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Frida Aurora, YA, Human, Female
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Frida is the daughter of Elise Aurora and Simon Ursine (great grandson of Claire Ursine, Jared Frio, Agnes Crumplebottom and Christopher Steel).

She married Arnulfo a townie who was a genius just like her, and became a master thief earning her the golden fox statue she proudly displayed by her bed. Learn more about her life here.

In her new life Frida would love to further her work for the evil sims out there by stealing candy from babies and expanding her mind by befriending aliens to use as test subjects.

Please don't use in stories without permission.

Name: Frida Aurora
Age: YA
Traits: Evil, Genius, Kleptomaniac, Vehicle Enthusiast, Neat
Lifetime Wish: Become a Master Thief
Gender: Female

Likes: Mac and Cheese, Spice Brown and R&B

Star sign: Taurus

Frida has been declared for CC free travel, even if she is smuggling some clothing articles from the store. Her hair is the Braided Bun.

EP's: Base game, Pets, Supernatural, Showtime, (Seasons and Late Night for outerwear only).
SP's: Master Suite, Fast Lane.
Store Content: For Formal the Obi Fabulous Dress and the Immaculate Marcos. For Swimwear the Sarong Along with Me.