Author Topic: Building Contest 2013-10 Swanky Starters: Stellar Hideaway  (Read 353084 times)

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Stellar Hideaway
Lot Size: 10x10
Lot Value: 16,451 (16,251 excluding land)
Content Used: All Expansions
Suggested Placement: Anywhere with a great view!
Number of Bed Spaces: 2
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Description: Originally built as a secret love nest for a torrid superstar romance, this secure yet tranquil home is now on the market!

Electronic security gates guarantee privacy and security, protecting the car park and main entrance from any unwanted visitors.  The lower lever houses the swimming pool and workout room.  The full length mirror also doubles as a great place to practice lines for an upcoming audition.

Upstairs the studio-style apartment offers plenty of subtle luxury.  The magnetic hoverbed guarantees the sweetest dreams, and it's perfectly positioned to admire the spectacular floor-to-ceiling views.  Half-walls allow natural light to flood the space.  State of the art electronics are ready to watch feature performances on demand, with built in adjustable lighting ready to dim when the show starts and brighten after the credits roll.  A dramatic digital picture frame lets any picture become a personal work of art. 

The fully stocked efficient kitchen can prepare any gourmet meal without wasting an inch of space.  Rounding out the simple luxury the dishwasher, handy washer and dryer, and wall-mounted stereo system provide exceptional convenience.  With serene tones throughout, this sumptuous home is ready to be an oasis for the next up and coming superstar!

-When the TV is turned on the lights in the living space drop to a deep blue, then return to normal when the TV is switched off.
-The fridge and stove can give great meal moodlets.
-The washer and dryer might be cheap, but they still give clean sheets and fresh clothing moodlets.
-The lower level and both rooms of the apartment should give decorated moodlets to most sims.
-Skilling objects will be able to help launch most 'celebrity' careers (actor, athlete, acrobat, magician, singer).
-Single sims will have enough cash left over after buying the house to eat until their first paycheque comes in!

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Re: Building Contest 2013-10 Swanky Starters: Stellar Hideaway
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I love the city and the bridge out of the window!

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