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Beata Aurora, YA, Human, Female
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Beata is the daughter of Greta Aurora and Cary Fong.

Beata was always facinated by fashion and one of her many insane ideas involved redressing everyone in Sunset Valley as pirates. Due to her skills in charisma she could easily convince others this was a great idea. Later in life Beata fell in love with Lydell, a tattoo artist working alongside her at the salon. They had a wedding Beata style - themed neon acid dreams. Learn more about her life here.

In her future life she would love to continue working to beautify the sim world. More pink and neon to the people!

Please don't use in stories without permission.

Name: Beata Aurora
Age: YA
Traits: Charismatic, Easily Impressed, Friendly, Insane, Social Butterfly.
Lifetime Wish: Fashion Phenomenon
Gender: Female

Likes: Vegetarian Chili, Hot Pink and Country.

Star sign: Libra

Beata has been declared for CC free travel, even if she is smuggling some clothing articles from the store. Her hair is the

EP's: Base game, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Showtime (Seasons only for outerwear).
SP's: 70's 80's 90's, Master Suite
Store Content: For Everyday the Foxy Lady Zip-Up Jumper. For Swimwear the pirate costume that came with Barnacle Bay.