Author Topic: Building Contest 2013: 9 - A Gem of a Victorian: Emerald Butterfly  (Read 2441 times)

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House: Emerald Butterfly

Lot Size: 20x25
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
Furnished Cost: 34,942
Unfurnished Cost: 22,276
Items: EPs - Amb, Gen, SN, ST, Seasons = yes // Any others up to and including UL = probably not but maybe
No SPs or store content except free plants from Earth Day

Of Note: includes items to skill up in all base game skills.

Description: We here at Yellow Lily Realty have spent many sleepless nights searching for the perfect Victorian for any single Sim or Sim couple, there is even a second bedroom if you need a roommate to help pay the bills. The mature trees in the yard provide plenty of shade both in the front and the back yards. A veranda greets you as you walk up to the house, big enough for a bench off to the side. The front yard also has a parking space for one car.

The back yard is accessible from the kitchen and through a gate beside the car space. The back yard is fully fenced to keep out any wandering Sims or animals drawn to the fish splashing in the pond, the smell of fresh fruit or herbs in the garden, or the beauty of the rose bushes lining the back fence.

Looking at the first floor floor plan, you will notice the open concept kitchen and dining on the left and the living room on the right, complete with fireplace and access to a half bath behind the staircase upstairs.

The kitchen includes retro-inspired, good quality appliances and access to the back yard with a large deck. The dining space is large enough for everyone, including a roommate.

The living room showcases a large fireplace and a small indoor garden under the windows, bringing the outside in. This room also includes a guitar and a desk by the stairs with a computer.

Looking at the second floor floor plan you will notice a generous hallway connecting the two bedrooms and the full bath.

The hallway contains an easel and treadmill, and a small stereo to provide music while skilling.

The first bedroom (AKA the master bedroom) is beautiful in lavender, and includes a window seat and wardrobe.

The second bedroom could easily be converted into a nursery should you prefer a nooboo to a roommate. It is done in autumn tones and includes a wardrobe.

The full bath is a delightful pale blue, with custom designed pieces for that WOW feeling.

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