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Cycles of the Moon : A Life States Dynasty
« on: May 16, 2013, 09:53:00 AM »
Cycles of the Moon
A Life States Dynasty

With its misty waterfalls, deep forests and fog shrouded coves, Moonlight Falls casts a spell on all who enter. The town was founded centuries ago by two immigrant families: the Van Goulds - extraordinarily long lived and sun-averse, and the Wolffs, high spirited and strangely affected by the full moon. they were soon joined by odd, seemingly magical, forest dwelling folk.. (Excerpt from the Book of EA)

And its deep core, is hidden some dark secrets. From centuries old family feuds to a modern young vampire dreaming of supremacy, the town has no end of drama.   

Till a mysterious young witch, with an even darker secret, changed life as everyone knew it.


The witch stood on the empty lot, twirling her wand thoughtfully.

Her name was Sania Bhool, a young adult of somewhat ambiguous descent.

She was, in every sense, an exile.

Her life was not what she had wished for.

As a young child, she had been separated from her family by an ambitious though well intended mother. Her teenage years had been spent at the most exclusive schools for young witches, but she had failed miserably as a witch as she had wiled away her time away in the magic stables, instead of attending classes.

And now, here she was, the last of a generation of powerful witches, tasked with saving the world from a horrendous curse.

She had no known enemies, just the curse.

A curse that had rendered the whole sim-world barren, where only the best and costliest of treatments yielded limited success.

Her line were of a few who were fertile and her powerful high-witch mother had spent her days searching for a fertility cure of no avail. But she had found many other secrets, and they were for Sania to preserve in the long journey of restoring the natural order.

Sania had known she had no other choice. For one she had few skills but her natural heritage, and no forutne to speak of. She had decided to impose herself to a an exile to the last remaining magical community.

Not that she was ready to reveal herself. She had far few skills and connections to be regarded seriously.

She mounted her broomstick somewhat apprehensively, thanking the hours in the stables for her balance. Then she headed off to the nearby alchemist store. It was time to lie low and, literally, live off the store.

Welcome to my Life States Dynasty! This is the story of Sania Bhool and the Curse. Enjoy!

Chapter Index

The Legacy

Generation 1 : Sania Bhool

Life State: Witch
Lifetime Wish: 

One Non-Normal Best Friend:
Two Career/Professional Objects:
Three Unique Opportunities:
Four Unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards:
Five Unique Regular Wishes:
Six Unique Skill Challenges:
Seven Mausoleum Pieces:
Vacation Days Used: 0
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Re: Cycles of the Moon : A Life States Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2013, 12:02:44 PM »
I love the prologue! It's just so . . . for lack of a better word . . . epic.

I can't wait to see more chapters!
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Re: Cycles of the Moon : A Life States Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2013, 05:45:05 PM »
Good luck, dear Sania--for the fate of simkind rests on your (hopefully) capable shoulders!

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Re: Cycles of the Moon : A Life States Dynasty
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I'm moving this story to the Graveyard due to inactivity. The author can revive it at any time by contacting a moderator.
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