bows.

EPs: Base game, Supernatural, (Late Nite and Seasons for outwear only).
SPs: Outdoor Living, Master Suite, Town Life
Store Content: For Formal the Flapper Dress and the Dancin' Shoes. For Swimwear the "O" Bandeau.