Author Topic: Added More RAM to my laptop, but it says I used my max memory on Sims  (Read 2157 times)

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I added more ram because it was a good deal, and it has made things much easier on everything else. I fired up the Sims as it has been saying I had insufficient memory, and it was doing fine until I was remodeling a house on the Sims and it suddenly froze and crashed. I went to my program that tells me why my game crashed.
It said "Max Memory Used- Try to reduce memory usage by lowering settings"
I am deleting some custom content (I had a lot), but will that work?

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It certainly can't hurt but when it says reduce your settings it's talking about graphics settings.  You probably need to reduce a few of those too.   Removing reflections from all surfaces can do loads if you haven't already done that.
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Thanks, and I did lower my settings and restart as it told me to do. It crashed yet again as I was opening a new family in CAS. I have faced a lot of sims problems and fixed them before, but this one is just completely bewildering me. Everything I try does no good.
It first said I needed more memory, I added more RAM. Then it tells me to lower settings, so I lower them. It still crashes. What should I do now?

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What are your system specs?

Sims crashes, its not a perfect game. It might not be your game :) How much RAM do you have?