Author Topic: Building Contest 2013:9 A Gem of a Victorian; The Red Oak Boardinghouse  (Read 798 times)

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The Red Oak Boardinghouse

Lot Size: 20x30

Price Furnished: §34,700

Price Unfurnished: §20,588

Built for: 451 Riverview Road, Riverview

EP's: Supernatural, Pets, Late Night, World Adventures, Seasons, Showtime, Generations, University Life, Ambitions and base game
SP's: Town Life, Master Suite and Outdoor Living
Store: Cherub Kalliopi

Number of Bed Spaces: 1 double bedroom + crib, 1 single bed room (for boarder or child)


The Red Oak in used to be a small family home but when Mieso Cookie inherited it form her grandmother she decided to start taking in boarders to supplement her income. The boardinghouse is named after the majestic tree on the front lawn and the location (just across the river from Riverview's town center) makes it a prime location for people who just want to visit this charming town or are just starting out on their own.

The grounds has parking for 2 cars, a doghouse (so pet owners are welcome), a pond, a vegetable garden, BBQ area with seating and masses of flowering hydrangea's.

The ground floor has a veranda with rocking chair which is perfect for watching the world go by, a work out area and a speaker so you can enjoy music outside. The open plan living space is partly living room with fireplace, TV, stereo, toy box and a small home office and partly a dine in kitchen.

The second floor has a spacious balcony with easel, a full bathroom with shower, 1 single bedroom perfect for a boarder, 1 master bedroom with double bed and crib. The downstairs and both the bedrooms give the nicely decorated moodlet.

1.There are 2 fire alarms, one behind the stairs and one hidden behind the chimney outside. But I would still upgrade the fireplace to fireproof if I was going to play in it. I have never had as many fires break out ever as I did when play-testing this house.
2. I do hope I picked a fridge that didn't give a bad moodlet - I tested for over a week and it never showed up, but I'm not 100% sure.