Author Topic: CAS Contest 2013 : 05 - Resort Wear Collection- Manning the Helm  (Read 1281 times)

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This is a collection for that woman who isn't afraid to lead her own way.
This is the:
Manning the Helm Collection

Modeled by free-spirit (*cough* *cough*) Nadia Sheffield!

"Hello to you all! This is a formal dress, Based off of my own! (Not really) You only need Supernatural, and you are good to go! Woo Woo!"

"Yes, this is a comfortable, ah, thing. Called Aqua Patchwork, you'll be needing Showtime. I love this outfit, but I'm not so sure about this statue."

*"Woot! I love my new bathing suit, isn't windsurfing amazing?"

"I quite like my lion outfit. This top came from Showtime, and my bottoms are a new design found in Isla Paradiso!"

"This top came from Pets, it's in soothing aqua blues, highlighted by the black background."

"And if Mother Nature decides to rain, um snow, on your parade, or your paradise, don't be the only one who isn't prepared. With several layers, this top from Generation is ready when the sun comes out!"

*Only require the base game.

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