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Create-A-Sim Contest 2013, 02 - Cousin Monster
« on: May 27, 2013, 03:52:04 AM »
Create-A-Sim Contest 2013, #2
Mother Monster

Cousin Monster

Sim Name: Stephanie Gernotta
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Eye and Hair Colour: Green Eyes and Dyed Blonde Hair
Traits: Artistic, Eccentric, Virtuoso, Natural Born Performer, Star Quality
Lifetime Wish:Vocal Legend
Favourites: Cobbler, Pop, Black
Star Sign: Aries
EP and SP: Ambitions, (Trait, Outerwear Hairstyle) Late Night, (Heels, Sleepwear, Trait, Accessories) Pets, (Outerwear Jacket) Master Suite, (Sleepwear, Swimwear) Showtime, (Hairstyles, Trait, Lifetime Wish, Accessories)Katy Perry Sweet Treats, (Formal Dress, Athletic Wear) 70ís 80ís & 90ís, (Everyday Dress, Make Up) University Life (Athletic Wear, Shoes)

Stephanie Gernotta is the cousin of the famous Stefani Germanotta, more commonly known as Lady Gaga and Mother Monster. While she gets paid for being herself, Stephanie gets paid being her lookalike. She travels the world dressed as her famous cousin and gets gigs at venues for her. She even has an outfit for when itís Colderone outside she can dress up like Jo Calderone! She also uses the Mother Monsterís old porcelain outfit as swim wear! She really is the Cousin Monster.








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